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The week of Monday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 29th, 2017

If your birthday is this week you are Aquarius and those of the 11th house combine double creative energy with a need to create for the world and become the world’s best artists or, when that energy blocked, they can become the world’s best addicts.  The best relationships for Aquarius are with the other wind signs Gemini and Libra or the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Aquarius to Aquarius relationships create a special magnetism that when seen from the positive side are like oxygen meeting fire but in the negative can become the classic love/hate relationship.  The next 12 months, the Aquarius solar year, will be a time for making changes, especially in your thinking about how much time you spend caring for others while ignoring your own needs.  This month all signs will be affected by the sun in Aquarius and will experience dreams of the future with their closest friends.  This week remember this time when good fortune is smiling on you and you will be able to recreate the feelings that attracted it to you again in the future.

AGE 20-40: This is the time to celebrate your good fortune by sharing it.  
AGE 40-60: Whatever good fortune you have experienced in the past will now be doubled.
AGE 60+: You will receive twice the amount of whatever you were expecting.

AGE 20-40: A second job or new work on your job provides the funds you have been looking for.
AGE 40-60: Two ways of making money can be juggled and you can fund an old dream.
AGE 60+: Remember that it is possible to get too much of a good thing so be careful of getting over served.