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The week of Monday, February 20th to Sunday, March 26th, 2017

If your birthday is this week you are influenced by both Pisces and Aries. The transit between the 12th house and the 1st advises letting go of the past and burning the bridges so the future will have the need to enter your life. The Pisces/Aries combination creates a paradox with compassion for others but a need to get ahead of them by thinking about your own needs. This month all signs will be influenced by this energy and will know that they have done all they can do for others and it is now time to think about their own needs and what they can do for themselves. The next 12 months, the Pisces/Aries solar year, will give you the opportunity to help someone and become their hero by delivering a message of good news. This week you get to be the student who learns by watching the master at work and then passes this wisdom along to others.


Age 20-40 what you have learned by watching others can now be put to use and bring great results
Age 40-60 the new person in your life has a message meant just for you so pay attention
Age 60+ you have a message coming about your health and this will be good news


Age 20-40 there is money to be made by playing second fiddle to an expert and seeing just how they do it
Age 40-60 a traveler who is coming or going from your circle has some interesting information and a reason to tell you
Age 60+ a messenger will bring good news about finances and how to best use your money