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From an early age James has been aware of the energy and feelings of others, the first aspect of being an intuitive. The powers were so strong it prompted him to be of service to others. Through 33 years of practice and professional study he has the ability to guide people through the paths of their lives, the ups and downs, the realistic issues, surrounding relationships and love, career, money and spirituality. His techniques include clairvoyance, tarot, astrology and Native American totems and animal guides. He looks forward to speaking to you soon so that you may begin your path to insight. 

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Love Questions: Posted July 27th, 2015

I am happily married. However, for the past 6 months I have been having strong feelings about an ex. I wanted to know why. Is he thinking of me? I just can't shake him out of my mind. It's in my head and my gut. I always felt spiritually connected with this ex and maybe that's why. -Katrina 
In our modern society we meet a lot of people, we fall in love and this is magnified when the other feels the same way. Certain people in our lives we will never forget and we will remain connected in an emotional way. We as individuals mature, grow, and make mistakes along the way, and it is nice to have someone to be with and share conversation and issues. A lot of times in our lives we do not want things to change, but they do. You did love him and you felt he loved you and this was true at the time. In life we tend to forget the hard times and will see the good times only. You were and always will be connected to him and his memory; it was an experience you will never forget but it’s in the past. A new and wonderful time has entered your life and you are doing what we all do, remembering the good times. It is time to create some new memories with the one you love.

Can you see when G and I will get back together? I really do feel we are meant to be. -Sarah 
I do feel you will have the chance but remember you and he are in the realistic phase of love. With the correct effort and a lot of love I do feel you and he will succeed this time. He does miss you but not the confrontation. Certain behavior must stop or it will continue to get in your way. You and he will talk in about two months; he only wants to know if you have missed him. You and he are still not ready to be in a committed relationship but with work by you and he can make things right. I do feel you and he are right for each other and I do feel the love between you two has a wonderful chance, if done the right way.

I'm a married woman who's husband is deployed. I started having physical relations with another man. Something physical has now turned into something a little more. I know it has to end and I know it will. I'm just so confused. I tried breaking it off a couple of times but we keep coming back to each other. The connection I have with this new guy is something I’ve never felt. If I had drawn up my dream guy physically he is exactly him. These feelings I have are all new. I just recently started realizing the connection. It's like I'm drawn to him. We don't talk about our feelings for each other so I have no idea if they are mutual. Is this new guy toxic for me? -Monique 
Asking the question itself, Is he toxic for you; yes if you are married. I feel he is a nice man but you need to ask yourself. I feel strongly that in about four months you will be faced with a decision; will he stand by you or will he run away. He really does have great affection for you but you see, a big part of this is that it is a secret. You will be the one who has to deal with the situation. Please do not blame things on your husband for not being there; I do not feel that this new man will stand by you when things get hard but you cant blame him either. If you plan things for yourself and only yourself. The only thing that I can see is that the vows were broken and the only thing that will save your marriage is redoing the vows; if that is what you really want or if your husband even has the desire. No matter how you look at it this is a major problem for you but you are a strong woman and can get through this; just be honest with yourself.


Love Questions: Posted July 20th, 2015

Does my ex still care like he say he does and really want us together? -Uniqueka
He does care for you however, he does have a very romantic way of looking at things. I feel you are a bit more realistic about life and more mature in looking at reality. People sometimes get along great in the romantic phase but have an issue in the realistic phase of a relationship, it does take an active effort from both people involved. He does love you, and he always will. You and he have been through a lot with each other, you know each other and each others ways; during the next year you will get to know each other better and also understand each other in a deeper way.

I have been seeing this guy on and off for the past year I feel in love with him even though I never really wanted to, but I guess those things you don't plan they happen. However few months ago he started changing, pushing me away and I don't understand why. Is he in love with me and is there a future for us or is it time for me to walk away for good? -Maya 
He has some things he needs to take care of before he can devote more time and feel better. He feels pressure right now but that will change soon. This man cares for you more than you realize and he is very aware of your deep feelings for him, he like all of us, wants his life to be more in focus. I feel strongly that he will include you in his future; if that is what you want. Sometimes things take a little time and I also feel he is a traditional man, give him some time and I feel you will not be disappointed.

Hi James, is there romance coming up for me? I’m currently single with grown children and now would like some quality time with another person. -Jennifer 
I do feel you will meet a good person in about three months. This person will be involved with the holiday season; also some how involved with music. I feel this man also has grown children and wishes to meet someone. I sense that you and he will like each other very much and enjoy being with each other. Music will be the key.


Love Questions: Posted July 13th, 2015

Hi James, is there romance coming up for me? I’m currently single with grown children and now would like some quality time with another person. -Jennifer
There are a lot of people that feel as you, male and female. Time seems to be the issue. You are a very interesting person and you also possess a very magnetic personality. You will become very bored with a person that has nothing in common with you. I do see you in a happy relationship by this time next year. You are a very good judge of character and I know you will find the correct person for you and your life. You will know him by his concern for your happiness and well being, he will also be into airplanes. Your children want for you to be happy and safe and they support you, your happiness is what matters to them. The person you are to be with also will have a very good relationship with your adult children.

I have been separated from my wife and she has filed for divorce. I feel she still loves me and things will work out even with the change of events that has happened. I really love her and want her back in my life. Do I have a good chance of getting her back sooner then later because we have a son and I miss being around my family. I want to know will are love be better second time around. -David
There is a big difference between the time you were together then there is now. The love is still there but it has changed. She is very embarrassed by what happened and her family and friends know this. The first step is to talk with each other, patiently. You need to find out if she believes you and your intentions. I fell that she would like to see you but she is afraid that mistakes will occur again. I feel also that an intention to redo your vows is something she will listen to however, is that what you really want? It will be very difficult but possible with the right effort.

I'm somewhat dating a guy I met online. I’d really love to know if he is my soulmate, if not will I meet him soon? -Jessica 
You will meet him sooner then you thought, he is a lot more anxious then you know. A soul mate is a person that you feel that you have met before and that seems to know your thoughts, so this must be determined be the individual and no matter what it takes time to accurately know someone, sometimes a short time, sometimes it takes a long time, years. I feel you and he will be very pleased with each other and very conscious of each others feelings. I also feel your meeting will take place within the next two months, he is preparing for the meeting and is anxious to meet you face to face. Have fun and take your time.


Love Questions: Posted July 6th, 2015

I dated my boyfriend for 7 months. We talked every single day and saw each other every weekend ( we live an hour apart and both have kids). A month ago his teenage son got into major trouble with the law and is possibly looking at jail time. He suddenly broke it off with me saying that he needs to focus all his time on his son and that he may be moving away to be closer to his parents so they can help with his son. I told him that I loved him and his son and I wanted to help them. He said he didn't want my help, he was sorry, and he never meant to hurt me. I am heartbroken and want him back but he refuses to talk to me. Is there hope for us getting back together? Should I keep trying to talk to him? -Kelley 
This situation has this man very worried, a lot of people offer their support however, this does not solve his problem, only time can do that. It is human nature to systematically eliminate pressures and obligations when a priority occurs. He is anticipating a lot of problems trying to help his son. I feel strongly that he is just feeling stressed and in deep thought. Right now there is a lot of problems he needs to deal with and he does not want to pass this on to you; he is aware how much you care about him. Give him a month or so, he will seek you out and attempt to explain his actions. Right now this man needs s support system and men these days rarely ask. He will inform you of his situation when he finds the right words. He does miss you but remember a son is usually very important to a man.

Will my recent ex come back to me and will we be back together in a relationship as a clairvoyant said that it is my destiny to be with this guy and have a long term future with him. -Vicky 
Your ex will call you but he expects you to express that you have missed him. You and he will give things another try however, certain things in your life must be taken care of before you can effectively create a working relationship. He needs to look at life more as a man then a boy. You can assist each other in the process and become stronger in the process. There is a desire on his part, for you to miss him and wait for his call. This man likes to be at his best around you and he does not feel at his best right now.

I split up with my ex 8 months back, after I found out she was seeing another man, been together for 8 years. Do you see us having a future together or at least been friends? -Dave 
I do not believe this is right, no matter how you look at it, she made a decision she needs to deal with. You can not make another person love you and do things your way. You and she have been together for a long time, you and also she tried. I do feel this will excel you to greater things and that you will do better in life with out her. She will not talk to you because she has nothing to say. It is important to live up to decisions in life; sometimes it is for the best; even though it does not seem so at the time.



Love Questions: Posted June 29th, 2015

I'm a gay male who's never had a relationship lasting longer than a month. The relationships I have had tend to start out really promising from their side, but they gradually lose interest in me. These relationships never got to the point of sexual involvement. I have however, fallen in love twice, and had my heartbroken accordingly. The one thing I really want is to experience a long lasting, committed, stable relationship. My question is this: when will I find someone who loves me as much as I love them? -Michael 
Relationships that are emotionally draining do not last. Eventually people will get closer and closer or part. Most people do not want to be responsible for another’s happiness. You will meet a like minded person but I would suggest that you express more confidence in yourself; you are really not to blame for broken relationships, it takes two to tango and one person does not make a relationship. There are so many people in this world and life is short. You will meet two individuals who want a serious relationship within five months. Right now it is important that you figure out how to make yourself happy, then all else will follow but first things first.

My boyfriend recently broke up with me saying he needs time and space. Are we getting back together and if so when? -Heather 
I am feeling that you and also he miss each other very much however, you must listen to what he is saying. He is no longer enjoying the relationship he is blaming the time you spend together on some failure in life; a distraction. This man is not prepared or able to give you the time that you require. I would advise you to do the same; concentrate on where you want to be in life and make it happen. There will be a chance to reconnect in about nine months; by that time you will be deeply involved in a desired persuit; you may not want to break your momentum. I feel you and he will get together and understand each other better. It is not the right time for a serious relationship however, you and he will always be near each other.

Is the Guy I love going to leave me? I had bad predictions by other psychics and I feel really anxious about this because we had our plans to be together. I don’t want to attract the bad by thinking of it too much because the guy with who I am with, I really love. -D
This man needs to be with you right now and the reason you feel the way you do, is that he has no idea where life is taking him and because he is confused about his own future he desires you to be equally confused. He is thinking in terms of himself and what the future holds, you are thinking in terms of you and he as a couple. I feel strongly that you and he should have a lot better communication. He might leave but he will be back but before that he will call. It would appear that you and he do not know what the other is going to do. It will take a great effort on both your parts. You and he will have multiple chances to succeed however, you will get tired.


Love Questions: Posted June 22nd, 2015

I'm 20 years old and have never had a real boyfriend. I've only been on one date and that was four years ago. My question for you is will I ever find that person that I'm looking for? When will I be married and will he have the same beliefs as me? Will I have a happy marriage? -Ciera 
Just when you find your calling in life, he will show up. There will be choices to make and keep. The one that is right for you will be just as interested in what you want for your life as he is his own. You will pursue your own careers and be a good and supportive influence on each other. After a year or so, you and he will find that your careers compliment each other. I feel you will decide to get married after or, as a celebration of all the accomplishments you and he have made; I also feel you will be successful, happy and last together forever. Until you meet this person you will meet many others; but you see, it is what you want when you are ready. I see this as being a five year endeavor; a long time but, very much worth it.

Recently my husband left me and is now with a woman 13 years younger than him. We have a 1 year old daughter and his 15 year old daughter was living with is too. Will he realize his mistake and return to me? -Amanda 
To him this was thought out; he realizes how much he has to lose. This action was not spontaneous, it was thought about by him for a long time ( about five months ). He has known some of the consequences; ( or thought he did ) and felt he could handle some of them. The point of no return was the infidelity, ( the marriage is over ) the vows of the contract or marriage were broken; he will attempt to return to the marriage and swear to God that it will never happen again and this was just a big mistake, his mistake (about six months ) when money becomes an issue and she ( the other woman ) realizes that she made a mistake. He will try to return, apologize and want life back as it was at one time; this will not work. If your love is strong enough for him it might work; I just do not feel he knows what to say; he is with out words and he knows your upset. The only way that I see this working is if you and he work up to and are sure with out a doubt that this is what you and he want. This other woman must be completely out of the picture and his mind, for a least six months. You and he must take any classes about or, to prepare according to your faith, for a spiritual marriage, the point is to understand and except what the vows of your religion are all about. Another marriage with out preparation will not work This is going to be very difficult and 19 times out of twenty does not work; but if your love for each other is strong enough it will work. The assistance of higher power is there ( for any reason ) but the help must be asked for; the correct way.

Thinking about powerful energy but I don’t trust it. Why is it there? Does he feel the same? -Lana 
He knows you like him and enjoys the attention. No matter what the energy level is, it does not matter. This man is attached already and he has no desire to change his life right now. Pursuing this infatuation will not turn out well, for earthier of you. It is ok to be attracted to someone; but to pursue it further would be a big mistake. I do not feel that you have thought out things well. There is a lot more to an individual then there appearances; a lot more. I do apologize but, I do not feel it would be wise to go any further.


Love Questions: Posted June 15th, 2015

Will “F” and I ever be a couple again? He had gone back to his ex wife but I’m still in love with him. I have always seen him as my soul mate and would love to have him back again. -Cherie 
I do honestly feel that he has only told you what he thought you wanted to hear. There is a lot going on with this man, more then you are aware of. The first time he has a disagreement with his ex wife; he will seek you out however if you pay attention to him, you will end up to blame or at least accused of causing some kind of problem that you really do not have anything to do with. It would be a great benefit to you to wait, no matter what he says. It will take him four months to really deal with what he has been putting off for over a year and a half. When four months are over you will be sure and a lot more informed.

I'm turning 40 years old by end of this year, single and never been married. I was wondering if you see me ever meeting my true love in this city (LA), get married and have a family here or do I need to move somewhere else to meet him? Where at? How is he like? Age/race/profession? When will I meet this person and if I'll ever have children with him? -Nikki
Being that you are turning forty; you have had forty years to become the very defined women that you are. I feel that you have not been wasting your time; the important involvement has created a confident and inspiring person. Within the next few months a new project that you have been putting off will take on new life. You will be inspired by the attention of an individual who you felt did not even notice you. As partners on this project, you will be amazed by how much you learn about your subject and also, each other. This friendship can develop into something much more; as feelings start to develop. You will feel that he is the one you will spend the rest of your life with. He will be able to tell that you have developed feelings for him and you will be very surprised and complimented when you told in words, that he feels the same.

Guy I work with once was my friend but I cooled it off because I was not sure of his true intentions. Did I make the right decision? And does he care for me at all or am I imagining it all? -Eliza 
When you follow your heart, you may not know why exactly you do certain things. I do feel that you made the correct decision. This man does like you but he has no desire to make you feel uncomfortable; he is just a friendly person. I feel that you are used to getting attention and understand human nature well enough to know how people can change. This man is confused about your actions and feels he may have done something to offend you; being that he is your friend, I know he will understand. I would suggest that you get to know each other better if you desire that. He would be happy to be only friends if that is what you want however he would also like to get to know you better (you are right, he does have a romantic interest in you). When you follow your feelings and instincts you must be strong enough to follow your inner voice, without question or regret, after all it is your inner voice that will let you know eventually, if you are right or wrong. Within a year, you will change careers and also start a new and happy relationship also, a new pet will bring much joy to your life.


Love Questions: Posted June 8th, 2015

I want to know if my wife is having an affair and do I know this person and how long is it going on for. -Indran
I do not sense that she is doing anything wrong. Because of the lack of correct and comfortable communication there is a lot of stress in the home, in turn this is creating suspicion. You are a great mystery to your family; it is known that something is wrong but exactly what is not known and is causing anxiety to all. If some sort of intervention is not accomplished soon, the relationship or marriage will be over. An unbiased third party will be very helpful and save the family. People are very scared to say something that is taken in the wrong way. A third party; priest, counselor, elder or mutual older friend would be necessary. To redo and take to heart the vows of your marriage is the saving grace however, the desire ( from both people concerned ) is required; and this will take a bit of time however, it is possible. I feel the love in your hearts. Someone is going to offer help one more time; the first time nobody would listen.

Can you please let me know if the person that I am in love with is being faithful to me? Is he planning a weekend trip with another woman? -Michele 
I do feel that he is planning a trip but it is not with anyone. This man does not really know how things will go; he is extremely concerned about the future, his and also yours. This man does love you and is not likely to do anything to jeopardize his chances in life. He is also determined to not be the cause or do anything to bring problems to the relationship. If there is a problem, he will not let it be his fault. He cares about you a lot more then you know.

Will my ex return and try and patch things up or will I find someone new who actually wants a relationship? I love him but I can't keep taking him back to go through the same thing again. -Dianna 
He will return however, not to patch things up. In this case time will keep repeating itself. He feels he has done nothing to be sorry for and you and he have been lucky that things did not get a lot worse. He loves you and he feels you love him but that right now he needs to avoid any trouble; you and he do not trust each other anymore. You will meet someone who feels the same as you and desires a committed relationship but only after this man has left your heart. My advise is to move on and to let him do the same. It is best for all concerned. Your lives have gone in different directions, this does not mean that either of you are wrong; just for each other.


Love Questions: Posted June 1st, 2015

I have seeing someone for almost 3 yrs now but have known him 14 years. We dated briefly years ago but married other people. During our marriages we never saw each other. We found each other again two years ago and discovered we were both separated and started seeing each other again. At first we saw each other all the time but when we got our divorces he became distant. It's been up and down ever since he claims he loves me and there is no one else but his actions show different. He says he is not ready for a relationship and he is scared. When I pull away he comes back I am confused I am in love with him but don't know what do. Does he really love me? Will we ever have a real relationship? Is there someone else? -Ayans 
When an individual experiences a divorce this most of the time is a very hard thing, very disappointing that things you were so sure about come crashing down and it takes various amounts of time to move on. Nobody wants to repeat mistakes and people want happiness in their lives. I feel that this man loves you very much but he is going through all effects of a divorce which include regret, depression, and a lot of anxiety. It is not easy to open up to another about your feelings; I feel greatly that this man cares for you and does not want to go through loss again. Many have attempted to express sorrow through music, literature, and art but each in their own way. I feel that this man is being honest and this shows you that the relationship is moving a bit too quickly. There is no need to repeat things from the past and this is what is bothering him. Within three months you will notice a positive change in him. This is a condition that can not be avoided, one of the reasons you care for him is his ability to feel so deeply.

My heart soul and mind has a burning desire to have a love relationship, marriage. I have been single 2 years. -Sallie 
A lot of people feel as you. First of all a love relationship and a marriage are a bit different. A love relationship can lead to marriage but, not the other way around. Within the next year you will be very involved with a project that has not moved as fast as you wanted; the time will arrive soon. You are going to make an acquaintance who takes your breath away; you will have mutual interest in each other. He will want to move quickly with the new relationship and it will be you who wants to move slowly. If this friendship lasts longer then a year; you will marry in three years.



Love Questions: Posted May 25th, 2015

Will me Greg get back together? I love him but he seem like he has moved on. I miss him. -Venus
You will within the next three weeks have an opportunity to talk however, when you do se each other It will be a bit difficult for either of you to find the right words, I feel your eyes and smiles will get your friendship back on track. He also misses you and the time you shared together. It seems as if time got in the way of itself. This is a time of his life where he needs to make some good decisions about himself and he feels that now is the time; he also feels that a chance that you have been waiting for is fast approaching. If the vision that you both have can merge and compliment each others path, you and he can start over however, by breaking up in the first place your relationship will be realistic and will need to move to a higher level to succeed.

My ex said he wanted to work things out but for two months he couldn't even ask me to go get coffee. I feel that I am the love of his life and that he will figure it out and come back to me. Am I right, or just delusional and headed for more heartbreak? -Liz
His deep feelings for you are new to him weather he lets you know or not. He is realizing it more and more as time goes on but, more importantly he knows you love him, this realization is also new to him. You and he have a very strong connection with each other. You will give a more defined relationship another chance. If you and he care about each other you can create a good relationship however, I do see some major obstacles in front of any relationship, on you side and also his. Within two months he will receive a once in a life time opportunity; and I feel you will be a part of it.

I have been in one sided love with this guy since 3 years now. I initiated contact last year. We had a brief relationship only this year and broke up recently. Will he come back to me? I am trying to move on but it hurts a lot and feel very depressed. Will he come back to me? -Divya 
The one sided love that you have been experiencing I feel is very real to you however, I feel that the information that you are basing this love on is mostly fantasy that has been brought into your reality by your wishful thinking. This man has also developed very strong feelings for you but I do not feel that he is in any position to make things real. To him your attention has been a big compliment it did boost his ego a great deal. Where you may be in a position to, and willing to crate a relationship, I do not feel that he can, or should I say has the ability to create what you want. You are in love with the fantasy, and so is he. Within the next five months you and he will be a bit more realistic with each other and I do feel that you will feel differently. When communication is only one sided or sparse, it is usually a warning.


Love Questions: Posted May 18th, 2015

I have been on this one track mind of waiting for my soul mate. I've had several heartbreaks as they moved on and married and I'm stuck in a time capsule. I no longer have feelings for these guys as I feel I'm emotionally, physically, spiritually and energy ready to meet this guy. Can I have assurance and possibly description of what he's like? -Roxanna
In our life we meet several soul mates and it is up to us to make it work. First of all the other person must feel the same way. Higher Power does bring us together but that is it. It is up to the two people involved to realistically see if things will work. Being human we all change and grow with time. I do feel you will meet a person who feels the same about you in around six months. You will meet as a result of a class or seminar that will also benefit your career. This friendship can evolve in time to the relationship that you desire. You will also see that a good relationship is worth the effort it takes.

Will me and my ex boyfriend Kevin be together again? -Michelle 
You have both grown and matured. I know he would love to know you are doing well. It was not the right time for you and he; I feel you were both unprepared for the way you and he would eventually feel. In two months there will be a conversation between you two, and you and also he, will learn a lot about each other; you will find that the caring is still present. You and he will attempt to give things another try. You will also find that he has aspirations regarding the future that he may be having a hard time getting started. I feel you and he have matured and will give a relationship a realistic and desired try one more time.

I've been in love with a guy for years and he knows. Will we be more than friends? -Odette 
Feeling that we love someone for a very long time always gives us time to create that person in our ideal image and we attempt to understand how another reacts and feels. It is the intensity of your feeling that are preventing you from getting to know him in reality. He does know how you feel and he feels very complimented. Within the next three months you will have an opportunity to get to know him better and he to know you. If you back up a little and treat this as a friendship you will get to know each other better and communicate more effectively. You and he already like each other a lot and think about each other all the time. If you and he become comfortable with each other the next step is to enjoy being out with each other. I feel you and he will have a chance; a very good chance.


Love Questions: Posted May 11th, 2015

My boyfriend Shakeeb broke up with me claiming he doesn't love me anymore. However I want to know if he does and is he coming back to me? -Thahmina 
People do lose there love for others but, what I feel he really means is that he has no desire to continue the relationship. I know you feel it is about something you did, but it is not. If you ask him to explain he will have an impossible time. He needs some time to think. His view of himself has somehow changed. There are different types of love and intensities of love; he does love you but not in the way you deserve. You will hear from him in about six months and the information that will convince you that it was really not about you will also arrive. His life is very complex right now. You will also think about taking a trip but if the trip does not compliment your field you will decide against it.

I have been to see a psychic recently and she said that me and my ex girlfriend would definitely get back together but at the moment I just cannot see it happening. My question is, will I get back with my ex girlfriend soon?
If the original cause is resolved and put away, she will see you again however, you caused each other a lot of heartbreak. You and she must start over again from the beginning. I do feel the friendship must be reestablished for a least a year before the subject of a relationship can be taken seriously. You are both not real sure what happened and are very disappointed that things did not work. No matter how hard it is you need to give her space until she feels ready. If you pursue her it will permanently dissolve your friendship and create additional problems. Everyone needs time, sometimes a little sometimes a lot.

Please tell me if my husband will return to me and our children. He left me for a girl 13 years younger than him. I still love him and want to save our marriage. -Amanda
Once he has lost a lot of what he has accumulated over the years and she realizes what she has gotten herself into, I do not feel the relationship will last; the novelty is almost over however, this is not the issue, it is infidelity. The vows of your marriage have been broken. Once he realizes how much he has to lose, not to mention the love he has for you and the children, he will want to return and put it all to a mistake. I do feel the love between you two and also the children so I feel you will give him another chance (everyone makes mistakes), but the effort will not work unless there is another ceremony in which you and he redo your vows to each other and to higher power. Without the redoing of the vows (after preparation and understanding) it would be a waste of time and only last a couple of months.


Love Questions: Posted May 4th, 2015

I have had my heart broken so many times and given up on the whole idea of love but would like to know will I find love? -Rebecca
When you consciously stop looking for it love will approach you. A friendship will develop for you first. I can tell you are a very defined woman; you know very well what you want and what type of person will maintain an active interest in a relationship. During a local trip to a friends home or a relatives home you will be invited to a local event. Even though you had no interest in attending, you will have a very good time and meet several good people, one of which will be the one in your future. He will be shy at first however, I do see that every time you see each other you will learn something fascinating about the other. This can develop into a quality relationship; also a long term and life long partnership. The trip will be offered to you around the end of spring. Also, a long forgotten interest will reemerge in your life and you will find a renewed vigor in its pursuit.

My ex boyfriend Kevin broke up with me 7 months ago for an older women. He recently contacted me apologizing for what he had done, I forgave him and decided to just be friends (for the time being anyway) I was scared to let him in so easily but I don't know if he realized that. He agreed to hangout and catch up on everything. That never happened and it was the last I heard from him. After many texts explaining to him that I want to put things in the past and try again I still got no response back. Yesterday, I saw pictures with him and the older women. Why is he ignoring me? Do you see us together again? I feel like I didn't handle things the right way when he contacted me and I drew him away once again. -Ayla 
I feel strongly that you and he can not be friends without acting out as a couple. If you told him you would like to be just friends; he took this as an insult. He seems to be in a hurry to be in a defined relationship. You said that you forgave him for past actions but he does not feel he did anything wrong. Even though you and he are nice people I do feel that you and he are in different places regarding a more defined relationship. Right now give any definite decisions a lot more time than you had intended; the next three months will be key and you will have additional information to work with. There is another that must be considered seriously.

I would like to know which of these guys is my soul mate. There are two guys who seem to be great but I need to know is (T) the one? I miss him a lot and we haven't talked in some months. On the other hand there's Sky, he seems loving and caring but I don't know what to do and I need your help please! -Candice 
If your heart is confused I advise you to give things a little more time. I do agree that one of these men are a lot more compatible with you then the other and if you don’t know who it is, then it is to soon. Within the next two months you will know without a doubt who it is. I can tell you that he will be more interested in your view of the future than his own. If by chance the future few months are undefiled then this will tell you it is too soon to make judgements; you will be working with a lot more reliable information if you wait.



Love Questions: Posted April 27th, 2015

I am struggling with a past breakup that occurred over 6 months ago. I just need to know if she will come back or if I need to let go even though it's making me miserable. -Christina 
I do feel that a lot of your anxiety regarding this matter is that you feel that she has something to say, or that there is some type of unfinished, unresolved situation going on; there is not. She is very aware of how you feel toward her and your feelings about what happened. She does not want to be responsible for your happiness, she feels it is up to you. You and she did go through the ups and downs of a relationship and you did give this a good try. The relationship has become painful not only to you but also to her. One thing is that you have gotten to know each other in reality. It is extremely important that you and she respect each others wishes. If space is created now it will lead to another chance in the future. Right now it would be advisable to give her space and do not seek her out. You both need perspective on the reality of the situation. There is no blame involved.

Is the man currently in my life the one I am destined to be with or should I continue my journey alone?
There is no such thing as perfect relationship; it does not exist. We all have soul mates and individuals we are destined to interact with but to succeed in a long term relationship it is what you create or make of it; happy and satisfying or stressful and complicated. Only liking someone at the time is not good enough for forever. I feel you have been a couple for a long time and if things have been good, I do not see that ending. If you are lucky enough to have love in your life you are the exception not the rule.

Will I get back together with my ex girlfriend? -Matt 
The time will arrive in about five months however, it will be more of a need then a desire. Original issues that were present will have become very prominent in her life and require immediate attention. The romantic aspect of your view of her must include a lot or an amount of reality. I am not sure that you are ready for this however, it will occur. You must cease your current pattern of thought regarding this situation; you are not the center of this universe.


Love Questions: Posted April 20th, 2015

I want to know if the guy I like wants to start seeing me and be my boyfriend? -Melanie 
I feel strongly that he finds you to be a lot of fun and he also feels that you have a good personality and a friendly smile. If things continue to be positive he feels, and I do think he is right, you and he will be drawn to each other and find the time (actually look forward to it) for each other. I do also feel that you and he will continue to be drawn to each other and find communication flows very easily and naturally between you two and you and he will continue to enjoy your friendship. It is at this point that he will begin to open up about his true feelings for you. The chance exists to create a relationship that will last and succeed.

Will I be in a loving relationship with someone who supports me in my efforts and will want to be there for my kids? -Dianna 
Within the next year you will have two chances to achieve what you desire. You will also find an individual who does support you in your efforts however, it is essential that you also support him in his desires for the future. It is through a common project for another that will give you the time you need to get to know this man and he will get to know you. This man is aware of the children and will have a desire to be a very good example to them; he knows that a relationship with you, is also a relationship with your children.

I want to know if my wife Kristen will love me again and come back to me. -Barry
I feel strongly that the love is still there however, it has changed and evolved. I feel strongly that you and she have grown up together. The only difference is new conversations are about her alone and not you and she as a couple. The original issue between you and she has not been a priority and until it is, there is no chance. She is very disappointed and embarrassed about how your marriage turned out. If you can remain friends for at least three months; the chance to become closer will arrive; it will not be easy but I feel, worth it, the key is to repair the relationship with her family.


Love Questions: Posted April 13th, 2015

There is an older woman that I like. We do not know each other very well but I feel a strong connection with her. My question is how does she feel about me? Im afraid to make a move because I don't know how she would take it. I have the worst luck with love. Any advice? Thank you in advance! -Vero 
I feel strongly that this women is a very good judge of character and would like an honest relationship however, coming on to strong would scare her away. The best way to get to know her better is to create a friendship. In this process of learning about each other you will find that she is very serious when it comes to perspective relationships. She sees the long term in comparison of the current situation; you see a beginning, and focusing your attention on the intensity of your attraction and where it can go. I feel its possible to develop a relationship however, only time will tell if this is really what you want.

Will my husband come home? We've been separated for a month and a half and have a baby together.
In essence he has run away from home; I do feel for whatever reason he is very stressed out and needed to be away; I do not feel he wants to be gone permanently but right now he really does not know what to say. He will come back home and does not want to create any big issue. When you and he are ready to talk about this you will find it is not about you personally but only about his current situation in life. This man loves you more then you know and does not want to hurt you. He wants to say to you that it has nothing to do with you. He will find that he has a lot to be thankful for and a good reason to handle the ups and downs of a marriage. He has what he has always wanted and within a month he will see this.

I have not had the most luck in love and am hoping to find out about when I will experience such a thing as being in love. There is a man I am speaking with right now, could this lead to something? -Melanie 
Yes it can, I feel that you and he are on the same level of what you both want out of life. As the years go by we as human beings become more defined in our ways, our desires, and the way we do things. I do also feel that he has been in a very serious relationship that still plays a role in how he sees himself. Love is something that is non defined, it does mean something different to all of us and changes as the wind. I feel if you and he actively create what you want, you will hold on to it. If things are left to chance, it will never occur. You will know without a doubt when you feel love; and there will be no need for this question. I do also see that you will be happily married within the next two years and this decision will arrive very quickly.


Love Questions: Posted April 6th, 2015

I have been in a relationship with a Taurus guy for almost 2 years now he wants to move back to Cape Town alone. Does he really love me or is there someone else will I meet? Someone special soon, I would like to get married one day again. Will he come back to me? -Ansie
It does not matter how long you have known each other, you will never know an individual until you live with them. Taurus’s can be very detailed and make marvelous people to work with but Taurus’s can be very stubborn and sometimes argumentative; they are also very psychic and intuitive. Remember certain people enjoy being a mystery. Taurus’s can be wonderful mates if you enjoy a vociferous difference of opinion once and a while also; Taurians make very good parents. If you are a water sign or another earth sign the relationship should be fun and successful; if he is a fire sign or earth sign you and he need to be involved in the same interest to get to know each other well. Remember Taurus likes to be a mystery. I feel in three months you will be certain about him and also, Taurus’s are very romantic, moody, but romantic. The chance will be there.

A year and a half ago I met a woman that became my best friend we have incredible chemistry we have looked at each other and agreed what we have never gets old. We have totally loved one another but do to misunderstandings have not talked in over a month. Will I be together with this woman again, or will she leave my life? -Norman 
Right now she, as you, have a chance to think and see where your heart is in this perspective relationship. You need to remember that she is very capable of perceiving a misunderstanding and I feel your relationship is strong enough to get through any misunderstanding; just talk when she wants to and she will. Please do not make the mistake of calling her, or being in her life at all at this time. Allow her to think and remember. You both miss each other and she will contact you when she is ready; until then give her space and have more confidence in yourself and your positive qualities. You and she will decide to give your relationship another chance. She is also aware that everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, and if you and she are going to succeed you need to learn to get over these things. You only shocked each other by your behavior; the learning has started.

Who will I end up with, the ex from 30 years ago or the guy I just met? Another psychic claims it’s the one from long ago. We have a daughter together. -Karen 
I feel you and he will be given the chance to repair any unresolved and hurtful issues from the past once you and he have had the opportunity to see things in there proper perspective, feelings will be healed to a large extent where you can be good friends with each other (for the child sake). I do not see another relationship with each other however, you and he will remember how you felt at one time and heal hurt feelings. You both care about each other and love each other in your way. If you and he had a Spiritual marriage and still feel the vows you took with Higher Power there is always a chance but I do not feel you and he would risk your new friendship because it will be very powerful and contribute to your individual lives. The new man in your life will become more important to you, as you will to him, and I see a good relationship that will be positive for both of you; please pace yourself in your growing feelings for him. Good things come to those who wait.



Love Questions: Posted March 30th, 2015

Can you see when Gary and I will get back together? I really do feel we are meant to be. -Sarah 
I also feel strongly that you and he will have an opportunity to get together however, if your desire is to be a successful couple that does take a mutual effort and a mutual vision of the future. Within the next three months a topic or condition that has brought you together in the first place will no longer be an issue, it will fade away gradually. After this has been completed, only after, the chance will arrive. If you and he still focus on each other and see a future together; then the chance will be there. I do feel you and he were meant to meet up with each other, now to live as a successful couple will take a constant effort; you will be sure in about five months.

I am happily married. However, for the past 6 months I have been having strong feelings about an ex. I wanted to know why. Is he thinking of me? I just can't shake him out of my mind. It's in my head and my gut. I always felt spiritually connected with this ex and maybe that's why. -Katrina 
We as human beings will often go back to times that were unique in our lives (it gives us perspective on our current situation in life). Certain relationships and friendships stand out in ways we will never forget (this is how we learn) and of course we get disappointed that things did not work the way we had intended. Just because certain people in our past are not there anymore, it does not mean our good wishes are not with them. Human beings are made up off all the experiences we have had before in our lives; good or bad. He thinks of you also; with a smile, and favorable memories of your time together in the past. I do feel he wishes the best for you and all the happiness you want. You will talk again in the future, this time not about yourselves but about your families. And yes you can be friends; be remember only friends.

My relationship ended about two months ago with a man who I believe is my twin flame. I would like to know if you sense if he has any interest in healing this relationship and getting back together at some point?
I feel he would be very happy to give you the life you want the thing is, there are to many complications and obligations that he needs to deal with and he just does not want you to be a part of these complications, he does feel you deserve better. I do not feel this man intended to have a long term relationship with you but his feelings changed as you and he got to know each other. There is some sort of an issue in his life (I do not feel that you know about this) that has a potential to last a very long time, if not forever. A lot of people talk about soul mates or twin flames and it is true; it does happen. We need to remember always that higher power brings us together but that’s all; it is up to us to stay together and put in the effort. Assistance and help are there, but we must ask for it in the correct way. First concentrate on healing the friendship; the rest will be easy.


Love Questions: Posted March 23rd, 2015

I was good friends, emailing a guy I used to work with almost every day. We both liked the same baseball team, talked sports. Things were great. I supported him looking for a second job. He was very appreciative, thanked me etc. No problems. He usually emailed me about problems with new job, etc. Things seemed great. All of a sudden a month ago he stopped emailing. I haven't bothered him. What is going on? -Diane 
This man knows how to make friends but not how to be one. He has been keeping a part of himself a secret from you and most likely himself (not realizing what is happening). I do not feel there is a big reason for his lack of communication; some people are just that way. It is a good thing that you are aware of this before it gets to carried away. In this world some people are takers and some givers. This is only called a lack of consideration. You will meet a very nice person that you like a lot and can be very happy with within the next two months however, if you pursue him; this will not occur.

My partner and I broke up a month ago due to me having depression and drinking. He gave me many chances before. We were very much in love and we connected and always knew what the other was thinking. He gave me one last chance and I drank and said some awful things and he will not communicate with me at all. I've taken steps to stop drinking and turn my life around but he still won't talk to me. I asked him a final time the other day if we could try and take little steps and work at maybe getting back together. I've still not heard from him even though I know he's reading my texts. I don't know what to do now. -Nicola 
He does like you very much and I feel he felt he met the woman of his dreams. This man here is some sort of a problem that is causing you to drink to access; he just does not want to be a part of that kind of life. It is that he has seen this type of behavior cause a lot of pain to the people involved. I do not feel that he wants to see you hurt yourself or someone you care about. People who drink a lot can not deal with a relationship (or close friendships, only drinking partners) and he knows this. This is really not about the one occurrence; it is about the future; he is being careful. It is not you he is ignoring; it is the lifestyle. You and he will talk and go out again with each other ( four months) but, he will always use the drinking, even if it has stopped; against you. He understands that everyone deals with stress differently; he needs someone to take care of him however, he is not willing to do the same. I would advise you to stop drinking (counseling) and put the friendship away; for now.

I'm a married woman who's husband is deployed. I started having physical relations with another man. Something physical has now turned into something a little more. I know it has to end and I know it will. I'm just so confused. I tried breaking it off a couple of times but we keep coming back to each other. The connection I have with this new guy is something I never felt. If I had drawn up my dream guy physically he is exactly him. These feelings I have are all new. I just recently started realizing the connection. It's like I'm drawn to him. We don't talk about our feelings for each other so I have no idea if they are mutual. Is this new guy toxic for me? -Monique 
No, he is not toxic to you, you are toxic to yourself. This man sees that you do not seem to care about the vows of your marriage (which is over anyway). There is a reason for maintaining marriage vows psychologically and spiritually; marriages are not easy and a couple needs to keep understanding and growing with each other and now there is really nothing keeping the marriage active. When you decide to admit (if you do) to your husband, what the problem is all about, I do not feel he will take it well. I would also advise you not to blame your husband for the failure of the marriage (a lot of families deal with this type of situation all the time however, honesty is very difficult sometimes). I understand the having someone you love at a distance is not easy but, this is your mistake. This other man has very little to do with this, he was only having fun and I do not feel you will ever be able to depend on him. He has no desire for a serious relationship, after all your married.


Love Questions: Posted March 16th, 2015

Is my husband having an affair or interested In another woman. If so when does he see her and do they work together? How often do they see each other and or are intimate? -Kim
I feel strongly that your marriage is in big trouble, not because of the rumors, but because you and your husband have lost your ability or desire to communicate with each other. Do not let your imagination run away with you; the fact is you are suspicious of him and his views on marriage. The time for speculation is over you need to do something about this. Remember there are two sides to every story. I do not feel that he wants to end the marriage. And I feel he would be very hurt by this accusation. The best advise I can give you is to seek marriage counseling; if he will cooperate, if not, what does this tell you?

My daughter and her husband of 4 years have recently separated and are living in separate homes. They don't have a lot of money right now and my two grandsons currently live with their father. I had an intense dream about them all last night that my daughter was willing to toss them all away while I was yelling and picking up my grandsons. Will they ever get back together? -Joy 
First of all try not to let the emotion of the situation get to you, try to take time for yourself and enjoy life. Your daughters current situation is common place these days. I do feel she does love him and he loves her however, they did marry too soon without really thinking about it but they are adults and will find a way. The relationship or the separation will be hard to handle for her and for him, after all the bad feelings and anger is over, then the depression and embarrassment will start. After a lengthy time apart, they will finally will become friends for the children’s sake and the children will be just fine (They have you). The marriage is over, they just did not think in the long term and only now will reality set in. I do also feel that you will take a more active role in the lives of these kids. It is very possible that you will be a very strong influence on these kids. Do not talk or allow your daughter to talk bad about him; it will backfire.

4 years ago I had met a young woman in college. A few months later she had become my Tae kwon do instructor. I had fallen in love with her. My insides are telling me she feels the same, but she is quit a few years younger then I. Does she want me and will we ever be together? -Frank 
She has very strong feelings about you however they are very undefined. I do feel she knows how you feel about her and she is wondering when you will open up (verbally). If you verbalize your feelings about her; I do feel you will scare her away. I would advise dating for a while so you and also she can become more comfortable with each other. She would be very uncomfortable with statements of undying love and affection, she would not know what to say at this time. If you and she enjoy spending time with each other and have a good back and forth communication with each other; then you will be sure. I do see a relationship if you start slowly and are as concerned about her as you seem.


Love Questions: Posted March 9th, 2015

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 12 years and have a 16 month old son and another on the way but I don't feel I love him anymore, I feel I should stay with him because of our children and I want to have feelings for him again, but he seems to have changed and has a very bad temper, he blames it on stress of having a baby. But I also have feelings for another guy I've known for years and feel like I want to be with him. He feels the same. Do I stay with the father of my children and hope I will fall in love again or leave him? -Emma 
Within five months the opportunity you are looking for will arrive. Your boyfriend has good reasons to be stressed; daily life seems to him, to be unfair and he just can not catch up with things. Children do suffer the most in a separation or divorce they do not feel pressure ease, the tendency is to feel the pressure increase and not have both parents to talk to. Children and babies feel the anger and sadness even without it being mentioned. If your boyfriend finds about your friend he will not like it and you are looking at a very messy break up. If you and he find love in your hearts it is possible to repair the damage however, it must be done soon. Even though you and your he do not like each other as much as you use to; it is very, very important to think of the children first, and stop being childish. No matter how much you want to go back to the past, it is impossible.

I dated guy for two years that I genuinely believe to be my soul mate. From our first date, I knew we had something special and different. We moved in together a year ago and our relationship slowly fell apart during that time. He ended up breaking up with me in July staying that "his feelings aren't as strong anymore" and that "our love did not grow" over the year. I am starting to question our entire relationship. Did he ever love me? Is there any chance of reconciliation for us? How could I be so certain that we aren't meant to be and he feel so opposite? I feel so confused. -Kris 
Some people enjoy the chase, romance, and spontaneity of a new relationship, it does not mean they want anything committed or long term. I feel you and he are very lucky that you did not marry in the romantic phase (a lot of people do), you gave the relationship a year and that was very good because you and he do not see things in the same way. You both have been trying too hard and you are accustom to each others moods; good and bad. He does miss the fun times and he feels there were many; he does not miss the tension and hurtful attitudes. He may be ready for a relationship in the future but it is just not what he is ready for. In the last weeks of winter you will meet some one who feels as you and he tends to see the future in a very similar way. We as individuals have many soul mates. God brings us together, the rest is up to us. The future must be worked on every day, as a marriage or long term partnership; if it is going to work.

I have been dating this guys for about a month. We went away camping for the evening alone and it was one of the most romantic nights of my life. I felt a definite connection. I am pretty sure he felt it too. Ever since that night, I have heard from him rarely. When he does contact he is flirty, but never follows through with a meeting. How does he feel about me? -Melissa 
He is surprised by the intensity he feels around you and this man is falling in love with you. I do not feel he was prepared for long term relationship (but he is thinking about it right now). When a man is as you say flirty, it is usually to hide shyness. He will become more sincere and real as the friendship progresses but before this happens he must take care of a situation that has keep him down for a long time; being liked by you has given him the incentive he needs to get things done. I do not feel your interest in each other will fade. The more you get to know each other the more you will want to be with each other. Honesty will emerge form this man about his feelings for you, and along the way he will open up about all in his life; are you ready? The next three months will be very telling and essential to your success as a couple.


Love Questions: Posted March 2nd, 2015

My husband had an affair on me for 6 months with a woman who a psychic had told me had put a spell on him. After lots of pain, time and money spent, I think I've finally won. However, I've been talking to an ex boyfriend from years ago and I think I'm starting to fall for him again. I started talking to him about 3 weeks ago when I was hurt by my husband still talking to this woman. Now, I believe my husband is actually done for good with this woman and I'm unsure what it is that I want. My question is, can you please help me to know what these two different men's feelings are for me? -Ashley 
I do not believe you and your husband were ready for marriage. A six month affair is not an affair, it’s a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes however, a six month mistake is very serious. The ex boyfriend that you have been talking to does not take your marriage seriously (because he sees that you do not). I feel you and he can be good friends but I do not feel he wants anything more. I also feel that you and your husband love each other and will get over this problem in your lives; if you and he really try you will succeed however these distractions in your lives must be eliminated from your lives, if not, the attempt will not work. An individual can only change behavior if they want to; if they really do not want to change, they will not.

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. Last year things seemed very odd. I thought it was due to him turning 40 and about to retire from the Army. Later in the year, I started having, almost panic attacks, the feeling that something horribly wrong was about to happen. In January, the feeling was overwhelming. I went to his computer, I clicked on the history and found that for three months he had been on a local dating site. There wasn't much activity on page. He used his work email so I couldn't see if he was sending, receiving, meeting, talking, or texting these women. I honestly thought I would find emails or messages from his co-worker, a female Soldier named Shannon. He claims that he didn't meet or talk to anyone from the dating site. That he "got caught up in it". He found it exciting that women might be interested in him. I still feel that he and Shannon had an affair or maybe it was someone who looked like her. I don't have the income to just up and leave. I need closure. To know if he was really seeing someone. -Connie 
Being involved with dating sites is the reason for the failure of many marriages. A psychological infidelity has the same affect as an actual breach of the marital promise. Although the marriage is real, he really never took it seriously; his love for you is real but you really did not know him as well as you thought. He is a nice person but wants something different out of life. You have invested a lot of time and thought you shared a common image. Repairing the marriage would be possible however, he does not see the problem. If your love for each other is strong enough you can get over this (you and he must get to the point where you want to re do the marriage ceremony). If the problem is not realized you and he will fade away from each other very quickly; he is very embarrassed by this situation and he feels uncomfortable.

I am still in love with my ex husband. Is there a possibility for us to get back together in the future? -Danche 
I feel strongly that he would very much like to re-explore the good parts of the marriage and also the common dream of the future you once shared. However, he is very much aware of the way things turned out; you and he have seen parts of each others personality that you did not like. Rather than attempt to change and become aware of any problems with communication, the issues continued throughout the rest of the marriage. You hurt each others feelings and lost faith in the marriage at the same time you lost faith in each other. Hindsight is 2020 and now the issues seem clear however he has no desire to re experience the disappointment and emotional lows that took him a long time to come to terms with. He does have a great affection for you and he does not see the past as being all bad however, the past is just that, the past. He has moved on and wishes the same for you.



Love Questions: Posted February 23rd, 2015

I like this guy a whole lot and I want to know if we will ever be together in a relationship, or am I just wasting my time? -Bridgett 
I do feel that he is a very nice person and that you and he have a lot of fun with each other however in matters of the heart I do feel that you and he are very different. I feel very strongly that you are an old soul and certain qualities of healing will emerge at different times of your life. You have many years of study and experience in front of you; there is a strong likelihood that you will end up leading in your field; in all honesty I do feel he would hold you back in one way or another. Many opportunities will arrive to you in you life. It is time to conserve energy, to absorb knowledge and prepare for a very exciting time in your life to gradually appear to you. It is never a waste of time to make friends, it ends up being an advantage. And you and he will be friends for a very, very long time.

Will my ex partner James and I get back together? Is he my soul mate? Will we have kids together and how soon will we get back together? -Dulce 
God does create situation where soul mates do meet one another, now what two people do with that is entirely up to them; there is no such thing as a guarantee in any relationship. Soul mates are not lovers all the time, they can be brothers, sisters, friends, pets, or advisers. I feel strongly that you and he will try again however, the original barrier will become stronger. You or this man can not over come this obstacle alone or individually. But you can together; the first step is to respect the others feelings and way of thinking. If you and he can do this for three months, the rest of life will seem easy by comparison. This lesson will benefit you in the future and teach you something that you will never forget.

I recently was broken up with. It was a short-lived relationship, but I felt this very intense connection right from the first time we met - so strong that I felt he could be the one. The last time I saw him he seemed happy with me. However, soon after he pulled away suddenly and broke up with me. I'm not sure why he ended things or what changed within the last few weeks of our relationship. Was there something I did? Is there a chance of him reconsidering his decision? If not, will I meet the guy of my dreams sometime in the near future? Thank you. -Nelly
If you have searched with in yourself for an answer, you are likely very frustrated. The reason for this is if you were to blame or had a direct responsibility the reason would be very clear to you. This man simply got ahead of himself; he became overwhelmed by the new experience of being involved with you. He was not expecting to feel so strongly, and for a while it was easy to feel good and enjoy ones self however, he understands that he needs to take care of an issue, or else it will interfere with his future happiness. You gave this man the incentive that he reacquires to proceed with life. He does care for you and wants you to continue to think good thoughts of him and your time together. He is planning to renter your life as a new and improved person able to move in the direction that he wants to, however if he waits to long your heart will be captured by another; Five months.


Love Questions: Posted February 16th, 2015

Will my boyfriend call me again, do we have a connection? Does he really know how much I love him, because I really do and I really miss him so much that it hurts. -Tammy 
He is caught between two different paths, one that has been his dream for just about as long as he can remember; the other path is new and a bit scary for him, it includes seeking out an exciting life that is filled with excitement and uncertainty (this does include you). I advise you to help him see that one path must include the other to be successful and work out. I also advise you and he to establish a growing pattern of happy and unique experiences; It is true that destiny has brought you together, the rest of your situation together is up to you and he. Even though you and he have found each other and your relationship has only just started. Please do not overwhelm this man, be yourself and remember he feels the same. He would have been long gone if he did not feel the same for you. Take it slow and enjoy each others company.

I was with this guys for only 6 months. He was going through painful divorce. I was there as a friend we then became lovers. He was over the moon and had love in his eyes. He said that I was amazing and everything his wife never was. Loving, caring, passionate, beautiful and a good girl for family everything he dreamt of. But many people told him to be careful and not jump into anything new. And his ex had big influence on him. So he started getting confused and doubting what he felt for me. Then I asked him to see a therapist to get help with depression and from there he started to be cold and distant. With a recent trip to his country he returned cold as ice and told me that I wasn't the one and he feels nothing. What makes me not "THE ONE”? I am told I am a perfect woman but he has no butterflies, he had them but they disappeared. -Sona 
It is very important to remember that he at one time felt the same and as sure about his wife. It is important not to fall in love with somebody on a rebound or going through a bad divorce, they are not really acting as themselves and you will fall in love with a temporary need for being close to another. I feel that the marriage has lasted a long time and meeting you is a new thing for him; even though I feel that he was the one that was seeking you out. You must see if he feel the same after the drama of his divorce is over; then it will be possible to start over for him. Right now he is not himself and he will not be for about a year.

I’m with a guy right now "T" and he says he loves me but I want to know what really feels for me and will get married? -Ayeisha
Definitions must be spontaneous to be honest, they must come from the heart to be real not planned. This man cares for you very much and your time together has amazed him; what I mean is that he can not believe that he falls in love with you more and more every time he sees you and I do feel that you feel the same. This man feels that things between you and he will get even more intense and if you feel the same. Within three months he will want to discuss marriage, it is up to you to pace the relationship so it grows strong and you both are sure about each other. I feel very strongly that if you and rush things will fail but if you pace yourselves things will grow at a very comfortable and enjoyable way. The next five months are going to tell the tail of the rest of your lives.


Love Questions: Posted February 9th, 2015

My husband Russell has moved out of our home. Our relationship was bad but I have really changed and understand my mistakes. He has also started an emotional affair (for the second time) with an old girlfriend from college who is cheating on her husband who doesn't know about their affair. We had been married nearly 30 years. I still love him and want him back to start anew as I have so much more knowledge now. Does he really love her? Or will he return to me to try to make a go of it? -Debra 
30 years is a lot of time, you and he have invested everything in your lives for each other and I feel it is with the guidance of higher power that you have succeeded with each other. You know each other better then you know yourselves. I do sense that you and he still love each other and really can’t conceive of being without each other. We need to remember that all people make mistakes and also, people need to feel needed and loved. He talking to an ex is only his attempt to go back to a simpler time; when experience was new and exciting. Neither one of you wants to acknowledge any blame in what is going on, or not going on in your marriage. Remember that you both miss each other. If you go through the experience of a spiritual marriage again, you and he will see the big picture. If you and he still love each other and just cant find the right words to say to each other, then a ritual to commemorate your love for each other is required. I have every confidence that this is a phase that all couples go through; This will pass, but the marriage will continue. This year will add focus and enthusiasm to your marriage. You and he together will laugh at this time and consider it to be a waste of time. Your investment in each other will continue.

I miss my ex girlfriend M, and I would like to know if we will be together again? -Annette 
People will grow and learn throughout life, and in the process of growth you and she both have gotten to know yourselves better. You and she will always be friends and live close to each other; This is not intentional, it will just be that way. This woman will get to know herself a lot better in the coming months, you will meet at least three new female friends, one of which will cause you to have a new focus and vigor in and towards life. I advise you to conserve energy until you need it, and you will very soon. Also a hobby that has been put aside by your thought of the relationship, will take on a new motivation and also soon, you will turn this hobby into a successful career; one that you love.

I would like to know if you see this guy M coming back into my life and wanting to be in a relationship with me. It's been almost two months with no communication and I miss him very much. -Mary 
You will hear from him very soon, within three weeks. He will attempt to explain his situation to you and why he has been away without contact. One way to ensure that another will continue to think about you is by no contact; I know it does not make sense, but that is the way we react to each other. You and he will give a relationship a chance but this man is not even close to what he wants to achieve in life; It will take a long time but it will work. Give this man hope for his plans in life and he will love you forever and with some helpful guidance from higher power, you and he will have your chance.


Love Questions: Posted February 2nd, 2015

I have recently started seeing someone new my question is will this be a lasting relationship or do I need to move on? -Stacy 
If you and he can get over a present barrier together then the chance of becoming a successful couple will be great. If the barrier is put aside it will come back stronger and be a lot more difficult to overcome. If dealt with in the coming months it will be an obstacle that can be dealt with; with effort. These precautions will enable you and he to start a relationship without stress and be able to enjoy your time together without worries and conditions. And yes it will work; if the interference is put to reality.

Will my relationship with V be successful and we get married and stay together until we die? -Lorrainne 
It would be nice if things were that easy however, life is not that way. I feel that you don’t really know each other that well. She is a bit put off by your enthusiasm and forever type of attitude; she is not sure that your fascination with her will last throughout or fade away with the sunrise. This is a very good woman and she will not rush into a life changing situation without a lot of thought and time. Right now she would much rather her you talk about your views of life, she knows how she feels and she does not enjoy hearing how much you like her; she knows that already. She is giving you a chance and if you use this opportunity wisely, it will work. You need to be as sure as possible about your feelings for her. I would advise having some fun together such as a concert or movie; you will grow together and create the positive memories that will serve you in this endeavor.

I met K a month ago and we started a relationship. I had sex with him a week ago and he seems not to be very interested in me even though he says he loves me all the time. I want to be sure does he really like me and will our relationship lead to marriage? -Parity 
This subject should have been thought of before you had sex. The process of bonding and getting to know each other will go smoothly. The quality of your mutual desire to be with each other will tell the tail. If you and this man find each other to be interesting and caring for all life and develop a common image of a future together. He will have many questions; as you do. It is all about getting comfortable with each other and being able to depend on each others support in all matters. If the mental and spiritual part of your friendship evolves, it will keep you together. Please show this man who you really are; he will like it very much. You also must get know this man on a mature and spiritual level. You and he moved very quickly and you must take your time to know each other well. Things will be more difficult because of the way you met. By the way he is thinking in the same way, and working with the same experience.



Love Questions: Posted January 26th, 2015

What are Ken's feeling's for me and will we make a commitment to each other? -Audrey 
You have him baffled, this man prides himself on understanding behavior and in reality he is very good at it. He also feels that he knew you and a lot about you but now he feels he learns something about you every day and he finds this process very enjoyable. He is enjoying getting to know you and doing things with you and every day with you seems unique. I do feel strongly that if there are no barriers; you and he will continue to become closer and closer however, try not to make the mistake of looking to far into the future with him as a couple. This is something that must be gradual and work upon. When somebody in an early relationship tends to ask a question like that, (do we have a future or, are we going to commit?) It will 19 out of twenty times, scare the other away not because they do not feel the same but, because they do not know what to say or how to respond. By being good to each other and enjoying the time you spend with each other a common image of the future will be established between you two; by the way, this will happen very quickly and you nor he will have any questions about each others feelings, they will be established. If any barriers exists they must be taken care of very soon (by March) or they will become more prevalent.

I have not had even a date in over 6 years until 1 month ago. And it was just a nice date with only a hug at the end. I want to know if that's all I'll get for the next 6 years or if I'll find someone or if I have a chance with the man I went on the date with. Will my love life have a love in it at all? -UnDra 
To answer your question, yes. In the recent past people were very careless in the way that they proceeded with new relationships; things were too fast and too soon and long term or committed relationships paid an unfortunate price. Single people tend to be careful and want a long term relationship that is going to last; the free love of the 70s proved to be not so free in the long term. You are a very defined woman and deserve a man who is also defined about how he would like his future to be; you will meet this individual at work or possibly through a club of some sort. A friendship and interest will develop into the relationship you desire.

I have been going with this guy for 5 years off and on is he the one for me? -Sharita 
I do not feel he is, you and he will always have a friendship but I do not see this developing into a relationship. He is also thinking about this exact question, he has many times during the past few years. The on and off aspect of your relationship has become habitual and will only continue; So I do not feel that things will change however; you will feel very different in two months and will be surprised you asked me this question in the first place.

Love Questions: Posted January 18th, 2015

Me and my boyfriend John had been together for a year and a half. We have had many of the same problems throughout our relationship, but small problems like nagging and complaining. We broke up 6 months ago and got back together within 3 days. We talked about the things we had to work on and everything was great for a while. For the past few weeks he had been acting distant saying he felt things were different between us. We had some bad nights and some great nights, but I just thought that it was just a little rough patch because he had been stressed out a lot recently, very busy, and just 3 weeks ago he told me some really important future related things that he had never said to me before and seemed very happy. But just 2 days ago he broke up with me saying that he was unhappy and didn’t think he could live this way forever. That he still loved me but the problems we have been facing have never changed and we never do anything to fix them. I know I love him and that he loves me too. Even though we need to work on many things and neither of us were very happy in the relationship I still feel the love and the strong bond we shared. He is an on and off again type of guy, but I'm scared that this time is different. Do you think we will ever rekindle our romance?
You will rekindle however, without active desire from both of you things will not change. I do feel that you love each other very, very much and know each other very well but, like most couples you have done things backwards or in the opposite manor. You and this man know what it is like to live with someone in a relationship, what it is like to know someone in reality. Individuals go through ups and downs all the time and the people who are close to you see the process and in a relationship this is magnified. I do see you and he as being happy with each other; if you try. The enjoyable experiences are there, they are a part of your and his lives, it is important to your success in the relationship to remember the joy you and he did bring to each other and to relive some of the fun and happy times you have brought to each other. If you and he treat this relationship as being established it will give you the time to enjoy yourselves and the pleasure that you bring out in each other. Within a very short amount of time you and he will work things out and this time you and he both will know the chance is your last. Let the love you feel for each other bring success.

My first true love came back in my life after 20 years. Will I get married with this woman? -Dejan 
You and she have had a chance to grow and define your personalities; each of you know what you want and do not want in your lives. Your friendship can turn into something more if you are both single and free to develop something more. Within three months you will know without a doubt if a relationship is what you both want; the key will be a common interest that will grow at the same time as your perspective relationship. The thought of what a relationship with you, has been with her for a long time but only recently has reemerged. I feel that you and she are on equal levels and will give a relationship a very realistic chance. Remember that feelings are hurt very easy in the beginning; this is true for both of you.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. Recently we had gotten into a fight (he was drunk) and I left to the living room. He had thought I left to go home. I went back to his room a little bit later to find him passed out with his phone beside him. I looked at his phone and saw texts to three unknown numbers. I woke him and confronted him about it and he said he was texting these girls for a friend. Every time I ask him about it I get the same story. I'm having a hard time believing that story lately and was hoping for an outside opinion on the situation. -Jordyn 
Couples get into disagreements all the time and this disagreement is letting you know that people do things when thy are drunk that they can not remember and this is not good. If the issues that you and he are going through surrounds drinking; then the drinking must be dealt with first or else the relationship will not survive. A relationship where one person drinks and the other does not has almost no chance of working out. I know this man loves you and would never do anything to intentionally hurt you but, if drinking is going on, it may not be realized or misinterpreted as having some other origin. You can not tell another what you want, or they will put it on you one way or another. Nobody is perfect but if you both give things a serious attempt a long term relationship will emerge however, you each have a long way to go.


Love Questions: Posted January 12th, 2015

I was together with a guy for almost 7 months but then he ended it suddenly. I want a another chance to show him how much fun we have when we are together. Do we still have a future? -Raymal 
It is very necessary to have fun in the beginning of a perspective relationship because we want someone who can bring us up when we are felling down. Having fun and enjoying time together is how we get to know someone in the beginning. Being that your interest in each other has lasted 7 months, if there are no barriers things will progress. A romantic phase is what some people want, only that. These romantic fascination do not last in to the long-term but can teach us what a committed relationship has to offer (security, mutually returned concern and love). I feel strongly that you and he will succeed however, I also see a barrier emerging in about three months. The love you feel for each other and the long term view you share together will get you through this with ease (this is why I see no barriers). Remember not to build each other up too much to friends and relatives too soon. (It can backfire).

I was involved with a man for over 6 years. I love him very much. He promised that we would get engaged but it never happened. I then gave the ultimatum to get engaged or get moving on with our lives elsewhere. He left. Wished I had done this much sooner. We got back together almost a year later. We argued after going out about 2 weeks later over something he conveniently didn't tell me. Will we ever be able to get together or what? -Maureen 
This issue should have been brought up a long time ago but I do not feel that he thought you would be together still. You and he were only getting to know each other and enjoying each others company; you did fall in love with each other in the process. If you and he are going to go to the next level in your perspective relationship. If you and he really love each other, you or he must give the other time to resolve barriers (a set amount of time) after and only after you and he will have the chance you seek; I do see happiness between you two, eventually.

I need to know if my former friend, Juan, misses me like I miss him. I miss him a lot sometimes. We had an affair while he was married and we haven't talked in over 5 months. I still do not know the true reason why he hasn't contacted me. I've grown so much since then intelligently and spiritually. I love myself deep enough to never commit the same mistake again. That's just not me at this point. It was like someone else other than me was involved in that affair. Does he ever think of me? Will he ever contact me again? I just miss our friendship and I should have never taken it forward. I'm always wondering if he misses our friendship or if I'm somehow in his thoughts. -Jenny
He also thinks about and misses your time together, as you he realizes the affair was a big mistake, not meeting you (he is grateful for that) it is how things progressed. I see that as adults you see this could have hurt people you and he care about deeply. He is feeling a bit more guilty and has asked God to forgive the indiscretion. There is no way around what happened or the inner feelings it has caused. I would advise that you and also he reestablish your spiritual relationship with your spouses (it is not too late). You and he really don’t even know each other in reality; and I feel strongly it (the affair) should also be done with. I am talking about the thought.


Love Questions: Posted January 5th, 2015

Me and my boyfriend broke up about 4 months ago. He was in love with me initially but later started changing his opinions regarding my family. Then suddenly he changed his mind and broke up and got very hateful towards me after the breakup. I thought he understood me and my problems but now he is telling everyone it was all very manipulative of me. Despite all this I believe I love him and he loves me if he once listens to me patiently. He has cut down all ties, changed his number even. Will he come back to me? Does he still love me? Why did he change all of a sudden? Please help! Without these answers, I am feeling very low and lost in life. -Ruma 
There has been a lot of unspoken language that he picked up on from friends and family; nothing bad only the long term plans that people may see you as living. It is really the interference of others that has created this situation. This man was in love with you and the romance that seemed natural and enjoyable however. I do not feel that he entered your friendship with the feeling that things would get this serious this quickly. He felt overwhelmed and put in a position that he was not ready for. It is true that when a relationship evolves family and friends play a necessary role. He still has positive feelings for you but he is not ready for nor does he want a serious relationship and he feels that is what you want. In a month you and he will get a chance to talk and you will see, it is not you but, your surrounding situation.

My girlfriend and I broke up after 2 ½ years. She tells me she's done with the relationship and that she does not want to get back together but she will not tell me that she does not love me and wants me out of her life. What should I do? I love her very much and I want to be with her. -Marty 
It is impossible to change an others feelings no matter how strong or overwhelming they are; in her opinion you and she gave a relationship a try and not only did it not work, the desire to continue is not there. She has many more issues then you know or are aware of, non has to do with you or your friendship. If you have a feeling that she feels differently, she does not. She must work out her life on her own right now. Allow her to think and put things into proper perspective; which is what she is doing. Remember there are a lot of types of love; just because a couple breaks up does not mean that the love is gone, only changed. You can be friends but not now, she needs her space; and sense you care for her I know you will give it to her. You will not only meet one female (who you will like romantically) but, three with in the next four months.

Why did my boyfriend break up with me and why did he hurt me so much? Will he ever come back and if not will I meet someone else soon? -Joellen 
I do not feel that he intended to hurt you at all, I feel that he is a nice person and has a genuine affection for you but not in the way you think. He chose to pursue plans in his life before it is to late or while he has enough time. If you and he were talking you would know this. I feel that he would like to be good friends but feels that you would be insulted if he asked you. This desired change in his life is very important to him and he feels that his time is running out. You will get a chance to clear thing up in about two months; you will be surprised by new information that you had no idea of. It is not another girl and he is not keeping things from you.



Love Questions: Posted December 29th, 2014

I'm curious if we will reunite, after 4.5 years he broke up with me. Now I haven't heard or seen him since the break up. I was disappointed when things ended. I did not take it well. However over the months that past I still love him. Do you think we can take this as a learning experience and be together in the future? -Ash 
Being together for 4.5 years is just like being married (if you were living together it is exactly like being married) The honeymoon lasted a long time and you each had time to put things into perspective. He is very taken with you and he will always hold you in a special place in his hart but, as far as continuing the relationship, he would feel you tried it once and ended things while you were still friends, He will not do it again, it is to much like being married and he feels that he is not ready (financially and goal wise), he still feels that he has a lot of growing to do and, he prefers to do it alone. He feels that nobody believes in him and his ability to achieve success in his chosen field; so he prefers to be solitary for now. It does not have that much to do with you but, everything to do with him.

My boyfriend Shakeeb has left me saying he doesn't love me anymore. However I feel I pushed him away with me constantly arguing and stalking. Even though we had bad break up we left things on good note and have not been together for over six weeks now. Every time I contact him we talk a bit and then he constantly blocks me. I want to know if he loves me and of he is when he is likely to come back to me? -Thahmina 
He does have great affection for you but, not your way of thinking. There are a lot of men and women in prison doing hard time for constantly arguing and also stalking; a lot of problems in life can be avoided by walking away; this must be accepted as one of the lessons of life and that is how he sees it. He has walked away from problems not you, even though the last thing he wants is for you to hold on to him. This relationship is better off ending right now, you and he are on different maturity level. Within three months you will receive information that will change your way of thinking of him and your situation with each other. You and he have very different views of what real love really is.

I met a guy over a year ago, and he liked me very quickly. I soon started to like him back, but there was confusion, mixed messages and fear from both of us. Eventually he moved away and the issue was never resolved or even spoken about. I haven't heard from him for a few months. How important was I to him? Thank you. -E.L. 
I feel very strongly that he more then liked you; he felt as if he fell in love with you. Not in his wildest dreams did he ever think you would feel the same. I also feel strongly that the reason he was so enthusiastic about meeting you, is because he felt it would never happen. One of the reasons he was so forth coming in getting to know you is that he felt your interest in him would fade, and not become real. One of the reasons the past and how it affects his life, was never discussed, is that he felt it would not be an issue; the friendship would never last. This man had no reason to hold back about his feelings; he felt very much that your friendship and his deep feelings for you were only temporary. The past and current situation were not talked about by him, he wanted you to like him. You and he will talk again after Christmas and find you both have missed each other a lot. It will not be an easy thing to develop a relationship however, if you do; this time it will work (it may take a while to resolve certain issues, but the issues will never return).


Love Questions: Posted December 22nd, 2014

There's this guy named Bradley that I really like and that I'm attracted to, sometimes he acts as if he's interested and sometimes he doesn't should I just let it go because I’m wasting my time or should I be patient and go at the speed he wants to go? -Sara 
He is enjoying the chase itself and enjoys that you are confused; he also is well aware that you more then like him. I very much advise that you, if possible get to know him better then you do; it will save you a lot of time and, create your certainty. However I do perceive that he has more issues involved in his life then you realize. Most people flirt innocently; it does not mean that they want a relationship. Flirting is fun and most men do it. All I ask is that you get to know him a lot better before you continue your fantasy. It may be shared.

I have a guy friend. We have a lot in common I guess. I am starting to fall in love with him. Does he feel the same? He's been talking to me more, but how do I know that he is in love with me too? He's quiet so he wouldn't tell me if he liked me. I can't stop thinking about him. Does he feel the same way? I talk to his other friend whom is a guy, is the guy I am in love with jealous? I'm not sure what to do. How do I make him like me? -Jasmin 
To a male a female friend is rarer then a romantic interest however; It gives an individual the time and experience to get to know some one in reality; It lets an individual know if there desire to be with some one, is returned. Every one fears rejection and in a romantic relationship rejection can be an issue that remains with some one through out there life and, can affect an individual in a very negative way. People learn that a game can tell you a lot about an others feelings and most time create a partial certainty that the one they have feelings for, feels the same. I do feel that the two friends in your life talk to each other more then you know. Right now the friendship you have with both of these men, is just that, friendship. If a situation arrives where you need to make a choice between the two, it will bark fire and both will not be happy. It is very important that if you are developing realistic romantic feelings for one that you are honest with him and see if the other friendship will understand and not feel rejected. You see they are better friends then you know and a relationship with one will offend the other. You need to find out if the one you have romantic feelings for feels the same (I feel strongly that he does). It is also important to know a friendship is a lot different then a relationship. Right now things are simple and fun however the first step (if you want to take it) is being sure your feelings are returned, but never the less you can not have your cake and eat it to; one of the friendships must end first; before a relationship can even began with the other. But no matter who you choose to be with (and they choose you) it is very likely to cause bad feelings of rejection to the other; if not handheld right with honesty.

I am trying to find out whether my relationship with Candace will work. We have been together nearly 5 years. Will this sort itself out? If so what vague length if time? -Drew
Five years is enough time to know another well and a strong desire can be felt, even a desire for a long term relationship. By this time you should be more certain about her feelings; you need to find out if she is being vague on purpose; or is she is as confused as you about the relationship. I do feel very much love between you two, and if one of you were away the other would be very unhappy. I the eyes of higher power you are married, and also according to some state laws. You have been together for five years and ending the relationship will be just like a divorce.. I also feel that you and she would like to continue the relationship; do not forget to have fun and enjoy the relationship; this will have the affect of reminding each of you why you are together in the first place. Your being true to each other will bring the spark back (and you each will learn). If there has been any infidelity it is already over; however right now you do have a good chance to grow with in the relationship. I feel strongly that you and she are very concerned about the others feelings; in other words the love is there it is just maturing.


Love Questions: Posted December 15th, 2014

I wanted to know if Rich and I will be in a serious relationship? -Michelle
He has felt as you say ‘serious’ for a while however, I also feel that he is happy the way things are. He has adapted to the situation that he feels you want. He does care about you very much, you could say that he is in love with you, this is why he has done things your way; to make you happy and create harmony within your relationship, no matter how undefined. I feel that he would like to become a bit more serious where the relationship is concerned. If things are pursued naturally, what I mean is the relationship evolving naturally, the way things are supposed to go. I would advise you to be honest with him about the seriousness of your feelings, you will be surprised that he feels the same. You and he have become friends and just let things such as your closeness to each other just happen. Going from an acknowledged friendship to an acknowledged relationship is never easy because a friendship and a relationship are very different and unfortunately this is the stage where people usually stop seeing each other (something that was easy, seems to have become complicated) and a lot of people will just walk away, it is easier. In your case however, I feel strongly that entering a relationship will work out for the simple reason that he feels the same and he feels that you and he have always had a good time with each other; and I do not see that ending.

Will my love C and I get our love back to where it use to be and when is he coming to see our son?

There is nothing in life that remains the same throughout, everything changes, it cannot be helped or changed, however things can work out or not. It would be nice if we could change the past and its circumstances but we cannot. As human beings we learn, we emphasize the positive (what feels good) and normally learn from mistakes because we can not change them. I do not feel that you and he can change the past, even for the sake of the child. I do feel however that you and he can start a new and become the family that you and he wanted in the first place. If he feels the same as you it can work however the past and mistakes (which we all make) in the past relationship must be resolved first or else you and he are condemned to repeat them.

I love a guy very much but I don't know about his feelings clearly. Does he really love me? Will he marry me? -Nibedita
I really do not feel that you and he know each other well enough to consider marriage. Just bringing up the word marriage at this stage of your friendship will only scare him away. Things must develop in stages with consideration and this is the process that people call being in love. When there is genuine love in a relationship there is no need to wonder if a person feels the same; an individual should know because of their feelings. I feel strongly that you need to allow him to return the affectionate feelings. One of the quickest ways to end a friendship or perspective relationship, is to be to open in the beginning and wear your feelings on a sleeve that can be seen by all. At a time it may be appropriate, but not in the beginning, nine out of ten times it backfires. I feel that you and he can evolve in your relationship however, move slowly and enjoy each others company, get to know each other better; and I can see a relationship being there before you and he realize. The memories you and he are creating now will decide your future, they may seem important now but you see it becomes the substance that holds couples together. People will walk towards good feelings and run away from negative feelings.


Love Questions: Posted December 8th, 2014

I met this guy, we really hit it off talking to each other through Facebook a lot he even said he liked me. I don't know if it's an obsession or not but we're not talking right now for the moment. I guess I upset him in what I said. I’m not quite sure what exactly made him stop talking to me. (we’re just friends by the way) I'm not sure but I'm feeling the cold shoulder on his part but I'm stuck here with the curiosity if he's the one for me still. I believe I talked to a psychic and she said she saw a really handsome young man but I had to marry him dressed in white is he that guy? -Clara
One of the laws of human behavior is deprivation creates motivation, which I feel is the reason for his not communicating. You and he have been friends for a long time and he has been wondering if you feel more towards him then friendship; in other words will you be more motivated towards him; now that the possibility of not communicating is real. I feel strongly that he has a desire to become closer to you in a way of acknowledging a relationship. You see the quickest way to end a friendship is to come on to that person in a romantic way and it could be a mistake, he is really not sure. It is rare for a man to have a close friend of the opposite sex, at least for very long. The way he will know for sure that you like him in that way is by your response to this situation, is it just one of those things or, are you upset? It is not easy to move from a friendship to an acknowledged relationship, it does change things. My feeling is that he would like to enter a good relationship with you; he is just not sure if it would end a good friendship. Within the next two months you and he will clarify your feelings to each other at a very colorful and pleasant place, one that you both enjoy and you will both laugh at thinking in such a similar way.

Is my boyfriend being faithful to me and he serious about our relationship? -Latrenda
My feeling is that the suspicion goes both ways. I do not feel there is an actual reason to be jealous, you are only seeing traits in him which attracted you to him in the first place; he is also trying to live up to this reputation in your eyes; he feels it would create a desire on your part; it has already created curiosity. If you and he are realistic with each other, I do feel a good relationship could begin. If the current suspicion continues it would be wise to let it go, and also any interest in a relationship will fade. A big mistake would be to keep any secrets; I feel there is really no need.

My question is will my last boyfriend will ever come back into my life? We’ve been together for 5 years and for me it's hard to move because I love him so much. But I am wondering if he will ever come back to me? -Courtenay
Five years is more then enough time to know if a relationship is going to work. Where you may be sure in your love of him and would like to give a relationship another chance, he is not so certain; he does love you and care for you but in his opinion you gave it a try (most marriages do not last that long) a very good try however he does not feel that he is in a position to make things work. He is also very unsure about the permanence of a long term relationship. I do not feel with this uncertainty, and after five years that a relationship would be advisable. However, the friendship will last for a very long time.


Love Questions: Posted December 1st, 2014

When will I be able to find love; a girl that will really want me? -Danny
I feel there is two who already feel as you however, they are friends and you know it would likely ruin the friendship if you came on to either one of them and you are right. You will find love when you are not looking (people around you know how you feel). Right now you are expressing a need for someone in your life and to be honest with you, people really do not want to be responsible for an others happiness or be the primary object of an others obsession; it scares possible relationships away. Before a real relationship there is a time of bonding and enjoyment in each others company.  Others want you to be yourself; happy and open to the future in a positive way. I feel that you are a very likable person and you have a lot of very interesting things going on. Within three months you will make a very good friend of the opposite sex and you will have a good time and care for each other in a gradual but real way. I do see a lot of potential for an equally enjoyable and growing situation. She will have green eyes that seem to look through you. You are going to have a beneficial year in a lot of ways if you start preparing now.

My ex left me for another women 9 months ago. I just found out that she had a baby. He recently had text me to work things out. He didn't text me anymore after that. I am very confused and am questioning if he ever truly loved me. What do you think I should do? -Aj
He would be thinking about life in the long term, plans and desired path in life (a child in your life will do that and, he considers the child to be a great gift). I feel that you and he will always hold a special place for each other in your hearts. I also feel that he would like to be just friends but feel that would not be possible; he feels you would take it as an insult. In a time of weakness and self doubt he will attempt to get close to you again however you will see how unfair this is to you and your plans in life and you will not want this. This will occur in about four months.

I’ve been in love with this guy for a long time. Right now we are not together but he says he loves me. Will we get married? -Julie
I feel strongly that there is a very relevant barrier between you two and the thing is that he has no desire to change his situation. I feel a lot of growing stress from this man and I do not see it ending for a very long time. He would also feel that what you feel for him is romance and fantasy and there is nothing wrong with that, if the other is available for a relationship and wants one. He likes you very much however I do not see a marriage and it will be you who stops things; I know you do not feel that way now and, it seems unlikely however if you give things a while you will think differently, or should I say see things clearly. It is going to be a very interesting year for you. One in which you will finally gain access to something you have wanted a good part of your life, now what you do with this opportunity is entirely up to you however, that chance will arrive.



Love Questions: Posted November 24th, 2014

What do I need to do to find someone? It has been so long since I have had a meaningful relationship. Is there any hope? -T
I feel very strongly that you have not been in a relationship or close friendship with anyone for a specific reason; sometimes we all must sit and reflect on life in general (nothing specific); you have learned and recharged your batteries. Also I can tell you are much stronger then you portray; what I mean is you are very much aware that it takes two to make a relationship work, by the way it always starts with a friendship and fascination about the person. By the beginning of next year you will wonder why this issue was so complicated to you. I see a wonderful friendship starting at the same time as your enthusiasm for a new project, this friendship has a very good chance of becoming something more. A real chance for you to accomplish some thing that seemed like a dream before (a fantasy) will come into play. You will eventually find this has been a fantasy to her also. If you enjoy each other and are good to each other, I feel it will grow to fruition, you see you are each an important part, or should I say essential part of each others future. The coming year will be very fast paced, so I would advise to conserve your energy for now; you do have this opportunity.

Will my ex girlfriend come back to me? It has been a month since it ended. Will she change her mind and come back? -C
The reason she left in the first place was mostly about her insecurities; not yours. You opened up honestly about your feelings for her to soon, I feel strongly that she assumed you would except any thing and end up leaving first. She is just as confused over what happened as you; she has no specific reason however, she does know that you love her in a very real way. Without trying to do everything alone this time the chance will arrive however; you are well aware that a relationship takes two efforts not one. One thing that will evolve with in you is the realization that you have a very romantic way of looking at things but, a relationship takes reality and romance is only a start however, a good start. By the way it takes the human mind 90 days or three months to adopt to and show results of any new routine or pattern. You have only been apart for a month; allow yourself to think, also; allow her to think.

My boyfriend J and I broke up two months ago because I got scared and pushed him away. I know he loved me and when I realized I wanted him back he was not ready to give me a chance. He finally contacted me and wanted to work things out but a girl entered his life and we are currently in no contact. I feel like he is my twin flame and I've had lots of signs that I believe are from my spirit guides. I feel like he still truly loves me. Will he come back into my life and if so when? -T 
If this man was truly in your destiny he would be there now. You need to look deeply into yourself and figure out why you were scared, was it for a real reason, or something that was overly thought about at the time. He will attempt to return to you however, he will have the same and some new baggage. I feel it can be worked out but it will take a major effort from both of you and by that time you may see things in a different way.


Love Questions: Posted November 17th, 2014

I told Michael I was totally through with him in a jealous rage. I sent him a text message asking him if he could forgive me and for us to start over again. Is he going to forgive me and come back? -Carolyn
If a developing relationship does not go through this there is a big problem. If the jealousy and possessiveness does or cannot stop, the relationship is pretty much over, and I do not feel it is justified. You feel jealousy for the same reason that you were attracted to him in the first place. One thing you proved to him is how serious you feel about this relationship and that is has moved to the next level. If he is doing something that makes you uncomfortable let him know. His feelings for you are very strong and he does not want you to feel angry or insecure because that means he is doing something wrong and he does not mean to. If the jealousy and possessiveness (on both sides) is discussed, it will stop being an issue. If it is not discussed it will get worse however, I do see a developing and successful long term relationship for you two. Remember right now you should be developing good and secure feelings, not negative images that have a tendency to push us away.

I was in a relationship for a year and a half. The majority was great. I had some depression due to family passing away that caused me to be less than a good partner. We broke up and it was hard on both of us. We were engaged, had a wedding date, lots of shared friends, but the breakup didn't go well. She started dating a guy a few weeks after our breakup. I've heard they have had a rocky time now that she has moved out of state. But she also posts pics of them being happy on trips too. I miss her every day and wonder when they will break up and if she will open her heart to me again. Thank you. -Chad
An issue like this (passing of a close family) early on in a relationship or marriage can draw two people together forever if the other person involved is a good support system and shows caring however, if the person you are supposed to be in a relationship with does not seem to care or understand your strong feelings, the relationship will not work and is earthier quickly or all of a sudden over. I see her as being happy and holding on to a little guilt over what happened between you two, or did not happen, there is no blame or hard feelings. She has a happy life and wishes you the same. I feel that you could become very good friends but a long term relationship is not in the cards.


Love Questions: Posted November 10th, 2014

I’ve had an old flame in my mind lately. Can you please tell me why. He’s married. -Melissa 
Life is a constant learning process and I feel strongly that you and he were discovering what it feels like to care for and to enjoy life with another (aside from family) of the opposite sex; to feel evolving feelings and wonder if the perceived love and attachment is mutual or even real. You and he were learning a lot about life. The knowledge that you and he brought out in each other will last forever and has affected your lives in a positive way. You share disappointment that the ideal was not achieved but you will always wish the best life for the other. There are a lot of ups and downs at this stage of life and you shared love and feelings; this feeling is good and will last, as our love for our children.

I’ve been off and on with someone for about 8 years. Everyone says if it’s off and on it was never meant to be. Will it ever work out for us? Were we even right for each other? -E
I feel strongly that both you and he are afraid that the fun and romance will fade as you consciously move to a more evolved point in your relationship (men have a strong tenancy to think this way); and sometimes this is right. In real relationships such as yours, the conscious evolution or commitment to another can deepen the love an individual feels in a relationship and take it to a more mature level and in your and his case I feel this will work fine for you. You are not the only one that has been thinking about this subject, he has to. I would advise you to make sure he is ready to advance the relationship; if he sees it as being surrounded be pressure and stress, something he can not handle, he will not want to, but if the move is natural and pleasurable to you and he, he will be all for it. Please do not make the mistake of building an ideal relationship to family and friends, it can backfire. Let this relationship take its natural course. I do not perceive any barriers and what I do sense is realistic love between you two and if the relationship is paced, what you desire will occur.

I just want to know if my ex (we’re sort of seeing each other again) is trustworthy and if he isn't being involved with girls right now as he says he isn't and expects me to not be involved with males as well. -Domareena
I feel that you can trust him, as much as you can trust yourself. I feel strongly that he is very aware of the situation; what I mean is that he knows that an evolving relationship is something that a person is ready for. He is not the ladies man that you see him as; he only wants to show off for you. The reputation that he has built up in your eyes he sees now as being something that is preventing you from trusting him. He is aware that without trust, there is no relationship. In my opinion he is ready and very much willing to take things to a unique and committed relationship with you. I would advise that you and he further a realistic relationship, but take things slowly and enjoy the ride. He also understands that this is his last chance with you. The thought of being without you is a nightmare to him and he does not want to feel that way. For some reason he knows what loss feels like, and he does not want to feel that way anymore. Together you will have a great holiday season and your path will be created with each other.


Love Questions: Posted November 3rd, 2014

My husband cheated on me in July, he came back for a week then left again to go stay with his daughter saying to clear his head. Well in that week he was seeing the girl he cheated on me with. I had put a protection from abuse order on him. Well a week later he said he wanted to come back to me again, but I had to drop the PFA. So he could come around me. Well I went to pick him up, he stayed 2 days then went to work on the weekend. That week I had to finalize dropping the PFA. He never came back. That was about a couple weeks ago. Just recently he massaged me and wanted to come home and be with me. We spent the day together and he said he had to go back to his daughters house so he can straighten things out and he will be back home. Well that next day he said he wasn’t ever up here only so the girl he is with wouldn’t find out. Well she now knows the whole truth. But I don’t know what I should do. I know if things don’t work out between them he will come crying to me. As I Love this man with all my being. Will he ever come back and be faithful? -Tracy 
I strongly feel that besides being in love with him, you have become a co-dependent; in other words he needs you to maintain his current behavior which by the way will not stop. He is aware that you are blaming yourself for the problems in the relationship (which I feel you really don’t have) and as long as he blames others for his situation things will never change, and by the way he really sees no need to change nor does he have the desire. Some men like having two or three girlfriends and not having to commit to anyone. Where you are thinking in terms of the present to the future, he is caught up in the hear and now. I feel you relationship has started to evolve in to reality; and this is something that is not working. Many men and women are sitting in prison for the rest of there lives because of not knowing when to walk away. You may like each other, but the relationship is based on dysfunction and the results will not be good.

I went to a psychic yesterday and got told my boyfriend is going to leave me in 6 months because I am pushing him away. We are arguing a lot but we love each other at the end of the day. How can I reassure myself that that is not going to happen? Or how do I slowly turn into friends with him? I don’t want to loose him. -Cynthia
First of all, did the psychic tell you he was leaving or did you tell the psychic tell you what you thought was going to happen? I feel the latter is true. As far as reassurance that issues will not come up again, there is no reassurance, it really does not exist. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship where nothing goes wrong; It just does not work that way. That is why people need to be as sure as possible about who they let in there lives, we must know a person very, very, well before we intend to spend our lives with them. It is not on him (I really can not identify a problem). It is very important that the other person in our relationship knows you completely (or a much as possible) John Lennon once said Love is surrender and a truer statement has never been made. A relationship or marriage can give a person all the love and need they ever wanted (if done and planed right) or a relationship or marriage rushed in to unprepared can also be a nightmare and make life miserable. It appears that you and this man are not good for each other. There is to much suspicion and stress to be comfortable. I feel it is time to end things; and this should not be hard. This man is use to the conflict and stress, and to a certain extent doing things on purpose (to keep the confusion going). He is very afraid of losing you but feels he has nothing to offer to maintain and strengthen the relationship. I feel strongly that you and he are on the verge of conflict and blame. A time out is needed right now; not after twenty years in prison. It is almost impossible to go back to being friends; he would take this as an insult. He feels that you are totally in love with him.

I broke up with my bf 2 years ago for a stupid reason. I was angry with him and acted on it. He was so upset and confused. I broke up with him in a text. I made a bad move. He begged for me back and I said no. He was very upset. I found out from a friend that he started dating this girl who he was friends with. I didn't like this when I found out. It was a rebound relationship. I find out last year that they are getting married. They’ve been together since 2012. They had a baby before the marriage. I'm so upset about this. I realized within like a week I regretted breaking up with him. I then begged for him back. This was all before the marriage. His girlfriend was mean to me and called me names. I felt bad about breaking up with him. Then a year later I forgot about him. Now I'm back to thinking about him again and wanting him back. I want him to miss me. I prayed to god that I want him back and sorry for dumping him for a stupid reason. I want him back in my life. I hope he is thinking of me right now like I am. I hope he divorces her. She isn't right for him. Me and him belong together. What I want to know is why am I thinking about him again and wanting him to come back again? Please help me out what does this mean? We haven't talked since 2012. He told me on the phone when I called he may forgive me and that if he wasn't with her he would be back. I just hope he realizes that I miss him and that he shouldn't of got married right away. I hope he realizes this was a mistake. I realize I made a mistake in dumping him. I acted on my anger. Hope to hear back from you. -Lauren
To be very honest with you; you should leave him alone. You broke his heart and let him know that you are the person he thought. Please do not ask God to define your feelings for him. This man is married which means he is off limits and going back to the past, no matter how childish is not possible. If you really ever cared about him you would want him to have a happy life without complications. No matter what mistakes were made, they can not be corrected. You have been a part of his life and helped him define what he really wants out of life. He has moved on (not because of you entirely) and became closer to what he really wants out of life. He does wish you happiness also; your relationship was a game to you, to him it was serious and heart felt. Time to move on.



Love Questions: Posted October 27th, 2014

I have been broken up with my ex-bf Christopher for almost 2 years. I still think of him often and I love him still. How will things work out between us? How does he feel about me? Will we ever be together again? -C 
People will always think about what could have been and what could have been done differently (hind sight is 20/20). As you, he is disappointed that things did not work out the way you wanted, however he does feel that you had time to get to know each other and adapt to each others ways of thinking and acting. I do not feel he is upset or carrying any unresolved issues toward you. He does like you and he knows you like him and in both cases it turned into love. Things are too fresh and emotional now but he would definitely would like to be friends eventually. He is just not sure about how you feel. You will talk on Halloween and on Christmas day.

Will my ex of 3 years (who I also have a 1 year old with) come back to me? We split up 4 months ago and he started seeing someone shortly after and is now in a relationship with her and lives abroad. I love him a lot and I’m wondering whether to move forward and whether he is serious with her? -K 
Moving forward is not a choice, it happens whether we want it or not however, we chose what direction we follow. If we learn or remain affected all our lives, the choice is yours. I honestly feel that whatever issues became a barrier to the relationship were known and both of you were well aware of them. I do not feel that you should blame the other woman, he is a grown man and makes his own choices. Also, I feel that he was seeing her long before you realized (this would explain his emotional distance). In my opinion this is not a negative thing for you; I do feel that he was keeping you confused purposely. He will attempt to return however, taking him back would be a big mistake, that is condemned to repeat itself.

I was seeing this man for about two months, we got very close and fell in love. Something happened and he became distant. About two months ago he told me we needed to go our separate ways because he didn't see this going anywhere. I still have feelings for this man and think about him all the time. I miss what we had. I would like to know if he will contact me again and when? Are we getting back together, and if so, when? -E 
I see him as being a very good man that has made mistakes in his past. The person that you feel in love with is real however, he does carry a great deal of baggage that he believes will make him look bad in your eyes. I also feel that he started to fall in love with you and I do not feel this was his intention (romantic love is easy, realistic love that lasts takes strength). When he is ready to deal with the past, you will see a different person however now he does not feel so good, he does miss your company. In three months I feel the chance will be there, now weather you want to put that much effort in to it is another story another chance will take a lot of effort.


Love Questions: Posted October 20th, 2014

My recent ex boyfriend moved on and is with someone else. Will he ever come back to me? -Vera
You will find that he will attempt to return to you after his new love interest does not work out. Within three months he will contact you and try to explain the confusion he has and was going through when he left you. When you ask he will try to talk about all the mistakes that he feels he has made and that the only thing he knows for certain is that he cares for you and did not mean to hurt your feelings. He will wait until you bring up the topic of trying one more time; then he will agree. If there are no changes in your new attempt; the same thing will happen again. This event has caused your perspective new attempt to take on an air of seriousness, the trust must be earned not promised; then you and he will understand the real feelings you have for each other... one more chance... If you want it.

I met a younger Virgo over a year ago and had a short sexual relationship with him but I really fell hard. I was trying to tell him how I felt and he thought I was breaking up with him. Do you see him coming back or do you see someone else or no one(hopefully not the latter). -Betty
He is very use to possessiveness and what it can do to a happy relationship. This man is very friendly and works and plays well with others and he knows this. He will always have many friends (as you). When you finally talk to each other you will find that he is not making a big deal of this, and is very confused as to why you are. Once you and he start to enjoy yourselves, movies, amusement parks, concerts and see the biggest part of the enjoyment is being with each other. It is difficult to go back to the beginning and start over; but well worth it.


Love Questions: Posted October 13th, 2014

I am currently having feelings for someone I have known for 4 years, does he feel the same for me? Is he the love of my life and will he take the next step? It's really confusing sometimes, he's too close and other times too distant. -Pam

He also shares very strong romantic feelings for you and he has for a long time. He is only very confused about his feelings. Are you good friends or are you more? I do not feel he is real experienced in having a woman as a friend. He also knows that he can talk to you like no other; and he feels you understand him and he understands you. I feel that you and he have a very good communication with each other and you should be able to talk about this, he does feel the same but does not want to ruin the friendship. He is aware of how you are starting to feel. I would advise continuing and taking the friendship to a more defined level. This relationship is moving slowly but in a forward direction.

My guy asked for space a month ago. He started dating another girl days later. He never told me I had to find out on my own. Things were absolutely wonderful for is. No problems, no conflicts. I was left waiting & hurting so bad. When I found out he was seeing someone else, I fell apart. I loved him and I thought he loved me too; he told me he did. It hurt to see him with another. It hurts to see him look happy because we were happy too. I have no idea why he asked for space but I do now. I did see a psychic who told me he was The One but it just wasn't time. She said he loved me & this was only temporary & that he would be back. I love him still even though he left me. He texted me the other night asking how I was & asking me not to hate him and he apologized for hurting me. Can you tell if we will get back together over time? I felt he was the one only after a few weeks. I feel like GOD told me it wasn't time either. We dated 5 months & it stopped abruptly leaving me hurting bad. I see a counselor once a week to help me through. I need to know whether we have another chance or is there someone else for me? -Miranda
Five months is a good amount of time, it only takes three months to establish or break any routing or see a begriming of a result; work outs, running, work, new hours. I feel strongly that you and he gave things a very good try, and what else can you do? A relationship is a conglomeration of two ways of living into one; a sharing of life. In our society we have the privilege of choosing the people we would like to meet; we as individuals have many choices. Considering the consequences of a failed marriage or relationship this is something that must be well thought out by both people involved; one will not do. I also feel strongly that he is a good man, but not ready for commitment. No one is wrong here, you have been honest and so has he. I do not feel he meant to hurt you, I only feel you were not ready to accept it. It does take two to tango. He does have personal reasons for not wanting a committed relationship not only with you but with anyone; he is just not ready in his opinion. This is better now than after three years of marriage. He will pursue you in the future however you will be involved in a good relationship that can evolve the way you want it too. Your choice will be easy.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. He left me for the girl he cheated on me with. He seems happy but will he and I reconcile again? -Nicole
He will want to reconcile however, you will not be to interested by that time. Also I do not feel you will ever be able to trust him again. This subject would grow to the point of confrontation and I feel neither one of you want that. You and he are very compatible and would make very good partners in some sort of financial endeavor if you could become friends. I do not feel either one of you want a seriously committed relationship, however the spark will remain forever.


Love Questions: Posted October 6th, 2014

I wanted to ask you if I’ll be in a relationship this year? Also, how does my love life look in the next 5 years? -Ivan
I feel strongly you needed to have some down time for two reasons that affect each other. First a perspective relationship that brought you confusion and a lack of confidence. Secondly, a very important issue regarding your career or profession. In relationships or perspective relationships there are no guaranties the one you love feels the same or will eventually feel the same. This is a law of nature. It is all about trail and error. We learn, we evolve and change and this is the only constant in nature. You will meet a person who feels as you, sees the future as you, and wants the same things out of life, now weather you choose to proceed or not it is totally up to you; this will happen during the holiday season; for Halloween have a lot of fun with friends. Usually a person is not looking when they find someone compatible. The dating seen in the US is very social and full of all the freedoms we want; if your project is done or finished, and if you find someone who has the same passion towards your likes, this is a good start to something more defined. A relationship takes time but getting there is fun. Create what you want.

I've been seeing a guy for about a year. What started off as a fling has now led me to develop deeper feelings for him. We've never really talked to each other about commitment, but I feel I'm ready for one now. Is he? Does he feel the same way about me and I want to know if he is my life partner? if not when and why will what we have end? Thank you for your time. -Raj
That is one thing about flings they are basically novelty a way to know people you are interested in, and socialize. Many flings become genuine relationships but they are very different. I do feel he feels the same love as you and has been thinking in the same way about the same things. He knows how you feel and is only waiting for you to bring it up (the subject of commitment). We always need to remember we are humans it is a natural process to become close to individuals we care about. If there has been barriers to your situation marriage, distance, availability or previous commitment these things will get stronger until dealt with. However I do not see any major changes for about four months; for now I would say wait and let you decision be made for you. You will not be disappointed. And yes is the answer.

I was told there was a secret in my relationship. I honestly never thought it was, but if so what could this secret be? -Nakia
If you do not know even what it could be; forget it. Do not let it ruin your life. I do not sense anything major however if this is about you love interest, he should man up and just say something. I do not feel this is an issue that you should fret about, it’s really nothing and you don’t want to get into self analysis for nothing; its frustrating. The only secrets you are yet to discover are about you and your perceptions and these are very good. You are a person with a very kind heart you are sensitive to all around you and your environment. I consider this to be a great gift. Just remember the environment you are in and people you are around do rub off; only be around people and places that give you joy and happiness; the opposite is also true.



Love Questions: Posted September 29th, 2014

I am attracted to a younger man and we had been texting for about 7 months when I revealed that I may have feelings for him. He revealed that he did in fact like me too. We then stopped texting for a few months. Does he like me enough to start texting me again and possibly go a little further? -Sue
Being that he stopped texting you, I feel that this is his attempt to see if you really miss him (depravation creates motivation) a bit of reverse psychology. I strongly feel that this man is falling in love with you. The age difference will not be a problem in the beginning. Romantically you are extremely attested to each others personality. If you both take your friendship honestly and feel that you respect each other, I feel that things could very well develop in the romantic phase where everything is hearts and flowers… this is a time to really get to know each other better. This is where it is important to talk, have fun, and other things that you both enjoy. You and he are becoming more and more interested in each other and will create the opportunity to become closer to each other; yes the opportunity will be there and I feel it will work.

I was told in a reading that I would be meeting someone soon. However, I am wondering if I already met this person or if I missed my mark because I haven't completely gotten over my feelings for another guy. I thought I had a real connection with the other guy in the beginning and then all of a sudden he is distant with me. I don't know what happened or if I just imagined this connection. A psychic told me it was because I didn't believe I deserved him and I need to learn self love. We have communicated with each other on and off for the past year. Should he be out of my life completely or will we be good friends in the future because I don't want to lose him, especially since I was so comfortable with him? -C
I strongly feel that you do not know the full reason why he became distant; if this is for no specific reason he will contact you again and explain his situation. First of all, was the intention for a long term relationship? I feel that you and this man will have another chance to create what you want. One thing that has occurred is this action has created a real time to think and put things into perspective. I do also feel that he would be open to a more defined situation with each other but for some reason the reality of the situation has become very important. He does not want to hurt you and if things were completely your fault you would know the reason. Nevertheless he will contact you soon. He really does not know how you may feel about him; are you mad, sad, or a bit of both. Seeing each other again to you and he seems uncomfortable and full of tension; it will not, you will enjoy seeing each other very much.

I want my guy to marry me and make our bond stronger and make him forget our past and heal and make each other happy until death do us part. I want another baby. -N
Getting married to resolve problems never ever works, it actually makes things worse the pressure is a lot greater that is why couples need to be as ready as possible. A successful marriage is a blessing, a bad marriage can be a persons worst nightmare. Our ancestors did things the way they did because it worked. If both of you see the past as being a barrier to the future; the past must be dealt with and resolved before anything can and should happen. This man feels very overwhelmed at this time and you don’t know the half of it. It will take a lot of work…


Love Questions: Posted September 22nd, 2014

I’ve been with my boyfriend for years but I wonder if he is really into me. I never know what he thinks and feels or why he’s with me so we separated. I now still don’t know these questions and I’m really depressed. Will we get back together? -Clara
I feel strongly that you should know this man a lot better then you do. He knows you are analyzing his behavior and trying to understand his motivation towards you and your relationship. He also knows you and he are earthier going to stay together or go your separate ways; you see this man has nothing to say about the future, he feels it is being designed day to day. I feel you and also he are going through all the stress of a committed relationship with very few benefits. If you are looking with in yourself to gain understanding it is not going to work; it does not come for anything you are doing or not doing, so looking at things from your perspective will only create frustration for you. I also feel you and he are on the same level in your relationship however, you are more articulate and open. Only remember a relationship is designed day to day, not year by year. You and he will make it however you need to create some good happy experiences between you two, good bonding experiences concerts, fishing, museums, roller skating etc.. it is very addictive.

Is there a chance that my ex husband will leave his fiancé come back to me? We always said we were soul mates. When might that happen and should I even take him back? There are many changes he has tried and failed to make so far. -Rachel
Another person never gets closer to you by giving something up, it just does not work; just as in any behavior mod, if the personal desire is not there, nothing will be effective. People become offended when someone is asked to change with in a relationship or marriage. Soul mates, does not mean every thing is going to be naturally easy; Sole mates only mean that an individual or a couple feels an overwhelming feeling of the presence of higher power in being drawn to each other, as if destiny is playing a roll in the union. I feel strongly that there is to much water under the bridge between you and he, you have both moved on and, you are both disappointed about how things worked out; the possibility of friendship exists and always will.

I am currently out of an up and down relationship as of a couple of months ago. I feel like the person might have never really loved me and kind of used me to get by. Which is sad. But I have taken some time to heal and am working hard on changing myself so I won't attract someone who does that again as I feel I am a good hearted kind lovable woman and don’t think I deserve that. I am also working on manifesting my schooling to go well and bring a wonderful man into mine and my sons life. My question is for closure does my ex see what a jerk he has been? And how long till my dream guy shows up? -Shandli
Your ex does not see things as you do and has his own perspective about what happened between you two. You still care about each other and also love each other; for some reason the magic and romance were not nurtured correctly and faded away. At times you and he will feel very comfortable around each other some times not; communication is not right. You destiny is to be in a nurturing relationship, with some one who sees life some what as you do however, I feel it will be a matter of a couple of years, and if you are attached at the time. I see you as being very creative in many ways, but also stern at times in a way of independent action, I can see you feel comfortable with your self the man will be the same; if nurtured it will grow. Now it is necessary to determine you future; or is it?


Love Questions: Posted September 15th, 2014

I was talking to a guy for 3 weeks. Everything was going very well, we really enjoyed talking to each other. He asked me on a date and it all went well until the end. We ended the night really bad. After that he said he'll still talk to me but he has stopped replying to my messages. Do I still have a chance with him? He is really nice and I felt that he actually liked me. I can't stop thinking about the fact that if the date would've ended good, we would be together now. How can I make him like me again? -Oana
There is no such thing as a perfect couple; Adam and Eve had issues. This man backed off for his own reasons; reasons that you can not know because they are his and he has not shared them. This man is interested in dating and having some one to do things with, fun things he is not thinking in a long term kind of way. Some how he did get the message that you wanted something he was no ready for. I feel after a bit of time and thought you and he will give your friendship another chance. After a good clarifying discussion you and he will find that you do like each other very much and would like to continue the friendship. He does know where you stand right now and what to except. Allow him to think and put things into perspective, you did catch him by surprise, he suspected but now he feels he is sure abut your feelings for him. You will also find a way to make a career out of a hobby.

I have been through some things and most recently with a man named Jason. From the moment I met him I knew something was deeper connected and special. But I wonder how will we end up. Will this be a long term relationship or will this be a moment in time. It’s been awhile now. We have been friends and then much more and it seems to progress yet slowly with steps way back. What do you see for us? -Zaneta
Relationships are supposed to evolve slowly; it takes time to get to know someone completely. It sounds like you are getting very serious or falling in love; he feels the same. One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make is moving too fast and being unprepared for further commitment. I feel very strongly that you and he will end up together, you see he is feeling the same and has for a long time. I do also feel that you and he have no others in your lives that would create a barrier to your success as a couple. As long as you are good to each other and continue to create positive and happy memories with each other your relationship will last and be happy. Just remember to make each other laugh and bring enjoyment to the relationship.

My ex boyfriend and I broke up in January. In my mind I don't love him since he hurt me but honestly in my heart I love him so much. I just can't let him go but he "says" he’s moved on and is satisfied with his new social life which I feel they are bad influences on him and taking advantage of him. He blocked me on everything and said he doesn't love me. I don't know what to do. Should I be more patient? When will he come along or just I move on? -Amethyst
It takes a lot of effort and sometimes does not succeed to remove someone from our thoughts (someone we love). In getting to know someone we get use to their laugh, sound, smell, and mannerisms and tends to enhance the closeness and uniqueness, and is definitely a big part of bonding. I feel what is happening to you is disappointment that something that felt so right did not work out. You must go by his statement to you about not being in love; I know it is hard but you do not have the complete story and an individual can not and should not try to interfere with an others free will. He will attempt to come back in about three months but you will be with another who is all you have wanted.


Love Questions: Posted September 8th, 2014

Will my love life ever have as much love as it did in the beginning of my relationship? -Alexis
It is very important to look at an evolving love as a living, breathing, continually changing entity; an entity of two not one. I do feel that you and he have already entered reality. The different phases of love do not just appear in our lives, in an actual relationship the adaptations are worked on and with, throughout the relationship or marriage. As with your situation thoughts have a way of manifesting them selves in reality. You and this man feel the same way and if there are no barriers, you will evolve. Too many couples stop dating or going out to do something together once the others feelings are defined, including marriage; and this is all I am feeling, you and this man miss doing things with each other. He already knows what things interest you and vise versa; an active relationship, or a least new experiences that are shared, vacations, BBQ’s, fishing etc. Positive activity creates the substance the keep a relationship growing and evolving in a pleasant and natural pace. Continue to create positive and happy memories, you and he both are ready for some smiles and good memories throughout the relationship.

Me and boyfriend Anthony broke up last month because he told me that he has cheated on me a few times and he needed some space to figure out what he needs. I'm having an hard time dealing with this because we normally take a break and find our way back to each other. I am curious to know that is there a chance for me and him to get back together soon? I know in my heart that we are soul mates and the only person that is holding back is him because he is afraid. What should I do?

He wants a time out because you caught him and he has no idea what to say to you. One of the laws of human nature is deprivation creates motivation. A time out does have a way of causing a person to face the reality of their situation and the reality of losing a person that they love. One way to see if you are mad or sad is to not to communicate, it promotes thought however if you and he do not start talking about this, it’s over between you and he. I do not feel you want the same things out of life or are ready to evolve to that point. You will see some major changes coming from him. Some of these changes you may like, some you will not.

I need to know if Timothy is still in love with me or is he in love with someone else? -Stephanie
Generally men will not remain in a relationship with out love. If you pick up an emotional distance coming from him it is not about another woman. He is thinking in the same way as you, you and he are studying each other and forgetting to enjoy the relationship. Within two months you and he will become involved in a project; and it is during this mutual project you and he will become more confident in each others love.


Love Questions: Posted September 1st, 2014

Me and this guy Steve dated for about 8 months. A couple weeks ago on a day that we were supposed to hangout, he texted me saying he needed to talk and that he was sad, stressed, and confused. He claimed that he wasn't sure if he honestly loved me and that he thinks that he was in love with the idea of being in love. He wasn't the best looking of guys but I was trying to go by personality for once since he seemed to be a good guy in the beginning. I was just wondering if I'll ever hear from him again and if he misses me, if not then when do you see a new guy coming into my life? -Sierra
He did not feel that he was as accomplished as you. The romantic aspect is very strong, you and this man are very attracted to each other. A committed relationship that is unique is not what he feels, he wants. I also feel you are very lucky that he attempted to explain his reasons and not just disappeared; leaving you with out explanation. I do not see him as regretting his actions and he will pursue a friendship with you when the emotions are healed. You will always have many friends and a lot of opportunities for a romantic relationship. You will start meeting many people when you pick up a hobby that was left behind a long time ago.

I lived with this guy for seven years but we've been separated over three months now with no contact. I think I'm receiving messages from him psychically at times, and/or sending them. Should I try to sever the cord or does this relationship deserve another chance? -Linda
By this time you would not have these feelings and so much doubt if the relationship was healthy. I have seen many married couples not last as long as you and he have been together; in the eyes of higher power and some governments you are married. Like a lot of couples you are going through all the feelings of being married, with non of the benefits of being married. There is a very good reason for getting married; a spiritual plan, a guide to work with, and a bonding that is unique. I feel strongly feel that you and he have become bored with each other and no longer have a common image of the future together; he realizes this and so do you. The cord has been severed already. You and he do miss each other and you both are a bit disappointed it did not work, seven years is a long time. I feel strongly that you and he will give things one more chance, in a few months. He is wondering the same thing as you; do you miss him or not? Remember depravation creates motivation. Your bonding is a lot stronger then you think.

I just need some guidance I broke up with a guy I have been with for over 4 ½ years and it should of ended awhile ago but it happened later rather than sooner. Lately I've just been wanting more and have just kind of lost in general. I want to know whoever I end up with will be everything I'm looking for and will make me happy and how soon until he comes around and I actually get to meet him. The next guy I date I want it to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. This has just been in my mind awhile. -Emily
If there were guaranties in relationships it would be nice, but there is not. A lot of people because of strong feelings, make the mistake that the other person feels and sees things as you do; this is a mistake, a proper bonding takes time. A lot of individuals make the mistake of committing to another too soon in the romantic phase of the relationship (the romantic phase is when everything is hearts and flowers) however it is the realistic phase when couples should commit, it prevents heartbreak. First of all if you were depending on him to make decisions it is time for you to decide were you would like to be or do, you need to make yourself happy and not depend on any one else to do it for you. You are going to have a very active few months and find a lot of reasons to be happy and smile.



Love Questions: Posted August 25th, 2014

I have been seeing someone who claims he likes me a lot and now have not heard from him. What do you see? Is he coming back? -Carmen
I have a strong feeling that by this time you should know and you should be secure in your feelings; is what your feeling real or infatuation and wishful thinking? I see him as being a very nice person however, he has not really found himself. I do feel there is a very strong chance that you and he could become very close. I do understand how difficult it is going from friendship to a romantic relationship. Within three months you will know how he feels about you. I do see him opening up to you. You see he is also thinking about this very subject and he does know how you feel already. I would advise you to have fun with each other; a movie, concert or a game and let nature take its course. I do not feel you will be disappointed.

I want to know who my soulmate is. I loved someone, his name was Ariel but he we broke up and now he has a girlfriend. Is there a possibility that we can be together again? -Mae Anne
If he was an actual soul mate you would not have to ask this question. There are essentially two types of soul mates; one type is an astrological soul mate and we have many of them and this only means we have a lot in common and getting along would be natural. The other type is a spiritual soul mate of which we only have one (maybe two if we are lucky), this is when one is sure that the object of there affection feels the same and there is a very strong feeling of familiarity and destiny (a very unique feeling) or that higher power played a part in bringing a couple together. You will be surprised by his desire to rekindle the relationship; you and he will try but I do not feel it will evolve.

Will I get back together with my ex boyfriend? -Eunice
I see him making an attempt to get close to you again however, the same issues will soon make an appearance if not solved. Your relationship has become real and you both understand that nobody is perfect; you both realize it takes effort and common vision of the future together. I do not feel that you and he are going to let the time you spent together go to waste. It will take time to talk and understand each other. I feel you will try one more time and if it does not work you and he will move on.


Love Questions: Posted August 18th, 2014

Will “G” ever come back? He seems to have moved on so soon and seems happy but I'm still in love and miss him a lot. He was bad to me but I believe he is my soul mate and would love to be together again and not feel so lost and broken. -Megan
The uncomfortable feelings are because of the disappointment that things did not work out. I would advise you not to look at this situation as far as finding a solution; if this was about you, then self blame and guilt will not work. He did not leave because of you; he feels unable to meet the necessities of a committed relationship, money, long-term image, and maybe children. He scared himself away. I do feel he misses you and very much understands that he is in love with you. He will try to put these things into words so please listen to him. He will stay away for another two months then he will make an appearance in your life again. You will also try a relationship again.

When will I find love? What does my love life have in store for me? -Tina
I see your romantic life evolving from a work or employment situation. You are very much a mystery to your friends; they find you have a very kind heart and do not know what you may be thinking about. You will find the opportunity for a deep friendship that most likely will evolve very quickly. You are in a very strong cycle where your intuition is very accurate, and anything you feel or start will be correct. Enjoy the high energy; it becomes you.

I've been best friends with this guy for a long time now. He's liked me I think but at the same time he's liked other girls. He's very flirty; I feel like my mind is being played with. I've been to other psychics which have just told me he does like me but there are other girls. What should I do? -Urja
Be yourself and feel good in life. He already knows that you like him but it is difficult to go from friendship to a romantic relationship; will it end the friendship? Will things backfire? I do understand everybody feels this way in perspective romantic relationship however, this is really not the time to open up about your true feelings; allow him to do this. He would also be very confused at this time and feel overwhelmed. For the time being, be a friend to this man and share one on one time with each other. I would suggest a movie, roller skating, a dance; anything light and easygoing. The chance to become more than friends will come within the beginning of fall however, you may not feel the same way. Remember jealousy that is misplaced is the fastest way to end things between two people.


Love Questions: Posted August 11th, 2014

I've seen this guy for months on and off; it started out like love at first sight. I hid my soon-to-be ex-husband from him because I didn't want him to know all of that. He likes my family and my family likes him a lot better than my soon-to-be ex-husband. In my heart it feels like we were meant to be. We made future plans and he talked to me about maybe one day in the future having a child together. I'm not rushing anything, I’m a true believer things fall into place on its own but this time around with him I would love to have the heart to speak up. What should I do? -Amy
He does care and is very interested in you. He is aware that you are in a dysfunctional relationship and will not pursue the situation until you are single again. This man is going to be a great support system for you however, if your friendship is defined it will not go any further. Do not expect this man to heal wounds from the past; he is really not interested in that. He has a lot of curiosity about you and right now he is observing how you take care of the uncomfortable situation you are in. He does not want a rebound relationship or to become your therapist. Within the next two months you will have an opportunity to end the problematic relationship you are in (it’s really up to you). If he did not genuinely have an interest in you, he would not entertain the possibility of a closer or more defined situation; you need to remember you are married. Another child will play a major roll in your life however, the atmosphere must be calm.

Am I going to find someone to love me again? If so, when? -Vicki
I feel very strongly that you are loved and that you have been all your life. You also have a tendency to pick up and reflect others apparent mood, weather it’s good or bad or anything in between; for this reason I feel you have been very conscious about who you open up to. I do understand that you have your own reasons, I also understand that picking up others feelings does not always feel good; just remember that if you begin the day in a positive mood and all of a sudden you feel upset in one way or another, this is most likely due to someone else. If you wake up upset the feelings are coming from you (if you develop this ability, it can be very much to your advantage) it is very important to a potential relationship that you have many commonalities; if not you will become bored very soon. Within two to three months you will be going through a phase in which you will become more sensitive than usual and the thing is most of the time you are right. This personal magnetism will last around three or four months. This is a perfect time for you to begin any new endeavors going from friendship to a relationship, starting a new career, or even developing, or strengthening a meditation routine; chances are that you will succeed. You will notice the attention very soon if you are not already. By the way your destiny is for a marriage (with in two years), you will meet him next month it will be love at first sight for both.

I dated my current ex for about 2 years before he broke up with me in July. It was the best relationship I had ever had and I have always felt he was the one and worth fighting for. Things went sour because everything was moving too fast. He wants to stay best friends because he says he cares about me more than any other person he's ever known. However, he has starting talking to a long distance ex and I still see him every day. Friends of mine who have talked to him, and he has even said this to me, that he is open to something in the future, and that he just doesn't feel ready for me, so to speak. However, it breaks my heart to see him every day and feel like we will never be together romantically. He has told me he loves me but doesn't have romantic feelings for me. I just want those back and I can tell he's putting a wall up, I think because he's afraid of how serious things will get. I catch him staring at me and he gets jealous when he sees me interacting with other guys. I have not been cruel to him since the break up (except when he had lied to me about seeing his ex), but even then he said he would choose me over any romantic relationship. Is there hope for the future? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? -Sarah
Many individuals when they experience the actual process of being married (living together for two years, in the eyes of god is being married) find they are not ready for the obligations that go with a committed relationship, he does love you in a romantic way but, is not ready or willing to enter a serious situation. I feel this man is being very honest with you and that you genuinely want to try a new relationship but it takes two to tango. He is not into all the pressure of a committed relationship but would really like to begin all over and re-experience all the romantic feelings that are involved in a new relationship. It is not you he would feel that way in any serious friendship. You acknowledged that the relationship was moving too fast and I feel that is the primary reason for his actions. You and he will continue to see each other however, if your relationship is not more defined, the same thing will happen again. We see couples that are very happy and enjoying life however we fail to remember that it does take effort; a great effort.


Love Questions: Posted August 4th, 2014

I have a brother-in-law and I recently started thinking of him in a loving way because one night I heard a voice tell me he loves me and has since he met me. Every time I think of him it's like static electricity. But then there is someone else telling me that he hates me. I hope you can help me. -Karen
You are a very sensitive individual and if you have not already, you should not pursue your brother-in-law; it will cause major problems. If you are not in a relationship now, you will be very soon. I do not know how else to say it but back off. What you are feeling is fantasy and romance and there is nothing wrong with that but not at the expense of his marriage. You need to remember you are family and adults. Your relationship with your sister needs work and if you cannot trust yourself just stay away. He sees your interaction with each other as playful like a sister not a lover. Marriage is a very serious thing it can give you all the joy in the world or cause many problems with your life. Within one month there will be an individual who you are very interested in, you will know how in appropriate this issue is.

I would like to know when I will be getting married? -Anessa
You are looking for a traditional relationship and this is in your destiny. When you meet an individual who sees life as you this is a beginning. A marriage is a two way street and a very important move. I do see you refusing the first two times you are asked, but as they say the third time is the charm. You will have been dating for quite a while, and this move will be well thought out. I do see you in a career of some sort, and also he, possibly the same one. You will be married within five years.

I have had 2 boyfriends and with both it was a long-distance relationship. I feel like love might not be in the stars for me. There are many guys (mostly long-distance) who show their interest and I love talking to them (and enjoying their interest in me), but I don't see anyone I really would want to follow. I also over think things, so spontaneous crazy decisions in love are not really my thing. I always have way too many obstacles and it has never been a smooth experience for me; loving someone or letting someone love me. Nonetheless, I am a very sensitive and loving person. I feel the need for true fulfilling love in my life. Will I ever find my true love? When will it happen? Can it be one of my exes? -Irina
First of all, I would advise you to stop letting others define you; you seem like you’re already doing this and the answer to your question is a definite yes. Long distance relationships are tricky situations. It is very possible to meet a lot of people online; but as far as developing a relationship, it comes with its own problems and the couple must be very, very dedicated to each other to make it work. You are not the type of individual who would enjoy that kind of relationship. Within the next four months you will meet an individual who will capture your heart and he will feel the same. Even though the friendship will be established because of mutual interest and you and he will enjoy being with each other, this enjoyment will evolve in to true love. Stay close to the colors of purple and silver.



Love Questions: Posted July 28th, 2014

I have been with my partner for almost 2 years now. We have had some really rough patches but we are on the straight and narrow now heading in the right direction. Even though we are doing amazing, there are still little things every now and then that make me question him. I want to know if he has been faithful for the whole duration of our relationship. -La Toya
I do not feel that he has wandered (physically) however, I also feel that by you thinking that way, to him you’re showing that you do care. Jealousy is never good but it shows where a persons heart is. If the past is an actual barrier the relationship will never work. It is necessary to look toward the future together and establish a common image. Individuals that are caught up with the past never move forward. Hind sight is 20/20; which means it is easy to see an issue after it has occurred. As I said I do not feel he has been physical with anyone else; he seems to have a lot more intelligence then you give him credit for. You and he are doing very well with each other but if something real is making you uncomfortable it should be resolved. Your relationship with each other has been an investment and you both love each other. That’s a great thing.

I’m a lesbian and I’ve been in love with this person that I’ve been seeing for over 2 years. I love and care about them just as much as she loves and cares about me. Will we ever become a couple and if so when? -Nedra
I feel that she has been thinking about this exact topic. Astrologically you compliment each other and I do not see that stopping. I feel very strongly that you and she already have a relationship going on. If what your referring to is more definition in the relationship, this is growing as we speak. Interferences from others is completely up to you and she; and I do feel your love for each other will keep you together.

Am I going to end up with my close friend or are we better off as friends? We are both attracted to each other but we are both currently in other relationships. -Jacquelyn
Where you may not be serious about your relationship; he is. Being that you and he are forbidden fruit to each other at this time, I feel makes you think about this topic a lot. You need to remember that a relationship is very different from a friendship. One of the laws of human nature is that depravation creates motivation; this means the more a person can not have something or somebody the more they tend to want it. Everybody has thoughts, however acting on some thoughts has the potential of causing great harm. If you pursue more then a friendship with this man you will lose your relationship and your friendship. Remember think about things in terms of past, present, and future. And be sure to be kind to yourself and the people you love.


Love Questions: Posted July 21st, 2014

How will things work out with the man that I am in love with? I keep seeing signs of him everywhere that is in relation to his line of work. I try to stay busy but I think about him a lot and he is always in my dreams. I think he may have contacted my ex spouse. My ex told me that he received a call from him. I feel that my ex spouse may have sabotaged the relationship with the man that I'm in love with. He and I haven't communicated in almost a month. I am trying to clear my thoughts and focus on myself and legal issues with my ex spouse. Will I ever have a chance with the man that I want to build a long lasting loving relationship with? Can you give me any thoughts please? -Farah
My feeling is that there is a lot of unfinished business between you and this man. The circumstance of resentment influences have made him think deeply about the relationship. He realizes that others see your relationship as being serious and he is determined to make his own observations and determinations regarding your relationship with each other. If there are no deep secrets that you are keeping from him, I do not feel there are, it should not matter one way or another how others feel. Ex husbands and wives are usually not the best reference regarding other serious relationships; by observing your response to the talk they had, he will know if you are over the other relationship or not. He wishes to take your relationship to a higher level. My advise to you is to be your positive self and to try not to let others influence your choice in friends and others. Gossip is not conducive to a trusting relationship, but know he does love you very much.

I would like to know if my boyfriend will return to me after being reunited with an old flame of 15 years ago. We were together for 6.5 years and he basically jumped from me to her, dropping me like a hot potato, no explanation of what, if anything, went wrong or that he was unhappy in our relationship and why. Due to the many "coincidences" surrounding our initial meeting I feel that we are soul mates who are meant to be together till death do us part in this lifetime. -Beth
The reason you did not see this coming is that his affair has been going on a lot longer then you know. Your knowledge of what was happening was not a part of the plan. He does not have an explanation and really does not know what to say to you. He knows what he did and how he did it is a very cowardly way to do things, but it does show you, it is not anything about you; so if you are looking for reasons it will create a lot of frustration for you. He will attempt to return very soon however, the same thing will happen again if definition is not established. You will not feel the same when he needs to return; and he will blame you for what happened and all I can say about that… is that it is not true.

A guy from my past came back in my life. We started a relationship and then some drama happened from other people around us and then he started seeing another girl. She had been causing drama and friction between me and this guy. Will he come back to me will we be a couple again? If so, when? -Stella
For some reason I feel this man does not really want a serious relationship. I do see that he will attempt to reenter your life, but as far as a committed situation, he has no desire. Drama will occur as you are seen by others as the other woman and he does have strong feelings towards you and this can be seen by people who know him. Try not to blame the other woman, he is telling you and her different versions of the same issue. He will want to see you but a relationship would bring many problems to you life. He has many issues to repair and deal with, it would not be the type of relationship that you had in mind.


Love Questions: Posted July 14th, 2014

I have broken contact with a man as our relationship was although deeply meaningful to me, it was very unhealthy. I can not release thoughts of him from my mind. Was he my soul mate? Did he feel the same? -Clare
A person as a soul mate would not bring you into any unhealthy situation or anything that would ever harm your mind, body or spiritually. Most people cannot see the dynamics of a relationship until a strong attachment occurs (then things become real; romance into reality) I feel strongly that for some reason, he does not see love as you do. Some people confuse strong feelings for another, as love; strong feelings only take one, love takes two and I also feel that you have identified the issue. I know you are concerned about him however, he is a grown man. To see things in a more positive way I would advise him to seek out assistance. I do feel strongly that he will seek you out, and I do also feel he will tell you exactly what you want to hear. If you need a time out to gain perspective by all means take it; he will understand if he cares. Within two months you will see a great change in him.

I am at the end process of divorce. 9 months ago I met a man out of the blue when I was not expecting it and immediately felt connected to him. He felt connected to me as well, however timing was not right and he began to date someone else. Now I am available and he is not. There is an unspoken "psychic" link between he and I and an attraction and chemistry like none I have experienced. I know he will have to complete the journey with the woman he is currently dating and I have to live my life. I feel that there is more to come for he and I. Do you feel our connection is over or will there be a future opportunity for us? -Jenn
This man became overwhelmed by the perspective relationship. The reality of your feelings and possible long-term relationship that was implied scared him away. I do not feel that he was ready for that kind of change or responsibility, not to say he did not like you; he did very much. You and he are very romantically compatible however, in reality you want different things out of life. It is important for you to pace yourself and see for yourself what life has to offer; you may just enjoy it. In the past few years you have become very picky about what you don’t like or will except. You can do anything you want. Enjoy the freedom and never feel pressured to except what you do not like. I feel you may choose to be single for a while. His reaction to your relationship is not a reflection on you, but an expression of his view of life. You will talk very soon but choose to remain friends, which you will. The year ahead for you will be very active and you will make many life changes; these changes will give you great pleasure and for some reason you will be attracted to bells and chimes.

I have been single for 8 yrs now. I do have a man in my life but he is unhealthy for me and for himself. I do not feel that this relationship is truly going anywhere and I keep him around for the company mostly. I know he loves me in his own way, but he is an alcoholic and I am not good with that, life has so much more to offer. I have not given up on the thought of my soul mate coming into my life yet I am beginning to wonder if I truly deserve to be happily in love with the right man for me. My mom has been alone for over 20 years now and I do not wish to end up like that. She has accepted it which saddens me. I keep telling myself that my other half is looking for me as I am him, yet 8 years is a long time to wait. Will my soul mate come into my life or am I meant to be old and lonely like my mom? -Tamara
I feel strongly that you and he do love each other more then you realize however, the relationship you are in is unhealthy and damaged. By this I mean the codependency will continue and would only bring you more unhappiness. If you deiced to end it, do not blame him, it will cause him great pain. This man understands what is going on and to a certain extent he expects it. Let him know that you need to think about yourself (in a non-selfish way). You may feel that the relationship is not good for you and also him; you are right. He will find the strength to eliminate alcohol from his life; in his thoughts all bad things that have occurred, have been directly because of drinking. You do not have to stop communicating with each other. He would feel that because of drinking he lost you. And I feel his love for you and for himself will give him the ability to change, the desire is there. If you and he have based your relationship on drinking, you do not know each other realistically. People do change a lot when they stop or try so feelings will change. You as an individual would also need to stop, not cut down but stop and you will see a happy person who is magnetic and vivacious. I have strong faith that you will succeed. You need to do what is right for yourself if you want to see good results. It wont take long, but the effects will last forever.


Love Questions: Posted July 7th, 2014

My ex girlfriend split up with me last October. I loved her dearly and begged for her to come back but she always refused. I will be honest though, I’ve treated her very badly in the past. This year I did meet someone else, however, I have still been seeing my ex throughout this new relationship but she did not know I had a new girlfriend. I wanted her back during this time but she showed no commitment which is why I carried on with the current relationship. I know my ex still loves me but I’m currently still with this new girlfriend as she forgave my infidelity. I’m just wondering which of these women I will end up being with in the future. I’m really confused. Can you please give me some guidance? -Paul
It is a bit different when somebody else dictates our actions; do not make the mistake of repeating the behavior that prompted this reaction in the first place. I feel that she is very confused about all of her choices in life you are only a part of this. She understands how upset you are and that at this time, you do not have any idea of what the future may hold for you and her. It would seem that there is a fear in talking to each other and this needs to change. She does care for you but she also has the opinion that things regarding her or her personal interest tend to upset you. Now is not the time to talk to her or insist on talking to her; you can say I love you a million times but you are telling her something she already knows; nothing new. You and she need time away from each other for a lot of reasons but for now, to gain perspective and think. By the end of summer the chance to rekindle the relationship will present itself; what you do with it is entirely up to you.

I have been in a relationship for 6 ½ years with my boyfriend. Do you see marriage and kids? -Laurie
Yes I do, in about a year. He wants to do things in a right way and he wants to be very certain and in his heart he is. Your desire means everything to him and he wants to make you happy. He is a little concerned that after a marriage things will change; this is a common concern. Bring up the idea and you will see he feels the same. With planning and desire you and he will find the correct time. Please make this a special occasion, I would advise a spiritual marriage that includes family and friends.

I'm 31 years old and live in Los Angeles and am having the worst time with relationships. Every relationship I get in the guy breaks up with me 3 to 4 months later. I'm starting to lose hope. It's hard to meet people in this city and it's especially hard to meet the right people. There is a guy that asked me out almost a year ago but I was dating someone else at the time. I've thought about him off and on and wondered if there is any point in contacting him now. I'm just sick and tired of all the pain I've gone through over the past 3 years that I'm not sure I should even try anymore. -C.F. 
Many people have gone years without a date; you are very fortunate to have the opportunity. I feel very strongly that you are a strong and defined woman. You may be attracted to alpha males who express confidence and has the initiative to go for what he wants out of life; this is fine but you are an alpha female and there will be disappointment. You have a clear view of what you would like out of life. A companion in a long term relationship must posses the same view or want the same thing out of life; if not it will not work. Within three months two opportunities will approach you one is with an ex boyfriend who will insist he has changed his ways. The other opportunity will be with someone you meet as a result of pursuing an educational interest. You may find that you are not as anxious as you thought before, as the future looks brighter and brighter.



Love Questions: Posted June 30th, 2014

I have been with Katerina for four years. She has been in bad relationships all her life. I have not been bad to her but I lied about something and it was not the thing I lied about, it was the fact that I lied that made her leave. So now she can't trust me and left. I lied so she wouldn't get hurt but now it’s over. She has a son who is seven which I have been a big part of his life and his dad just passed away. I love them both with all my heart. Do you see us getting back together? –Derrick
First of all this is a time to heal and grieve; I am sure her child is her first priority as it should be. I understand that you want her to be happy and enjoy life but it is not that easy. She needs time to cope and deal with this unexpected event. People grieve in different ways and for different amounts of time. You need to understand that at one time they established a common view of the future together and they were blessed with a child. She picked up insensitivity and a lack of understanding from you, she does understand that you have a great deal of affection for her and she does like you. You will give a relationship another try and she will talk about her feelings about her loss when she is ready; not when you are ready. You need to have patience; if a romantic interest does not support an individuals in there grief, they will lose the affection but if an individual understands and supports the relationship will last and love will grow. Remember you are also developing a relationship with the child and this is what she is focused on. Give it time and be a good friend to her and her child, let nature take its course.

It has been over 6 six years that I have been separated from my ex-boyfriend. For some reason, I cannot forget about him and I even think I still love him. My question is: Why can't I get over him? Is it because he probably still thinks about me too? Will we ever be together again? I just don't know what to do to forget him. I wish there was anything that you could tell me that would help me. –Victoria
I feel very strongly that your memories have many ideals and vivid pictures of a good life with him and an individual will only get to that point if they are in love. People will always have regrets and wonder what if; we need to remember hind sight is 20/20. He has many good memories of you also. In our world we have the freedom to choose who we want (in many countries you can not choose who you want), and with that choice comes the chance that another feels the same or not the same. This is what dating is all about, seeing if the perspective relationship or interest goes beyond the moment. I feel that he likes you very much but may not see the future exactly as you; he does think about you a lot but feels the distance is what you want. Within the next three months you will start to communicate again and arrange a date.

I still have strong feelings for my ex boyfriend. It’s been 7 months since the break up and I haven't made contact with him in awhile but ran into him recently and basically I started flirting with him. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no but that he was seeing someone and it wasn't serious. We were together for over a year. I really want him back but he never pursues me and never initiates with me. He is on a dating site saying he is looking for a relationship. Will he ever come back to me and want a relationship with me again? –Gina
He is looking for friendship and enjoyment, not a committed relationship. The concept of a committed relationship implies responsibility to him and he does not feel he is ready to make that move. If you listen well you will see that he only wants to date. Feeling free and happy is an essential part of a relationship and people usually and mutually agree to make things unique. I feel strongly that when you and he were together you were not taking the relationship seriously and really never discussed it and even though you love each other in your way, you will become very good friends. I do not see a relationship happening; is not in the cards.


Love Questions: Posted June 23rd, 2014

This guy and me have been dating now for 3 years, but we are not seeing other people. He tells me he doesn't want to be committed right now because he isn't ready. It feels like we are already in a committed relationship though. I don't know what to do about this. Does he really love me and is going to be with me seriously one day, or am I just a convenience to him? Can I trust him? Sometimes I have doubts. Is there someone else that will be my soul mate, if so what do you see happening? Thank you. -Stacy 
You and he have been in love for a long time. You both have adapted your situation in life to each other. I don’t feel he is involved with anyone else. In the time you have been together, I feel you have talked and explored the subject of a committed relationship at times in detail. At this point in your relationship a committed situation such as an engagement leading to a marriage may seem ideal to you however, he views the perspective situation as restrictive and legally a big risk. Another reason he is thinking about is why ruin a good thing; in his way of thinking you are already in a committed relationship without the acknowledgment. It is not like he has not thought about this subject, just like you he has had a lot of time. He does love you and he knows you love him; However you need to be in agreement on something like this. In the next three months his financial aspect, in his opinion will be ready to open up talk. For now, do not scare each other away by looking too far into the future, just let it happen or start to become clearer.

I feel like I'm never going to get to my goal of a partner, family and future. I’m wondering how easily a recent ex has moved on and if a couple of potentials I’m dating or to date is just yet another waste of time. I have a lot to give and yet I'm always the third wheel in my friends relationships. Will this change, if so when? –Jada 
You are a very defined person you know what you want in life and what you don’t want. I feel you have many interests and hobbies. As an independent woman you are very aware that things take time; the interest as well as the romantic attraction has got to last. I also feel strongly that you are very sensitive, possibly to the point of being psychic. You will be deeply involved in a friendship within the next month. This friendship will be based on common interest and can quickly evolve into more. Remember your family and friends can tell what’s happing just by being around you and they want you to be happy. Friends feel you will fall in love very fast; as do I. You will know him by his love of music, he is a guitar player.

I met a guy online in January. We had a short sexual relationship. I got scared and ended things. I developed very strong feelings for him. I tried to apologize but he won't listen. I just recently confessed my love for him. Do you feel he will contact me, if not what can I do to move on? I honestly felt he was my soul mate. -Christina
His opinion is that you have fallen in love with him, and he does now know how serious you are regarding relationships. I feel that you have moved very fast and caused him to look at the future in a serious way; to him this is happening too fast, and this is causing him confusion. He is sure that he wants to be with you however, if things are to complicated he will not know what to do or say. He will contact you, but for the moment he takes your situation as proof that you do care. Within two weeks he will contact you; that is if you do not make an attempt.


Love Questions: Posted June 16th, 2014

I meet this guy at work and at first I just thought he was cute. I’ve noticed my feelings for him now are growing massively. I know he is attracted to me too but I don’t want to fall for him then end up hurting myself later. Do you think he is the one for me? –Adrianna
You don’t want to ruin the opportunity before you make an attempt (or he). It is not the feelings that are growing but the anticipation and he does feel the same. Although most relations begin within the work place or school setting, it is frowned upon and not taken as being a good thing but a distraction. You are both attracted to each other and I would advise you to find out if you’re on the same page. I do feel strongly that your friendship will grow as you both become aware of the commonalities that you share. If you and he nurture your friendship there is no doubt you will get closer. Only two things; make sure there is no other relationship going on (you will get attached to each other very fast) and secondly workplace gossip creates a soap opera atmosphere that has ruined many careers and perspective careers. See each other outside of the work place, if a good relationship is established outside of the workplace it will be accepted by all; if it is in the work place where you and he create the time to be with each other it will create gossip and misunderstandings. I also feel strongly that it can work, if taken slowly and correctly.

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. I feel like I pushed him farther away begging for him to come back. We haven't talked in a few days now and I miss him and still have feelings for him. I'm also paranoid that he found someone else. My main concern is if we will ever get back together. I am currently having spell work done by a spell caster. Is there even a chance for us? He told me he doesn't want to get back together but I really want to. Help me. –Bridgit
First of all, one should never interfere with an others free will; it can and will backfire. This man does care for you and is right now defining the feelings involved. If a committed relationship is what you’re referring to, remember it takes two to work. The whole aspect of a long term relationship depends on the two people involved establishing a common image of the future together. This process must not be rushed or only established by one, it must be natural and according to the laws of nature. I truly feel that he feels very confused about what to do but he is confident that you do love him in your way. I advise giving this man time to think. The situation is not about another female, do you really think he wants twice the pressure? No. A committed relationship means something a bit different to a man. Within the summer months you can bond and enjoy the relationship or play games (communication tag) with each other all summer. Right now you and he are equally confused. If the communication remains open and enjoyable (no ultimatums) you will get the opportunity that you desire. If rushed he will also rush away.


I been in a long distance relationship for more than three years now. Everything was just fine even though we didn't have the chance to see each other often, we were building from distance a stronger love; slowly but constant. A few months ago he started to be more and more distant, now he doesn't call more than every three days or one time per week. He told me he has a lot of problems but I feel this relationship is not a relationship anymore. I asked him the other day if he considered this ended and he say no. Now I just don't know what to do. I still love him so much and I just don't feel walking away and trying to meet other people, but at the same time I'm not happy with him. What should I do? –Josie
It is very easy to be romantic and the knight in shining armor from a distance. Most people do not feel they can establish realistic feelings at a distance however, you can and swim in romance and fantasy but relationships have a way of becoming more intense when entering reality. This is where a lot of concerns originate; do I move, quit my job, will it last or is it worth it? I would advise you to be very sure about him. Are you willing to take on his problems or issues; can he do the same? Money does not matter when people fall in love, but it does matter in a realistic relationship. I feel if you bonded with each other in a more realistic way, the answer to the question of ‘where are we going, do we have a plan?’ will come to both of you when the time is right to evolve. Right now I do not see anything wrong with your friendship. He does feel as you, may be a bit more intensely (men will always think, what do I have to offer. Its in our genetic code) Do not rush to the answer, it will not be correct; let it happen it wont be long.


Love Questions: Posted June 9th, 2014

I’m in love with a guy named Anthony and we've been together for about a year. We recently got into dispute and are currently not together. Somewhere once he came back and wanted to give it another try but when I admitted to him about some things in between the breakup he all of sudden didn’t want anything to do with me. Is the love real or is this just a life lesson? –Kendra
The bonding and feelings are very real however, the word love has many meanings. We as human beings are far from being perfect, we make mistakes and evolved individuals learn and understand this. Where relationships are concerned in the romantic phase feelings and uniqueness is magnified. If the mistake has to do with another person, he will not return to the relationship. One thing that is very important in any committed relationship is learning to disagree and to not let minor disagreements grow into something that has nothing to do with the original issue. I feel you and he were doing this, in other words becoming real. He does love you and the time apart has made him more positive about his love; he only felt that you were doing the same thing. He will be very silent for a while, however within the next two months he will find a reason to communicate; you and this man are more alike then you realize.

My husband wants to divorce me and I don't want this. We've been married for less than 2 years. Is he going to divorce for real? –Pulma
A person does not have to stay married if they desire not to and it is a big mistake to hold someone down, it does not work. He is well aware of your feelings and sees you as very predictable. He just may be doing you a favor by adding distance. He is going through an issue you know nothing about; the past has caught up. You can not make someone talk if they do not want to and he does not want to talk, married or not. If you can not see a reason that only means it is not your mistake and if you try to see it you will become very frustrated. My advise is to agree with him; he will not be expecting that and it will give you an opportunity to talk. The divorce will go through, although after two months an annulment is more likely if there is not a lot of money involved. An end to the marriage does not necessarily mean an end to a relationship. However I feel that you will likely not be interested.


Hi. I’m so confused and would appreciate some insight. I’ve been dating this guy for a year now on and off and every time it seems this is the end we don’t have any contact he would make contact again. If he doesn’t have feelings for me, why can’t he just leave me alone? He knows how much I love him. I just wish he could be honest with me about his feelings. Can you please tell me what the future holds for us? Thanks. –Chantel
The reason you and he keep going from romance to separation over and over is that the next step is reality for you and he. A lot of people will do what he is doing in a relationship for the reason that he is not prepared to the point of security in his life. He does not want to end the relationship though, this man does love you. What you want must be cultivated slowly, a common image of the future will be established between you two. I feel this has already started and with bonding it will become reality. Do not be so concerned about the minor details to the point where you are not enjoying the relationship. Being with each other is becoming addictive to both of you. Within five months you will not be as concerned as you are now.


Love Questions: Posted June 2nd, 2014

Me and my ex broke up months ago after a sudden bad breakup. His depression was the cause that clashed with my stressful life. Now we are seeing each other again as friends but we are both aware we still love each other and should start things slow as friends. He is still focusing on healing himself by going to therapy and getting busy with life improvements for himself. I am doing the same during those times we are apart. I was busy at work, working out my body, and most hobbies and I enjoy keeping myself occupied. I’m just wondering about what will happen to us if we choose the path of reconciliation. Will there be any dilemmas that may happen or is it worth rekindling a broken relationship. Thanks -Gwendy
You and this man love each other very much and even though I know it was hard, you gave each other the freedom to pursue the important things to your happiness in life. Even though you see each other as being very different, you would tend to compliment each other. A talk or discussion with his counselor might help you to understand certain behavior. In a long-term relationship a man wants to have something to offer or contribute (to create balance and commonality) and I feel that he sees himself as having nothing to offer you. He also feels that his personal situation in life was holding you back or could hold you back. You and this man have had time to think about things in detail. If you and he take life together slowly and really get to know each others situation in life; a relationship will grow just like a nurtured seed.

I’m torn between two guys and I’m not sure which direction to go. I am wondering if you could help guide me in the right direction. The first one is “D”; and I’ve known him for years now. Somehow we never really committed to each other. The second, I just met a few months back named “N”. I don’t really know him yet but he seems genuine and interested. -Virginia
I feel very strongly that “D” has considered your close friendship or relationship as an emotional investment. Opening up and deep companionship, these features are an indication that he does take your situation with each other very seriously, however, if you and he have not established a common image of the future by now, you most likely will not. I know he would not appreciate your interest in “N”. Where “N” is concerned, he does posses genuine interest in you and feels that you feel the same way. I feel he knows about “D” but does not see you as being interested in him anymore. You may be thinking about the near future regarding long-term or committed relationships but, just remember it takes two. Ones individual image of the future generally does not work for two. I sense a great deal of affection towards you. However, two relationships at one time does not work. For the next month you will continue to be confused until someones action makes your decision for you.


I met a younger (six years younger) Virgo and we had a two month sexual relationship. I stupidly ended it but I really feel he is some kind of soul mate. I finally confessed my feelings to him by text before that I had tried to apologize but he won't respond. Do u feel he will comeback sometime? –Betty
I feel that you totally caught this man by surprise. People in relationships usually retain the last feeling that they had the last time they saw the object of their thoughts. I do also feel affection was developed between you and he and you both are very unsure about what to do next. During the next three months you will have the opportunity to talk. I feel that you’re both on the same page (regarding getting to know each other better). However, there will be a barrier to you and he getting closer. Your feelings will remain open it is how he deals with the barrier that will be conducive to a defined situation.



Love Questions: Posted May 26th, 2014

Hello sir, I'm writing this with a broken heart. I'm in love with one of my best friend who in turn doesn't love me; I know it's not a mere attraction. Something I never felt on any of my friends of whom I know. When I saw his photo it was just a feeling of friendship but the moment I met him I just lost myself in him. It took 6 months for me to confirm that I’m in love with him. I told him about my love but he neither said yes or no but I know deep inside his heart he also loves me but might not be ready to accept it. I can't imagine a life without him please help. -Nisha
For a relationship to work it does take two; if not, it cannot be called a relationship. I do feel in my heart that he does have a love for you but not the romantic type you desire. You caught this man by surprise; he knows you are getting close to him as he is to you however, he had no idea about the romantic feelings. Whenever an individual voices their opinion on the future and that image involves another, the automatic response is one of shock. You simply left this man with no time to develop a response. If the question continues he will become distant. You have confirmed your feelings towards him now let him think. Your friendship has a lot to go before it can become defined and mutual, as in a romantic relationship. My advice to you is to continue the friendship (if possible) but slow down a little now; he already knows how you feel. Try not to give this man an ultimatum.

It's been a couple of months since my ex broke up with me. We ended things because we both couldn't handle the stress of school and it led to a lot of petty arguments. We are each others first loves. Can you please give me a better understanding of how he is feeling and if we are going to get back together in the future? -Denisse
Essentially he is wondering the same thing. If the response is anger or jealousy it can be a deal breaker (some times people get turned off by the expression of insecurity). I feel strongly that you and he should wish each other the best and encourage each other; if you and he make this a comfortable transition it can make things stronger between you and he and allow the relationship evolve with your chosen subject. If the relationship becomes a distraction to study it will end. If the relationship offers security and trust it will continue and become very strong. You and he are both going through the symptoms of separation anxiety; because of the prospect you already miss each other. You and he love each other in a way that shows me you will succeed. It will not be very easy for either of you, however, true love is the strongest force in the universe.

I dated this guy for about a year and then we broke up. After the breakup many things did not change but I could tell that there was somebody else. A couple of weeks ago I found out that he is in a new relationship. I cannot keep this guy off my mind and I feel like me and him will have another chance to be together even though he is in a relationship now. Can you tell me if we will end up back together or if I should just move on? I need some peace of mind! -Gabby
I do not feel this man sees the future as you do. He right now is dating and does not want to be committed to any one relationship. If you and he can maintain a friendship it will give you and he the opportunity to get to know each other better. I feel very strongly that this man has a career in mind before committing to anyone. Within five months you will see a big change in him and he will begin to take the future in serious way. You will find that this man seeks you out; however, right now he does not feel he has anything to offer a relationship (the jumping from one relationship to another is only an expression of immaturity). The next few months will also be a time of growth for you, what you desire will not be hard to obtain.


Love Questions: Posted May 19th, 2014

My ex and I broke up two months ago, I have been annoying him because I can't handle it. He has told me we are done for good and he does not want a relationship but in my gut I feel it can't really be over. We were together 3 years and broke up due to fighting. Will he come back? -Morgan
It would be wise for you to take him at his word; in an evolving relationship it does take two. As I have mentioned in previous questions, it is extremely important to allow another person to walk away if they feel the need. It is very wrong and not fair to assume another persons desires. I feel strongly that he does not want the fighting to continue for a lot of reasons (the legal consequences of domestic violence, being primary on his mind). This man also cares for you, as you do for him and he realizes this. There is one specific issue that refuses to be ignored, if this issue is not dealt with it is most likely over for you and he; the issue was not important to your relationship in the beginning however, now it is primary. After a time out for both of you, you and he will find each other and be able to talk to each other. Your relationship will have one more chance and this time if not pursued in an adult way, it will fade away as you and he remember (if there are no barriers) you and he will succeed, if so or not dealt with you and he are looking at problems, and I am sure neither one of you want that. The key is learning to enjoy each other and to listen to each other.

Bob and I have been together for 13 years but for the past 2 years have been very far apart. He says he still loves me and always will. Do you ever see us back together? He says that the times with me were the best he ever had. He is married but not in love with her, I think it’s because of the money and he is afraid she will take it all and leave him with nothing; she’s even told him as much. Please tell me if there’s a chance for us. Thank you. -Bettie
Love is beautiful and to be in love feels great however, love does not pay the bills. I have no doubt that you and this man love each other (you and he have been in romance for a long time) but you have not progressed in to reality; you have had no need. The reality of the situation is that he has a wife who is no fool and she will remove him from his children and his financial stability which he does know this and he always has. You have been accepting of his situation and he will expect this to continue. He will not leave his wife (and he is the one holding on). This is very unfair to you and will lead to heartbreak. Whether he wants to or not, he will have to pay for the consequences of his actions and this will happen very soon. Be sure he does not blame you for every thing; he will blame you for every thing. If you stick to each other you will find yourself together however, the party is over. It is best to let him take care of his own problems. One thing that is for sure people separate and divorce all the time but if there is another woman or man involved people will get very upset and mad, as she is with him. The hurt she is going through is becoming anger; It would be best for you to not get involved more then you already are.

I have been in love with this guy for three years now and I can't stop thinking about him. It’s starting to drive crazy. He says he loves me too. Will we ever be together even though we are miles and miles apart? Will be happy together? -Diona
One thing about a long distance situation is that they are very romantic and tend to reflect the ideal (only the best information). I do feel this man does love you in his way and his affection is growing day by day. It is easy to create romantic fantasy and excitement when you are at a distance. I feel strongly that you and he will meet up in the next few weeks; you will find he is genuine in his affection for you is very real. You and this man can enter realistic love very quickly. This love can cause great heartache or it can be an opportunity for you and he to be happy. To prepare for the future you need to be sure there are no barriers and that he is thinking as you are about the relationship. A lot of people stay in long distance relationships until they meet up with each other then feelings change (reality can be intimidating or give you substance to work with). I feel strongly that you and he will like each other very much and I do not perceive deception. Only remember long distance relationships can be very frustrating and expensive. Have fun and enjoy your developing relationship. Genuine love has a way of bringing people together and solving problematic issues; If it is real, and in your case I feel very strongly it is.


Love Questions: Posted May 12th, 2014

Will I ever fall in love one day? I had a dream a few nights ago of being in a relationship with this really great guy and he was so protective of me in the dream, I want to know if that dream is an indication of the future. I have had this dream 3 or 4 times now in the past year. -Sarah
The dream is dealing with a tendency to see protectiveness as an indication of love. The only thing about protectiveness is that it has a way of getting out of hand or exaggerated and there is a fine line in between concern and suspicion. You being a modern woman, it is important that you find yourself and do not let another define your moves or way of thinking. I feel strongly that your father was loving yet an authoritarian. There is nothing wrong with remembering lessons from the past, however, apply them to your personal self; get to know yourself a bit better. Within the next month you will know who the person in your future is, you will also feel things are moving very quickly.

I’ve known this guy for 7 years and we expressed our feelings for each other in 2009. We have had our share of problems and misunderstandings. I now realize that I subconsciously loved him deeply and so did he probably, but I never realized it for a long time. We did not decide to get married because of our different career goals and future plans. Six months back I got to know that he has been communicating with another girl who was introduced to him by his family for over a year ago. He said he can't do much because he has committed to her parents and his family regarding marrying her. In essence, he cheated on me by not mentioning this earlier. In retrospect I feel that if he had confessed this earlier, I would have realized my own feelings and might have been able to convince him to be together. I still love him very very deeply, and I am ready to sacrifice whatever I need to in order to be with him and also forgive him. But the current situation suggests that he may go ahead and marry her. Do you see any chance of us being together? What advice do you have for me? -Lakshimi
You and this man do love each other, however you have developed your friendship to an extremely high and very personal level. I do not feel that he is intentionally doing anything to hurt you; he is trying to be very honest with you I advise you to not interfere with his life or marriage plans. Within four months he will attempt to get close to you again. In the beginning it was very easy to open up to each other, now because of developed feelings it is not so easy. He does understand your feeling and has no desire to cause you confusion. The best thing is to wait and let nature take its course. You will talk and clarify things, however it will take a few months.

I have been in an up and down relationship for three years come October. I love this man with all my heart but I am scared he is being unfaithful and hiding things from me. He doesn't love me the way he used to and I love him more than I have ever loved anyone. I don’t get why he is so cold and what I can do to change it. He gets really, really mean and hateful with me a lot and then the next day or hour or week he can be the sweetest thing on earth. I really need insight on what's going on and what I can do to make him love me again and treat me the way he used to. -Emily
He is very scared that you will leave him however, while you are trying to figure out his back and forth behavior he knows you will not do anything until you understand why he acts the way he does. Suspicion and insecurity is being unsure about the next move. I do not feel he is cheating on you but he may want you to think that or be grasping or see if you will be. This is a very immature relationship and will end up hurting you deeply if things do not change quickly. You and he should always wish each other the best, but do not take to much on yourself, it takes two to tango.


Love Questions: Posted May 5th, 2014

I have been married to "M" for 21 years and together we have 2 children. We have not had the happiest marriage. In the last 5 years, he has told me 3 times that he does not love me and wants a divorce only to "take it back" a few weeks later; I've lost trust in him as a result. We have been to counseling several times and never seem to be able to resolve things. He is very self-centered and seems to think that everything should focus around him and his needs, even over the kids. I recently met someone at my work and am so confused by the feelings I've experienced from the moment I met him. He is not overly flirtatious, but he makes my ears ring and my heart pound whenever he is near, which I notice is far more often than necessary. He passes through my work area for no apparent reason several times a day but is so shy that he won't speak to me unless I speak to him first. This guy, "C" is everything my husband is not. I could talk to "C" for hours and my husband acts like having to listen to me talk is a torturous burden. I haven't ventured for divorce because I worry about how I will raise 2 kids on my own, but I don't know how much longer I can live like this. Is my marriage headed for divorce and will I soon get to finally realize what it is like to be really cared for, hopefully by "C"? -Tishida 
What you are saying is extremely unfair to all concerned. I feel that this man likes you, as do a lot of people. But please try not to project your feelings and marital situation on this man. He is a very nice individual and you have been aware of this for a long time; however, you can not depend on this man to escape your current situation, this would be unfair to him, you, and your husband. To avoid problems I advise you to work on your marriage, it is entirely possible. But as far as a relationship or affair; it is out of the scenario.

A guy that was in my Reserves unit with me for 2 years and I begun dating last fall. In the beginning of this dating period, our chemistry took my breath away, literally. I felt a spark with him I never felt with other men. There were times where I thought he could be reading my mind, especially those mornings when I would think to myself, "I should call him" and later that day, an email would pop up from him. Unfortunately, a vacation seemed to break what we had going, as well as work stress and holiday stress and he broke up with me. I was devastated. The fact that he didn't want to see me anymore and didn't see a future with me made me feel disenchanted by love and romance because I did see a future with him. I didn't want to talk to him after that, but I ended up connecting with him as friends through email. When I realized I was initiating most of the correspondence, and that my motives were really for a second chance at things, I stopped emailing. I wonder if I will feel this kind of bond with a guy again, or if I missed out on a chance at real love. I'm still mourning the loss of our short-lived companionship. -Cindy
You and this man have a lot in common; it is a natural occurrence to feel a strong connection. You and he have made important choices in your lives and essentially can identify with each others feelings with in your current situation. On a long term basis or possibly your and his roots in life, I feel are very different. The deep friendship has been thrust into the future, and this is why he is so spontaneous in his communication. Things have developed very quickly, and he does feel very strongly toward you. You and also he will reenter this deep friendship, however take things slowly and allow things to mature naturally. Take the time to listen to each other. I do not feel it is about another woman or some sort of barrier, it is only the timing. Try to not take a relationship so seriously, concentrate on establishing happy memories. Once you and he take time to really talk you will see it is not about you or your deep feelings; you will hear from him, his definition of your situation once you allow it.

I dated one of my exes for three years and after we broke up he got married within three months. I started to date for few months until I met this new guy and he helped completely erased my ex of my life, however we have been going back and forth. He recently is recovering and is not in a right state of mind (at least I would like to think that myself), I was there when everyone else walked out of his life. Once he regained control of his life and friends, I became his last priority. He started to undermined me, ignore me, and completely stopped talking to me, at times it felt like the world could fall apart but as long as we had each other we knew it was going to be ok. He told me he will always be my friend and thanked me for everything I did for him. It’s been a year and I continue to go back and forth with him. I don’t understand how he can have that much grip on me, if he release me from a painful situation for someone I dated for 3 years why cant I l let go of him? I know I love him and something tells me he loves me too. He is stubborn and selfish but he has my heart. Will we get ever back together? -Maria
You and he have realized that you are friends, very good friends, and even though the romantic relationship did not work; it does not mean the spiritual bond is broken (you and he are highly aware of each others situation in life). You know each other better then most people do. A lot of people misunderstand spiritual bonding. We have several bondings not only one. It is only that when you are close to another as a wife, husband, or a child, a person can put a human condition to the bonding (most people do not even realize it; until they are away or gone). You and this man will always be good friends and I know you are both disappointed about your relationship with each other, but such is life. Even though you and he should depend on your spouses to fulfill the relationship; in other words enjoy the friendship with your spouses, because I assure you they will. As far as your ex, trying to develop a romantic relationship again would be a big mistake; if you and he can handle like adults, a friendship, more power to you, however it may cause problems with your spouses. I would advise not to start something that must remain a secret; may be in high school but not in a marriage; marriages are sacred and should not be played with. In other words do not break your promise to higher power, or God; it is not a good thing.




Love Questions: Posted April 28th, 2014

I have deep feelings for a woman I work with named Brenda. Ii’ve felt this way for a long time but we are both married. I am frustrated with my marriage; not because of Brenda though. I do not see this as wanting an affair, but feel something more for her than I have ever felt. I look into her eyes and feel something. We enjoy each other's company when we have gone to lunch or have a drink. I have no idea how she feels for me, or if there is an interest with an old fool. I have tried to hide my feelings but it is very hard to do. -Tom
Everybody likes a compliment; there is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone. We as human beings have an abundance of strong and intense feelings, we are supposed to. However, we have an attraction to fire, water, tornadoes and the snow, but we do not run into fire. We will not go into deep water for very long. Tornadoes are very interesting, but you don’t want one in your back yard. What I mean is, we are attracted to a lot of things. Curiosity and interest are what created modern man. People have also developed control; avoiding things that will eventually bring harm to us or harm to our families. I do feel the attraction is genuine and mutual, however, so is the chance that you may hurt a person or people you care about and love. Now, I know you do not want that. Individuals who desire an affair will find a way to do it if they want. If you entertain this thought it will be something that will grow to the point of causing great hurt and a lot of problems. People can work around others and create a happy work environment, or flirt and be distracting. It is a bad idea all around that will reflect on your career and destroy your personal life (this applies to her also). You are bringing your personal issues to the work place (very bad idea). My advise is to leave it alone and work on your marriage; you will receive a great reward.

Recently I've been feeling like I've had 7 years bad luck, especially in regards to men and relationships. I feel like I'm a great catch but I deserve what I want and I don't want to settle. I was married for 2 years and it didn't work at all. I've been single since he and I split up 4 years ago. Recently I was involved with someone who I had good chemistry with. Unfortunately, he ended things but I still want to be with him. Will he and I ever reconnect and will I ever meet someone I may eventually marry? -Chae
In your case you are a very defined woman and you will only see growth and progress by commitment. It is okay to want this in your life but it does take time. Try not to project your feelings about your ex on another person. Within the next four months you will be in a deep friendship that can become a lot more. Whether this will last or not depends on your ability to deal with the past. You are a very nice person and will never be without friends, but you will find that most men will not enter a relationship unless it is new and open. It is really up to you. The chance you are looking for will arrive very soon.

I have very deep feelings for a man that I met while I was working in Manhattan. His name is Jon and he was the head of the security at the hotel I stayed at. I’m not sure why this man as touched me so deeply. He is married and a Jehovah Witness. You can look at him and see that he is not a happy man and there is so much in there to give. We had a very strange connection, Jon doesn't smile not often and not a real smile. But I got the real smile! There was so much I felt he wanted to say but something would always happen to interview with the conversation. I guess I can't say we don't communicate we do it's just different, for a while I thought I was going crazy because it's like he is right next to me or I can hear him call my name. We are friends on Facebook and we watch each other that way; I guess I should say I watch him but I know he watches me too. He is on vacation in FL now and I’m not sure if he is with his wife or why he is there. Does this man really care for me or is this my imagination? Do we have a chance together if I moved to NY? -Kat
I would not make any major moves yet, some people do not like surprises. He will let you know through conversation what is causing him to be unhappy. Right now he enjoying the friendship and in the process developing a loving and good relationship. It is very important to not rush into your conclusions about him. Understand that you and he are seeing the best of each other. I do feel that there is a barrier to a relationship on his side. Please pace your friendship; it is becoming something more. If you are developing romantic feelings for him, I would advise you to let him know; friendships and romantic relationships are very different. I do not feel there is any reason that you should not be truthful about your feelings (he pretty much knows already). The question is will you and he have a working chance; yes.


Love Questions: Posted April 21st, 2014

I was wondering if you could tell me if I would be in a relationship soon. What does my love life have in store for me? -Thuyoanh
My inner voice is indicating that you are already in the beginning phase of gathering energy through prayer or meditation and deep reflection of your place in this world; I feel strongly it is a bit of everything. You are starting to feel the process of yin and yang or positive and negative energy and realizing that one can not exist without the other. For you this is a time of reflection and deep thought. This process is telling you to prepare for activity and gather energy because you are going to need it. The activity phase can be hectic and stressful or it can be a time of feeling good, possessing high energy, and a feeling of being connected to the world. I feel a lot of positive things are entering your life. Financial opportunities and also I feel relationships will be energized and natural; however, whether it is positive or negative is entirely up to you. I do see a lot of happiness around you. Congratulations, your simple question is more telling then anything I have heard for a long time.

I met this man back in 2010 and I fell for him very hard. We're not together anymore but he keeps coming back into my life saying he wants me back and that he loves me. But now there is a problem; he got married in December. He tells me he is coming to be with me. Is it true? Will we be together? I'm so confused. He has let me down more then I can bear. The sad thing is, I want him. I can't get him out of my mind. I thought I was able to move on. I guess not. -Carmela
There is no doubt that he will continue to pursue you, however, is this what you really want? His desire to come in and out of your life is an indication that he is not serious about what is happening with you. Even though the marriage is on the way to failure (it was never taken seriously from the start), you need to realize what is going on with you and he is a fantasy. You really do not know him as well as you think. He will continue to pursue you but he will be going through the process of denial and bargaining. When it all comes falling down for him do you really want to be there to catch him? I think not.

Does my ex still have feelings for me? He got in contact with me recently after 7 months but he has stopped replying again. I just want to know why? -Jane
This situation is caused not by anything you are doing, or not doing; I feel this man loves you a lot and that you and he feel the love for each other. This man wants to be impressing to you, he wants something to offer you. The reason for his appearing and disappearing from your life is simply to hold on to your attention and thoughts. He is only feeling a bit insecure. Within the next four months he will get some wonderful news; something that will give him a view into the future in a very positive way (this is most likely to involve his finances). His first inclination will be to share this good news with you. You will see a more reliable and happy individual, as a result of this I feel you relationship can evolve; I do see that you and he are very good for each other.


Love Questions: Posted April 14th, 2014

I had held out hope for my ex and me, I thought we ALWAYS had something special and that time could stand the test of many things! I’m trying to let go. Right now I think he is with someone who he has been back and forth with for a few years. In those few years he was back and forth with me until recently. We were intimate several times before him saying he enjoyed the sex but there was no love behind it. He didn't say he was in love with the other woman but he is intimate with her! His feelings for her go back and forth and as early as July and he was with few other women! He is also bipolar and medicated but not sure if he is having some break through manic episodes. A few coincidences from before have come out. I guess my question is are we soul mates? He met he fell in live once and gave his heart away along time ago. Are these feelings still there? Is there any chance down the road? Is this woman his soulmate? I'm still walking away as hard as it is so that I can have a chance to live and love myself. I guess I just want to know these answers. -Michelle
It would be very wise to take him at his word. He certainly has feelings for you, but as he has told you there is no love, only physical gratification. You cannot expect this man to feel as you do for several reasons; first and primary is his attempt to deal with his disorder (I feel this is what must be understood). People going through a bipolar disorder (there are a lot of different levels) first must follow doctors orders; prescription, social conditions, and emotional stress. All relationships are stressful, and I feel strongly that the stress and emotional ups and downs are what he is trying to avoid. Remember that it is impossible for a man to fake physical interest. As adults it is very important to define your relationship; what you want and what he wants, either it works or not. If your friendship is only based on sex it will get very boring after a while. I would suggest seeing if you can become friends and find things in common. Be supportive, but if you feel it is only about sex, only you can end it. I also advise you to read up on bipolar disorder so you can better understand his moods and personality better.

I am seeing this guy named Tony. I would like to know if he really likes me and what does the future have in store for us? Do you think he maybe playing with my feelings? Should find someone else or I should be patiently waiting for him? Thanks so much for your advice and may God bless you and me. -Aidinha
I feel that his feeling are real he is falling in love with you. I do also feel strongly that the playing with feelings should not be an issue. At this mans age he is not playing games he really does like you. The time for games is over, there is no motivation or desire to be deceptive with you. At this point in your lives, you are both very defined in your ways and actions and I advise you and he to have fun and establish happy memories with each other and you most certainly will. You will be sure about him in a very short time. If there are no barriers to the time you spend with each other (no other relationships) you will evolve with each other, however do not look into the future too far, not now, you will scare each other away.

I've been involved with a man for almost 3 years. For the past year he's been talking marriage. Can I expect a ring anytime soon or is it just talk? -Melissa
This is a man who likes surprises and he very much enjoys seeing you smile and laugh. He also knows you are contemplating this question. To him you have made him very happy and this has lasted and continues. He only wants you to be happy and he does see you as a happy individual; in other words he feels the time is right and will formally propose around spring. You and he have found love with each other and I feel very strongly that it will last and evolve. The process of being with each other is very enjoyable to each of you and I do see a happy future with each other.


Love Questions: Posted April 7th, 2014

I am 26 and never been in a real relationship. My parents are currently going through a divorce and I feel like this makes it even harder for me to open up and trust other people. When will I meet the guy that is meant for me? Have I already met him? -NH
You have been in a position to observe and feel the changes through a timeline; being directly involved (as a part of the family) in a divorce effects all, as you know. This is really not fair to you. Relationships are serious, they effect all parts of life. I feel strongly that you have been very aware and very conscious about the dynamics of a relationship. I also feel strongly that the study, if not already, will become a part of your professional life. Before a true relationship can begin, people must first become friends and the compatibility either works or it does not. By this time next year you will be involved with an individual who feels the same as you; if you and he take pleasure in everyday and being with each other you can evolve with each other. You must be sure there are no barriers to avoid uncomfortable issues. I do see your destiny as being in a committed and happy relationship, however allow things to evolve naturally.

I have a long distance relationship going on with a US Marine deployed to Afghanistan. I would like to know if he is 100% for real or just been playing me. If he is for real, where will our relationship go? If not, is he planning on breaking it off with me tomorrow or when? I want a real true love instead of being alone. He says we're soul mates; but I wonder. I am so confused and don't know what to do. I would give anything to be prepared for the worst, so if and when it happens I will know how to handle it and know exactly what to say so that I will be the one walking away with my head up with pride and him regretting it. -Nanette
In your position and his also you both have a lot of time to think about each other and your personal situation in life. It would be advisable for you to see the situation as a mirror; what I mean is that you and also he are working with the same memories, conversations and plans. Remember that you need to meet up with each other to get to know each other better. My feeling is that you will find even more compatibilities with each other and like each other very much however, do not make the mistake of looking into the future to far or quickly.

Is my boyfriend of 6 years talking or seeing another woman? -Angela
I do not feel he is actually cheating on you, however, I do feel that he wants you to think that or see if jealousy is still there. I sense that your relationship has progressed to point of reality. What I mean is that you have both reached a point where you are going to continue as a couple or fade away from each other. Maintaining a suspicion or jealousy will keep a relationship from entering reality and some people like things that way. If this has been a part of a long term relationship something is very wrong. If a new relationship is the issue it simply means he has no idea what to say. Just remember jealousy or creation of jealousy is an action of a very insecure individual. If the jealousy is not resolved it could get some one in a lot of trouble. If it can not be resolved it is time to say goodbye.




Love Questions: Posted March 31st, 2014

My ex and I have been divorced for nearly 2 years but we communicate a few times a week. He remarried an old high school girlfriend who never was and still is not a good match. She believes in alcohol and party time. This is the third marriage she has broken up. Do you see them staying together for eternity? Do you see him "waking up" and seeing that she was all about the party and the money she could coerce him to get? He cashed in his IRA and Roth to have a good time. He could never look me in the eye and talk to me and just left. He carries much guilt and I do believe remorse. How long do you think this relationship between them can last? Is there any hope for us to get back together and work this out? We were happily married, or so I thought, for 32 years. I hope you can answer this for me as I can't seem to get this out of my mind. -Deb
You are very much in love with this man and you do not see the actual situation; it is not her fault that he has wondered. He understands this woman and has very much in common with her. I do not see a committed situation in their future but they both are satisfied with each other. From the way he communicates with you and his assurance of your feelings for him, he will definitely make an attempt to reunite with you. The only way it will work is if you and he get back to the point of wanting to retake your vows, but you will find the same issues, these issues must be dealt with and put into the past or they will return. I really do not feel that he desires a marriage at this time and right now he does not have a desire to part with this other woman. He does love you and you and he will always be connected and he is very much holding on to you. If you think about it, he would not tell you about this other woman and their situation if he did not want you to hold on to him also.

I have been single for 7+ years and devoting my life to my children. I am tired of being alone. When will I find someone to spend the rest of my life with that will be a wonderful male role model for my children? -J.
Within the next four months you will find that you do not feel exactly the way you do now. However, I suggest that you look back into a subject that you had great interest in and aspirations about being a success at; you can reestablish your incentive in this interest and this time take your time to accomplish what you want. You are going to find that you make a lot of friends that share your interest, men and woman. Through a female friend you are going to meet an individual who shares your interest and your situation in life. I feel this man is single and available but not really used to the dating scene. He has spent the last few years as you, raising children (a single father). You and this man will have a lot in common, age, children, and your common interest, this friendship I feel has great potential for success; just remember to take things slowly. Around the same time you reestablish you interest and become actively involved you will also meet an individual through one of your children, he will also be a single father with grown children who are out of the home. You will know this man by his voice and his love of baseball. I feel strongly that you will be very happy by how the year progresses.

I had a relationship with a guy and we have been together for 6 years. It has never been a good solid relationship and we both know that we are wanting to move on, so for the last year we have been more off then on. We live in our own homes, but we live right beside each other. We both own our homes and this makes it very difficult to move on. I left the relationship emotionally a long time ago and I am wondering if you see us going our own way in the near future because I am really ready to find a new love and was wondering if you see a new love in my near future and if so will this be the right guy for me? -Kelly
The location of your friends home and your home will not be an issue as long as you are blunt about your feelings or lack of romantic feelings, once this matter is taken care of you will feel a lot better in your outlook towards the future. I can feel that you are a very nice and magnetic woman, you will never have a problem in this area. You will meet another person who will be a good friend to you and he will want to develop a closer relationship. However, if your ex boyfriend is still under the impression that there is something going on with you and he, the new friend will vanish. Three months will be enough time to get back on track.


Love Questions: Posted March 24th, 2014

I have been single for close to 7 years. Do you see this changing anytime soon? My son is growing up and I feel he needs a man in his life, as does my daughter. I am ready for a relationship and have been in contact with an old crush for over a year and there are feelings there, but he lives over 2 hours away. Is this guy just wishful thinking? – Jennifer
Two hours in distance is not much, as to be an issue since your feelings are there. This man feels the same way you do however, he feels he can not express emotions as well as you can. You and he very much enjoy the time you spend with each other and are building up positive memories of each other. The issue of long term plans or marriage will only scare each other away right now. Once a common image of the future is established with each other (naturally) the relationship will evolve to the point where you and he can not see the future with out each other being there. I suggest activity that you share and enjoy, it is activity that will create the relationship you want, the expressive and quit time with each will come naturally; according to the laws of nature. Within a year you and he will be in a structured relationship that will continue to grow (if nurtured). It's OK to feel good and be happy.

The man I love and know to be my soul mate ended our relationship of two years 3 months ago. Some have told me to let go and focus on new love, but I feel in my spirit this is the man destined for me. I believe there is new love interest. I still have faith and believe this is a test of our love. Will this man come back to me and is he serious with another woman? -Stephanie
This is not necessarily your issue, there is a strong attachment you feel and this is very real. It usually takes about thee months to establish any routine, or break a routine. What I mean is that you are certain you and he started or the subject of where or we going, what is in the future plan for us? Is there a plan? It is important to pace ones self in relationships and not look into the future too far; even though the other my feel love also. Looking too far into the future tends to overwhelm most in relationships (a common image should not be rushed, things need time to establish in a common way, naturally). There will be another chance for you two within the next two months (another relationship for him, is not happening but I am sure the implication is intentional; he is holding on to you, not in a malious way but in a way of buying time and holding on to your thoughts). He is only trying to figure out his next move, where your relationship is concerned. You need to get to know each other a lot better and this takes time.

I broke up with my boyfriend of almost two years, six weeks ago because he had become distant and I found out that he had been spending time with his ex-girlfriend. I knew they still talked. Now six weeks later I still hurt over this and am upset and depressed all the time. I know that if it wasn't for her, he and I would still be together. Will he ever get over her and if he does will we end up back together? -Jessica
Certain men have a very difficult time handling rejection; if he was at fault for their break up, he will try to change that or the situation that initiated the break up. It is not her fault, he is the one who is doing the pursuing, so try not to blame her or her influence on him. He also likes you very much and has had a lot of fun as you have however, this is close friendship. He is and has for a long time been involved in a serious and realistic relationship. He has not been entirely open to you; this man will continue to communicate with you within the next couple of weeks. He does not know exactly what to say, or where things in his own life are going so it may be difficult to plan ahead. In a few weeks you will be more aware of the situation, more informed and will began to see things differently and more clearly.


Love Questions: Posted March 17th, 2014

My friend and I have been talking for about two years now and I have really developed strong feelings for him. I love him and I am in love with him. I'm not exactly sure how or when to communicate my love and feelings to him because I'm scared of rejection and I'm not sure how he feels but I would love to pursue a relationship with him. Will he and I ever pursue the opportunity to be together in a relationship more than what we have going on now? –Nateasha
He does not want to end the friendship. When a man can express his inner feelings and open up to someone it is a rare thing and feels very good and honest. I feel he does want to establish something more with you but does not want to lose his friend; a lot of times friends can open up with each other more effectively then in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation. He is thinking in the same way that you are. If you create the correct situations to share with each other (movies, concerts, restaurants etc) the book of a relationships will be started. Put shared activities, happy activities in this book, it will grow. The opening up and talking will happen naturally and really does not have to be planned. This man cares about you more then you realize.

I feel I have met my soul mate, but, with that I am in turmoil. We connected on 6/8/13. I approached him. We are both going through a divorce. He is burning hot and cold and driving me nuts. His name is Oscar. Am I wasting my time? –P.
If you are depending on this man to change your life and be the knight in shining armor then you will be disappointed. He is really not in that position. I would advise you and he stop the affair before you get caught because it will complicate both divorces greatly. You can be a support system to each other but that is all. You and he are not in the position to get involved in each others problems at home; when his marriage is ended he will pay a heavy price and he will not be to happy about that and you do not want him to blame you. I do feel you will end up with each other eventually; but as I mentioned you must take care of your own situations as they are very different.

I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years. I now truly know that it is over as we had been on and off the past few years and we also have a seven year old daughter together. I have a few questions: the pharmacist I had (or still have) a crush on, what kind of feelings he had for me and will I see him again (when, where?) Also, I just barely met someone I am interested in but it is only the very beginning. Will we become an item and if so when? Are these two people out of the question for a relationship, or is there someone out there I have not met yet? I would like to get married again, have a second child and live a "normal" life. Will this happen? –Marissa
As far as normal life, that is a matter of personal circumstance. Essentially you and your boyfriend of eight years being on and off as you say only means that you and he are in a romantic situation that has lasted for eight years. The child is real and also the love you and he have for the child. I feel you and he are going through the stress of being married without the benefits (legally, mentally, and of course the spiritually). It would be different if you both wanted this; however I feel you don’t. You are a very intelligent and magnetic woman, you will never have a problem with making friends. Committed relationships that work must be taken seriously or they will fail.


Love Questions: Posted March 10th, 2014

I have been happily married now for 5 years. This passed year my husband has been in another state. During this time he's been away I started talking to my ex with whom I was with for 5 years and I'm so confused now. Me and my ex were getting along well and it excited me and we even went as far as almost had sex. The worst is that the night I was with my ex was so powerful the connection when our lips touched was like no other and the strength I wasn't feeling those feelings alone I think. Now I'm confused because I can't stop thinking about him. I want to know why after all this time do I feel this way. I was satisfied until he kissed me and touched me. We haven't spoken since a little after that night. I want to know if he felt what I felt. Does he love me still? What's wrong with me for wanting to feel that passion again and finish what was started and will we get to? I want to feel that feeling again. It was heaven. -Melissa
A loving relationship is rare and when such a relationship fails it promotes disappointment. It is very difficult to except the reality that something that you were so sure about did not work. Most people will learn and become more defined as to what they want and how to get it. Once we as human beings retain our spiritual bondings in life; even if we are away for what ever reason. As adults we evolve to the point of restraining our selves (avoiding things that will harm us or someone we love) it is a part of maturity (for most people). You and this man will always have strong feelings for each other, but it is up to you which path you want to take. Right now you would be thinking of why you married; and the answer is to be unique to each other; and this has several benefits: mentally, spiritually and of course physically. I advise you to think even more. Would you like to be at blame for interrupting an acquired situation? Would you or people you care about be hurt in any way? You are not likely to do something for the moment that will effect your entire future. In your actions I feel you will restrain yourself. I feel strongly that you will realize this; and also the this other man will continue to pursue you (if you don’t do something about it) this does have the potential of harming the wrong people. In your contemplation you will realize that working on the marriage is what is needed.

I have been involved with a man for about a year now. Though at first we both looked at the relationship as something fun and casual, we fell on love with each other. Recently, he's been dealing with a lot of personal issues and I, although as supportive as can be, have been put on hold. Even more recently, an ex of his has reappeared and they have slept together. Though this pains me to my core, I cannot help but feel like him and I are meant to be together. Since he told me of the ex, I haven't contacted him, but I miss him dearly. Have I deluded myself into thinking he is the one for me or is this something that can grow? -Kiki
Relationships are supposed to be fun and enjoyable; however this leads to reality (do we have a chance, could it work, does he feel the same way?). I feel you and he are very compatible on a romantic level, but it is the future together that you and he may see differently. He is attempting to repair something from the past; and is caught up in the past, where you and he are concerned, it would be advisable to know each other better. He has not communicated with you because he does not know what to say. Not communicating with you is essentially holding on to you, and your interest. This man will make an attempt to get close to you, however if this attempt is not soon you will began to think differently.

I'm so unsure about what to do in my relationship right now. Should I move on or should I try to fix it with my ex? I keep talking to the wrong guys and I'm not sure if I will ever that 'one person' that will also be the last. Im not made for 'keep dating til you find the one' because I go in too deep. What should I do? -Jotishna
Your Destiny is to be in a committed long term relationship; when the time is right. I understand that you have a love for your ex, and he does for you, this will be the case for the foreseeable future. However, there must be a commonly established image of the future together, sometimes it happens quickly some times not at all; at times it will take a long time to be established. One thing that will disrupt this process is looking too far into the future too quickly or only from one side. I feel that you and your ex will have another chance, however, issues must dealt with or they will reemerge stronger then before. You will be increasingly interested in a subject that was not perused before; the man in your destiny will be a part of this interest and your enjoyment and knowledge will grow, as the common image of the future, which will be a natural process.


Love Questions: Posted March 3rd, 2014

I'm writing to ask when will me and my ex Jeffery get back together? Will it be soon? I need to know. When will he leave his new girlfriend? Thanks. -Ashley
He coincides himself to be in a relationship with her; you are his girlfriend (believe it or not some men like things that way). His relationship issues are occurring because of uncertainty about his own direction; he is becoming very aware that it is fairly impossible to maintain two different relationships. His hesitance to be defined in a relationship is why his intentions where you and he are concerned are extremely vague, he really does not know where things are going. This man will attempt to continue seeing you, however, at this time, he is into the hear and now and you will see more and more each day how unfair this is to you.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year. I cannot even get him to speak to me. Will he ever speak to me and will we ever get back together? -Aleah
Most people when they are in love develop a sense of surrender towards the object of their affection as he has. A sense of trust must be established if your relationship is going to evolve. I feel very strongly that you and he are in the process of going from romantic love to realistic love (realistic love does not mean the romance is gone; it only means that a person gets to the point of not seeing the future, with out the other being there). In this phase feelings get hurt very easily and a small things seem gigantic. I feel he does miss you and sharing time together. If this issue has to do with jealousy, I do not feel it will work. He is holding on to you for a reason (this is what the non-communication is all about) he cannot say that he does not like you anymore, because he does; he only feels hurt and desires solitude. I also feel that you and he will communicate within two months and this conversation will be the key. One thing to remember is that this break up has taken your relationship to a higher level. He will attempt to contact you but not in a personal way; it will be regarding a project that you share interest in. You and he will have one more chance. He does miss you as much as you mis him; even though he is not communicating with you he does miss your voice.

I recently started thinking about an ex. We haven't spoken in over 6 months. I am trying to figure out why all of a sudden he's constantly on my mind. Clearly if he were thinking of me he would have called. Is there something I should know or are these thoughts signs to contact him? -Trice
Just like you he is disappointed that the relationship did not work. It is a very natural thing to think about the past (resent and distant) and see solutions instead of pure emotion. I feel he would see an attempt to contact him as path to friendship; on his mind you and he entered a romantic relationship not a friendship. I do also feel that he would take the desire to be only friends not too well. He feels the break up was the end of the world for you. Right now he would take this as an insult. I feel that contact would go a long way towards repairing your situation with each other, but not now, it is still too early. Allow the thoughts to remain. I guarantee he is thinking about you also; and I also suggest you allow him to make the attempt, and he will.




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