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Adam, ext. 7016

I can't help it. I keep calling back and calling back. Adam has a true gift and is an absolute joy to speak with. I love speaking with him and encourage others to speak with him. Words can't begin to describe how on point he is every time I have spoken with him. Absolutely amazing!
-Lisa K., Florida

Adam, I’m so glad I had a chance to speak with you. I (like most people, I’m sure) tend to worry about the future, and you have given me a chance to actually look forward to what lies ahead.I’ve only spoken to Adam once and will know for certain how accurate his readings are once my job opportunity overseas begins this August 2014.I am really excited about what’s in store for me as he has said that some very interesting things will be taking place in my romantic life once I begin my new job as a history teacher.Adam and I also discussed someone I was interested in here in the States. Although he is currently in a relationship, I had a feeling that he was interested in me too…but I will know that for certain come August.I’m anxious, hopeful, and nervous to find out of everything will come to pass. Judging by Adam’s testimonials from previous customers, he seems to be very accurate and “spot on” about all/most of his readings.I hope to speak with Adam again with further questions expanding on everything he has told me. Fingers crossed!
-Anne Rose D. 

I just wanted to say that when I first reached out to Adam he was on point about what was to come! My second encounter with Adam he had mentioned to me some other things as well that did come to pass, however, one of those things did not. Overall Adam is the best to me because he calls it like he sees it with encouragement and will not tell me things to hurt me.

Adam is an amazing person and a gentleman! His accuracy in his readings are outstanding! He is very easy to understand and comprehend. He has been right on with his predictions and his accuaracy to the point to which amazes me!

I had a reading with Adam back in Feburary and he told me that he saw me taking on a lot more of the advertising and marketing side of my job come late April, early May. He told me that he saw me doing a lot of press type stuff and a lot of networking. I was a bit scared when he told me this because I already have a lot on my plate but he told me it is being given to me because my boss knows I can handle it and if I prove myself it could lead to bigger and better things within the company. He was dead on. The last week of April my boss approached me saying that she wanted me to take over all media and marketing for our company! He is awesome!
-E.B., PA

Adam was very accurate and helpful in a an emotional situation. What he said was completely accurate. thank you.

I had called about career and relationship. Two days later as he predicted I had two job offers and could choose which I wanted. Also the partner that I was interested in romantically contacted my as well like Adam said.

Adam, you have given my heart and soul such peace!!!! I have never in my life ever received a reading so ACCURATE TO ALL OF HIS PERSONALITY TRAITS BEFORE and you have certainly tapped into his spirit so deeply it is unbelievable. May God continue to bless you with your spiritual gift to be a blessing to so many. You have given me HOPE, COMFORT, UNDERSTANDING AND JOY!!!! Thank you

"Adam was so spot on, everything he said came true. Highly Recommended!"

"Adam predicted that my friend would come back into my life after seven years of no communication, well it happened this past October!"


I've had a reading with Adam at extension 7016 recently and I was very impressed with Adam's calm and confident voices when he revealed the answer to me.  My question for him is a brief one - When can I expect to land a full-time job?  He asked me a question and then he gave me an answer. I was very impressed as he was quick and certain when giving out answer. I really hope what he told me will become true as it sounds really encouraging and promising
-Eve L.

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on what an amazing experience I had speaking with Adam!!! - very friendly, quick with insight, helped me tremendously to understand a certain baffling (albeit wonderful) situation I have been dealing with for a long time lol!  I recommend him very highly...so easy to talk with and I might add what a charmer!! Adam is such a sweet person...so very easy to talk to, has a calm and relaxing manner - does not talk too fast and I find this helpful to really let the words sink in that he is telling you. This is my second call to Adam - I seem to need him the most when he is not online lol! He put my heart and mind at ease today and gave me such joyful news for the future...I tend to ask way too many questions and he just takes it in stride.

Annette, Ext. 7047

Thank you so much to the CSR who recommended her to me! Literally the day after my reading with her the things she had told me were unfolding and I was amazed and shocked to be honest because I got a reading with her and Ziggy the same day and both of them were ON POINT! Everything they told me was just... wow! I Can't wait to speak to her again. I will definitely be a regular customer of hers!

I'm so glad Annette is back. She was always one of my favorites. She has such a lovely light about her and she is such a joy to speak with. Not only that but she picks up my energy so quickly and easily the first time I spoke with her after she came back it was like no time had passed at all she dug right in like we had been speaking everyday and she knew every detail of my situation. I love that. Welcome back Annette, we will speak again very soon.

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Franklin, ext. 7079

FRANKLIN is absolutely amazing at guiding you through life and it's difficulties! He sometimes is very to the point but is good that he tells you what he really feels as that is the only way to get past you problems.  I found in many ways he was more quick in getting to what the problem was than other psychics and seems to have a visual sense of helping someone through their problems.  It seems that he can "see"what is about to happen instead of using the tarot card, which is also very good. A true psychic! Thank you and God Bless!!

Please tell Franklin that his Weekly Horoscopes have been dead on accurate for me (escpecially over the last month). I am an Aquarius. My friend is not a member off your service yet but she reads the horoscopes every week (she's a Virgo) and she said the same. Great job Franklin! Thank you for bringing us such detailed and accurate horoscopes every week. I'm sure like my friend and I, many others look forward to reading theirs every Monday!

I love getting Franklin's weekly horoscopes. I am a Taurus and although sometimes they are not accurate - maybe I altered those ones which included me and my soul mate Who I've been apart from since last Easter. I'm like a child waiting for their presents on Christmas for his Horoscopes. I'm really hoping that the universe gives me the chance; 1 of which being marriage and the other being able to have a child. NEXT WEEKS HOROSCOPE SAYS SOMETHING AMAZING!

Grace, ext. 7096

I had a reading with Grace about a month ago. The beginning of the reading she told me to close my eyes and take a deep breath and focus and then exhale and open my eyes- this was new to me. I've had many readings before and nobody has told me to do this so I was a bit hesitant but then she just let it roll! I was absolutely amazed by how well she connected with me. Her empathic abilities are on point! I will tell you that! I usually am a very hard read and am hesitant trying out new people and stick to my usual two or three psychics that know my deal and know me best but with Grace it was like she knew me already or something. All I asked was for a "general outlook" since it was my first time trying her - just to see if we connected and I really wish I got more than 10 minutes because I feel like it just flew by. She was so sweet and warm. I will be following up with her very quickly because even though most of what she told me was unfolding in that current time (which was amazing enough sisnce I didn't tell her anything) some things she told me to look out for are currently coming to pass. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Dani Lee, Philadelphia, PA

I really liked her. She was nice and picked up very well on my situation. She gave me great guideance on certain things that she saw coming up for me around April so I will be looking forward to those things and if and when they come to pass I have some insight on how to deal with  them and I will be following up with her. Also, I want to thank her for her time and sharing her gift. She is very honest and I appreciate the info she gave me.

Kat, ext. 7054

What a fabulous lady Kat is! I had an immediate connection with her. She was 100% accurate on my current love situation and explained to me what is happening and what will happen in the future. Her calm and soothing voice made my reading so enjoyable and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you so much Kat for lifting my spirits up and letting me know that everything will work out with time and patience.

Very good. Calm. Believable. Reassuring. Positive. Thank you.

This was one of the most inspirational readings. It felt like I was talking to one of my best buddies, so down to earth and also confirmed what I already know. Plus gave me more positive info. Kat was so cool. She is worth every penny. I hate that I got less time then I did cause I could've talked to her forever. Thank you my sister...Kat you are awesome!!!!! 
Sherree Dallas, TX.

Kat calmed me down; she was healing and very much accurate on everything. She pointed me in the right direction and she let me know what was truly blocking my success toward my dream job. The best way I can explain my reading experience with Kat is that she saw me spiritually on the ground, she picked me up, brushed me off and let me know that I need to keep going and not give up. She is wonderful and she truly has a beautiful heavenly gift. She does not beat around the bush; instead she gives a straight forward and honest reading. I love that, and I will defiantly be calling her back.
C.H ., Hagerstown, Indiana

Kat is the very best psychic reader I have ever used. I have complete praise for her and all the good things she told me. If you have doubts in your life, call Kat. She can inform you of things that will help you deal in a positive way. A true God directed psychic will always give positive direction and nothing negative. This is Kat's direction totally in a reading. After I finished talking to her I immediately said a prayer for her and God blessed her. She is a wonderful lady whom I would suggest to anyone. She is firm and very directing in her readings. No sugar coating with this lady. I told her I loved her and I meant it from one psychic to another since we can't read for ourselves. She was a blessing to me and took so much stress and heartache out of my life today. I now have the correct direction.

"Kat makes me feel so comfortable. I am amazed at how accurate she is. The readings she does for me are like a guide of what is to come."
J.O., CA

"Kat has warned me about things that did come true. She is a true blessing to my life. If you ever need advice she is the one to go too."
Wendy, PA

"I spoke with Kat and not only did she make me feel less confused about my current love interest but she was accurate with an immediate timeframe as to when he and I would have contact as well as to where he has been. Due to his profession, he cannot always contact me and I also do not know where he is or when he will be available. I now can honestly say that I'm excited beyond belief for the rest of her insights to come to fruition."
Tonya, Chicago, Illinois

"I was amazed by Kat, the psychic who told me of my future. And this was only a 5 minute free psychic reading. Overall, it was a positive and great experience."
Arnold M

"Kat is phenomenal! She is straight, to the point and connects quickly and accurately. She really picked up on the situation. She is also very easy to talk with, like an old friend or sister. Thank you so very much Kat! I will be calling you back with and update and also to book 20 minutes to 30 minutes with you."

Sam, ext. 7042

I love Sam. She was just off the bat with it. I called her to ask her about a situation I was in with an ex that I had cut myself off from who had tracked me down and right away she was like "Let me guess..." and she knew everything! It was insane! I had no intention of answering his Facebook message or anything but she then went on to tell me more about him and I was amazed at how much she knew about how he was and then she warned me that he actually has a girlfriend but had been pining after me and angry that his best friend still had a close relationship with me. She also warned me that within the next 2 days I would get a call from that same friends phone but to not answer it because it would be my ex! ...It happened that same night!

Sam was straight-forward and told me like it is. She told me that I would meet someone in about three months from now. She also told me that very shortly I would have some money fall into my lap.

Shawna, ext. 7035

Simply mindblowing. I can't thank you enough. 

Shauna has a true gift and she is super honest and I liked that she was real with me. I was told she was one of the most seeked out psychics on the line but she's hard to get a hold of and I was lucky because she had just called in to log in and the rep got me to her. I WAS indeed lucky because I feel like I not only got so much claritybut also that I made a friend (as crazy as that sounds) I hope to chat with her again in the future and Shauna if you read this I hope you realize how lucky you are to have the gifts you have and thank you for sharing them to help people like me find our way out of the dark times.  
-Chelsey J.

Truly one of the best. She was totally on the money with me. I was leery because I needed someone who was good with time frames and they told me that was hard for psychics to do because of shifts and whatever but anyways Shawna had become available and they told me that she had been pretty close with her time frames given when the rep got readings from her before so I gave her a try. I wish I got more time with her off the bat because I only got 10 minutes and there was a line for her and I was unable to catch her. I will definitely be calling back for her though she was amazing...and fun to talk to also!

Thank you so much for enlightening me on everything hope to talk again.

Spirit, Ext. 7007

I enjoyed my reading with Spirit 7007. We had a good connection. She was easy to talk to and I found her to be very comfortable and direct.

Spirit was an absolute phenomenal reader and highly intuitive. I was very under the weather when I called her this morning and now I am feeling 100% like a new person. She told me how my career would progress and even gave me time frames and outcomes. Also, told me about a friends feelings and she hit the nail dead on concerning this, she was right about everything that has just happened and I did not say much. Also, each question I asked, she answered precisely and extremely quick and I had no feelings of questions, confusion or doubts after our call! I am 100% amazed!!! Call Spirit for an accurate, quick and direct answer to all questions and to top it off she is so very kind- spirited, caring and professional. Thank you Foretell for the opportunity to speak with an angelic being like Spirit she is a true gift to us all. Thanks Foretell you rock!!!
-Thank you, Lorraine

Spirit was very quick, detailed and compassionate. Never felt fake, she was very authentic. I felt very comforted and really connected with her. 
- P. D. from NC, Usa

This is for psychic Spirit she was amazing she hit everything on the point i will be calling her back again, she told wait tell the new year and i will see everything can't wait. Thanks.

Terry, Ext. 7049

Terry has been very understanding and supportive in helping me over the last couple of years. His intuition is remarkable and very accurate. I find his sensitivity in clairvoyance and psychic ability is so helpful that it almost surpasses the help of a counsellor or psychologist.  With his analysis he can help you to discover what is in your future and also teaches lessons as the clients life evolves from better to worse or viceversa. I highly recommend TERRY.  He is fantastic!!!! Thanks and God Bless!!!
- T.V.

"I had an awesome reading with Terry. He amazed me with his empathic abilities and was clearly picking up on me and the person I was asking about. The best part is he was able to give me a clear male perpective about my relationship. I really felt that he was able to help me have a better understanding of what my partners needs were as well as how I could have my needs met by my partner. I would recomend anyone to Terry. I know for a fact he's excellent with love and relationship issues." 
- LLC, Pa Usa

Terry has been very understanding and supportive in helping me over the last couple of years.  His intuition is remarkable and very accurate. I find his sensitivity in clairvoyance and psychic ability is so helpful that it almost surpasses the help of a counselor or psychologist.  With his analysis he can help you to discover what is in your future and also teaches lessons as the clients life evolves from better to worse or vice versa. I highly recommend TERRY. He is fantastic!!

Ziggy, ext. 7080

When Erin said they had a new psychic named Ziggy I kept asking who? Then she asked me if I remembered the psychic named Trisha from a while back who used to work the line who was very popular... she said "well that's her, she's going by Ziggy now" and I got very excited! Welcome Back!! We missed you you are an excellent psychic and your gifts are amazing we definitely missed you and will be calling for you again! 

Wow, just...speachless. One of the best readings I've had in a long time.

I'm always hesitant to try someone new because of my very tough (seemingly never ending) situation. I always trust Erin and Laura (the CSR's) though when they suggest someone to me because they've known me as a customer for the last 5 or 6 years since they both started there but anyways... Knowing my usual psychic wasn't on that day or evening, Erin once suggested Adam and Vicki to help with my situation and I loved them- the other day she told me "Ziggy" aka Trisha was back. I remembered her from years ago but I was nervous to go over to her because I wasn't sure if she would remember me or my situation. Erin told me that she had her first reading ever with her a couple weeks prior and was still in awe about some of the things Ziggy had told her. Erin said based on the fact that she had never spoken to Ziggy before and had her "walls" up meaning she is a hard read, she assured me that Ziggy would be able to help me. Sure enough, as soon as I got over to her all I said was my name and do you remember me and the reason I was calling and then she remembered everything about my situation from YEARS ago! She dove right in and already knew my question before I asked it. I'm so glad she's back but I'm gonna have so many psychics to follow up with now! They're all so good!