Aquarius Last Month

Aquarius: Those born under the sign of Aquarius (the water bearer) are generally outgoing, creative and inventive. Falling in the eleventh spot on the zodiac Aquarius is characterized by a strong independent streak and great sensitivity. At times, high strung and obstinate, the Aquarius is excellent in a debate or argument and is hard to sway from their position. Though they can be moody and detached, many people born under Aquarius have a great humanitarian side as an outlet for their deep concern for others. They also make excellent musicians and designers.
Common Characteristics of Aquarius:
 Friendly, honest, different, stubborn, independent, rebellious, lively, individualistic, detached, orderly, aggressive, eccentric, contrary, oblivious, tactless
Ruling Planet:
 Uranus  Color association: Turquoise, electric blue Birthstones: Garnet, amethyst, moonstones


WK 1 an offer of love that you have turned down more than once in the past is flirting with you again and it is time for a reality check to see what is most important to you and worth the effort to protect

WK 2 all happenings in the material world are numbered and come into being in an orderly procession where one thing follows another and its timing is unknown until the expiration date of what comes before it. 

WK 3 the universe encompasses both the seen and the unseen worlds and it uses souls like yourself to be the passageway between the worlds.  This is why so many good things fall into your hands and why they spend such a short time there.  It’s the same with relationships.  Others learn from you and go on to teach others about love and commitment.

WK 4 when you meet another soul on the mountain the first thing you must figure out is whether they are going up or down.  They are either ascending or descending and if you hitch on to them you will go in the direction that they are going because no soul can stand still on the mountain

WK 5 you have an important decision to make and this is the ideal time to ask your guides for help by admitting that you don’t know what to do.  This is how you put your guides in action.


WK 1 a new career is offered but this would mean taking someone’s job away from them and that’s the kind of guilt you can do without so you have to ask yourself if the consequences are worth the end result

WK 2 when the universe gives you what you need to grow instead of treating you to what you desire, you are being shown that there is a lot more to life than just finding entertainment to prevent boredom and block out the thoughts of others in need sent by your spirit guides.

WK 3 to create anything good all you have to do is ask that it be given to someone else and to create anything bad all you have to do is take what someone else has

WK 4 a good business partner is tame when you are wild and wild when you are too timid.  Working together and cooperating with one who is your opposite brings success

WK 5 you can prove to yourself that the invisible world is on your side by asking for the help you need and then acting upon the answer you receive.  This is how you show your gratitude to the spirit world


WK 1 someone is refusing to take no for an answer and you are going to have to discover what you have done to make this person so persistent because you don’t want to have this happen again when you did not intend it in the first place

WK 2 the only thing you can do in this material world that will favorably impress those who are watching in the spirit world is to recognize your own imperfections and take ownership of them.  The opposite of this is never admitting that you are wrong so no other soul can ever learn from you.

WK 3 whatever you freely give, money or advice, will come full circle and find a way to return to where it came from.  This is how the universe gives gifts to the ones it loves.

WK 4 the one you are considering as a partner comes with baggage from the past and this will have to be dealt with before any long-time commitments are made so if they are trying to rush you, it’s for a purpose

WK 5 it is time for you to take a chance and spin the wheel because you are due for a big win


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of your spiritual guide, and this most often closely resembles yourself and sounds like you.  The guide is giving you instructions that you cannot hear and the interpretation is that what you see with your own eyes is more reliable that what others say.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a child taming a beast with a loving pat and the interpretation is that you need to tame your own inner beast, be it greed, lust or gluttony so you can feel better about yourself.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of the most trusted woman in your life and the interpretation is that your intuition is close enough to the surface to be useful and you can trust the advice that you give to others as also being for you

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of you fighting a horned and tailed devil and the interpretation is you know who your enemies are and all is fair in this war so cut those cards before they deal.