Aquarius December

Aquarius: Those born under the sign of Aquarius (the water bearer) are generally outgoing, creative and inventive. Falling in the eleventh spot on the zodiac Aquarius is characterized by a strong independent streak and great sensitivity. At times, high strung and obstinate, the Aquarius is excellent in a debate or argument and is hard to sway from their position. Though they can be moody and detached, many people born under Aquarius have a great humanitarian side as an outlet for their deep concern for others. They also make excellent musicians and designers.
Common Characteristics of Aquarius:
 Friendly, honest, different, stubborn, independent, rebellious, lively, individualistic, detached, orderly, aggressive, eccentric, contrary, oblivious, tactless
Ruling Planet:
 Uranus  Color association: Turquoise, electric blue Birthstones: Garnet, amethyst, moonstones



WK 1 This week you’ll have to fight for the attention of your mate as they are being pulled in many different directions at the same time.  You are the only soul in the world who has the ability to get your mate’s full attention so don’t waste this opportunity to make a difference in their life.

WK 2 your mate gets creative in their attempt to show you how much you are loved.  Self-worth is a big part of what you are gaining by having someone you respect do for you what you could not do for yourself and earn your respect.

WK 3 you have recovered from old hurts and romantic failures and are now ready to go back out there and try again.  Your message has been received and someone is waiting to see you and start all over again.

WK 4 you have a chance to payback a soul who nurtured you in the past when you needed it most.  A dream or vision shows you how to end a bad time where you have not been able to express what is in your heart because you thought you didn’t know for sure that this is what you want.

WK 5 relationships move up a level when you show compassion and give help to someone your mate cares about.  This shows your gratitude for all that they have done for you, including the things that you were not supposed to know about


WK 1 everyone wants to be the boss’s right hand but to qualify for this job you must prove that you have a company point of view.  You are the top mediator between coworkers because you can speak to those above you as well as those below you

WK 2 a new job comes looking for you and feeling wanted is all you have ever asked of any position.  You move up into a leadership post where you can really help others because you have been there, seen that, and got the tee-shirt to prove it

WK 3 an old cycle has concluded and you get to deliver this message to people who will be overjoyed to hear it and are very likely to extend an invitation for you to join their group and work with them as long as you want.

WK 4 someone who made life easier for you and expected no payback is having a tough time and this would be the perfect opportunity to pay them back for what they did for you in the past.  You have a compassionate heart that wants to help and this would be excellent exercise for it.

WK 5 you are made the leader and now you must organize and make full use of each and every person who is at your disposal.  The real job of a leader is to make all the followers happy and keep the place running smoothly.


WK 1 when you have to fight for what you get it is more important to you and much harder to give up.  You have a message to deliver to an important person and this message must be delivered without any personal spin or input of any kind that would show which side you are on

WK 2 creative inspiration is what your spirit guides provide when they want to give you a gift and make you stand out in the world.  This will take you to a leadership position and allow you to influence the course of action that the world is taking

WK 3 the wall you have built to protect your heart or mind from psychic messages needs only to close the door to block all others from entering.  You have to decide if you want to do this before closing that door.

WK 4 when you express what you feel you release all the pent-up resentments being held in your heart and in your mind so say what you really think and it will good therapy for you

WK 5 when you are put in charge of others you must allow compassion and caring to be your guides as you try to create an atmosphere of giving and sharing knowledge so everyone can improve their abilities.


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or fantasy that comes is of you trying to make a decision between what you have in one hand and what you hold in your other hand, as if you were weighing them for their importance to you and the interpretation is that your spirit guides want you to validate their input by putting it to use.  Each time you use the advice you receive you are thanking the source and each time you are thankful you get closer to your enlightenment.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of you checking the fruit on a tree to see if it is ripe by squeezing it and the interpretation is that people held too tightly will try to escape your controlling grasp and the same is true for money that wants to be put to good use and be valuable to the world

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or fantasy is of someone praying or in meditation and the interpretation is that this is the most powerful thought in the universe, that of asking whatever you consider to be the higher power for what you think will bring the greatest good.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or fantasy is of someone watching a clock and waiting for the alarm to go off and the interpretation is you have set something in motion that cannot be stopped and you will have to learn to live with the results because there is nothing you can do about it.