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Aquarius: Those born under the sign of Aquarius (the water bearer) are generally outgoing, creative and inventive. Falling in the eleventh spot on the zodiac Aquarius is characterized by a strong independent streak and great sensitivity. At times, high strung and obstinate, the Aquarius is excellent in a debate or argument and is hard to sway from their position. Though they can be moody and detached, many people born under Aquarius have a great humanitarian side as an outlet for their deep concern for others. They also make excellent musicians and designers.
Common Characteristics of Aquarius:
 Friendly, honest, different, stubborn, independent, rebellious, lively, individualistic, detached, orderly, aggressive, eccentric, contrary, oblivious, tactless
Ruling Planet:
 Uranus  Color association: Turquoise, electric blue Birthstones: Garnet, amethyst, moonstones

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This is one of the most curious combinations of air and fire. Fire can spread or be extinguished, and the air will be at risk for a similar fate. There is a wide arrange of situations that could go together; however, in this combination, many situations may happen at an intellectual level, due to the fact of the leading skills of the ram as well as the creative and fast flowing ideas of the water giver. The ideal combination of emotions and feelings is the best combination when working together, and at the same time, there must be a plan to follow or at least a set of rules that can be shared and used at almost any time. The reason being is the impressive arrangement that each of them has the tendency to be independent and free with their words, and they don’t like to have any kind of limitations. This kind of mentality allows a great sense of adventure, lots of innovation and no time for boredom. However, it’s important to be sure that both have understood the same. If you are one of the members of this couple, be sure to understand exactly the way your partner has expressed his/her ideas. On the other hand, be certain to assure the same kind of understanding when paying attention to your partner’s ideas and projects. This is necessary at the beginning, because within a short amount of time, each one of you will be able to know how the other one acts and thinks, which will help in solving many issues. At a more intimate level, passion is guaranteed and only the imagination can create limits; this is a good scenario for trying to achieve a higher level of sexuality, especially if it is combined with some practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or at least, simple and deep meditation together. Take into account that the sense of adventure and/or innovation might extend into the sexual life, so this might lead to some possible affairs with others if the situation is not going well at home. Consider taking time together for new things as well as some time to get nice and honest conversations. This is one of the best ways to maintain the fire of the home, allowing it to spread and warm your lives.

This is one of those combinations that require a lot of work and sacrifice for each person in this pair because they’re both so different. Air and Earth/Soil don’t always seem to combine well, and in most cases there are more unintentional problems that can lead to separation and change in the ways they relate to others. The speed required to follow the wind is no match for the bull; the quiet, calmed and slow changing of the Earth/Soil by itself is something the water giver cannot handle well. Both need to work hard in this relationship for each other and for themselves. Both of these signs are strongly committed to their desires and this can be used to their advantage. This is the tool that can be used to transform the bull in an unstoppable force taking help from the air to go faster and beyond, and the air will create a refreshing breeze to stay close to the bull. However, this level of sacrifice must be justified at a very deep level, so try to work together for common goals because there is too much you two can do together to pass up that opportunity. Air brings new seeds and Earth/Soil can make them work properly. The spores of progress will help both signs. Patience is a must, especially from the water giver, and the bull must go the extra mile. You will have a great sexual life if you use all of that energy to grow closer, become more creative, and try to experience something new every time you want that intimacy. It's good to find a way to make this relationship work, though it will be well worth the effort to see how far you can go together.

This is a combination of ideas and forces. These two will be a force of creativity and perfect harmony if they work in coordination towards one well-defined goal. In most cases, the tasks they take on will seem unfinished because they'll move to newer details in other projects. They'll do what's needed of them unless their presence is absolutely necessary, and then they'll leave to allow the task to complete itself. And what will they say about it? "There are too many things to do." Still, they'll be around to enjoy the triumph these accomplishments bring. On the other hand, when problems arise, things might get dirty because the air will turn chaotic and dangerous like a tornado, destroying all in its path. This can go on for a long period of time unless they are reasonable enough - and they are - to set aside their differences and continue working for their common goals. They'll see there are too many good things between them for there to be fighting. Enjoy the air and the outdoors, and as many adventures as possible, while always trying to get a few things done, not because it will make one of you the center of attention, but because movement will help the Air enjoy itself. Sometimes, these adventures can be intellectual ones, so have some ideas in mind to add variety and challenge to your outings. Their sexual life will be something that only imagination can stop, but will they want to? They should follow their natural instincts and use their creativity - combined with some romance and adventure - to make this coupling almost perfect in every way.

This combination of Water and Air requires a lot of commitment and patience since both signs enjoy absolute control of their environment and they might take the presence of the other to be a challenge. However, sometimes these issues need to be handled carefully and with some discretion as these things will affect the relationship and it could become unbearable for both of them. Too much water will weigh Aquarius down and too much air will dry everything up between them. There may be too much to handle but these two can achieve great things with respect, tolerance, a good sense of humor and adaptability. In order to be a great couple, those characteristics mentioned above may be enough, but Cancer might be too reserved in many ways and Aquarius may find that the crab has too much baggage; they may find that the relationship is going too slow and isn't worth the effort. If they are able to consider each other's feelings without trying to change who they are, accepting their true natures, there might be a chance for them to shine together and complement each other well. Intimacy, romance, and adventure will do very well to bring these two together, especially through travel and exploration. It might be worth the effort, so why not give it a chance?

This combination of fire and air is one of those that look like dynamite. There will be lots of fun, lots of work toward the same goals as well as many new and exciting moments. However, the fact that they are complete opposites might be an issue if there is no coordination and a good set of rules to achieve what they want set in place. The volatility of this combination and the power that can be achieved is simply amazing. Aquarius will be a trusted advisor and Leo will be content to protect their partner. However, if there is a chance to go against each other, everyone will notice and better stay far away; the fire might ignite and the wind will become a storm, and nobody will win. On the other hand, being opposites might also mean that they can attract and complement each other, like a battery with its positive and negative polarities, that can be used properly and bring up the results wanted. This might be the case for very creative ideas, innovative products, incredible fats and results when working in coordination. This might also lead to them seeing each other as something more than a couple; they might become friends, soul mates and possibly, they can create a great level of transcendence in their relationship. Complemented with romance, creativity and lots of excitement and adventure, sexuality at this level seems like an explosion every time. This might lead to a spiritual union, so it’s advisable to study spiritual sciences that can give the couple more choices, as well as more points of joining together their physical, mental and inner forces for a great achievement. No matter how difficult might be together, at certain times, once they’ve joined their lives, they might depend on the other to make the life a better opportunity and their world a better place.

This combination of Earth and Air seems to be one of the most creative ones as well as one that can complement each other in different levels due to the imagination, sharp mind, level of achievements that each one of the tries to add to the relationship. Aquarius will give Virgo enlightened ideas and Virgo will share their dreams with Aquarius. To this point everything seems to be working fine but there cannot be any kind of excesses, or the water-giver might prefer to leave and get another allied to its projects. With Virgo, that quick imagination seems to have a match, but gets to point of disappointing when Aquarius prefers not to go into the details they’re known for, and that kind of independent point of view is something that the virgin won’t be pleased with for so long. Unfortunately, this kind of feeling might build up and the relationship might crumble, leaving both of them alone. As a couple, intimacy is something that can give them a great time and lots of opportunity to improve the relationship at almost every level. Some extra romance and even some adventure will help to create great moments and bring them closer together; it’ll give them the chance to improve themselves and transcend the weakness of its own sign by using some tantric techniques to complement each other.

This might be one of the most interesting mixes of air that can happen, especially if they have some influence from other elements, like earth and water, because the mixture of temperatures can produce lots of combinations and to give the wind many more places to go at different altitudes. This doesn’t mean that they are the perfect combination for everything; it means variety, and possibilities to succeed together. However, air’s free and open nature, there might be some strong winds that might become tornados once in a while, possibly destroying many good projects of their own as well as from others. The level of movement might not be that easy to maintain when Aquarius decides to pour some of its sciences, projects and knowledge into the relationship; that will disrupt the level of harmony that helped to achieve so much and this is something the scale won’t tolerate, because it means more work to maintain order. On the other side of this curious relationship, working together might be the best example of how to obtain results without any problems for this couple, making things easier to maintain. Intimacy guarantees a great level of adventure, passion, variety, romance and possibly the development of inner skills that will help this relationship to achieve the highest goals humanity has ever seen. This is a great combination and it will all be thanks to balance and communication.

This combination of elements is very peculiar, and for many ones but also well rounded and dangerous. By mixing lots of water with lots of air, there is going to be a hurricane destroying everything around them. For this reason, it’s very important to join forces under certain circumstances and set the conditions before they start working together. Both elements combined are very powerful and it’s better for them as it is for everyone to know that there are limits and commitment. The job will be done, ideas are going to start and achieve the desired ending, n some cases better, but there must be a time for solving simple issues that can lead to a disaster. As an example, the very nature of Aquarius is going to lead to curiosity and creativity into one direction, while the curiosity and diligent work of the scorpion might lead into another direction. The wisest part is going to notice if they are working in the same issues or the water giver will use all its arsenal of ideas to get rid of that “insect”, as well as the scorpion trying to find the naked feet of the water giver when is busy. At a sexual level, there will be lots of adventure and possibly an incredible and exciting romance; the best solution might be to start using their powerful forces for the benefit of the couple as well as the benefit of the other ones close to them. It will also be very useful to realize that their force can be used for more transcendental and challenging issues, in doing so, there are many chances for finding their spirituality reinforced and possible used as a tool for transcending the world as transcending themselves.

This relationship is difficult to handle due to emotional characteristics of each one of the members of the couple. For this reason is so important to get to know each other as well as possible and to respect each other’s points of view; considering the facts that too much air and fire can create a very devastating force as well as a very powerful source of heat, energy and light might lead to some understanding as well as to some lack of contact due to the independent nature of both signs. If there are chances to make them understand their unlimited possibilities without affecting each other’s feeling, then that can save this relationship. The source of ideas that the water giver has is very attractive for someone dreaming all the time in high and valuable ideals as the centaur is. However, the water giver should be able to use some discretion to study how far they can go if they are looking for some alliance with the archer. Success is almost guaranteed when working together for the same goal as well as creating new probabilities for themselves as well as for everyone around them. However, if patience is not used to feed this relationship, sooner or later, the sense of power and freedom might cause serious changes in the relationship. At a sexual level, that same sense of adventure and romance will be required to maintain the relationship alive and focused, however, must not be overused or soon the flame will begin to extinguish due to the lack of a great fuel. On the contrary, when they decided to please each other, there are great chances to transcend their inner weaknesses to become better with themselves and the other one.

The goat might be able to climb as high as it can but the water giver might feel the need to move faster, enjoy being at the top and then move on to something else. If it is possible to coordinate their effort to conquer the tallest mountains together, then there will be great chances to maintain a very healthy relationship. However, the situation that is against them is the speed in which each other moves, and this is determined by the nature of each signs. Earth is not going to be in perfect relations with air, especially if it means going somewhere fast. The air is always flowing fast in any direction, while the earth is going to find its strength in the quiet calmness of the no relative movement. This can be balanced by organizing a good set of rules, especially an almost perfect division of work, in which the freedom of the air can bring and take some things once in a while, as well as the earth/soil is there making its not always appreciated work. In other areas of life, this can seem like a charged relationship, acting like a battery for each other when they have common goals. As a couple this is nothing easy to achieve, but it’s worth the effort, especially when finding creative solutions that require lots of dedication and hard work combined with speed and skills. At an intimate level, the combination of elements might be a good one if they are able to adapt and to consider the other one rather than their particular satisfaction and happiness. At some levels, they’ll be able to get excellent results for their sexual life, especially if they are guided by creativity, romance and adventure.

This is not as easy as it seems to be, due to the fact of the inner independence of the water giver at almost every level. Each member of the couple might be looking for someone close enough to what he/she is and getting someone like that seems to be the best idea. To some point this might sounds selfish, but at the same time it seems to be the only contradiction that will make sense to the always flying high mind of the water giver. Unfortunately finding one resembling him/her is not easy. Especially when one of the conditions is that this person should be different enough to bring many new things to his/her life. Otherwise, Aquarius won’t be interested enough in getting that close to someone that will match its challenging ideas and attitudes. A relationship based on those values won’t last for a long period of time, unless they both decided to use their particular skills to make it a great relationship, where adventure, creativity and high expectations and ideals are issued on a very regular basis. Intimacy is almost guaranteed to be some exciting every time if they love adventure, express their best qualities and allow them the chance to give more and be able to experience and include some romance to their relationship.

This relationship seems to be made to last. However, there are certain things to consider in order to make it work better or to make it last longer. Too much water from the fish is not going to be easy to handle for the water provider because it will create a storm to make this work. It is advisable to accept some sort of leadership from the water giver. In addition, it's necessary to set some good rules, especially in the case of specific tasks; how they are going to be handled, and to which extent and what kind of personal responsibilities are going to be whose. If there is too much wind, the water might not be able to settle in one direction and this will affect the way the relationship is going. On the other hand, a perfect gentle breeze might be achieved when working together and at the same time. Everyone around might be able to enjoy it and benefit as well. Each partner must take into account that the other one should be respected as they are and there is no need to change him/her. Otherwise it's going to be pointless. However, it's possible to achieve a great relationship if each one is able to drive itself in a very adaptable way, as well as trying to learn from one another. In doing so, each one will soon realize that the air is like the water and vice versa, and this will help in specialized tasks as well as figuring out creative solutions for life’s many issues. A curious situation might happen if the couple is very close in birthdays, five days or less, and it may be impossible to get along, due to the nature of both elements. The water giver won't enjoy being submerged as well as the fish cannot survive out of the water without transforming itself into a whole different animal. At a more intimate level, creativity and passion are going to be served, especially if both decide to work slowly together and enjoy each other's similarities and differences. Communication and patience are advisable if there is going to be a good future for this combination; after all, it may be well worth the effort.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th to Sunday, January 26th, 2020.

AQUARIUS if your birthday comes between January 20 and February 18 you are Aquarius

If your birthday is this week you are Aquarius

and your home in the universe is the 11th

 house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion. Your number is 11 so you take friendship to the next level and include your friends in your dreams of the future.  And remember, the greatness you see in your dreams is meant to spur you on to exceed your expectations.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.   

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this lifetime is to pay your material world debts with spiritual currency earned by telling the truth.

Now here’s a look at this week for AQUARIUS


MON you have recovered from the hurt you built a wall to protect yourself from and now it is prohibiting anyone from approaching

TUE you see cause and effect as what is given you is a reflection of what you have given to others

WED everyone sees that you have changed because you see yourself differently and present yourself differently

THU relationships are not easy because one must deal with inner change and the changes in their mate at the same time

FRI you put your foot down and demand respect so the relationship moves up one level

SAT express your true feelings and you will have cause to celebrate

SUN all new beginnings are blessed by the full approval of your spirit guides


MON the one you are waiting for cannot locate you so there will be delays

TUE the same treatment you have been passing out to others is now returned to you

WED refocus and change your point of view because it is the only way to change others

THU all events are numbered and must wait their turn to come into reality and join the mix already in progress

FRI you have your choice of money or power but you want both and are willing to go the extra mile to get them

SAT one of each is your best choice when confronted with an unanswerable question

SUN the only thing that could slow you down now would be the belief that you do not deserve all this


MON for better or worse this case is closed so any more effort in this situation will just be second guessing yourself

TUE pass good fortune along and it will find a way to return to you over and over

WED your aura has been expanded by experience and others are attracted to your light

THU you do a good deed or right a wrong with forgiveness instead of revenge

FRI you finish off an enemy or bad habit and destroy the bridge that leads you back that way

SAT anything held in now will become a blockage and cause pain so express what you really feel and wait for a reaction so you can share, bless and release

SUN you take the high road and avoid all the fighting down below by refusing to take sides

So, this week AQUARIUS

MON you have been guarding your privacy too closely

TUE its in one hand and out the other without even stopping in the pocket

WED change how you treat someone and they will change

THU you blend yourself with another and create something new

FRI the truth slays all dragons

SAT live for today and you will have no regrets

SUN lucky is as lucky does and you can’t win if you don’t play

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