Aquarius: Those born under the sign of Aquarius (the water bearer) are generally outgoing, creative and inventive. Falling in the eleventh spot on the zodiac Aquarius is characterized by a strong independent streak and great sensitivity. At times, high strung and obstinate, the Aquarius is excellent in a debate or argument and is hard to sway from their position. Though they can be moody and detached, many people born under Aquarius have a great humanitarian side as an outlet for their deep concern for others. They also make excellent musicians and designers.
Common Characteristics of Aquarius:
 Friendly, honest, different, stubborn, independent, rebellious, lively, individualistic, detached, orderly, aggressive, eccentric, contrary, oblivious, tactless
Ruling Planet:
 Uranus  Color association: Turquoise, electric blue Birthstones: Garnet, amethyst, moonstones

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, March 30th to Sunday, April 5th, 2020.

LOVE when everyone jumps into the fight and shows that they are all thinking of themselves first, loving partners come together and face the world with a united front that repels the troubles that are created by those who love to fight and argue over the smallest differences

CAREER the purpose behind all the fighting among coworkers seems to be to establish who is on your side and who is against you as you get ready to do battle with the competition and open yourself up to criticism that may seem unfair and harsh

FINANCES the opposition has you outnumbered but you can still come out on top by choosing a particular hill to defend and doing it better than anyone else.  Pick your battles carefully and you could win the war