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James, ext. 7058

From an early age James has been aware of the energy and feelings of others, the first aspect of being an intuitive. The powers were so strong it prompted him to be of service to others. Through 33 years of practice and professional study he has the ability to guide people through the paths of their lives, the ups and downs, the realistic issues, surrounding relationships and love, career, money and spirituality. His techniques include clairvoyance, tarot, astrology and Native American totems and animal guides. He looks forward to speaking to you soon so that you may begin your path to insight.

Love Questions: Posted April 29th, 2013

I met my boyfriend over a year ago and we fell madly in love. I have had relationships before but he is the first guy I see myself starting a life with and having kids. I feel we have drifted apart a bit. I have had a lot of stress as my mother has been ill. We live abroad at the moment together. Do you see us having a future and will we be happy? -Ciara
First of all, you have identified two different issues that are contributing to your feelings at this time and that is exactly what a positive Aquarius is all about. Where your relationship is concerned; I feel strongly that this man feels the same way towards you, however, I also feel that you and he both are very concise and observant of each other. I would advise you and he to create by activity; doing what brings you and him joy. The aspect of creation is activity. You and your mother will both be fine, only remember to resolve small details, that really do not seem like much right now, and I feel your path is assured because of each other.

I have had two men in my life. One of them just left for a woman that he had a relationship with and the other and I split almost a year ago. Who will be the next to come back as I have a strong feeling one of them will be returning to me. -Gail
The real issue is that both of these potential relationships did not manifest themselves into reality, or I should say evolve to your expectations. Within in the next four months you will find that you have feelings for a man who tends to see things as you see them and has the not only the desire but also the means to move forward. By this time "N" will be making an attempt to get close to you again. If you can not make choices, you will lose both. The man in your destiny will be present with out conditions or circumstances that would interfere with establishing a common view of the future.

I've known this guy for 3 years and we just decided to start a relationship together. Lately I've been feeling like he's been lying to me about a lot of things. I do feel like he is cheating on me. I love him so it is hard for me to leave him. He gets so upset at me when I ask him. I don't know if that means he's guilty or not but something's telling me he is. What should I do? -Lisa
Friendship is very different then a relationship; friendship often leads to committed situation and is necessary for a healthy long term relationship. I really do not feel that the trust has been established to the correct extent yet between you two. You may have moved too fast toward your image, which a lot of people and couples do. I do not feel he really has the desire, money, or time to cheat. There is some sort of barrier to the relationship, however, it is between you and he; I feel that within the next three months you and he will become closer to each other, or drift apart, it all depends on your and his ability to communicate effectively. This would not be difficult since you already see things in a similar way, or should I say you're very close.

Love Questions: Posted April 15th, 2013

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. We were high school sweethearts and were married for two years right out of school. We divorced but remained friends. We really always loved each other but finally the timing was right to be together. Please tell me if we will marry and be happy. I feel we should have always been together. -Kathie
You and he have had a very wonderful start to your relationship, you evolved with each other and taken vows to a higher power and developed a common view of the future. I do feel strongly that the spiritual bonding that you and he have with each other is still present and very strong. You and he will have another chance at success as a committed couple even though he feels as disappointed as you do. I feel you both miss each other very much. The chance to once again enter a marriage will arrive, however, the reason that you and he had for the divorce must be resolved first; and my feeling is that the issue can be resolved successfully. It would take a lot more to destroy your love for each other. Within a year things will be back to normal.

The love of my life left me two months ago. We have been having some problems and he opted out. I still love him very much. Does he still love me? Will he come back? If so, when? -Les
Everyone feels like getting away from the stress of daily life, but not too many people can. Leaving you with so many questions is not coincidence; it is very intentional. I feel strongly that it is not you specifically that he is escaping from, or the relationship you and he were in. He started to plan and look to far into the future, to an extent that the path seemed overwhelming and unattainable. Believe me he would have no problem in being blunt and clear if the issue was you; I do not believe that he meant to be insenceitive or mean in any way, he meant to keep you waiting and wondering. He will make an appearance back into your life and attempt to explain. However, you are going to feel a bit different then you do now.

I met this guy 6 or 7 years ago and felt a connection with this guy. Somewhere around the middle of last year I started to think a lot about him. We did not part on bad terms. I started having dreams about him very often. I need insight. -Patricia
A lot of people believe that they have met a soul mate or an important person that they feel drawn to and that is a common symptom of attraction. However, in this case it is real. You and he shared a situation in the distant past where you needed to built up a trust between you two; I feel strongly this was something in the nature of brother and sister, teacher and student or husband and wife. The first expression of love is present, and that expression is concern. You and he will have an opportunity to discus this and find, with answers come three questions. Please let me know how things work out. I have a very good feeling about you two.

Love Questions: Posted April 8th, 2013

I've had readings before about my current relationship with Maria and I have not lost hope, although I should. Why is she so different? Is there a future for us? Will she be faithful to me or should I just find someone new and try to get over her? I feel bad with her and without her what is the true person? I get mad because I don't trust her, I feel she is always playing games and sometimes I feel it, or is it just my imagination? Help me with answers please, anything positive or negative. I need to know to move forward with or without her. Thank you. -Danny
You both have many issues to deal with before you can evolve as a couple; the most important is the trust issue. Once trust in a romantic relationship is gone or an emotional barrier to reality. She also is disappointed that these issues interfere with a positive relationship. I feel strongly that you and she can overcome obsticals that you both feel, you and she both, have given a long term committed relationship a lot of thought and that is a lot more then most people do. You can identify issues, so can she, and if you truly love each other you will work things out effectively with in the next two months. You and she both will find that it is a very easy thing to do if the desire is there. And it is.

I am in the process of recovering from an unsuccessful relationship which devastated me and my life terribly. I would like to know when I will meet my real man; the one who stays with me and loves me; the one who commits to me. Thank you so much. -Masoumeh
I understand the frustration and disappointment involved with a relationship that does not work; nobody wants to invest time and feelings in something that does not work out. The qualities that you have described regarding a man are present in a lot of men, however, these qualities are achieved to a great extent by shared experiences, bonding and time. It is an achieved situation you desire, it is never automatic. The opportunity to establish a deep friendship with a good man will approach you mid to end of summer. Even though he works inside, his heart and pastime hobby will be out doors; he plays the guitar and has invested in quality musical equipment, one piece, an acoustic guitar is the key to his heart. By the way, he does have two daughters and they are protective of their father but very, very nice people.

Does my husband Christopher still love me? There is a women who works with him that i wonder about. Is anything going on between the two of them? Thank you! -Halina
When things are going well for you and he, he feels great, and this increases his magnetism, in other words he acts and feels happy; and you see it is about you. I strongly feel that a lot of people like him because he tends to find easy solutions to complicated issues. He does enjoy the presence of a little jealousy; in reality you have no reason. If you express disappointment mildly in the situation you will achieve what you want, if you express anger or sadness things will evolve into an uncomfortable emotional barrier and I assure you he does not want that. He loves you a lot for many of different reasons and really likes being married most of the time. This will be a forgotten issue soon (two weeks). Please attend the concert that you and he were talking about (only you two), I advise you and he to make a night of it.

Love Questions: Posted April 1st, 2013

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. He said he wasn't happy in our relationship. He was cheating on me and he said that he just didn't want to be in a relationship anymore, that he wanted to be single and "do his own thing". Since our break up, we have talked on the phone every day, and we see each other almost every day. He is still affectionate with me, intimate with me, and tells me he loves me. I know he talks to other women, and he is trying to "hook up" with some of them. I have had dates and talked to other men and he gets upset by it. On one hand I feel as though his wanting to be with other women is just a phase he's going through and I should wait for him to get over it. On the other hand, I feel like he's only playing with me, leading me on. I get mixed messages from him sometimes and I don't know if I should keep waiting for him, or if I should just let him go completely. How does he really feel about me? Will we ever be together again as a couple? And if so, will he be faithful to me? -Dawn
First and primary is the fact that this type of behavior is very dangerous and frivolous; many people are aware of this. I do feel that you and he do love each other but it is nowhere near to a realistic committed relationship. I do also feel he is trying to be honest with you about not wanting a unique relationship, benefits without obligation; it is really up to you where you want things to go. The situation you and he are in will not change if a person is in an acknowledged friendship you really do not have the right to ask personal questions. If a couple is in an acknowledged relationship it does give the situation to ask personal questions. Naturally, I do not see things changing, however, you will see an adult and thoughtful change if you make it happen. Give it a little over three months.

I have a crush on a boy who I was good friends with but there has been a strain in our friendship. I like him a lot, but he has a girlfriend. I was wondering, do you see the two of us ever being in a relationship one day? If so, will it be a deep, long lasting one? Is he my "soul mate"? -Cyndy
Some people develop a close friendship before a romantic relationship and this is common. I feel that he also feels very close to you; he is aware of your feelings but not the intenceity. There is a fine line between a close friendship between a man and a woman and a romantic relationship. I would advise you to not interfere with his relationship; conditions will be different in a very short time (six weeks), and you will have the right opportunity to open up about how you feel to him. We all need to remember that there is no guarantees where love is concerned, however, your chances with him are excellent.

I had an arranged marriage, we have been married for 9 years and have a son. Does my husband love me? How will be our future together? Will we have another child? -Sonia
He does love you, however, you should be able to feel this love and ask your self if you love him. I feel strongly that you and he need more positive activity in your marriage. Do more enjoyable activities with each other. The purpose of a religious or spiritual marriage is to bless the union and promote the success of the marriage. I do feel that you and he have this in you favor. As far as a child in your future; I do see that a child will play a great role in your life, and that you and he will be together a long time. Right now I would advise you and he to schedule a weekend honey moon at a place you both love. The colors of red and purple will play a wonderful part of the next three months.

Love Questions: Posted March 25th, 2013

I am in a relationship with Robert. When will our relationship become more committed and intimate? -Karen
You can look forward to a very exciting and romantic Spring. This man is enjoying this relationship very much, however, he is not only thinking about the things that bring him joy, he is a lot more concerned about you, how you feel, what you enjoy, and how you define a happy life. He defiantly sees potential. You and he are establishing a wonderful friendship, which all long-term relationships are based on. He does have long-term intentions where you are concerned and at this time he is savoring and enjoying every day with you. I do not feel there are any barriers to you and he evolving in this relationship, however, I would suggest that you do not rush any questions regarding a long-term situation right now, he will be the one to lead up to this subject; I feel you will be very surprised by how much you and he see the future in a similar way.

I met this guy on line the beginning of the week. We have started our relationship off as friends, which is great for both of us. He lives in another state. We both seem to be developing some kind of feelings for each other and we cannot explain it. I completely trust him, am I right to? Is this man my true love? -Mitzi
Many people meet on line, one advantage is that you can take the time to really get to know an individual. Trust is built up through the correct activities, actions and responses. I do not feel that he is deceiving you about his feelings, however, he may not be real open about his current situation in life; you need to take a lot more time. I advise you to let trust be gained, not established through words. The question about true love, only you can say. This summer (early summer) the subject of meeting up with each other will be entertained seriously, and your heart and intuition will tell you if the trust and understanding has been established enough to let you feel good and enthusiastic about the potential of meeting each other face to face. Remember to do things in a way in which you are secure.

I would like to know when would be the best time for me to begin another relationship. I have been in my current relationship for 6 years and the things I've been going through are a mess. I've been through a lot of cheating and lying. I know that Dwayne loves me but he is playing games. Those days have are over for me. I have feelings that I should have been out of this relationship and the next person that I'm in love with is right under my nose. -Shalitha
You will find the strength and motivation to move in the direction you desire very soon (within three months); I do feel the love and concern between you two, but that is not enough to make things work. It is impossible to evolve in a relationship where there is infidelity; it just does not work and it is very unsafe way to live. I do feel that you will succeed if you prepare; he will pursue you if you blame him. You will do alright. Reinforce your self with your prayers and meditation. Relationships are the creation of two, not the wish of one.

Love Questions: Posted March 18th, 2013

I've known a guy for 2 years now. When we first met I felt as if it was love at first sight. We have had so many ups and downs, mostly downs, and my concern is that we wont ever be able to patch things up. I love him dearly but I question if he feels the same. I am no longer trying to fully pursue a relationship with him but I would like him to help me out business wise. So my question is; will he be willing and able to help me with my career? Thanks for your time. -Natalie
My Feeling about this matter is that you and he will be able to be friends, the ups and downs that were involved in your relationship with each other, he blames mostly on himself. Where you are concerned personally, I feel disappointment is present, not in you personally but that your relationship failed. Right now an attempt to maintain a friendly professional relationship would not work, he would take this attempt as an insult. After a few months if conditions persist a friendship can be established; then I feel he would assist you but not before. Please remember all relationships have ups and downs; what matters is how you handle them.

I was engaged to a guy for almost a year. We dated for almost 3 years with a six month break then got back together. We love each other like crazy. He is a recovering alcoholic but got drunk one night and lied to me about it for 3 days. We do not live together. One of his employees told me about his drinking. I gave my ring back. After two weeks we agreed to try to work things out. His AA counselors and his church told him to take some time not be in a relationship so we broke up. He immediately started seeing someone else and has since moved her in with him after 6 weeks. He has been contacting me saying he made a mistake still loves me he will get it together but mean while she is still living there. I have had a terrible time coping with this. I still love him and would like to work it out. Do you think there is any chance for us to reconcile. -Tina
An individual in recovery is getting reacquainted with themselves. Their reactions and the way they interact with others; being involved in such a relationship roller-coster is counter productive to his efforts right now. He has a lot of work to do to maintain his sobriety and at this time his major need is friendship. This man has a genuine affection for you, however, his affection is undefined. I do feel you and he would profit from a bit of distance. A little space sometimes makes things clearer. You and he would not be able to evolve as a couple anyway while there is another woman involved. In three months circumstances will change and the change will make you very happy.

I'd like to know if I'll get back with an ex lover of mine or if I will meet somebody new and be happy? -Lynsey
My intuition tells me that you and your ex will give things a realistic effort and try to reestablish a relationship. As far as meeting people, it all depends on your desire. There will be a lot of important people around you this year; family and friends, and also your career situation is going to become very active. Making friends for you is a very natural thing. Your efforts to reunite with your ex boyfriend will depend on commonalities. You mean a lot more then you realize to him.

Love Questions: Posted March 11th, 2013

My ex boyfriend Mike and I broke up about 2 weeks ago. I am so hurt and lost without him. I want him back in my life. Is this going to happen for me? What do I need to do to win back his heart? -Jennifer
He also misses you; a good way to see or understand his feelings is to look honestly within yourself. You and he have shared all the same activities, the same discussions, events, ups and downs, kisses and hugs, in other words you feel the same. I do not see him as having all the answers or a plan of action, he is just very disappointed as you are. You will have a chance to reestablish your friendship but I do not see this occurring for at least five months. Right now he is defining his feelings and how life has been since he has met you, and people need to do this; you do realize this because you are doing the same thing.

I am recently separated from my wife of 5 years. This is due to her immature behavior and total lack of respect for me. I love her but I want to know if we still have a future. Can you help? -David
Yes; and I base this on the feeling of connection and disappointment that I feel emanating from each of you towards each other. The spiritual connection which was established a long time ago seems to be very strong and vivid still. The situation of losing each other and the union not working out is very sad and extremely disappointing to each of you. One of the most frequent inquiries I receive is this exact question; How do I repair or get back on track? She as you, knows that an individual can not go back and take care of issues from the past that has changed you life; but what you can do is re-establish the common image of the future that you once shared and designed so clearly. I do not feel that the separation will be permanent, however, the issues must be repaired so this can work. I do not see either one of you as being completely to blame for the separation, but it will take both of you equally to re-bond. You will be on your way within the next month, you both desire this to occur and yes, the chance will be there.

I'm so excited to have come across your site. I have been reading the answers you have been giving people and I think you are a very special person for helping people the way you are. My question is will the man I love come back to me? We have loved each other for many years and are both going through a divorce. Up until recently we were really opening up to each other and our intimacy was growing. He does have issues from his past that I know he is trying to work through. He told me he wishes this 'us' could of waited until he had his stuff together. He says he is tired of feeling confused and uncertain. He also says it's not about me either. Many psychics have told me to wait and that he is working on himself and will return to me this month and explain how he feels and maybe propose to me. It has been several months since we have talked. I'm leaving him alone and he is not trying to contact me. Should I continue to wait? Is any of this going to happen as I was told? Is he really taking this time to make things right for us? I am getting worried while waiting and I don't want to end up feeling stupid with a broken heart. -Mandi
You and this man have been in a very romantic situation and you have supported each other through difficult feelings. Because of your shared situation, you and he both can not see the future clearly. You have shared the stress of a divorce and have had each other to lean on and had someone to talk to about your situation. I feel that he is beginning to go through the repercussions of a divorce (children, financial ties or obligations, and family attitudes) and the emotional stress and anxiety involved. As soon as he is able to do so comfortably, he will contact you. I also feel that your divorces will go smoothly without to much drama. However, if your feelings for each other are out in the open, things will be tough. He would not be going through all these changes if he did not genuinely love you.

Love Questions: Posted March 4th, 2013

My partner Richard split up with me about 3 months ago after 8 years together. He's with someone else now although he has told me this new relationship of his wont last. We both thought we would be together forever and were very much in love and then suddenly he got very distant about a month before he ended the relationship. We have spoken occasionally since the break up but now he doesn't respond to me at all. I miss him being in my life so much and I can't understand how we went from being so close and such great friends to where we are now. Will we ever get back together? -Stuart
I feel his silence is because of guilt and really not being able to explain or pick out any reason for the break up. The relationship he is involved in presently was already in progress when you separated. I really do not feel that this was caused by any major problem or complaint about you. Many times in a broken relationship when an individual sees themselves as being to blame or causing the problem it is very difficult to find the defining words. He would know if you had a deeper or intense discussion one of your first questions would by why? He is avoiding this question because he realizes it would lead to more questions. I would not advise you to wait but he will make an attempt to enter your life again, but it will be you who will feel differently.

I've been in a long distance relationship for 2 years. We have been through a lot together and we love each other deeply. We broke up 2 months ago. We barely have had any contact and today he said that it's better if we say goodbye and that I forget he exists. He broke up with me because I wasn't honest about everything but the love we had was amazing and he said he's seeing someone else. He said she respects him and is trustworthy and he is becoming happier everyday. -Julita
I do feel that he has a friend (he would have a lot of friends) but nothing as intense as he would have you believe. Also, most of the things he is telling you are to make you feel that you made a mistake, and lost a good thing. In all honesty he is as disappointed as you are. Often in long distance relationships that persists the question of when do we move forward as a couple always comes forth, and this is where the barrier or inaccuracies emerge. For some reason he would feel that he is incapable of keeping your attention; he has created a situation where you are verbally assuring him you will be there. It is not over between you and he, only sleeping. I would advise you to get to know this person a lot better, before you define your feelings. Right now he is confident in your love for him, however you are not confidant in his feelings for you; I do feel strongly this is intentional, and if you are searching yourself for an explanation or reason you will not find it. Your communication will continue.

I divorced my ex-husband in 2000 then moved back in with him living as husband and wife until 2008. At the time he said that we were no longer compatible and we split up. Since then he has been living with another woman. He says that if she were to ask him to leave he would go but that he still loves me very much but he does not have any reason to leave her. I am still in love with him but I don't know that it would be wise to reunite with him if he were to leave her and come back to me. What do you think? -Susan
First of all being just incompatible after a marriage is not a reason, and I really hope there was more to it then that; people will address or consider these things before a marriage not after. I truly feel that he is doing what a lot of ex husbands do; he is holding on to you. By keeping your attention in the way of lack of definition he is keeping the situation open. And I feel this is very unfair; he still has a great deal of affection for you, just as the majority of people feel towards each other after a marriage fails. I do not feel he wants you to move on as he did; I also know he will continue this and also attempt to return to you. However, most people will not except being the second choice. I do not see things working out the way you want where he is concerned, as the next few months progress you will see this aspect more and more clearly every day.



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