Aries – Monday December 9th to Sunday, December 15th, 2019


f your birthday comes between March 21 and April 19 you are Aries and your place in the universe is the 1st house.  Numbers are the only facts in the universe that cannot be changed by miracles or angry humans.  Your number is 1 and your purpose in this lifetime is to develop yourself by overcoming your mistakes and false starts rather than abandoning anything that you are not immediately skillful at.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.   

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this lifetime is to learn that each untruth told sends negative energy or pain from the brain that is stored in the body and will return as ill health.  Lie detector tests measure body tension that increases when your words and thoughts do not match.  This tension causes blockages.  

THIS YEAR the 12 months after your birthday you will experience the full circle of life, death, and rebirth of body, mind, and soul.

THIS MONTH new beginnings are everywhere in your life and what had disappeared is reborn with the same purpose and for the same reason

THIS WEEK not much work will get done because of the fighting among coworkers but this comes to establish boundaries and set limits.

Being a couple means working together as a team even when others ask you to chose sides and help them.


You will have to ask for or fight for what you get but you are on the right side and this will work out in your favor.

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