Aries October

As the first sign of many astrological charts, this position often translates to the Aries personality. Aries are strong willed, determined and sometimes obstinate, however this usually means an Aries will get what they want. Usually Aries will be the first to take a risk as they are high energy and adventurous. Aries is a fiery sign full of passion, and they will fight for their causes tirelessly. Usually regarded as a leader, feeling as they know what is best; Aries are often very successful due to their strong character, organization, and diligence. They do not take well to criticism, and can occasionally make enemies due to their unyielding nature. Dynamic and courageous, an Aries would help you out of a dire situation, but they’ll also be the first to admonish you for getting into that situation in the first place. Aries can procrastinate, but this is a trait that does not surface often, and is usually reserved for trivial tasks. Common characteristics of Aries: Confident, adventurous, stubborn, impulsive, impatient, courageous, selfish at times, quick witted, pioneering, dynamic, enthusiastic, and successful. Ruling Planet: Mars  Color association: Red    Birthstones: Bloodstone, Jasper, Aquamarine, Jade, Diamond, Opal.



WK 1 you get rewarded for what you did in the past and this could mean family additions to answer your prayers.  This reward comes to show you the strength of your connection to the spirit world and how much your spirit guides are in tune with what you want and what you need

WK 2 you must make a decision without all the needed information and this happens to make you ask your spirit guides for the help you need.  To get the closure you need in an up and down relationship you must let go of the past and release it so the future has a reason to come into existence.

WK 3 temptation is coming to light your fire and find out if your commitment is as strong as you think it is.  You may choose to try and balance two but this only works when you can give each your full attention.

WK 4 the week begins with very good fortune as what you did or said in the past becomes fact.  The bad news is that the fact you predict blows the roof off of everything you knew and presents a whole new set of facts that have to be dealt with

WK 5 others show their admiration for what you have accomplished and ask for your advice so tell them that they need to create the world they want to live in by manipulating how they look at it and how they interpret what comes to them.


WK 1 work done in the past blooms and brings success in the area you have been most concerned about.  This victory comes from using mind over matter and believing in your own good connection to the universe over brute force.

WK 2 contact those above you, mentors and guides, and honor them by putting their advice to use.  This completes a circle where everyone does their part and everyone feels useful and, best of all, no one feels left out of the loop.

WK 3 the chains that hold you in place are not what they used to be and you will be surprised at how easily they can be broken when a decision is forced on you and you must go along with circumstances beyond your control

WK 4 when you use your intuition you see that a storm is coming and you need to make plans about how you are going to react to the new situation because it will be too late when to do anything about it when it starts

WK 5 awards are likely and rewards are assured when your work is examined by the experts.  The way you put yourself into your work is sure to bring more work your way and allow you to be a leader in your craft.


WK 1 when exactly what you need comes to you at the right time it is the universe telling you that you are on the right path and headed for success because you have connected the two sides of yourself and have both logic and emotion in your toolbox

WK 2 your spirit guides are who to blame or thank when you are blinded to information that would influence you to take the wrong path or believe the wrong thing.  This is about you having missed the boat in previous attempts to get your attention with signs and omens.

WK 3 a test of your loyalty comes in an attempt to get more of a commitment from you than just being there and to pass this test you will have to have a reality check and find out what is most important to you and what you prefer to have in your life

WK 4 the week that begins this quietly is sure to explode into flames by week’s end so don’t get caught in the last-minute rush for the escape hatch.  Plan ahead and be sure you know where the exits are.

WK 5 others are using flattery to win your favor but they are just setting you up for a fall later by putting you up on a pedestal now.  Allow others to say what they want but don’t start believing your own press clippings


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of money growing on a tree or bush and you picking it off and the interpretation is that the money you are expecting is almost here and the only way to fowl it up is to not believe that you are going to get it

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a blue mountain in the distance that seems to be calling you and the interpretation is that your destiny will find you when the time is right so you don’t have to force anything to happen

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of children being born and the interpretation is that evolution demands reincarnation to give one enough time to take each and every path and explore each result.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of finding a black cat in a dark room by following their eyes and the interpretation is that someone is visiting you using transcendental meditation and leaving an open pathway for return visits