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As the first sign of many astrological charts, this position often translates to the Aries personality. Aries are strong willed, determined and sometimes obstinate, however this usually means an Aries will get what they want. Usually Aries will be the first to take a risk as they are high energy and adventurous. Aries is a fiery sign full of passion, and they will fight for their causes tirelessly. Usually regarded as a leader, feeling as they know what is best; Aries are often very successful due to their strong character, organization, and diligence. They do not take well to criticism, and can occasionally make enemies due to their unyielding nature. Dynamic and courageous, an Aries would help you out of a dire situation, but they’ll also be the first to admonish you for getting into that situation in the first place. Aries can procrastinate, but this is a trait that does not surface often, and is usually reserved for trivial tasks.
Common characteristics of Aries: Confident, adventurous, stubborn, impulsive, impatient, courageous, selfish at times, quick witted, pioneering, dynamic, enthusiastic, and successful.
Ruling Planet: Mars   
Color association: Red    Birthstones:
Bloodstone, Jasper, Aquamarine, Jade, Diamond, Opal.

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Any combination of two with such a powerful affinity for fire is going to simply be MORE of that fire. The ram is a leader, and when there are two of them together, there will sometimes be rivalries that will keep the relationship from progressing; if they find difficulties with each other, they might even begin to define their territories. In a relationship, each of these two will have the tendency to be the master of some aspect, leading to some issues as they fight for supremacy. This is where communication is most important to help these two be organized and open to one another. However, this doesn't mean that they won't take the initiative and spring into action; this will be a good challenge for both of them and this will ignite their love life in other ways. This might make the relationship tiring and monotonous after a while, but with some effort, there can always be something new to stir them on. It will just depend on the time and quality of commitment that both of these rams have for their relationship. Fire is the element of passion, which may lead the ram towards infidelity in order to make life more interesting and to release their pent up energy. It's best for both parties to be aware of their level of commitment and to be honest with their partner. Both of them must try to support each other and fuse together to be the brightest and strongest couple there is.

This is one of the most interesting combinations out there, especially if the two of you are strong enough to handle some extreme conditions. Pure fire Aries might find a great seat where its light and energy can be used and seen by all, especially since the ram is such a natural born leader. This light, however, must be in constant movement, which is something Taurus does not give in to. But if there is a coordination of efforts and good communication, Taurus' strength can be combined with the speed of the fire to achieve the greatest they can against any obstacle. However, these two must be wary to never allow their fire and strength to diminish when it is most needed; it's something neither of them can afford to lose. Too much fire will burn the back of the bull. Too much strength and weight can enclose the fire until it's extinguished. It would be best to get to know each other under different circumstances so you both can understand one another. This way, you can organize a set of rules and tasks where you both can do things your way instead of despising each other's weaknesses and being bothered. Making things work should be curiously easy for these two with enough support, strength, and perspective. Aries' fire must be contained in order to avoid any disasters, and Taurus can achieve that easily. Sometimes, though, Taurus requires the energy and the speed of fire to spur them into action in order to become an unstoppable source of power. If it's possible to handle all of the energy created between them, no matter what they do, there will only be success waiting for this couple in love and in other mundane things.

Consider a simple spark, pushed properly by a flow of air, and the final result might be an amazing and voracious fire devouring thousands of square miles in a matter of seconds. This is the kind of energy that can be achieved in this kind of combination; it may be risky if there is not enough control, understanding and, above all, the need to please each other by sharing the same goals and working together towards the same objective. The fire and the wind will prefer to be independent, free, with no obstacles of any kind in their way, even if it means to leave aside the one they love. Sometimes, each of them will try to impose its will and power over the other; when this happens, no matter what the final outcome is, both will be severely injured to the point of complete extinction. And to make things worse, burning everything and everyone who was surrounding them at that time will create such a chaos that no one will trust either of these two again, because now they know what they are capable of. This is why it is so important for the ram to follow the direction of the wind when there is any need of open spaces, as well as the twins to trust in the instinct of this natural mountain climber when difficulties and small margins for error are close. In this way, fire will receive the correct amount of air to remain visible, brilliant and spreading its power, and the air will help to spread the heat and energy of this wonderful combination without risking everyone around. At this point it is really interesting to try to achieve some mental and spiritual goals, both of them working together as if they were one. This will resemble a flamethrower with one specific objective and the power to get it. The correct use of sexuality, supported by the use of tantric techniques, might help to create an inner flamethrower; that for some cultures is the "chi", and for some others is the "kundalini". Whatever this couple considers, they should follow their natural instincts and start opening the doors to an inner path if they have already considered taking the risk. At this level, the "three" of you will become one.

This combination might be interesting and very productive if both of you are able to give yourselves the chance to balance each other's strengths and weaknesses. Aries is pure fire and will be in constant movement, spreading its heat through ideas, projects, plans, and lots of activities. It holds a very rich way to express sexuality, which can lead to problems and possibly infidelity. On the other hand Cancer is an entire ocean of patience, savings and always seems to go in its own direction and/or with more conservative plans and projects. This makes people consider Cancer a person unwilling to take risks and this might affect their love life and their partner. Too much fire will burn and evaporate the water; likewise, too much water will extinguish the fire, so it's important to know each other so that you will be ready to discuss important things and still be there to comfort and support one another in times of need. If you want to make things worth the effort, take time to consider how fire and water can be mixed in the right balance so you can create a great and powerful steam to move forward in your life. In some cases, this steam is a manifestation of another dimension of love life, bringing a more spiritual relationship. Consider the use of tantric practices to complement your lives and achieve higher goals. In some cases, the combination of your strengths will make you an unstoppable engine achieving goal after goal, not only in the material level, also at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Do your best. It'll be worth it.

This combination seems to be dangerous, but it is just a matter of organization. When two natural leaders are together, they tend to try to prove who is best, who deserves more, and who can achieve more. In the language of love, this sometimes translates as "who will give more" and "who will receive more" in the relationship. Getting organized at this level is just making the decision of who is leading to achieve something, and having the other one close to correct stay on track and ready to take command when the other one is in need of rest. The most difficult part at this time is to have one of you, natural and powerful fires, to make the noble decision of allowing the other to shine before it’s your turn. Sometimes, the lion will try to use its royal privilege to be the one in charge, but if there's a common benefit between them, then the lion will work for the good of the couple instead of just for itself. That makes things difficult, though, because the ram thinks that its hard work is the only way to achieve things and it will not take kindly to being "given permission" to do what it wants and go where it pleases. It is important to consider some humility and a lot of respect; by working together, the joining of two fires can illuminate many things at the same time, even to the point of becoming a beacon of light to those around them. If there are difficulties, be careful: either the horns or the paws might be very dangerous and lethal for any kind of relationship. Consider, in guiding each other through the arid deserts and mountains of life, to achieve together your universal throne where physical conditions don’t matter, in which brilliant ideas will shine and where the spirit will be free. Achieving these things might be difficult, but once the ram and the lion have focused their attention on the same goal, the complement will be perfect.

This fire and air combination is not only interesting but to some extent difficult to handle if patience and understanding are not involved. The ram might be ignited by the powerful flow of air provided by the Virgo. However, there are many things that Aries must understand and try to act according to. It's in the nature of Virgo trying to make everything perfect, or at least to the highest standards available. This might bring some problems, because the air flows freely and can reach the highest levels, and in doing so, Virgo won't be happy with regular standards and will try to set some of its own, which in many cases are as difficult to achieve as it is to try to capture and stop the wind. On the side of Aries, reaching the top of the higher mountains and leading the way to them is in its nature. Problems will arise when Aries tries to continue to the top of the mountain while Virgo scrutinizes the path they take, holding their journey to its high standards. Aries will feel that Virgo is wasting time on meaningless side issues and Virgo might consider Aries' attitude to be selfish and, in some cases, sloppy. The best way to work things out is to take each one of your roles seriously and set realistic goals. This also means being open to suggestions and being able to concede something to each other. Always try to make things better for both of you as a couple, without hidden agendas. There must be sincerity and balance if the Virgin and the Ram are going to love each other for a long time, which also implies commitment and patience. At an intimate level, this will be one of the best combinations; fire will be pushed by air and air will use it to spread its heat. Possibilities are endless at this level; however, don't push too hard or both will be extinguishing too soon. The best for both of you is to give each other more romance, foreplay, and creativity, and give your all into wishing to please each other. If it is possible, transcendence and adding another level of expectation to intimacy will ensure the sense of balance at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. To make things more interesting and intense, consider the old practices of Tantrism and they will help your relationship at almost every level. Even though it is not so easy, if you are able to give and commit yourself to this relationship, the reward will perfectly compensate any price you are paying.

This is an interesting combination of elements: when air is coming into fire, it’ll help it to grow and spread, however, too much air might extinguish the fire. What makes this combination so special is that Libra is not going to be the kind of aggressive combination that might create a storm unless is out of control and balance for other reasons. Aries might need this kind of fire once it has started any kind of project or activity in order to maintain a good rhythm and use that steady pace to accomplish more and better things for the group, in this case, the family or the couple. This balanced provision of air and fire can be a great combination. Unless there’s too much fire to feed up and the wind decides not to blow in the same direction. This is a curiously easy course of action and both parts might seem to agree at times and feel well. But in the long run, this has the tendency to destroy the relationships. Intimacy is a real adventure because of each other's needs and because it's possible to make good use of your sexual energy to feed your physical, mental, and spiritual life. However, there must be a previous agreement to work in this way - and a good commitment to each other - or this will lead to blaming on both of their parts for the lack of intensity or commitment if something goes wrong. If you give it a try, be patient if you are the ram and be prepared to follow a fast pace if you are the scale. All the efforts are really valuable and the gains might surprise both of you.

This is one of the most “difficult to handle” relationship, due to the firewater relationships. The clue word here is intensity. The ram and the scorpion are maybe at the top of their games for their corresponding elements and that might create conflicts of leadership, as well as a devastating storm if someone gets in their way when working together. This special storm might be the ideal situation to join forces and have all kind of interaction together, but it’s important to remember that each one of these two signs have their inner motivations and it’s difficult for them to lose a little if they are not going to gain a lot. If either one is not completely sure that his/her partner is giving him/her a 100% (and sometimes even more), that’ll be the beginning of the end. It’s important to develop trust, to be the first in showing a full commitment to the relationship, and to be able to negotiate together in a way so both can give and receive something valuable in exchange for cooperation and trust. Intimacy will be very passionate and variety is almost guaranteed, however, the tendency to use sexuality as much as possible won’t maintain the relationship forever unless there are other values involved. If both are able to develop a relationship based on trust, some adventure, passion, and an adequate balance at almost every level by competing together instead of between them, years of prosperity, happiness and great intimacy are almost guaranteed. Do you dare to take the risk? If so, remember the ram will climb the highest mountain, so the scorpion must transcend its sense of destruction and become an eagle. Both will be at the top at the end, even though there is a lot to do.

This is a fire-fire combination, where the pace is going to be the only inconvenience, is an interesting combination of talents that can lead to many new things, at almost every level. However, it's important to consider a few differences that might appear from time to time. The ram will love to go uphill all the time and won't bother in crashing against some rocks; its skills for those difficult terrains in life will make things look easy and an easy path to follow together. In the case of the centaur shooting its arrows, there is the risk of not paying attention to some of the ravines, cliffs, and boulders in its way, just because it is always aiming to the stars. It's going to be important to decide what to do and what each of you will do in turn. This way, many problems will be avoided and plenty of things can be accomplished. It's important for the ram to remember that the arrows thrown are as sharp as a diamond cutter; to be strong you will have to listen to the brutally honest points of views, ideas, opinions or concepts from Sagittarius. This sometimes seems like the beginning of the end for many relationships due to the intensity of the words. If you think you can handle it, go ahead, passion is going to be there, love will always be an adventure and opportunities to grow together as a couple will be there. Take care of each other, enjoy the details each of you are able to give, and focus on the good things that each of you possess and can share. On the side of the ram, the archer must pay attention to the speed and energy level from this partner. There are going to be moments in which it seems impossible to follow them and this is a problem if the ram starts feeling alone; sooner or later, they will get another partner to experience moments of passion with. The archer would do well to remember not to challenge the ram or its charge can destroy them. Both of you must be aware of that fire inside, especially if there is an argument. Arrows will be thrown and amazingly strong charges will be made, and the results will be very nasty. If you are fire and you know how to handle being hit or shot with that flame, then go for it, and prepare everyone around you. Then the two of you will be unstoppable.

This kind of combination is a passive-reactive combination in which one is always pushing and the other one is waiting, and in some cases resisting, about moving at such a fast pace. The most curious thing is that these two kinds of mountain climbers are they can be so similar yet at the same time completely different. The ram will always want to be on top of everything at a high speed and with all done in its own way, whereas the goat will approach everything with a slow, analyzing, and studying look for the most conventional ways to get to the top. In both cases, they never forget to keep climbing; everyone around them knows they will continue. However, success cannot be achieved as a couple unless there is a mutual understanding on the final goals and methods each one of these two magnificent creatures wants to achieve and how they are going to be achieved. It’s important to get to know each other and, in particular, to learn to accept the fact that each one wants to share, give and receive many experiences together. Methods and ways to advance might be different but there are great possibilities for success in this relationship. On the other hand, intimacy might be a success if you two work together to achieve more as a couple. It’s advisable to keep each other’s pleasures in mind and work slowly, enjoying every moment, and sharing those beautiful moments using your creativity. Enjoy your life together.

This is one of the most curious combinations of air and fire. Fire can spread or be extinguished, and the air will be at risk for a similar fate. There is a wide arrange of situations that could go together; however, in this combination, many situations may happen at an intellectual level, due to the fact of the leading skills of the ram as well as the creative and fast flowing ideas of the water giver. The ideal combination of emotions and feelings is the best combination when working together, and at the same time, there must be a plan to follow or at least a set of rules that can be shared and used at almost any time. Each have the tendency to be independent and free with their words, and don't like to have any kind of limitations. This kind of mentality allows a great sense of adventure, lots of innovation and no time for boredom. However, it's important to be sure that both have understood the same. If you are one of the members of this couple, be sure to understand exactly the way your partner has expressed his/her ideas. On the other hand, be certain to assure the same kind of understanding when paying attention to your partner's ideas and projects. This is necessary at the beginning, because within a short amount of time, each one of you will be able to know how the other one acts and thinks, which will help in solving many issues. At a more intimate level, passion is guaranteed and only the imagination can create limits; this is a good scenario for trying to achieve a higher level of sexuality, especially if it is combined with some practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or at least, simple and deep meditation together. Take into account that the sense of adventure and/or innovation might extend into the sexual life, so this might lead to some possible affairs with others if the situation is not going well at home. Consider taking time together for new things as well as some time to get nice and honest conversations. This is one of the best ways to maintain the fire of the home, allowing it to spread and warm your lives.

This is a very special kind of relationship due to the fact of the proximity of both signs; this might give the sensation of unity at certain times, but everything depends on the corresponding dates of birth. At times, the fish will make its watery environment prevail over the fire, as well as the same reaction of the fire. Both have great goals and ideas. However, the way to achieve their goals may change a lot because they prefer the safety of their own element, especially from the fish. This fact might be one of those that can affect the way the ram reacts when trying to achieve the top of a high mountain, because the fish is feeling well wherever it is. So it’s important for both to consider lots of dialogues, lots of consideration, patience and adaptability to the situations. Intimacy is not a problem if the right amount of fire and water is set, which is not so difficult due to the moving nature of both signs. Water and fire have the tendency to over-impose its will on one another at this level, so it’s good to consider the needs and the pleasure of the other. By doing so, boredom will never be an issue, and chances to continue together will increase and the probabilities to build a better relationship. However, it’s also important to know that there are going to be times in which the individual mood is going to a major inconvenience. Sometimes the resistance and adaptability of the fish is not going to be enough, so take care of him/her; it’s also important to respect the solitude that sometimes the ram needs, so expect this kind of behavior and stay close without leaving him/her in complete loneliness and still respect their need for space. Support and respect each other, plan together, be patient, and be adaptable if you want to continue building a good relationship. All this is possible if you are able to put aside some of your personal interests and care for each other.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th  to Sunday, January 26th, 2020

ARIES if your birthday comes between March 21 and April 19 you are Aries and your place in the universe is the 1st house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion.  Your number is 1 so your creative energy can build, feed or destroy, depending on how you focus or channel it.  You are a lightening rod that attracts addictive behaviors such as performers who must preform and those with destructive habits that they give their lives to.  Your purpose in this lifetime is to find a way to discharge your creative expression without harming yourself.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.   

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this lifetime is discovering that spirits all look like you because this is the form you will trust most so everyone believes that all heavenly visitors look like them.

Now here’s a look at this week for ARIES


MON a fight over control gets out of hand and now several are trying to establish new limits

TUE yesterday’s fight is followed by today’s calm when all problems can be resolved

WED the universe gives you a gift that makes it easy for you to give your mate exactly what they asked for

THU you are thrown together with another and if you are unattached this could be an adventure that you will remember

FRI you are the bridge that brings two lovers together and changes things for the better

SAT this situation cannot stand and someone must go for balance to return

SUN sharing a dream or fantasy moves a relationship up to the next level


MON coworkers fighting among themselves stop the work flow and delay progress

TUE what was broken yesterday gets fixed today and everything returns to normal

WED cash in hand is worth a lot more than promises

THU a coworker has something you want and is willing to trade for something they want

FRI you know just what to say to bring two back together at the negotiating table to set their boundaries

SAT a pair plus one does not work and the third party must cease and desist

SUN what you display moves you up in the eyes of those you work for


MON the fight someone is staging has nothing to do with the object being fought over

TUE you win and you get to decide how to cut up the reward so don’t be stingy with others

WED when money falls in your lap there is a purpose for it your spirit guides will make clear

THU someone reaches out for help and you realize that this is why yesterday’s windfall fell

FRI you speak for others and say what needs to be said

SAT a choice must be made and one will have to go while another stays

SUN from the top level you can see where you have been and the series of events that pushed you to this vantage point 

So, ARIES, this week

MON any decisions will wait until tomorrow  

TUE today you get to clean up yesterday’s mess

WED they hand you a check and say go to hell

THU your cosmic twin winks back and returns the favor

FRI positive thought heals, negative thought hurts

SAT somebody gets kicked to the curb and left behind

SUN the most productive thought is self-love

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