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The week of Monday, December 10th to Sunday, December 16th, 2018

If your birthday is this week you are Sagittarius the seeker of the one truth that binds all others together.  Sagittarius the fire sign is protected by the angel of fire, Archangel Michael, and ruled by Jupiter, the largest and most beneficial planet.  The next 12 months, the Sagittarius solar year, will see these souls seeking knowledge through experience because to them there’s nothing to it but to do it.  The month around this lunar cycle will find all signs on a quest for wisdom and trying to align their thoughts with the divine will.  This week you are going to need a bigger bucket to hold all the good things and personal blessings that others are sending to you.


AGE 20-40 Jupiter, your ruling planet, is all about ever-expanding good fortune falling out of the clear blue sky
AGE 40-60 a chapter in your life comes to a happy ending and you can see your future from here
AGE 60+ one door closes and another opens just as if it were meant to be that way


AGE 20-40 when you do the necessary work to prepare then good fortune follows you home
AGE 40-60 those in charge are in the right mood for you to ask for what you need
AGE 60+ everything falls into place and those who were against your ideas change their minds