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The week of Monday, October 15th to Sunday, October 21st, 2018

If your birthday is this week you are Libra the sign of peace and harmony and the only way to ensure this is to have laws and agreements between partners.  Achieving balance is the goal of those ruled by Venus so Libra’s Tarot symbol, Justice, shows a blindfolded soul holding balanced scales.  The next 12 months, the Libra solar year, is a time for making compromises that allow both sides to win.  During this month all signs will draw up new rules to govern personal and professional relationships.  This week your wild side meets your tame side and compares dreams to find that they share a vision of the future.


AGE 20-40 you meet the one you could be happy with and must decide if the time is right
AGE 40-60 things get serious fast with the one who seems to be your better half but they need to be told to leave their baggage from previous days at the door
AGE 60+ the road calls just as a traveling companion appears at your door


AGE 20-40 the right job comes along at the right time and you have 30 days to make up your mind about the rest of your life
AGE 40-60 an old job wants you back and this will work only if certain people have left
AGE 60+ you are asked to leave and acquire a new position all in the same day