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The week of Monday, August 13th to Sunday, August 19th 2018

If your birthday is this week you are Leo and the light of your soul is the Sun.  Blue and red light mix to give the effect of a yellow Sun.  We have red or blood moons when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon and the blue light is bent by the Earth’s gravitational pull.  Blue is truth and red is action.  During the past 25,000 years blood moons omen a change in what we believe to be true.  In the next 12 months, the Leo solar year, basic concepts and fundamentals will change.  This month all signs will have moments that change their lives forever.  This week others may as well keep their opinions to them-selves because you know you are the authority on you so you always do what you think is best.


AGE 20-40 a new seed is planted and begins to follow a path that seems to be all laid out
AGE 40-60 the first step on any new path is always the hardest because it brings the most change
AGE 60+ as below so above is true for plants and the connection between your mind and body so don’t waste time or energy


AGE 20-40 stick to your plan and everything will fall into place and find the right place when it falls
AGE 40-60 a change in direction is called for so look in a new direction and it will become reality
AGE 60+ believing in yourself is believing in your connection to the spirit world through your higher self