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The week of Monday, Oct 16th to Sunday, Oct 22nd 2017

If your birthday is this week you are Libra and the 7th house is the western horizon or where we meet other souls in our sun powered journey through this lifetime.  Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, tells us that loving other humans that will teach us how to love the universe and obtain divine love.  The next 12 months, the Libra solar year, will be a time for breaking with authority and claiming your own authority as the ruler of your life.  This calls for making a plan and following it.  The next 30 days will stimulate all relationships and increase the intensity of the reactions we receive from others.  This week a job or whatever you have been working on is now over so whether you feel like you are over it or not it is time to let it go.


AGE 20-40 you may not feel completely healed but your current therapy has done all it can do and it is time to release the past
AGE 40-60 cycles end dramatically so that new cycles can have a fresh start that is the future
AGE 60+ the final straw or the final piece of the puzzle, it depends on your viewpoint, comes into being and changes everything


AGE 20-40 a job is over and any more work on this project will only be second guessing and nitpicking
AGE 40-60 a career door closes to make you use another door to obtain your dreams
AGE 60+ a surprising final act brings a conclusion to something that needed to end