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The week of Monday, February 18th to Sunday, February 24th, 2019

If your birthday is this week you are influenced by both Aquarius and Pisces and the movement from the 11th to the 12th house shows both sides of the coin that is group planning on one and personal or secret plans on the other.  The Aquarius side of your subconscious dreams of future happenings as shown to you by your spirit guides and the Pisces side displays your own fantasies which are generated by the Fallen Angels who tempt you to have it all.  In the next 12 months they will use their own secrets to impress others and get what they want.  This 28-day lunar cycle will see all signs fulfilling fantasies and having dreams come true.  This week is your time to step into the spotlight and find your place in the big picture by claiming your hill and letting your flag fly.


AGE 20-40 you will have to fight for what is rightfully yours but it will be worth it
AGE 40-60 the opposition has you outnumbered but you know their weak spot and are willing to take advantage of it
AGE 60+ stick to your plan and eliminate one obstacle at a time and you will win


AGE 20-40 this is a time when you will have to pick sides and go with one extreme or the other
AGE 40-60 you have a secret plan of action that will produce victory
AGE 60+ break it down into small steps and even mountains can be gotten around