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The week of Monday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 28th, 2019

If your birthday is this week you are Taurus.  Lofty ideas come down to Earth as they pass through rational Taurus.  New thoughts and inventions are tested for sustainability by those of the second house.  Zodiac’s second position is where we find self-esteem and all things owned by the individual.  The next 12 months, the Taurus solar year, you will be sensible enough to not try to push your guiding spirits into a timetable but allow things to happen at their own pace.  This 28-day lunar cycle all signs will see that the softest dissolves the hardest given enough time like water rounding the edges of rock.  This week you have been given a light to guide others with and they will follow your footsteps no matter where you chose to lead them.


You are having a big influence on those around you so be sure that you are setting a good example


Others will follow what you do with your money even if this is to waste it so think twice about the best plan of action