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The week of Monday, December 2nd to Sunday, December 8th, 2019

If your birthday is this week you are Sagittarius

and your home in the universe is the 9th house.  Numbers are the only facts in the universe that cannot be changed by miracles or angry humans. Your number is 9 so you are at a starting point and the universe is offering you a new opportunity to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime which is to fully develop the gifts and talents you have been given.  The way to do this is to focus on one thing at a time.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.   

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this lifetime is created by telling the truth in a tactful way that will not turn mole hills into mountains.  You are responsible for the reactions that your words evoke.  

THIS YEAR the 12 months after your birthday will be all about making decisions based on the information you receive from your spirit guides.  These decisions will be more and more meaningful as the year progresses and the practice sharpens your awareness.

THIS MONTH a new factor arrives and turns a no-brainer into a hard decision that must be made now.

THIS WEEK your willingness to do something risky will not be kept secret by those who are tempting you so make your decision based on if everyone knew


The ease with which you are able to carry out a plan lets you know the opinions of your spirit guides about this relationship


News is coming about an investment that you knew had risks and this could be the risky behavior of someone you have tried to help