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The week of Monday, Apr 23rd to Sunday, Apr 29th 2018

If your birthday is this week you are Taurus and you are represented in the Tarot by The Hierophant who connects to the material world and amasses worldly possessions.  The first earth sign is content to let things happen at their own speed so others mistake their certainty for slowness.  Taurus is ruled by Venus which governs the five senses and through them pleasure as Aphrodite.  The next 12 months, the Taurus solar year, will see the 2nd house of money and valuables use their natural instinct to hold on to what they have and accumulate more.  The next month will see all signs using the gift of patience to wait for the right time.  This week even the most steadfast finally see that all the good has been gotten out of a situation and now is the time to turn and walk away.


AGE 20-40 in the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth it is now time for the death of a relationship
AGE 40-60 any more work on the current situation will be a waste of time and will seem like nitpicking to those around you
AGE 60+ this is the time for change and for letting others know your limits and where you set your boundaries


AGE 20-40 you have done all you can to accommodate others and now it is time to please yourself and do what you enjoy
AGE 40-60 the current project is over and any more work will just be second guessing
AGE 60+ you talked the talk and now it is time to walk the walk right out the door