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The week of Monday, January 20th to Sunday, January 26th, 2020

If your birthday is this week you are Aquarius

and your home in the universe is the 11th

 house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion. Your number is 11 so you take friendship to the next level and include your friends in your dreams of the future.  And remember, the greatness you see in your dreams is meant to spur you on to exceed your expectations.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.   

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this lifetime is to pay your material world debts with spiritual currency earned by telling the truth.

Now here’s a look at this week for AQUARIUS


MON you have recovered from the hurt you built a wall to protect yourself from and now it is prohibiting anyone from approaching

TUE you see cause and effect as what is given you is a reflection of what you have given to others

WED everyone sees that you have changed because you see yourself differently and present yourself differently

THU relationships are not easy because one must deal with inner change and the changes in their mate at the same time

FRI you put your foot down and demand respect so the relationship moves up one level

SAT express your true feelings and you will have cause to celebrate

SUN all new beginnings are blessed by the full approval of your spirit guides


MON the one you are waiting for cannot locate you so there will be delays

TUE the same treatment you have been passing out to others is now returned to you

WED refocus and change your point of view because it is the only way to change others

THU all events are numbered and must wait their turn to come into reality and join the mix already in progress

FRI you have your choice of money or power but you want both and are willing to go the extra mile to get them

SAT one of each is your best choice when confronted with an unanswerable question

SUN the only thing that could slow you down now would be the belief that you do not deserve all this


MON for better or worse this case is closed so any more effort in this situation will just be second guessing yourself

TUE pass good fortune along and it will find a way to return to you over and over

WED your aura has been expanded by experience and others are attracted to your light

THU you do a good deed or right a wrong with forgiveness instead of revenge

FRI you finish off an enemy or bad habit and destroy the bridge that leads you back that way

SAT anything held in now will become a blockage and cause pain so express what you really feel and wait for a reaction so you can share, bless and release

SUN you take the high road and avoid all the fighting down below by refusing to take sides

So, this week AQUARIUS

MON you have been guarding your privacy too closely

TUE its in one hand and out the other without even stopping in the pocket

WED change how you treat someone and they will change

THU you blend yourself with another and create something new

FRI the truth slays all dragons

SAT live for today and you will have no regrets

SUN lucky is as lucky does and you can’t win if you don’t play