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The week of Monday, July 17th to Sunday, July23rd 2017

If you were born this week you are influenced by both Cancer and Leo.  The movement from the 4th to the 5th house is the internal change that allows you to quit waiting for the perfect time and dare to take a risk.  Whether it is your heart or your money you are risking, this week that ends with the Leo new moon is the time to step forward and present your ideas.  The coming year for these souls is the final year of their 9 year cycle so it is time to let go of what has served its purpose and give the new cycle a reason to come into existence.  This month the stars align to give you a blend of what you asked for and what the spirit world wants for you.  Your job is to incorporate new ideas and new answers into your plan.  This week you will be asked to choose sides but you know the problem can best be solved by getting the two different sides to work together.


AGE 20-40 you are asked to do the impossible and the only solution is to bring opposites together in a common cause
AGE 40-60 victory comes from deft handling of the situation and the bringing together of two points of view into a new slant
AGE 60+ nobody is ever completely right or completely wrong so compromise is always the best solution


AGE 20-40 you have been given the reins and have a chance to show superiors what you can do about solving a problem
AGE 40-60 in a hologram light is split, bent, and brought back together at a new angle that allows objects to look three dimensional and this new point of view will lead to your success
AGE 60+ you are a leader with divided workers who must be brought together in a common plan that gives everyone a future