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The week of Monday, Mar 19th to Sunday, Mar 25th 2018

If your birthday is this week you are influenced by both Pisces and Aries and the movement from the 12th to the 1st house is in itself a rebirth and renewal.  The shift from far out Neptune to our closest neighbor, Mars, is the shift from spirituality to personality.  Pisces imagines what can be and Aries puts the information to practical use today.  The next 12 months, the solar year for these souls, will be a time of turning dreams into reality.  The coming month will see all signs shake off the winter doldrums and experience rebirth in dreams and visions.  This week those with the Pisces/Aries mixture will have a decision to make but not have the necessary information so will have to consult with their spirit guides by asking for help. 


AGE 20-40 your time is up and you must make a decision about the path you will walk in the future
AGE 40-60 ready or not you must make a choice between two life styles and the people they will attract into your life
AGE 60+ your spirit guides have put you in a situation where you must ask for their advice and using that advice is how you can thank them


AGE 20-40 you must choose between two jobs that seem equal but the best results will come from the one you know the least about
AGE 40-60 enjoying your work is the easy way to attract like-minded souls into your life
AGE 60+ the way to thank those who help you is to put their help to use in the best way possible