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Cancer, the sign of the crab likes to be at home and around family, this is often mistaken for unsociability but those born under the sign of Cancer like to have fun and chat just as much as anyone else. Having strong family ties, and a deep connection to their roots, one with the sign of Cancer also makes loyal friends. Those under Cancer also enjoy and appreciate art, and will tend to be day-dreamers. Because they are sensitive, a Cancer can be very complex, and have their feelings hurt easily, they are usually very romantic and affectionate in matters of love.
Common Characteristics of Cancer: Sensitive, imaginative, loving, protective, intuitive, sympathetic, possessive, nurturing, imaginative, family-oriented, timid, caring.
Ruling Planet: Moon   Color association: Silver   Birthstones: Pearls, moonstone.

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This combination might be interesting and very productive if both of you are able to give yourselves the chance to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Aries is pure fire and will be in constant movement, spreading its heat through ideas, projects, plans, and lots of activities. It holds a very rich way to express sexuality, which in certain cases brings problems related with infidelity. On the other hand Cancer is an entire ocean of patience, savings and always seems to go in its own direction and/or with more conservative plans and projects. This makes people consider Cancer a person unwilling to take risks and this might affect their love life and their partner. Too much fire will burn and evaporate the water; likewise, too much water will extinguish the fire, so it’s important to know each other so that you will be ready to discuss important things and still be there to comfort and support one another in times of need. If you want to make things worth the effort, take time to consider how fire and water can be mixed in the right balance so you can create a great and powerful steam to move forward in your life. In some cases, this steam is a manifestation of another dimension of love life, bringing a more spiritual relationship. Consider the use of tantric practices to complement your lives and achieve higher goals. In some cases, the combination of your strengths will make you an unstoppable engine achieving goal after goal, not only in the material level, also at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Do your best. It’ll be worth it.

This combination seems to be interesting due to the fact of having Earth and Water together. Even though there are differences in sizes, the crab and bull can get along very if a simple set of rules is set to help the relationship. It’s for sure that both members will follow them once they are able to see their common goals served. The hard work and strength of the bull will be compensated by the saving habits of the crab, which easily lead into a good amount of savings and sometimes to a quick financial Independence, if that’s what they wanted to achieve; the adaptability to the situations and the creativity both animals show when facing challenges are the clue for financial success and the wellbeing of their own. Family matters for this combination and when gaining more balance in all aspects of life, Soil and Water can produce amazing crops for the good of generations to come, as well as making great clay for delicate and artistic tendencies. However, it’s important not to over impose one onto the other, too much water will over flood the land causing tragedy, as well as too much soil without water is going to become a dessert. An adequate balance allows this combination to get almost immediate results, especially if both have been through similar difficulties and an Alliance merges from those circumstances. Intimacy is something really special, particularly if there’s an agreement to achieve spiritual goals. It won’t be a problem to become creative and adding some doses of romance and foreplay under different circumstances.

This combination is a very particular one. The reason is, the many probabilities to success as a couple in almost everything, as well the many chances to need to be as far as possible from the other. So, a good dose of balance and control of emotions is advisable from both sides. Too much air or too much water creates the perfect and unstoppable storm. However, there are many good things to make this relationship work. The twins might work fast while the crab goes in a discretional way, using all the impulse that wind can bring, in order to create a perfect breeze of fresh air for every one; as well as the crab can control all the action of the twins by applying some pressure with its mighty clams. Avoid overdoing in order to have the crab as close as possible, and use its instinct to save some energy and sources. In this way, the twins might get the break they need to become more focused on the goals set as a couple. This combination is one of those called to succeed if they decide to trust and to do their part when working for new ideas for business; in other words, when differences are set aside, it’s possible to focus on the task at hand and project it far away; however, it’s important to maintain a good balance of planning, action and evaluation to start the cycle again. Consider the habits of some introspection in the crab, as the freedom and speed of action of the twins. It’s also advisable for the twins to follow the savings habits of the crab. In doing so, the twin will be saving some time for their health. At a more intimate level, sexuality will be something enjoyable, pleasurable and when using some imagination, a lot of great moments are going to be their strengthening the relationship.

This is the kind of relationship that will vary, depending on when the person was born; there might be some Gemini or Leo influence in either of them. Otherwise, this crab family will go after their goals together, saving lots of money and being creative with their resources. Some fighting may break out, but they will always find a way to forgive and forget. There may be some cases where the crabs' peace, or lack thereof, may affect their level of creativity, so it's important to set goals every step of the way. Try to find experience in a new field in order to make the relationship more interesting. Certain risks are acceptable, but the crab's adventures are not easy to understand outside of the family, so keep it simple and maintain the discretion that characterizes your social life. The intimacy between these two will be a combination of adventure, belonging, loyalty, and a familial enjoyment they both can share. Due to the water element they share, they will find many ways to be sexually creative and put their talents to good use. Travel or pleasure can be added to this intimacy, making every journey they have unique.

This is a unique combination of elements and signs, spelling opposition and complementation for these two. Under the best circumstances, they make a great combination, creating lots of steam. It's a suitable combination for many difficult tasks that require power and strength as well as discretion and delicacy. It's best to commit to each other and learn to make small sacrifices for everyone's peace of mind. This will help both parties be at ease with each other. However, in difficult times, the crab will not be a match for the lion, capable of only pinching the magnificent beast and possibly stopping an argument while the lion feels that they have too much at stake with the crab. This is a curious way of maintaining a healthy relationship, but it's what these two are good at. It might be better for the crab to hide and wait for the right moment to step in, but it would be best to try and make the lion react and do the best thing for the good of the family instead of simply dismissing problems. Too much of either element will throw everything off balance, so it's best to talk everything out and set some common goals between them. The key to this relationship is respect; be careful of any sort of manipulation that may thread its way into this. At the sexual level, using creativity will awaken the combined desires of both of these signs, but it can also be used for other purposes rather than just simple pleasure. Indulge in yoga and tantric techniques; these are worth studying up on to try something new.

This combination can bring many possibilities for both positive and negative events. Earth and Water can combine to bring endless abundance for everyone, or can even mix together to make an adaptable clay. However, there must be balance and moderation, or there will either be drought-like conditions or a horrible flood. These two elements must stay in harmony. On the other hand, the possible combinations and commonalities in this relationship are endless. It might not be very obvious that these two could be a couple, but they balance each other out as the crab hides their work and the virgin takes a long time to assess the details. Cancer is bound to skip over the practicalities of finances, however, driving Virgo crazy. This is where a good set of rules come in, eliminating criticisms and any sort of ill intentions. There will be a need for distance and respect from time to time; they must show their support for each other in these times of need. On an intimate level, these signs make for a healthy and active relationship, using creativity and romance. Intimacy can be achieved at almost any time if the circumstances are just right between them.

This pairing is interesting but difficult to define because of the nature of the signs and their characteristics. They might create a wonderful, uplifting breeze for everyone around, but too much air can make things too dry and too much water will flood everything in its path. But working together, they can create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone. On the other side of the equation, there are many other things going on. There quite a bit of financial savings and balancing of budgets, there will be answers and questions, and a wonderful sense of humor. These are both family signs as well, and Cancer and Libra have a way of balancing each other out. It will be easy to set a good budget for the family in tough times and then that money can be spent later for fun. Unfortunately, they will tend to rely on each other quite a bit, so it's important to have very well defined tasks and time away to decrease the chances of dependency and overworking. Intimacy will be very nice between them, especially if romance and adventure come into play to keep this relationship alive. If they plan ahead and organize their time, they'll be able to greatly enjoy themselves.

This mix of water signs is a curious and productive one, especially if some rules are set and they become supportive of each other. Even though the crab and scorpion are small animals, no one can doubt their efficiency in achieving goals and their combined forces as a couple will be even more powerful. The clam and sting are lethal when working in coordination, so it's wise not to disturb this couple. This couple will resort to any means to achieve their goals, discreet or otherwise. They have impressive skills and great experience in dealing with exploring. However, these two should have as few disagreements as possible; should they argue or fight, there will only be pain and injury to both of them, and it will take a long time for either of them to heal. A good set of rules and predetermined goals will be helpful to keep them in line and will remind them to support each other in their endeavors. If there are some calculated risks and some trips filled with adventure, then this relationship will be fueled and shaped perfectly to their needs. These two can compliment each other sexually very easily, but it's important to maintain a level of understanding between them. Spirituality might be a good idea as well, achieved through meditation, tantric practices, and a lot of contact with the nature around them.

With this combination of fire and water, there's a lot of room for greatness but also for straying to find others. When water and fire combine there can either be a perfect balance or too much overlap. Both of these signs are very independent and strong, when Cancer and Sagittarius work together, they can be an unstoppable team, but as they are, there are many possibilities for them to hurt one another by mistake. To avoid that, communication will be the key to setting up a happy medium where both can co-exist and avoid injury. Sagittarius can help with savings and Cancer can set some simple goals to help them work best together. It's also important to consider that the shy nature of the crab might not be as aggressive when pursuing something intangible like dreams, something Sagittarius is fond of. This might cause them to believe the other wants to be alone and they'll go searching for other companionship otherwise, leading to complications. At an intimate level, there are many things to share and enjoy; the probabilities for an endless romance is high if respect is taken into account and if rules are upheld between them. Sometimes, love may be the only solution to the issues they may face and it's worth a try, but don't waste the opportunity if you have the chance.

This is one of the most interesting combinations of signs and elements that can occur. Water and Earth can create great things when there is the right balance of forces; with enough water, the crops can grow stronger and the grass greener, and the soil can adapt the water to whatever it wishes to best fulfill their necessary goals. These two aren't very noticeable, but when they decide to work together, their weakness are masked by the other's strengths and the combination can be truly astonishing. The mountain goat will enjoy the view of the ocean and the crab will do as it pleases, making this relationship a peaceful one. Respect is the key, and when combined with their mutual needs and common sense, they can sacrifice their own needs for the greater good in order to succeed. However, it is important to remember that these signs are opposites, and without a proper balance the results can be disastrous. They may start following their own agendas and losing all kinds of hope and trust in their partner. When this happens, feelings can be seriously hurt and it will be difficult to recover what was lost between them. Intimacy for them can go well beyond normal expectations, and most of the time it's what creates the right balance between them. It will be well worth the effort for these two to become a couple and produce a wonderful offspring.

This combination of Water and Air requires a lot of commitment and patience since both signs enjoy absolute control of their environment and they might take the presence of the other to be a challenge. However, sometimes these issues need to be handled carefully and with some discretion as these things will affect the relationship and it could become unbearable for both of them. Too much water will weigh Aquarius down and too much air will dry everything up between them. There may be too much to handle but these two can achieve great things with respect, tolerance, a good sense of humor and adaptability. In order to be a great couple, those characteristics may be enough, but Cancer might be too reserved in many ways and Aquarius may find that the crab has too much baggage. They may find that the relationship is going too slow and isn't worth the effort. If they are able to consider each other's feelings without trying to change who they are, accepting their true natures, there might be a chance for them to shine together and complement each other well. Intimacy, romance, and adventure will do very well to bring these two together, especially through travel and exploration. It might be worth the effort, so why not give it a chance?

This combination seems ideal with their dual water signs, and because these two are both naturally hard workers with good adaptability and skills. Working together, they can be a very cohesive team. It's important to consider that water will be their closest commonality, so that means a lot of movement, acting, surprising levels of strength and tenderness. Almost everyone will see them as an ideal couple, especially for their many achievements. These two will find common activities together that others might not enjoy with them, but it's important to find new and creative ways to enjoy the same things over and over again. Everything depends on a clear set of goals and permanent support. However, it's important to remember that there will be times when each of these two will want to do things in their own way, and if there is not a clear understanding between them, this may lead to the end of the relationship. They will separate and find other places to live and be happy in if this couple isn't careful. In intimacy, this is a great combination that can easily go from one extreme to another, sometimes as a powerful ocean or sometimes as a peaceful creek. This will add a lot of variation to the relationship and they can better bond as a couple, so creativity and passion go hand-in-hand together to make their lives very fulfilling.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th  to Sunday, January 26th, 2020

CANCER if your birthday comes between June 21 and July 22 you are Cancer and your place in the universe is the 4th house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion.  Your number is 4 so your purpose in this lifetime is to redo your own childhood by producing your own family and becoming the parent you wish you had.  This will be your most satisfying experience.

This is the karma you brought into this life from previous ones and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign. 

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this life is sharing your knowledge and your emotional experiences with those you love to save them the trouble.

Now here’s a look at this week for CANCER


MON everything that comes into your life must be experienced, shared, blessed and released back into the universal cycle for others to find

TUE on one hand your happy and on the other hand you are happy and this is balance

WED someone sets off your fire alarm and there is unexpected passion in a public setting

THU the breech between you and another is too wide to overcome so it is time to walk away from this situation

FRI your creativity moves up a level and makes you extremely productive and useful to the universe so don’t use this power randomly

SAT a happy ending produces useful emotions that can be referred back to as time goes by

SUN those who were standing in your way have found something better to do with their time so you are free to act


MON the old project closes neatly and opens the door to what comes next

TUE two heads are better than one and two jobs produce exactly what you asked for

WED you are not what you do for a living but this is the public persona that others perceive you as

THU a partner walks away, feeling that they can do no more here

FRI it is time to take a more hands-on approach to being the leader so get ready to multiply your work load

SAT the next level above happiness is contentment with whatever you have been given in this lifetime

SUN you win and the competition is completely destroyed so next time will be easier


MON years are distilled into a single moment as the truth is revealed and change comes into reality

TUE happiness is the best medicine and happiness is acceptance of what you have created as being the best thing for you

WED greed is what humans have in common with the fallen Angels and greed is what the spirit world uses to lead you down the path

THU you’ve said it all so it is time to go before you say too much and block your own exit

FRI you are the top hand so others look to you when new situations arise and copy your actions and attitudes

SAT the end is near so put the finishing touches on your work and release it to the world

SUN pick up what has been dropped by those who really don’t care about the consequences of their actions

So, this week CANCER

MON everyone is watching so put your best foot forward

TUE two of anything is better than one, so ask for what you want

WED the devil pressures with promised pleasures to test your will power

THU you can put an end to anything by removing yourself from the temptation’s sight

FRI lead the way and others will follow

SAT after many starts finally a completion

SUN the rules change midgame and you win

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