CANCER: The sign of the crab likes to be at home and around family, this is often mistaken for unsociability but those born under the sign of Cancer like to have fun and chat just as much as anyone else. Having strong family ties, and a deep connection to their roots, one with the sign of Cancer also makes loyal friends. Those under Cancer also enjoy and appreciate art, and will tend to be day-dreamers. Because they are sensitive, a Cancer can be very complex, and have their feelings hurt easily, they are usually very romantic and affectionate in matters of love.
Common Characteristics of Cancer: Sensitive, imaginative, loving, protective, intuitive, sympathetic, possessive, nurturing, imaginative, family-oriented, timid, caring.
Ruling Planet: Moon   Color association: Silver   BirthstonesPearls, moonstone.

…and Sex and Astrology for Cancer

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WK 1 someone is taking you for granted and not doing their part in the relationship so to get their attention you will withdraw your emotional self and not be available when this person needs someone to support them, and this should bring the results you are looking for

WK 2 a message is coming about your creations, probably children, and this is good news about them following the plan that they have made and taking things one step at the time so they will not have to go back and repeat what they have already done.

WK 3 the other party is not giving up so to end this relationship it is you that must walk away and admit that the rift is too big and this cannot be fixed.  What has been put in motion cannot be stopped so commit to the change and learn to live with it.

WK 4 keeping quiet has not won you a place in a person of interest’s heart so express what is in on your mind and let them know your expectations of the future

WK 5 someone wants you to be responsible for their happiness and help them make decisions but this is a lose-lose proposition for you to undertake and an impossible job


WK 1 a raise or promotion is due and those who have been blocking what you expect have dropped their opposition and it looks like you will get what you deserve if you are patient for just a little longer

WK 2 someone you mentored or helped in their early stages has succeeded and is now returning to say thank you for having faith in them when no one else did.  This is your chance to explain why you did what you did.

WK 3 you have exhausted your resources trying to help someone and now, having done all that you can do, it is time to fold your tent and go.  Any further effort here is just wasted time.

WK 4 express your feelings and you will find that someone shares your ideas about what should happen next and how to make this come into reality without giving up too much in the trade

WK 5 others want to make you the leader but you have turned this down in the past.  What they are offering now is as repeat of the old so you know whether this excites you or not


WK 1 the rewards of a job well done are not always monetary.  Spiritual rewards come in the form of an altered self-image and how you see yourself is the most important thing when you are deciding what you deserve in this lifetime.

WK 2 you must honor each step in the process but you must avoid getting stuck in any one step.  Everything that comes to you is to be used, shared and released.  This is the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

WK 3 some situations can only be made better by removing yourself and not having to watch the inevitable train wreck.  Anything else you try to do will only delay what is sure to come.

WK 4 others want to celebrate what you have accomplished in the past but you would rather look at the future and lay out a game plan in a series of small steps that will add up to victory.

WK 5 you alone know how you feel so only you can judge if you should give the past another chance by allowing someone to return from exile and start over


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of you waking up because you have received the answer and need to tell someone before you forget and the interpretation is that you must decide whether to put the final piece in the wall you have built to protect yourself. 

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a person walking on air and the interpretation is that you should take what is being offered to you because you deserve it

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of you trying to move against a heavy wind and being pushed back and the interpretation is that some things are too big to fight and you need to find a way to go with the flow and stop fighting against change.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of you and another coming together to form a couple.  The interpretation is you are being blinded to one love interest while being pushed towards another by your guides.