Cancer, the sign of the crab likes to be at home and around family, this is often mistaken for unsociability but those born under the sign of Cancer like to have fun and chat just as much as anyone else. Having strong family ties, and a deep connection to their roots, one with the sign of Cancer also makes loyal friends. Those under Cancer also enjoy and appreciate art, and will tend to be day-dreamers. Because they are sensitive, a Cancer can be very complex, and have their feelings hurt easily, they are usually very romantic and affectionate in matters of love.
Common Characteristics of Cancer: Sensitive, imaginative, loving, protective, intuitive, sympathetic, possessive, nurturing, imaginative, family-oriented, timid, caring.
Ruling Planet: Moon   Color association: Silver   Birthstones: Pearls, moonstone.

Sex and Astrology


WK 1 if you want a relationship to work you must put in the necessary effort to keep it growing and improving so it does not stagnate and become tiresome. A third party has entered this situation and the pressure is now on to become more vibrant or fade away.

WK 2 your past efforts are rewarded by the universe and when we are talking about your love life this can mean a child coming into your life or the fact that you have discovered a person you would like to have a child with.  This person of interest could be your polar opposite and make a surprising choice that will have people talking

WK 3 you were misinformed and acted on bad information so what you did so well was wrong and will have to be redone.  You also will need to offer apologies to those whose feelings were hurt by your actions and words.  You have a big job to do cleaning up this mess that you made.  You must change the opinions of several people.

WK 4 blockages happen in the energy of relationships when anything is not talked about.  If you cannot express what is in your heart, the thought remains in your nervous system and becomes a blockage that can cause all kinds of internal problems.  The ideal mate is the one you can tell anything and receive honest feedback from to clear it from your system.

WK 5 whatever time and attention you invest in your relationship or family is exactly what you will receive from the other members.  Whatever time and attention you invest in honing your gifts and talents is exactly the same degree of satisfaction you will receive from using them.


WK 1 the work you do for an employer must include work that you do for yourself and money that you put aside for yourself in case of emergencies.  When your employer cuts back you have to react and change how you do your job or you will feel unwanted and stop doing your usual good job

WK 2 work you did in the past to bring others together is now paying off and you have been chosen for a special assignment that could involve travel and will give you a sense of adventure.  You were the bridge that allowed two very different souls to merge and bond and be forever grateful to you.

WK 3 what you were so enthusiastic about turns out to be something else entirely and you are left holding the bag and making amends.  You owe someone a trip that takes them out of the turmoil and into a peaceful place

WK 4 your work is praised by the critics and this is especially welcomed because you have put your creative talents into the work and you know how good it is.  A powerful soul who is known to be good with money would like to back your efforts and this could be the start of something big.

WK 5 success depends on how much effort you are willing to put into preparing yourself for whatever work you choose to do and self-satisfaction depends on whether you actually fit the job and it fits you.  Your spirit guides direct you not to happiness but to those who will teach you what you do not know.


WK 1 you know you can count on yourself but you can never be sure of those around you so you can’t let their opinions slow you down. A partner has received a better offer elsewhere and will be leaving so your next job will be to fill that vacancy with someone you know you can work with and that would be someone you have worked with in the past.

WK 2 reading the stars is no more than knowing which way the ocean current is taking your boat and, through this, knowing where you are and where you will end up.  Like a water diviner with the forked stick you feel an affinity to the natural world and a call to put your talent to work

WK 3 what must be done is the hardest thing to do so, the sooner the better, you need to change horses in midstream.  By jumping over to the other side you can take yourself, and two others, out of the stormy seas and into a quiet cove to think things over before making another move.

WK 4 your reputation means everything in business or in your relationships because word does get around.  Long term trust and honesty must be earned as a good reputation and this is what will attract truthful and honest people into your life

WK 5 in this life we each get what we deserve based on how we have treated others who crossed our path, but based even more so on how we have used the gifts and talents given to us by the universe.  Those who waste their talents on themselves will have to try again in their next life.


WK 1 FULL MOON anything you try to hide under a full moon is bound to come to light and be scrutinized by the harshest critics under the brightest light of public opinion so take the high road and be beyond reproach or you will suffer the consequences.

WK 2 LAST QT the crescent moon warns of the danger of releasing sacred information to those who do not have the knowledge to interpret its meaning and put it to its intended use.  When the crescent moon reverses in the earth’s shadow suddenly all information is garbled and misinforms.

WK 3 NEW MOON in the darkness of the new moon secrets are whispered and money passes under the table and justice looks the other way.  It is only human to want to always win but it is self-defeating to stack the cards to assure victory.

WK 4 FIRST QT there is a new connection coming as your thoughts attract like-minded souls.  all you have to do is be yourself and this will come to you in a way that you have dreamed or fantasized about.