CAPRICORNS: are very strong willed and determined. Able to think on their feet and solve both simple and complex problems, Capricorns tend to do well in business. Misunderstood they can seem cold, or ruthless because of their serious, reserved nature and habit of pursuing goals diligently. They are however quite warm-hearted and charitable. Capricorns benefit from long term friendships, but are very cautious when starting out any new relationship. The Capricorn sense of humor is dry, witty and frequently sarcastic which takes the edge off their sometimes moody personality. Capricorns pride themselves on being clever, intellectual, and fair; they will rarely insert themselves into the business of others and will not tolerate it from others.
Common Characteristics of Capricorn: Cautious, pessimistic, ambitious, practical, funny, patient, resourceful, stubborn, pushy, witty, determined, unhappy, organized, focused, creative
Ruling Planet: Saturn   Color association: Deep red, grey, black, purple Birthstones: Blue Zircon, Garnet, pearls

… and Sex and Astrology

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WK 1 its raining good fortune from a cloud right over your head and this all seems to be made just for you and it all seems to be created by your mate.  It is who you are standing next to that this rain of good fortune is trying to reach and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

WK 2 the ideal mate is the one who shows you that you possess the strength and compassion necessary to succeed and that you are strong enough to say no to the things you do not need in your life.

WK 3 all the work you have done on your relationship comes back to you as friends and lovers come together to celebrate the past and wish for more of it in the future

WK 4 a romance ends badly because everyone has been looking out for themselves and someone has found a better path while their needs were being ignored.  It is animal nature to roar when hurt.

WK 5 the choice you have to make has been laid out clearly and the signs and omens say one way leads to happiness and success and the other path leads to uncontrollable change and chaos. 


WK 1 you will be rewarded in the exact same measure that you reward others for their contributions to your work.  Be generous and the universe will be generous with you and allow you to attract generous souls into your life.

WK 2 lay your cards on the table and ask for the raise or promotion that you feel is due by backing your argument with facts and recommendations for improvements that would save money

WK 3 past work pays off in the long run as you finally get what you deserve and get a chance to show higher ups how much you care and how much more effort you are promising in the future

WK 4 a new beginning brings on a brighter day and more hopeful outlook to end this painful cycle.  This is the time to make new plans and accept new people into your life and new events that are sure to bring changes.

WK 5 you have come to the fork in the road and must decide if you want more of the same or a change of pace.  The signposts clearly mark the divide between what you want and what others think you should have.


WK 1 everything in the universe is curved, so, given enough time, everything will become a full circle and come back to where it started from.  When you send love or money into the world and allow it to circulate, it nourishes everything and everyone it touches

WK 2 no one knows it all so each human remains a student for their entire life and the greatest lesson is that you do not have to personally do it all.  Every path must be taken according to evolution, but we humans share the load by learning from each other’s mistakes.

WK 3 your coworkers choose to walk away from a half-done project and this opens the door for you to save the day by getting the mess cleaned up and clients satisfied while everyone else took a day off.

WK 4 you have been constructing a protective wall around your mind to prevent negative thoughts and events from entering and now the wall needs one last brick to be complete and shut out the world and you must decide if this is really what you desire.

WK 5 the past is in disarray and needs to gotten over so you can move forward.  The way to the future is the way the parade is moving so just go with the flow and stop trying to change the path of the river.


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of you waking up because you have received the answer and need to tell someone before you forget and the interpretation is that you must decide whether to put the final piece in the wall you have built to protect yourself. 

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a person walking on air and the interpretation is that you should take what is being offered to you because you deserve it

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of you trying to move against a heavy wind and being pushed back and the interpretation is that some things are too big to fight and you need to find a way to go with the flow and stop fighting against change.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of you and another coming together to form a couple.  The interpretation is you are being blinded to one love interest while being pushed towards another by your guides.