Capricorns are very strong willed and determined. Able to think on their feet and solve both simple and complex problems, Capricorns tend to do well in business. Misunderstood they can seem cold, or ruthless because of their serious, reserved nature and habit of pursuing goals diligently. They are however quite warm-hearted and charitable. Capricorns benefit from long term friendships, but are very cautious when starting out any new relationship. The Capricorn sense of humor is dry, witty and frequently sarcastic which takes the edge off their sometimes moody personality. Capricorns pride themselves on being clever, intellectual, and fair; they will rarely insert themselves into the business of others and will not tolerate it from others.
Common Characteristics of Capricorn: Cautious, pessimistic, ambitious, practical, funny, patient, resourceful, stubborn, pushy, witty, determined, unhappy, organized, focused, creative
Ruling Planet: Saturn   Color association: Deep red, grey, black, purple Birthstones: Blue Zircon, Garnet, pearls

Sex and Astrology

Horoscope for the week of Monday, March 30th to Sunday, April 5th, 2020

LOVE your inner child lets you know who to trust by attracting you to souls who have passed the test of honesty that is always hurdle number one with you.  Once you trust someone you give them honest feedback and expect the same from them in return.

CAREER use your intuition to feel the emotions of others you are dealing with and you will know which way to go and how far to push your ideas when the communication gets sticky and others attempt to cover their thoughts

FINANCES the child spirit that could not enter this life is still with you and acting as your protector and this is the voice you hear trying to calm you down whenever things do not go according to schedule and plans are changed by circumstances beyond your control