CAPRICORNS: are very strong willed and determined. Able to think on their feet and solve both simple and complex problems, Capricorns tend to do well in business. Misunderstood they can seem cold, or ruthless because of their serious, reserved nature and habit of pursuing goals diligently. They are however quite warm-hearted and charitable. Capricorns benefit from long term friendships, but are very cautious when starting out any new relationship. The Capricorn sense of humor is dry, witty and frequently sarcastic which takes the edge off their sometimes moody personality. Capricorns pride themselves on being clever, intellectual, and fair; they will rarely insert themselves into the business of others and will not tolerate it from others.
Common Characteristics of Capricorn: Cautious, pessimistic, ambitious, practical, funny, patient, resourceful, stubborn, pushy, witty, determined, unhappy, organized, focused, creative
Ruling Planet: Saturn   Color association: Deep red, grey, black, purple Birthstones: Blue Zircon, Garnet, pearls

… and Sex and Astrology

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WK 1 friends want you to make a change but you know better and want to hold on to what you have so it is the friends who need to change their attitude or you will have to change them and find better influences

WK 2 your time has elapsed and a decision is due  but you do not have all the information you need so you will have to call on your spirit guides to fill in the blanks and give you an idea of what the situation really is

WK 3 you must travel alone but your spirit guide will be by your side giving you the information you need to have a more pleasant trip in enemy territory

WK 4 a gift of love is given to you and you feel like you’ve won the lottery jackpot as the soul responsible for this wonderful feeling just happens to be the one you are in love with.

WK 5 you know flattery when you hear it and you know it is used to persuade when all else fails so when you hear it from your competitors you know you have succeeded and defeated all of their other ploys


WK 1 let those investments roll over because this difficult period is not the time to cash in or cash out.  Also, you must consider what an influence you have on others

WK 2 a decision must be made and your time is up so, know that it is time to change.  Promises from the past have not been kept and this is the surest way of knowing what the future holds

WK 3 what you begin now is sure to bring the results you are hoping for and the prosperity you have prayed for.  Happy endings are in your future.

WK 4 a new job or promotion means more money and new responsibilities and these changes are likely to change the attitude of coworkers who got passed over so you have a lot of work to do

WK 5 those who have been your enemies drop their weapons and concede your victory.  They will now try to become your best friends so they can keep an eye on your work and copy what works.


WK 1 you felt inspired when you made an investment and this was true then and it is true now when you hear your spirit guides telling you to have patience and extend your investment

WK 2 when others are panicking and running for the doors is the perfect time to be calm and allow the situation to play out.  You may have to leave but there will be a better time that now to cut the cord.

WK 3 the answers you need are available from your spirit guides who like to answer in the voice that you trust most and that is your own.  Listen to the advice you give others and you will hear messages and guidance from the spirit world in your own voice.

WK 4 those who care about you give you a helping hand and a heads up about impending changes that you need to be aware of and ready for if you are wise

WK 5 your competitors become more dangerous when they stop fighting and begin to use compliments rather than daggers to slay you and your reputation for fairness and honesty.  Anyone can be accused of anything and have to answer the charges


WK 1 FULL MOON you get a double dose of whatever you receive this week so you are going to have your hands full at a time when others are requesting your assistance and asking you to work overtime or do double duty

 WK 2 LAST QT you dream of taking a thorn from a lion’s paw and making friends with your own animal nature that seems to be trying to guide you through this life, leading you by the genitals.  The point of the dream is that you should use this very

emotional side of your nature but it must be balanced by logical thoughts like time and place

 WK 3 NEW MOON you dream that you are twins who experience the two mirror image sides of your personality facing each other and merging into one.  The point of the dream is to show the power of logic and emotion combining and how this is the path for you to take.

WK 4 FIRST QT you dream of a magician who pulls rabbits from their hat but can’t stop the flow of rabbits and is soon buried by his own magic.  The point of the dream is that some information is not meant to be given to some people and if you do then there will be a price to pay.