By: Elly I’ve always enjoyed quotations and teachings from Einstein, he was very interested in Thermodynamics, the first aw of which is something to the effect of “Energy in a closed system can neither be created, nor destroyed, only altered.” He is probably most famously known for his theory of […]

By: Alex When the subject of past lives comes up, many people just shrug it off. They think it is some esoteric concept, along with karma, just part of some people’s belief system. Worse yet, they reject it completely because it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs. Nevertheless, in a […]

By: Elly In my previous post, I discussed Julian Assange and the tenants of Karma. In today’s entry, I’d like discuss Fate. I have read several articles regarding Lady Gaga lately and her belief in Fate. How did she manage to go from an unknown NYU dropout to the queen […]

By: Elly As you may or may not know, earlier this month Julian Assange, the founder of “Wikileaks” released a slew of formerly classified documents regarding the U.S. Intelligence, Department of Defense, foreign relations, and other tidbits of information. Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is […]

By Alex Football Reiki Last Sunday I was watching a local football team get beaten by their arch enemies. I am not a huge football fan but I like this team. At one point early in the game the opposing team scored 2 touchdowns within 7 minutes, and nearly had […]

Charlotte By Alex About a year ago I had to have my cat Charlotte put to sleep. She was one of the most beautiful cats I have ever known. It was really hard to do. I had Charlotte for about 17 years and was quite attached to her. She had […]