By: Orson Scott       Inspirational words impact your thoughts, feelings and how you live your life. They affect your psychological and physical energy allowing you to overcome obstacles and persevere during difficult times. Inspirational words help you to sustain during setbacks. They are fundamental to our health and […]

By: Arnab Roy Choudhury     Ladies be warned, the guy you’re dating could be a psychopath. Here are some signs that will help you identify and make the right decision!   Don’t be alarmed when you hear the word! A psychopath doesn’t have horns, neither sharp teeth that are […]

By: Martin Luther       Psychic reading can be labelled as the modern name of the ancient practice of divination. The readers involved in this practice were earlier known as fortune tellers. It’s a unique power of extra sensory perception seen in specific humans around the world.   Some […]

By: Menila Sweet       A lot of people curious about how to get rid of weight quickly often forgets the ‘safe’ element. They tend to be so needing to lose actually willing to compromise the health. In reality, anybody can shed weight providing they determine the tactics that […]

By: Janice Enanoria Mia       Its not difficult to look around at all your coupled-up companions and noiselessly wish you had a beau When you’re single, In any case all that anguishing is completely squandering your without bf time! From wild nights out and holding with your besfriends […]

By: Erin       Recently I received a new tarot deck and I have been trying to become familiar with the cards and their meanings by giving myself daily readings. Sometimes I will give myself different spreads and do a full on reading but I have gotten into the […]

By: J Nihteagle       DIVINATION:   As any Diviner worth his or her weight in salt can tell you, may be defined as an attempt to elicit information from some occult entity or some deeply hidden dimension of the mind, information often considered beyond the reach of our […]

By: Erin       1. Letter Planters- These are especially fun for kids or if you’re having a party this spring and want to jazz up your yard. They sell cardboard letters at any craft store. First you will need to cut the top off with a serrated knife […]

By: Office Staff     It’s down to the last few hours before Christmas and some of you might still be struggling with what to get for those last minute stocking stuffers. I have some ideas that might help out in these last hours of madness to help ease some […]

By: J Nighteagle     Music or more basically sound has been a great tool for assistance in achieving ones desired state of mind for many, many thousands of years (even before modern man spoke his first word). There is a certain vibration or sound that stimulates the part of […]