By: John Dugan       Even the most confident Casanova occasionally likes a few sex tips to help keep him at the top of his game in the bedroom. So often such sex tips revolve around areas of skill or of penis health, but there are other areas that […]

By: Raymond Marrow     People are often so discouraged about the results of their meditative efforts.   They feel that they are not only not relaxed, but anxious because they couldn’t focus at all. Well, to quote one of my favorite teachers, George Curnoles, “Your mind is like a […]

By: Simone Kelly       I’d like to share a story with you about two interesting people that we ALL know.     Ms. Jane D. Acceptor thinks, “I got this dead-end job, I’m bored to tears, but hey–it pays my bills. It keeps a roof over my head. […]

By: Dolores L Stein   Let’s face it, love and relationships can be hard work sometimes. But as we also know, they can be rewarding as well. But when they become a challenge, where can you turn for advice and help? Consider having a phone psychic reading done to help […]