By: Wendy Owen There are three main types of relaxation techniques you can practice when you feel upset and stressed out. If you practice them regularly, they will become part of your lifestyle and you may find yourself habitually more relaxed as a result. This article contains a breathing relaxation […]

By: Kurt Hurley I am a huge supporter and advocate of integrated and phase-based training as optimized methods of health and fitness technologies/systemologies. And it wasn’t until I started researching Tai Chi as an alternative form of exercise (I have been exercising for three-and-a-half decades consistently) did I understand how […]

By: Cucan Pemo If you are in a relationship right now, or are thinking of going into one, there are 3 very important tips you should know and questions you should ask yourself before you ever get yourself into a relationship. This could save you from a lot of heartache […]

Using all Six Senses to Be More Romantic By: Heidi Richards “Knowing what your partner wants and needs is your sixth sense or intuition at work.” – Heidi Richards Call it intuition. Call it ESP. We all have it and can use it to create a lasting romantic relationship. When […]

Charlotte By Alex About a year ago I had to have my cat Charlotte put to sleep. She was one of the most beautiful cats I have ever known. It was really hard to do. I had Charlotte for about 17 years and was quite attached to her. She had […]

by: Robert Johannsen We know there are magical signs once we meet our soulmates face to face. Expect it to be not ordinary. Imagine a fairy-tale coming alive. Most certainly, there would be sparks flying, butterflies in the stomach, stuttered sentences, ease of communication, physical attractions, love-at-first-sights, answered prayers, love […]

by: Paul Jerard I am often asked by beginners about how to evaluate a Yoga Teacher? The following is the “CALM check list.”These factors are basic criteria that your Yoga Instructor should meet before you continue on to a second Yoga class. CALM gets its name from four main factors: […]