By: Lulu Gleason As someone who is not new to the idea that dreams seem to be how the subconscious speaks with during REM sleep. I find that I’m fascinated with the many different ways your dreams can be interpreted. Did you know if you do a search on the […]

By: Alex Fairies are mythological creatures to most people, but I (and many other people) believe they do exist. We are not aware of them in our modern world, but this is because they have gone into the earth. They were active up until about the 1800’s or so, and […]

By: Steve Gillman Stress is more than just unpleasant. It’s dangerous. Try these relaxation techniques today, and use them whenever you feel that tension coming on. 1. Leave the room. This really helps if the things stressing you out are in the room or related to it. Just get out […]

By: Dorothy Lafrinere Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake! Have you ever felt like that? When I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be loved like that would just rule forever. Is that not […]

By: Rachelle Arlin Credo Long distance relationships are dreadful. I know this because I’m currently living one. You watch other couples walk down the street hand-in-hand, kissing, etc., everyday and you can’t do anything but envy them. So how can a long distance relationship work? How can you keep on […]

By: Elly Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, a celebration that is possibly the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays which lasts 15 days. This tradition is considered a spring festival, despite the fact that those in America will be celebrating it during the winter months; […]

By: Alex I asked Cat, one of Foretel’s psychics, if she could answer some questions I had about angels. I asked her if there were times in my life when angels were guiding me, and if she could tell me something about the angels who were my guides. She said […]

By: Elly With all the recent talk about Orphiuchus you must be thinking “Oh no, a new zodiac! The signs are shifting, but I’ve always felt a connection to my sign, what does this mean?” Don’t worry, you’re still you no matter what, and further more, you’re still the same […]

In this era of downloading movies and television shows, making viral videos, and instant fame or infamy, it’s good to know that something good can come out of it. Having such easy access to entertainment and the ability to purchase items with a click makes it easy to live in […]

By: Elly People living in Europe, as well as parts of Asia, and Africa will be treated to a partial solar eclipse tomorrow morning, January 4th 2011. This coincides with the Quadrantids meteor shower, which will be visible in the U.S. between 11:00PM on January 3rd 2011 and 6:00AM January […]