By: Kal Mercury in the Tenth House Your passion is with language and with communication, regardless of where or who you use it on. You speak with authority and can sound commanding when you speak to others, but you’re known for your negotiating skills with those around you. You always […]

By: Alex We often encounter animals in our lives that we have known before. What most people don’t know is that animals can be different in past lives than they are today. Here’s an example that I think you will find interesting. I know someone who has three dogs. They […]

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By: Kal Mercury in the Fourth House You are full of imagination and dreams; you love to think about the fantastical, the “what ifs” in life. You can sometimes be narrow and biased in the way you think and the things you’re looking into, but you also can be varied […]

By: Kal Natal Chart for Arnold Schwarzenegger Jul 30, 1947 04:10:00 AM CED -02:00 Graz, AUS 015E27’00” 47N05’00” Placidus House System Sun in Leo, at 06° 05′, in the first house. Moon in Capricorn, at 03° 31′, in the sixth house. Mercury in Cancer, at 18° 03′, in the twelfth […]

By: Kal Venus in the Eight House When Venus is in the Eighth House, you may find yourself financially lucky. Even if you’re not, though, your partner might be, which means that you can enjoy some shared money together. You’ll find yourself drawing ever closer to the people around you, […]

By: Kal Venus in the Fifth House You started showing interest in people of the opposite sex when you were. You’re antic, amorous, sensual, and full of life. You adore any sort of attention – especially the romantic sort – and you always want to be doing something fun. You […]

By: Lulu Gleason Ah, yes Venus also known as the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. The planet Venus is also associated with Freyja in Norse Paganism. A fun fact about Venus is that in most Latin based languages such as French, Romanian, or Italian the word Friday […]

By: Kal Have you ever been speaking to someone and you thought, “Oh, they look a little blue today?” Or maybe you’ve heard of the expression that someone was “radiating energy”? That color we associate with people is often the idea behind auras. An aura is an energy field, something […]

By: Lulu Gleason Mars in the Third House The third house or the House of Communication in modern astrology is closely associated with the sign of Gemini. With Mars in your third house you’ll find a lot of interests in a wide variety of subjects. Generally any type of conversation […]