Gemini: Falling under the symbol of the twins, Gemini are chameleons able to change to suit many situations, however because of this natural ability Gemini are sometimes perceived as ‘two-faced’ and inconsistent. Gemini have an active mindset, never staying still for too long, lest they become tied down, or worse, bored. Gemini can be critical but usually soften this with their wit and diplomacy. Gemini has a natural ability to communicate, and often buzz with infectious energy, frequently the life of the party, and thus are quite sought after in social situations.
Common Characteristics of Gemini: Sociable, adaptable, changeable, talkative, polite, smart, nervous, energetic, cunning, inconsistent, superficial, inquisitive, reserved.
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Yellow, White   Birthstones: Aquamarine, agate, carnelian, sapphire

…and Sex and Astrology for Gemini

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WK 1 the fantasy that crossed your mind was sent by the person who is featured in it and it was generated by the thought crossing their mind so, if you have a similar interest in them, this would be a good time to express that interest by using the same connection to show them what’s on your mind

WK 2 you can change your world by changing how you react to the same old things.  There are some things you cannot remove from your life but you can change how others see you by altering how you see yourself and how you think about yourself and your place in the future

WK 3 your relationship is stalled because of a lack of honesty and the way to move it on up to the next level is to tell the truth and let your mate know that it is alright to return the same degree of honesty to you because you can take the truth

WK 4 someone needs your help in the form of advice from someone who is older and wiser so just think of all the troubles you avoided by watching others and seeing how their actions brought consequences and then share what you know with someone who will be very grateful

WK 5 you have been missing the big picture by focusing too much on yourself and thinking it was too late to be saved or that you were beyond saving, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and break free of what has been holding you back.  You can make these things work for you instead of against you.


WK 1 the messages you sent blindly have found their target and the replies will be positive and they should come quickly so this will be proof that your spirit guides are with you on this project and everything should run smoothly.

WK 2 it is time for a change and the opportunity arrives this week. A complete shift of direction and a new flight plan are in the works for your career and all you have to do is turn off one light and turn on a different one.

WK 3 you move up a level and receive new responsibilities and this proves how much a higher up thinks of your work and that you have a future here because of this so rise to the level that others are trying to put you into and you will find that this is where you belong

WK 4 you have an opportunity to do a favor for someone in power and when you do this it will open doors and allow you to take on a new identity with those in charge and expand the scope of your responsibilities to prove that you are a team player who thinks about the company first

WK 5 self-imposed limitations have been delaying your actions and holding you back so it is up to you to decide that enough is enough and you’re not going to take this anymore, not even from yourself.  No one else can free you from the bonds of attachment that make you desire whatever you do not have.


WK 1 what you overhear or read over someone’s shoulder is the truth and the reason for you obtaining this information is to move you to action and the action will be explained by your spirit guides when you ask for the help that they are trying to give to you just when you need it.  Intuition is a terrible thing to waste.

WK 2 others who thought they knew you will comment on how different you seem to be, because the inner change that you have just experienced is visible on the outside as a change in your aura, but what has physically changed is your opinion of yourself and what you are putting into the world

WK 3 spirit guides will advise you against becoming whatever you do for a living as dictated by circumstance, until you find the perfect work for this lifetime and then, your guides join in the creative fun as you combine your free will with divine will, and you know this has happened when your work makes you lose track of time.

WK 4 the example you set always influences others because we learn not only from the mistakes that other people make but also from the way they handle success and the way some people allow one day’s failure or success to influence the rest of their life and to tell them who they are

WK 5 when you pass the place you were headed to because your mind on wandering, this is your spirit guides blinding you to reality and making a part of the material world disappear for a moment, so beware the comfort thoughts you get lost in, they are covering something you are trying to avoid


WK 1 LAST QUARTER so this is the time for a double check of your plans just before time runs out.  The dreams and fantasies now are of a sudden jump from one reality to another or from one group to another

WK 2 NEW MOON this is the new beginning and the time to make plans for the future.  The dreams and fantasies that come to you now are about people and places you do not recognize and this is to tell you that something new that you have never considered is coming and this is something that you have not seen before in this lifetime

WK 3 FIRST QUARTER so this is the time for behind- the-scenes action and under the table negotiations that must be done in private.  The dreams and fantasies now are of people spying on you and eavesdropping on your conversations and this is to warn you of false friends using your friendship.

WK 4 FULL MOON so this is the time for secrets to be revealed and new information to come to light.  The dreams or fantasies that come now are about finding the black cat in the dark room and this comes to warn you against being too shocking in front of the wrong people.