Gemini December

Falling under the symbol of the twins, Gemini are chameleons able to change to suit many situations, however because of this natural ability Gemini are sometimes perceived as ‘two-faced’ and inconsistent. Gemini have an active mindset, never staying still for too long, lest they become tied down, or worse, bored. Gemini can be critical but usually soften this with their wit and diplomacy. Gemini has a natural ability to communicate, and often buzz with infectious energy, frequently the life of the party, and thus are quite sought after in social situations.
Common Characteristics of Gemini: Sociable, adaptable, changeable, talkative, polite, smart, nervous, energetic, cunning, inconsistent, superficial, inquisitive, reserved.
Ruling Planet: Mercury   Color association: Yellow, White   Birthstones: Aquamarine, agate, carnelian, sapphire



WK 1 you pass the test set up by your spirit guides in front of the one you want to impress with your good intentions and this gives you an opportunity to show how patient and forgiving you can be without actually having to do these very difficult things.

WK 2 you are aware of a third party as soon as they arrive on the scene and know that their presence means trouble.  The split this person causes was inevitable and the sooner it becomes reality, the sooner you can get on with your life

WK 3 you have so many good things coming at once that you will have to make a decision about what to keep and who is the right one to share this good fortune with.  Your guides are with you and will help you make these decisions that are opening new doors.

WK 4 you have a surprise coming from someone who has been hiding in plain view and now steps forward and this seems to be a gift of love given to you by the universe, with no strings attached other than what will be created

WK 5 you can score a great victory by changing people’s minds and getting those who were against your ideas over to your side.  In this situation logic will win out over emotion and allow you to combine two opposing forces.


WK 1 getting the job you want takes finding a need and serving it, just as getting the life you want takes combining your will with divine will.  You have the satisfaction of knowing that you are receiving what you deserve as a reward for your words and deeds in this and previous lifetimes.

WK 2 the end of one job is the beginning of a better one and those who try to hold you back will find that their efforts boomerang and come back to hurt them and their standing in the community

WK 3 you get what you asked for and it is up to you to see why these things have come into your life in the form that they have taken.  It looks like you are not the only one who is supposed to profit by your good fortune.

WK 4 a new factor that you have not prepared for arises and gives you a decision to make between two who seem to be equal.  To handle this situation you will have change the old rules and find spots for both.

WK 5 mediating for polar opposites gives you rare insight into bringing the two sides of yourself together at the negotiating table to combine your logical side with your emotional side and get them to work together


WK 1 temptation temporarily blinds us to the truth, but in the end, we see the right path and know that we will receive just what we give to others and we will recognize it when it returns to us disguised as a circumstance beyond our control that has been put in motion and cannot be stopped.

WK 2 those who work against you and cause you to lose will find that you have nine lives and will rise from the ashes of defeat to demonstrate the  truism of birth, death and rebirth and know that they can’t exist without each other

WK 3 all things, both good and bad, come from the same source and it is up to us to interpret the meaning of what we receive.  The only way to find the good in anything is to put it to use in the material world and hope for the best

WK 4 each time you think you have it all figured out, the universe gives you a surprise and something else to take your mind off whatever you were worrying about and this is a gift from the universe because you are loved.

WK 5 using your mind to win over brute force is a real victory and a sign of things to come as this will be a very useful tool for you in the future as you find ways to communicate with those in this world and in the unseen world


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or fantasy that comes is of you trying to make a decision between what you have in one hand and what you hold in your other hand, as if you were weighing them for their importance to you and the interpretation is that your spirit guides want you to validate their input by putting it to use.  Each time you use the advice you receive you are thanking the source and each time you are thankful you get closer to your enlightenment.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of you checking the fruit on a tree to see if it is ripe by squeezing it and the interpretation is that people held too tightly will try to escape your controlling grasp and the same is true for money that wants to be put to good use and be valuable to the world

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or fantasy is of someone praying or in meditation and the interpretation is that this is the most powerful thought in the universe, that of asking whatever you consider to be the higher power for what you think will bring the greatest good.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or fantasy is of someone watching a clock and waiting for the alarm to go off and the interpretation is you have set something in motion that cannot be stopped and you will have to learn to live with the results because there is nothing you can do about it.