Happy Birthday Horoscope

If your birthday is this week you are
TAURUS and this week
LOVE human justice is biased and based on experience but divine justice is based on the knowledge that we are all in this together and no soul is enlightened until each soul is enlightened so cooperation among all souls is the missing ingredient that holds back total enlightenment
CAREER 31 you will be asked to judge others and it is important that you do this is a fair and honest way, without adding any personal spin to your decision, because the way you judge others here will be the way that others will soon judge you, so ensure yourself of fair treatment by being fair
FINANCES every time you leave out a step in the progress, no matter how unimportant it seems, it always comes back to haunt you and make you retrace your steps back to the beginning, so honor each step you take and you will only have to do it once


LOVE your financial need is being caused by a lack of spiritual faith

CAREER if you can’t be the star then watch the star and learn how they do what they do

FINANCE the week begins with a visit from the one who has nurtured you in the past when your need was great and now has a problem that you can help with.  The week ends with a message arriving about the future of one you have mentored and this is good news