KristiAh, November! The leaves are turning vibrant, the weather is getting cooler and there’s a certain something in the air. Hi, i’m Kristi ext 7077 here with some holiday cheer and inviting you to call me for anything that you’d like to talk about.I know you’ve seen my profile but sometimes you have other questions too like maybe you want to know how your aura affects your health  and what your reading  means? Or maybe there’s someone who’s passed on that you might want to ask a few questions to, or maybe if that new guy/girl at work really did try to catch your eye? Well I can answer these and more so let’s talk about it! Until next time, many blessings and warmest of wishes.

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  1. I love your cheer Kristi and i’ll extend mine to you! have a wonderful holiday and i hope to speak with you when you get back from vacation!

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