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Leo, the lion is an ostentatious, proud, and social sign. They are individualistic and ambitious but loving and sympathetic as well. Often shining when they are the center of attention, Leo’s are ingrained with a natural charm and magnetism. Leo’s are generous and caring, willing to support others when they are down. Occasionally having a lazy streak, a Leo will take the easy way out, especially if the situation is considered mundane. Patience is a virtue of the Leo, but once riled they don’t back down.
Common Characteristics of Leo: Flamboyant, boisterous, warm hearted, creative, loving, warmhearted, enthusiastic, strong, stubborn, artistic, self assured, independent, generous, famous, happy, lucky, charming.
Ruling Planet: Sun   Color association: Yellow   Birthstones: Ruby, amber, topaz

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This combination seems to be dangerous, but it is just a matter of organization. When two natural leaders are together, they tend to try to prove who is best, who deserves more, and who can achieve more. In the language of love, this sometimes translates as "who will give more" and "who will receive more" in the relationship. Getting organized at this level is just making the decision of who is leading to achieve something, and having the other one close to correct stay on track and ready to take command when the other one is in need of rest. The most difficult part at this time is to have one of you, natural and powerful fires, to make the noble decision of allowing the other to shine before it’s your turn. Sometimes, the lion will try to use its royal privilege to be the one in charge, but if there's a common benefit between them, then the lion will work for the good of the couple instead of just for itself. That makes things difficult, though, because the ram thinks that its hard work is the only way to achieve things and it will not take kindly to being "given permission" to do what it wants and go where it pleases. It is important to consider some humility and a lot of respect; by working together, the joining of two fires can illuminate many things at the same time, even to the point of becoming a beacon of light to those around them. If there are difficulties, be careful: either the horns or the paws might be very dangerous and lethal for any kind of relationship. Consider, in guiding each other through the arid deserts and mountains of life, to achieve together your universal throne where physical conditions don’t matter, in which brilliant ideas will shine and where the spirit will be free. Achieving these things might be difficult, but once the ram and the lion have focused their attention on the same goal, the complement will be perfect.

This is a special combination that requires a great deal of agreement and understanding. On the bright side, the couple will be unstoppable when deciding to do something, there’s leadership, well set goals, hard work, patience, magnificence and a reasonable dose of calculated risks. However, it’s important to set those goals and rules before trying something and be closet o support each other. If conflict arises, the battle between the bull and the lion has a clear winner, but in the long run, both are going to lose much more than what can be imagined. Lion’s paws make nasty and paralyzing cuts and bull’s horns always hit in a deadly areas. An adequate combination of fire to the earth can improve the conditions of the soil for future purposes, so planning ahead is a must. A good way to avoid conflict is always to work with the same goals in mind and double-checking for understanding. In some cases there might be a tendency for the bull to follow the lion, only if it considers that safety is not an issue and that it might lead to better pastures. On the other hand, there might be the possibility to underestimate the power of the bull if results are not seen fast, so be careful. In an intimate situation, these two animals can be very active and their combination of forces can produce a mighty beast at almost every level; capable of great things; so, if there’s a well plan for the future offspring, it’s almost guaranteed a good dose of success. Enjoying their sexuality won’t be a problem and creativity is a must to maintain a very healthy relation at this level. Chances for inner growth are also a great possibility. So don’t put these opportunities aside.

Anything is bound to happen in this amazing combination of fire and air. There will never be a time for boredom, because these two will always fuel each other's creativity and they'll constantly be moving. Many people will be aware of this powerful combination, from the raging of the fire to the warm updraft of air, just by passing them by. When this couple decides to work together, they will be highly successful, even when they're not working towards exactly the same goals. This pair must always work under some sort of control and they must always have some well-defined milestones and goals. Communication is the key to making everything work seamlessly, allowing both to adapt to any complication that arises, but balance is the most important thing. Too much air can extinguish the fire and too much fire can choke the air; in many cases, even the people around them will feel the effects of being unbalanced. If they refuse to follow the rules, the twins will never be a match to the lion's fury. However, the lion can't match the twins in terms of speed if they ever decided to attack the resting lion. At a sexual level, this might be one of the most intense relationships out there; they only need to control the passion and enjoy the foreplay, reveling in the romance. At a certain level, this combination can even find some spiritual realization through this sexuality, should both indulge in the tantric method.

This is a unique coupling of elements and signs, spelling opposition and complementation. Under the best circumstances, they make a great combination, creating lots of steam. It's a suitable combination for many difficult tasks that require power and strength as well as discretion and delicacy. It's best to commit to each other and learn to make small sacrifices for everyone's peace of mind. This will help both parties be at ease with each other. However, in difficult times, the crab will not be a match for the lion, capable of only pinching the magnificent beast and possibly stopping an argument while the lion feels that they have too much at stake with the crab. This is a curious way of maintaining a healthy relationship, but it's what these two are good at. It might be better for the crab to hide and wait for the right moment to step in, but it would be best to try and make the lion react and do the best thing for the good of the family instead of simply dismissing problems. Too much of either element will throw everything off balance, so it's best to talk everything out and set some common goals between them. The key to this relationship is respect; be careful of any sort of manipulation that may thread its way into this. At the sexual level, using creativity will awaken the combined desires of both of these signs, but it can also be used for other purposes rather than just simple pleasure. Indulge in yoga and tantric techniques. These are worth studying up on to try something new.

This is a combination that means a lot for both members of the couple. The main reason is quite simple. This is royalty, so the king and queen are supposed to be above everything and everyone else around them, and they expect to be treated as such. Unfortunately, this can lead to selfishness; they might separate themselves and control what is “theirs” and keep the other out. Situations like this can be avoided if there is a good communication and respect of each other as well as a set of goals and plans to follow, most relate with a common way of working. It’s important to remember that the lion loves its power. It’s also a very attractive personality and has a great sense of honor. All of these characteristics can be used to complete the ideal royal family if these two decided to join forces. This couple can achieve so many good things, especially when they have to fight together for their natural rights and beliefs. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and to conquer what they believe is theirs, and then they will sit back and relax in their newly found territory. A sophisticated lifestyle is usually common in this kind of couple, but they must be careful: sometimes this can become a weakness, and at an overconfident level that might ruin many things. Intimacy at this level is something great, usually lots of fire can be found here and that is ignited by the smallest sparkle. Sometimes, it might become more transcendental, full of romance and plenty of nice surprises.

This combination of Earth and Fire is one of those that can be considered curious and effective, as well as an impossible extreme; everything depends on what they want to achieve. If they decide to be coordinated, will be an unstoppable force when they are use the energy and strength of the lion and the detailed work of the virgin in order to get things done. On the other side of the coin, there might be many problems, especially when the lion decides to exercise its rights as a king and overrule what its partner has decided to do. Sometimes the lion might take certain privileges for granted and that might be a surprise for them when the virgin decides to react and claim its part and its rights. This might lead to fatigue and a kind of obsession with small individual issues, which will deteriorate the relationship in the long run. To avoid that kind of problem, it’s important to talk, set goals, consider their partner before making any kind of decision and give it a timeline before making a decision. There must be a lot of respect and attention to the other one’s point of view in order to coordinate the efforts at almost every single level. This may be boring and tiring, but it's necessary for both parties to know more about each other and realize that every goal, every milestone and objective is going to be achievable if they simply work together. Sexuality is something that should be combined with some romance, adventure and certain levels of experimentation, especially if the couple has in mind some spiritual achievements in the long run. However, they must agree in their goals or this might become another issue to solve.

This combination is one of the most interesting ones when there are some things to be done. As it happens when air and fire are combined properly, the results are going to be amazing. The combination of these elements will be like a warm updraft coupled with a light that will never go out. However, there are some important conditions to be followed because the excess of air is going to extinguish the fire, so it’s important for the Scale to maintain this adequate influence when dealing with the Lion. It’s also important for the lion not to be that proud and powerful or the air will leave, leaving behind nothing. When they are working together, setting the exact amount of goals and going into the details will allow everyone to find the answers and possibly gain contingency plans required for each issue. In some cases this might be tiring for both, but it’s going to be the best investment of time and resources. Unfortunately, these two elements are the most intangible, the ones that cannot be enclosed in any way, only monitored and/or used; this kind of characteristic is going to be the most important issue when it comes to progress or failure. Failure means that each one goes in its own way, it doesn’t matter if it might take more time to achieve individual goals; however, this same force and characteristic is making them very adaptable to circumstances with the advantage of achieving goals together faster. Intimacy is one of those things that are going to help both of the members of the couple. Fire and air are going to create flames of passion that can be used to join hearts, lives and even for spiritual enlighten through the use of tantric methods when sharing intimate moments. It’s worth the effort.

This combination can be considered the most interesting and riskiest of all the ones available in the zodiac chart. This is water and fire, two almighty and powerful creatures that can destroy each other, capable of progressing each other until they become something bigger, stronger and better. But working together, there are many chances to create the most powerful steam for any kind of engine. These two might intimidate each other to the point that they both will unconsciously be moving away from each other and becoming distant. Unfortunately, this kind of distance and lack of trust in each other can cause disaster an almost everyone close to this couple. However, a good negotiation, a well organized set of strategies and goals can make this combination of powers something mythical. In order to achieve this, the lion and the scorpion must respect each other openly and with honesty, then help each other and work for the same kind of goals. It’s advisable to find an inner growth niche for both in this way; relationship will have physical, mental and spiritual characteristics. With this kind combination, myth can become a reality and these two magnificent creatures will fuse in one winged lion; myth shows this perfect combination as almost a divine one. Here, in our tri-dimensional world, this couple will be seen as one in almost everything they do. Will there be a lot to do? Yes. Will it require a lot of effort? Yes but the results are guaranteed to be amazing. Intimacy, is might go from a very passionate relationship to an almost sacred sexuality for transcending worlds. Is it worth so much sacrifice and work? Yes.

This combination of fire and fire can bring only an amazing amount of heat, light, energy and if it is not controlled properly, lots of destruction. These two wonderful creature, are kind of coursed with power, strength, ideals, energy, leadership. For this reason, it is so important to get to know each other and to set rules and goals to be achieved. The leadership of the lion plus the dreams of the centaur can create many good things for both of them as well as many problems when there is no coordination, or some ideas that have not being work properly for both of them. These two are both powerful in their own right, capable of hurting one another if they need to. Sagittarius is more skilled with cruel words; Leo is skilled with actual confrontation. They will go to any lengths to defend what’s theirs. For these reasons, it’s better to have them working together instead of fighting against each other because in this fight, fire will devastate many things and affect many people around them. If these two are more aware of each other’s goals and dreams, then this kind of coordination might create lots of excitement as well as the sense of adventure can help in finding new tools and goals. For both of them, and now as a family, the world will become too small and they can expand their thirst of conquering into levels almost unimagined by the ones who used to know them. At an intimate level, sexuality is almost guaranteed as great due to the fire feeding fire, but, there might be a risk, if there is no balance, once this fire has not been used properly, thee might be the tendency to look for something new, maybe new fuel; for this reason foreplay, creativity and romance will be the perfect addition to this relationship.

When Earth/Soil and fire are combined at this level, it’s important to think seriously in the long term, rather than in immediate results, at almost every single level. These two forces are strong and intimidating, and as partners, they might be very wary of each other. This is the main reason to try to create a very strategic alliance to get the best of both; in this case, the view that the high mountains gives of the land to be conquered is valuable information when the lion needs to act, as well as the strength and power of the lion will be enough extra protection for the goat in case some of its natural predators want to cause some harm to it. This is why it is so important to set common goals, use lots of strategies, change their ways to work when setting a goal, go one step at a time and each one doing its part. It’s going to be vital the trust they need to rely on the other and to use their strengths to help and protect the other one’s weaknesses. In doing so, this alliance will prove to be one of the most effective, even though they might require some extra time and effort in planning ahead and determining exact actions and in many cases, the complete trust of the other one. Don’t become overconfident and, instead, let trust build over time with your partner. Intimacy is an area where the passion might set for a long period of time, especially if both decide to work and please the other one without being selfish, achieving man things, even spiritual goals if they decide to it. It’s going to be like that kind of crops that require the fire to renew over and over the production. It’s worth the hard work.

This combination of fire and air is one of those that look like dynamite. There will be lots of fun, lots of work toward the same goals as well as many new and exciting moments. However, the fact that they are complete opposites might be an issue if there is no coordination and a good set of rules to achieve what they want set in place. The volatility of this combination and the power that can be achieved is simply amazing. Aquarius will be a trusted advisor and Leo will be content to protect their partner. However, if there is a chance to go against each other, everyone will notice and better stay far away; the fire might ignite and the wind will become a storm, and nobody will win. On the other hand, being opposites might also mean that they can attract and complement each other, like a battery with its positive and negative polarities, that can be used properly and bring up the results wanted. This might be the case for very creative ideas, innovative products, incredible fats and results when working in coordination. This might also lead to them seeing each other as something more than a couple; they might become friends, soul mates and possibly, they can create a great level of transcendence in their relationship. Complemented with romance, creativity and lots of excitement and adventure, sexuality at this level seems like an explosion every time. This might lead to a spiritual union, so it’s advisable to study spiritual sciences that can give the couple more choices, as well as more points of joining together their physical, mental and inner forces for a great achievement. No matter how difficult might be together, at certain times, once they’ve joined their lives, they might depend on the other to make the life a better opportunity and their world a better place.

This combination of water and fire is one of those that can be extremely good or extremely bad. The main reason of this is not only the opposing elements, but also the nature of both creatures. Fish and lions don’t seem to be together for any reason; in addition, it creates certain level of discomfort and unpleasant situations trying to be on each other’s element. In this case, the fire might fry the fish as well as the water can sink the lion. In many cases this might be caused without any kind of intention, just because each one is doing its best for the couple from its own element and didn’t realize how difficult is for the other getting so adapted. However, there are many chances to understand each other and to work for pre-determined goals and joining forces, especially to produce a massive amount of energy towards achieving serious goals together. It’s possible to have some moments in which they are going to be more adaptable or in which the conditions appear better, and that is the right time to work. This couple, when they decide to work together, must remain in focus or there is going to be a problem; no one can resist these opposing elements, and while they can use this to their own advantage, they might find someone more attractive and appealing elsewhere. Especially at an intimate level, there are many opportunities to succeed as well as to fail, so a good timing, lots of romance and some level of adventure and creativity might be needed to start this powerful steam engine. Besides the difficulties, a good deal of understanding, patience and adaptability might help if they decide to get together.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th  to Sunday, January 26th, 2019

LEO if your birthday comes between July 23 and August 22 you are Leo and your place in the universe is the 5th house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion.  Your number is 5 so you find yourself stirring up drama just to avoid boredom.  You are the trickster, able to pull multiple abilities out of your hat and juggle them all without ever taking time to master a single one.  Your life purpose is to focus deeply on what is at hand, the present, the now, today.

This is the karma you brought into this life from previous ones and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.  

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this life is learning to see through flatterers and those who tell you what you want to hear if you do what they want to do. 

Now here’s a look at this week for LEO


MON a seed is planted at the most opportune time and this positive energy will bloom

TUE negative thought weighs you down and positive thought lifts you up and your relationship is a mixture of two souls thoughts combining

WED your love for family and home gives you all the protection you need to deflect temptation

THU opposites attract and form a winning team where each has their part of the relationship to look after

FRI be patient with your own rate of progress, overnight change rarely lasts and this applies to your relationships also

SAT you were misinformed and reacted badly but you can now mend your broken fences by saying you’re sorry

SUN a relationship is reborn when the slower climbing mate finally catches up and reaches the mountaintop


MON out of nowhere comes a great idea fully formed and ready to be implemented just as if it had happened before

TUE what you asked for has been set in motion and it couldn’t be stopped even if you wanted to

WED be sure to take care of those at home before you venture out the door

THU opposites work together to succeed and this could be your logical and emotional sides

FRI you could give up but it makes more sense to give it one more try

SAT you have been running against the wind and making little headway so do a U-turn

SUN revitalize an old plan or concept and watch the  crowd grow


MON give the people what they want because the carrot works better than the stick

TUE let it roll and dare to take a risk for surprising results

WED take it one act at a time and try not to get ahead of yourself so you can learn from experience

THU when you ask to be put to the best use you are submitting to a higher power  

FRI partnerships take patience to get the mix right and develop the proper formula to succeed

SAT your guides apply the blinders and you go right past what would have been a major temptation

SUN everyone is capable of changing and this is why we have reincarnation and more than one chance

So, this week LEO

MON you just happen to be coming along at the right time

TUE you feel like the luckiest soul on the face of the earth

WED you are safe at home

THU the victory goes to the most prepared

FRI time does not matter to the spirit world

SAT it is not too late to change direction

SUN everyone answers your call for assistance

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