Leo, the lion is an ostentatious, proud, and social sign. They are individualistic and ambitious but loving and sympathetic as well. Often shining when they are the center of attention, Leo’s are ingrained with a natural charm and magnetism. Leo’s are generous and caring, willing to support others when they are down. Occasionally having a lazy streak, a Leo will take the easy way out, especially if the situation is considered mundane. Patience is a virtue of the Leo, but once riled they don’t back down.
Common Characteristics of Leo: Flamboyant, boisterous, warm hearted, creative, loving, warmhearted, enthusiastic, strong, stubborn, artistic, self assured, independent, generous, famous, happy, lucky, charming.
Ruling Planet: Sun   Color association: Yellow   Birthstones: Ruby, amber, topaz



WK 1 you have a chance to prove how much you love someone by giving them the means to break away from a bad situation.  This is payback for what you feel you owe this soul because of what they did for you in the past

WK 2 your patience pays off and you finally get repaid for a kindness you did without regard for what was in it for you.  What you did has expanded into a bigger and even better idea.

WK 3 others are asking you to lead the way and share the experience you have gained from having been around the block, relationship wise.  You really have been there and done that so now you can let others learn from your mistakes and successes.

WK 4 three new beginnings coincide and everything changes as the old is replaced in triplicate.  Temptations are triple strength and three times as hard to turn away from as old friends tell you that what you are attempting will never be understood.

WK 5 the tie to the past that has been holding back your progress in a current relationship is not as strong as you think it is and you have the power to break away from it and start over with a clean slate


WK 1 better times are on the horizon when you stop waiting for the perfect time and put your plan into action without delay.  This is the surest way to bring the future you want into existence.

WK 2 flashy new ideas want your attention but this is not the time to change investments or cash in what you have.  Someone will offer you a chance to get in on their new idea because you can make it work

WK 3 you can light the way for others who want to follow your path and imitate your actions.  Setting a good example is the best way to help others and protect your reputation

WK 4 you will be asked to go along with unfair business practices and if you don’t say no to this idea there will be penalties to pay and regrets to be apologized for

WK 5 a old fear has kept you from climbing to a leadership position but this can now be eliminated and a new course of action can be put in motion.  This will take you to new places and attract new people.


WK 1 you can transport one you care about to a safer place and transition yourself to a higher plane by taking the action.  Doing what your spirit guides tell you is right is how you thank them for their help

WK 2 money held too tightly will do its best to escape your grasp but money shared generously will expand and return full circle to where it started from because it was given freedom

WK 3 a seer in seclusion is useless to others so allow others to see what you are doing and how you can accomplish it with grace and compassion and without doing harm to anyone.

WK 4 things come to a conclusion and bring happy endings that ripple out and touch all those around you.  This helps you understand that you are a good influence and this ups your self-confidence to a point of causing good things to come into your life

WK 5 your guides have blinded you to activities you were not supposed to know about and now your blindfold is lifted and you see what you have been missing and know exactly what you must do now.


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of children and pets playing happily and the interpretation is that you can not blame others for doing what they naturally do and someone needs to be forgiven

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of someone talking out of both sides of their mouth and the interpretation is that this person is not telling the whole truth.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of a bird diving into water and coming up with a fish and the interpretation is that anything is possible if you ask for it in the right way.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of a ball spinning in a roulette wheel and the interpretation is that good luck is preparation meeting opportunity.