Leo, the lion is an ostentatious, proud, and social sign. They are individualistic and ambitious but loving and sympathetic as well. Often shining when they are the center of attention, Leo’s are ingrained with a natural charm and magnetism. Leo’s are generous and caring, willing to support others when they are down. Occasionally having a lazy streak, a Leo will take the easy way out, especially if the situation is considered mundane. Patience is a virtue of the Leo, but once riled they don’t back down.
Common Characteristics of Leo: Flamboyant, boisterous, warm hearted, creative, loving, warmhearted, enthusiastic, strong, stubborn, artistic, self assured, independent, generous, famous, happy, lucky, charming.
Ruling Planet: Sun   Color association: Yellow   Birthstones: Ruby, amber, topaz



WK 1 this is a time to let down your guard and accept a new interest into your life.  You will be shown the love and compassion in the heart of another and given an invitation to get to know them better so you must decide if you are going to allow this to come into your life

WK 2 someone is offering you love but they are also pressuring you to make a commitment that you do not want to make so you must decide what is most important to you and what you are willing to do to bring it into your life

WK 3 one step leads to another and you will see a direct result from your actions when you open up your purse and your heart to give compassion to those who need it most.  The action on your part opens the door to what you have asked your spirit guides to bring into your life.  The importance of what you give will equal what you are given.

WK 4 you have been waiting on the perfect time to make a big change and this will go on forever because this is a change that you are not supposed to make and your spirit guides block the path every time you try to go there

WK 5 there is a real need to express what is in your heart to the one who needs to hear it as soon as possible.  So bring joy into your life by giving joy to the one who matters most and who gives you the most love and compassion.


WK 1 a new employer wants what you have to offer and will give you an opportunity to express what is in your heart if you are willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown and allow your spirit guides to lead the way into something new.

WK 2 your job is tearing you apart because it demands that you use only one half of your talents and ignore what is really important to you so the only way to resolve this dilemma is to do what you think is best for you

WK 3 you get what you pay for and if you are overly frugal in what you pay others it will dry up the well that has always watered you but if you are generous with others, your well will fill with abundance.  Not only with what you have asked for but also with what the universe knows you are supposed to have in your life

WK 4 to create what you want in the material world you must change the way you look at the world.  When you change your focus, you change everything you see, including the intentions of others.  You always find whatever it is that you are looking for in others so if you look for good then good is what you will find

WK 5 your work brings praise and rewards so celebrate with those who made this possible and acknowledge that their contributions made this project possible so you will continue to receive their help.


WK 1 in order to get what you want you will have to make changes to your outward persona and allow others to believe that they are the biggest influence on your life.  This is how you obtain their cooperation and consent.

WK 2 whenever you desire anything in the material world, there is a choice to make about whether this thing is important enough to fight for and what is really most important to you in this lifetime.  It is time for a reality check.

WK 3 to the spirit world money and health are so closely related that they are the same thing.  When one rises or falls, the other is sure to follow.  By knowing this you can use one to affect the other when you realize that both are dependent on what you believe you deserve, and this is based on what you do unto others.  This is why you always receive what you send out.

WK 4 like driving past your destination because your mind was diverted, your guides can blind you to anyone or any situation when it is not the proper time to take the action that you are anticipating.  It is just as though people and objects disappear and reappear to change your path

WK 5 flattery is tool that can be overused and lose its effectiveness so it is better to be sincere with your compliments and discerning in your acceptance of what others say they think of you


WK 1 FULL MOON so this is about fulfillment and things coming to a conclusion. The dream or vision is of a juggler keeping multiply balls in the air and the interpretation is that you need to learn a new skill to expand your reach and influence

WK 2 LAST QT so this is the time to review and release what is now the past.  The dream or vision is of a couple holding each other under a rainbow and the interpretation is the coming renewal of a happier, more hopeful time.

WK 3 NEW MOON so this is about new beginnings from the spirit world materializing in this world.  The dream or vision is a bright star overhead and the interpretation is that a promise will be fulfilled, maybe by new generations of you.

WK 4 FIRST QT so this is the time to face the facts and to take action.  The dream or vision is of chains holding you in place and the interpretation is that some part of your life needs radical change because it is holding you back.