Libra Last Month

As the first sign of many astrological charts, this position often translates to the Aries personality. Aries are strong willed, determined and sometimes obstinate, however this usually means an Aries will get what they want. Usually Aries will be the first to take a risk as they are high energy and adventurous. Aries is a fiery sign full of passion, and they will fight for their causes tirelessly. Usually regarded as a leader, feeling as they know what is best; Aries are often very successful due to their strong character, organization, and diligence. They do not take well to criticism, and can occasionally make enemies due to their unyielding nature. Dynamic and courageous, an Aries would help you out of a dire situation, but they’ll also be the first to admonish you for getting into that situation in the first place. Aries can procrastinate, but this is a trait that does not surface often, and is usually reserved for trivial tasks. Common characteristics of Aries: Confident, adventurous, stubborn, impulsive, impatient, courageous, selfish at times, quick witted, pioneering, dynamic, enthusiastic, and successful.Ruling Planet:Mars   <strong>Color association: Red    Birthstones: Bloodstone, Jasper, Aquamarine, Jade, Diamond, Opal.



WK 1 you have seen the signs for a long time and ignored the warnings and now its too late to do anything about the death of a relationship that has served its purpose and taught you a valuable lesson about hiding your head in the sand.

WK 2 a relationship that began as a no strings attached affair is now making demands on your time that you cannot meet and you are going to have to make a decision about what and who you really want in your life

WK 3 this is your time to create the world you want so be extra careful if you are not ready for children and the family life.  The universe is trying its best to give you the gift that keeps on giving so you are potent to the max.

WK 4 the unexpected happens just as you’re complaining of being bored, so this is the universe answering your request with good news that comes disguised as just what you didn’t want to hear and it up to you to interpret what your spirit guides are trying to tell you

WK 5 nostalgia rules as someone returns from your past with new ideas about hooking back up and that’s fine as long as your ready for a repeat performance of what happened between you in the past


WK 1 there was only one way to get you to change and was to put an end to the comfortable rut that you were lost in.  What comes next cannot commence until you have gotten over the past and let it go

WK 2 you are given the job of bringing polar opposites to the negotiating table and rather than try to force a compromise you are going to have to think outside the box to make these two decide to cooperate

WK 3 inspiration arrives in the form of a traveler whose overheard conversation with another sets off your cosmic row of dominoes that point directly to the action that you need to take as soon as possible.  This information comes directly from universal headquarters. 

WK 4 you’ve got a surprise coming that gives you a choice in a situation that you thought you were locked into and could not change.  This bit of good luck will leave you quite contented with the results of the effort you have to put forth

WK 5 you will be asked to return to an old job and get to find out why they let you go in the past and how to prevent a repeat performance by changing your attitude about those in charge and the way you perceive the partnership


WK 1 what you have been dreading for a long time finally comes into reality and proves to be not as bad as you thought it was going to be so now you have to rethink the future that you thought was not going to happen

WK 2 family members are having a generational argument over who is in control and you get to sit in the middle and try to mediate a plan that will allow all to work together for the common good.  For some this would be hard work, but for you it the natural thing to do.

WK 3 to receive a gift from the universe you must first discover a need for that gift.  The universe abhors a vacuum and loves to fill holes.  Everything in life comes for a purpose.  Every life has a purpose.  Our purpose is to find our purpose and fulfill the dream.

WK 4 you thought you had all the answers and then a new development changes the questions and now you must decide whose team you are on and what rules you are going to play by

WK 5 you are asked to return a favor done for you a long time ago and this will finally even a score and give you a chance to not only pay back in full but also to show your gratitude to an old friend and to the universe


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of a garden in full bloom with multi-colored flowers all around and the interpretation is that a secret is about to be revealed and this information is supposed to stir you to take action.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of a cup overflowing with water and the interpretation is that you have more than you need and the way to keep this happening is to give some away.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of someone trying to tell you something important but you can’t hear them and the interpretation is that warnings you have been ignoring are about to come true.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of a face in the moon and the interpretation is that now is the time to tell the one you love how much you care because they are losing faith in your love.