LIBRA: In the seventh position of the zodiac, bearing the symbol of the scales is associated with nature and justice. Libras are good at judging character, and generally have large circles of friends. Libras appreciate manners, even-handedness, harmony, and peace. In their relationships, Libras are very devoted, caring, and sympathetic. A natural mediator, a Libra would do well in a position in politics, or law. Though they are very social and logical, they can sometimes be selfish wanting their own way in spite of any thing else, and take great offense to criticism.
Common Characteristics of Libra: Popular, arrogant, charming, social, balanced, successful, fair, diplomatic, changeable, idealistic, gullible, graceful, daydreamers, affectionate, adaptable, talented, peaceable, intuitive, flirtatious, kind
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Purple, violet  Birthstones: Opal, pearl

…and Sex and Astrology for Libra

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WK 1 someone in your family circle who has been out of town returns and they are bringing good news about your return on the investment you made in them when you explained that you had once been in their shoes and since you survived then they could too

WK 2 someone from the past wants another chance and makes an interesting offer, but when you look at the big picture, you can see how your guides, through circumstances beyond your control, led you away from this person and now you can understand why, so this is an offer that you can refuse

WK 3 no one should ever use a relationship to control the other person but, right now, you need to know that you are loved and, if your mate is truly connected to you, they will feel and understand this need and give you what you need to get back into harmony with the one you love

WK 4  you have a surprise coming as something you had not planned on happens and forces you to make a decision between two who are equal on paper but not equal to you personally so you may have to bend over backwards to let others know that you are impartial

WK 5  some will abandon you when you express what is in your heart and some will rally to your side and this is how you know who cares for you and who really loves you enough to go against the wind of public opinion


WK 1 good news is coming about what you create and put out into the world and this comes to validate your path and let you know that you are moving in the right direction. This must be done by the spirit world from time to time because things tend to move more slowly than we want them to in the material world

WK 2  a former employer or coworker wants to reunite in a new venture but you would be wise to wait before committing because the deal will be sweetened if you let it sit for a short time and pretend to have no interest

WK 3 the next step in your plan calls for stepping up and taking full control of your own life, and when this step is completed, moving on to what logically comes next and what emotionally attracts your attention

WK 4  a new factor arises just when you thought you had it all figured out and this is something you did not see coming because it has been hidden from your view by your spirit guides because the timing was not right

WK 5  it is possible to use your power of intuition in a business setting by feeling the mood of a person or of a room and mind reading begins with reading body language like a lie-detector that measures tension in the muscles of the body


WK 1 you can change the world by changing how you look at it and the way you create the world you want to live in is by changing how you respond to what the world throws into your path and the words and deeds of others who are not always truthful

WK 2 someone is promising you fun/profitable times and a return to the past but you know better than to allow this to lure you in because you have been down this road before and have no need to go there again and repeat and old mistake

WK 3 patience and planning have brought you this far and now is the time to take action and let the world know why you are moving at this time and exactly what your plans are so like-minded souls can come to your side and give you the help that you need

WK 4 the answer to your problem has been standing right behind your back, just waiting to be found and asked to supply the needed help.  This is a surprising development that will require a lot of explaining to many people

WK 5 don’t cut off your nose to spite your face and don’t cut yourself off from the world because of the unthinking actions of one individual who will never change, no matter what you say or do differently in the future


WK 1 LAST QUARTER so this is the time for a double check of your plans just before time runs out.  The dreams and fantasies now are of a sudden jump from one reality to another or from one group to another

WK 2 NEW MOON this is the new beginning and the time to make plans for the future.  The dreams and fantasies that come to you now are about people and places you do not recognize and this is to tell you that something new that you have never considered is coming and this is something that you have not seen before in this lifetime

WK 3 FIRST QUARTER so this is the time for behind- the-scenes action and under the table negotiations that must be done in private.  The dreams and fantasies now are of people spying on you and eavesdropping on your conversations and this is to warn you of false friends using your friendship.

WK 4 FULL MOON so this is the time for secrets to be revealed and new information to come to light.  The dreams or fantasies that come now are about finding the black cat in the dark room and this comes to warn you against being too shocking in front of the wrong people.