LIBRA: In the seventh position of the zodiac, bearing the symbol of the scales is associated with nature and justice. Libras are good at judging character, and generally have large circles of friends. Libras appreciate manners, even-handedness, harmony, and peace. In their relationships, Libras are very devoted, caring, and sympathetic. A natural mediator, a Libra would do well in a position in politics, or law. Though they are very social and logical, they can sometimes be selfish wanting their own way in spite of any thing else, and take great offense to criticism.
Common Characteristics of Libra: Popular, arrogant, charming, social, balanced, successful, fair, diplomatic, changeable, idealistic, gullible, graceful, daydreamers, affectionate, adaptable, talented, peaceable, intuitive, flirtatious, kind
Ruling Planet: Venus   Color association: Purple, violet  Birthstones: Opal, pearl

…and Sex and Astrology for Libra

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WK 1 when everyone jumps into the fight and shows that they are all thinking of themselves first, loving partners come together and face the world with a united front that repels the troubles that are created by those who love to fight and argue over the smallest differences

WK 2 the ideal mate proves themselves when they help you discover who you are supposed to be in this life and explain that you already possess everything that you will need in this lifetime to be a complete success and fulfill your karmic life purpose so greed is an unnecessary evil

WK 3 your health is what is most often used by the spirit world to get your attention and make you start thinking about all the things inside of you that are invisible to the human eye. Your guides tell you that you need to pray or meditate more often by creating need in your material world where it can be seen.

WK 4 a simultaneous ending and beginning means one coming in and one going out will pass each other in the cosmic revolving door and one will seem to replace or morph into the other. The universe abhors a vacuum and moves to fill any vacancy with whoever is next in line.

WK 5 if a relationship is not a series of small steps and you try to jump over some steps, you will find yourself having to go back and repeat the past, so honor each step as being important enough to get your full attention and take your relationship one step at the time and allow one thing to lead to another naturally


WK 1 the purpose behind all the fighting among coworkers seems to be to establish who is on your side and who is against you as you get ready to do battle with the competition and open yourself up to criticism that may seem unfair and harsh

WK 2 like a good director to an actor, you meet the person who sees the talent and the gifts inside you and knows how to bring them out so the world can enjoy them. Meeting this person changes the direction of your life and puts you on a new path that is sure to prosper for years to come

WK 3 a partner is leading you in the wrong direction and draining you by asking too much from you and giving you too little so the situation must change before it becomes more painful and even harder to walk away from

WK 4 after wasting time spinning your tires, you finally gain some traction and get back into the race just in time to make it close at the finish and change everyone’s mind about your chances of being successful

WK 5 anything that you omit or skip over lightly will have to be redone from the start so do it right the first time and pay close attention to the smallest details or they will come back to haunt you and make you repeat yourself


WK 1 the opposition has you outnumbered but you can still come out on top by choosing a particular hill to defend and doing it better than anyone else. Pick your battles carefully and you could win the war.

WK 2 the great power of the eleventh house is in their willingness to drop whatever they are doing and go in a new direction now. This air sign is a doer who is always ready for action and eager for whatever is new and sounds like an adventure

WK 3 a series of ups and downs has left you needing help but not wanting to ask for it. This is why your guides have brought you to this point, so you will have to ask for the help you need and allow others to give instead of receive

WK 4 what you do now will be blessed and will lead to greater things in the future by establishing a pathway for you to communicate with those who are higher up and those who are above you to find out exactly what is expected from you

WK 5 the way to ensure success is to put all that you have into each project. The full attention of your body, mind and soul is an unbeatable combination so stop multitasking and concentrate your attention on one thing at a time


the dream or fantasy that comes is of you opening treasure chests full of valuable objects and trying to stuff as many as you can in your pockets while still being able to walk away and the interpretation is that all things must be let go of when they no longer serve your purpose. Deciding what goes and when is called living.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of a body lying dead with a large knife in the back and
the interpretation is that someone is about to let you down by talking behind your back and betraying your trust.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or fantasy that comes is of Angels singing, blowing trumpets and spreading their wings around you and the interpretation is that you are a blessed soul and you have no reason to fear what any tomorrow might bring.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or fantasy that comes is of you standing before a judge in a courtroom and the interpretation is the way you do business is being scrutinized for anything that might be a bad influence on those who follow you.