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As a child, Kat would amaze family with her ability to visualize future events. Born with the gift of clairvoyance, she sees future situations and events like pieces of a puzzle scattered across a table. Your straightforward questions will help her to pull those pieces together with uncanny accuracy. Known for her uplifting and positive nature, Kat will encourage your aspirations and guide you through tough times with sincere and thoughtful understanding. 

Love Questions:

Posted July 15th 2019


Will there be a reconciliation between my ex (Charles 16FEB 1993)and I, like will we be getting back together and when?
- Yuk Y. T.  09/10/1994 
Dear Yuk Y. T.,  I see the two you talking more and trying to get back together by this Fall (between the end of Sept. through the end of November 2019) .  Things will improve between Charles and yourself when you both learn to communicate better.

Hello, I split with my ex lukas two weeks ago will he come back 
-Annie 06/23/1983 
Dear Annie,  Lukas is apparently greatly wounded by this breakup.  So, Lukas going to find it tough to trust you again.  He will gradually come back over a space of time (4-7 months from now).  He will talk with you between now and then though.

Will my husband and I rekindle our love?
-Amelia A. 04/16/1982
Dear Amelia A.,   Yes, I see that both of you will rekindle your Love.  It will take time patience and better communication and a lot of work though.

Posted July 8th 2019


Hi, I'm a lesbian and I want to know about my love life. will I be in a live in relationship with a girl? Will I find a girl with whom I can spend the rest of my life with?
- Sushmita 12/31/1994
Dear Sushmita, Yes you will be in a live in relationship. However, it won’t be the next one you’re in it will be the one following this first one. The second relationship is the one you’re seeking and will occur in about 5-6 months from now, so by the month of January 2020.

Is my boyfriend talking to someone else
-Yadira M. 06/18/1995
Dear Yadira M., Yes, I see that your boyfriend is talking to someone else. It hasn’t gone any further than talking at this time.

Will my ex-wife come back to me?
-Paul 07/31/1984
Dear Paul, I see that your ex-wife is not coming back to you. It seems that she has moved on now. She will be talking more with you which will give you false hope of her returning to you.

Posted July 1st, 2019


Will Sean (Jan 13 1988) come back to me?
-Megan H. 02/21/1989
Dear Megan H. 02/21/1989 I see Sean 1/13/1988 trying to come back to you in 5-6 months from now. This time take things very slow, follow his pace not yours and it will work much better.

Me and my ex broke up about six months ago and she’s already engaged to another man.i do miss her very much do you see us getting back together?
-Rob 04/04/1977
Dear Rob 04/04/1977 I see her not coming back to you. It is time to move forward and find someone new for you.

When will he come back to me since you said he will?
-Karen 10/30/1981
Dear Karen 10/30/1981 I see Sharonne coming back to you in 6-8 months from now. You can start planning your lives together as in a marriage in about one year from now. Take things much slower this time.


Posted June 24th, 2019


Will the guy I love Hamed N. 4/27/1979 come back to me?
-Wazhma J. 02/09/1994
Dear Wazhma J., I see Hamed N. 4/27/1979 coming back to you. It will take some time though, maybe a year from now.

Will my ex come back and when
-Phillip 11/09/1993
Dear Phillip, I see your ex trying to come back to you if the two of you can come to an agreement on how to treat each other better. As to when, the earliest would be around October 2019.

When will he commit to me
-Bonnie 10/05/1996
Dear Bonnie, In his eyes he has already committed himself to you. If you need further proof of this he will say something to you that will show you his level of commitment to you by the end of September 2019.

Posted June 17th, 2019

Will there be a reconciliation between my ex and I, like will we be getting back together and when?
-Laura 05/09/2000
Dear Laura, I see that you will not be reconciling with your ex. There is someone new for you very soon though.

My ex broke up with me because he lost feelings for me, but still cares for me. Did he really lost feelings for me? Will we ever be back together and be back on track on living together in the future as well as marriage and kids? Or will I find someone else who is similar to my ex, but better?
-VI 11/07/1994
Dear Vi, I see that you will not be getting back together with your ex. Yes, he did lose feelings for you and still cares about you. Yes, you will meet someone better by the end of October this year. Just don’t rush him into making the all out commitment right away.

Does Sharonne love me and will we work out our distance and have a strong loving relationship soon that will come to marriage and kids
-Karen 10/30/1981
Dear Karen, Yes, I see that Sharonne Loves you and the two of you will work things out. I see a stronger relationship for you possibly a marriage. I don’t see kids in the near future for you though, maybe in a year from now.


Posted June 10th, 2019


Will my wife move out  
-David 04/19/1981
Dear David,  Yes David your wife will move out.  She wants to now, however, she’ll wait to do this within 2-3 months from now.

I  was with my ex fiance for 6 yrs . We have since broken up but still see each other and talk almost everyday. Im still in love with him and believe he is ny twin flame. Does he love me and will we get back together? 
-Michelle 11/18/1967
Dear Michelle,  Yes, he still Loves you and given some time the two of you will be back together.

Hi , i want to know if Riad will get back ? Thank you
-Yasmine 01/09/1987
Dear Yasmine,   No, I don’t see Riad being back together with you especially right now.


Posted June 3rd, 2019

Will he ever want to stop being friends and date instead. he is always telling me he loves me very much but I dont know if he means it as a fam or a gf.
-Celeste 10/09/1999
Dear Celeste, He wants to be more than friends now. He’s afraid about the what if it doesn’t work out and he loses you totally. He already sees you as his gf.

Will i get back with my ex boyfriend
-Tahmeena 06/19/1982
Dear Tahmeena, Yes, you will get back together with your ex boyfriend. He’ll start talking more with you this Summer.

Will i find love again
-Beth B. 02/21/1961
Dear Beth B. Yes you will find Love again. Look forward to meeting him this Fall. It will seem to be by accident but truly the Universe has it all planned out

Posted May 27th, 2019


Well I ever meet Zhenya T. my love face to face one day
-Nolan P. 11/29/1987
Dear Nolan P.,  Yes, I see you will meeting Zhenya Torschh face to face within 18 months from now.

 When will I find love
- Mayritha 08/18/1978
Dear Mayritha, You will find the Love you’re seeking between now and the end of October 2019.  So be on the lookout for him at any time from now.

Can you see any details or description on who my true love is?
-Samra H. 12/26/1983
Dear Samra H., The one I see for you is a 6’ to 6’ 2” tall man with brown wavy hair.  He could stand to lose about 20 lbs. but otherwise very fit.  He has brown eyes and a wonderful smile.  You will recognize him the moment you see him.  He’s also very single right now and hoping to find the right one for him.

Posted May 20th, 2019

I am in love with John C. 09/09/62 when will he come back to me Enna P. 11/07/67 for good
- Enna 11/07/1967
Dear Enna, I see John coming back to you, however, not until next Summer. This time it will last.

Will my ex Phil Try to get have a relationship with me, more then friends, will he every get what he has done to me in the past.
-Tina 04/02/1969
Dear Tina, I see that Phil feels as though he doesn’t need to put any further effort into your relationship. Also, yes he will get what he did to you, done to him.

Me and my ex were together for 3 1/2 years. He was married. We had some close calls and nearly got caught...He broke off with me because she acts crazy and he's afraid of what she might do..He told me he can never come back.
Does he love and miss me and is there and chance he will ever come back.we broke up 1/ 2017.I am still devastated and crying daily
do I need to let go
-Betty 12/30/1951
Dear Betty, I do see that he still Loves and misses you. As much as he wants to come back to you he won’t. He thinks he’s protecting you. Yes, you need to let him go.

Posted May 13th, 2019

Will we get back together?
-Donna 01/27/1983
Dear Donna, I don’t see the two of you getting back together anytime soon. Maybe another year from now until that can happen.

Will i find someone
-Sole 05/18/1999
Dear Sole, Yes, I see you with someone by the end of August this year. They will Love you and you will Love this new love for you. Tallish blonde/ light brown hair and blue eyes. It will be great!

My boyfriend is acting differently I believe he is cheating is my boyfriend Jerry cheating on me with another woman
-Lydia B. 09/04/1988
Dear Lydia 09/04/1988 Yes, Jerry is cheating on you with another woman. I see that you’ve even seen her when you’ve been out from your home.

Posted May 6th, 2019

We were lovers on and off for a year but have broken it off so he could pursue a relationship with someone. But he wants to keep me around as a friend. I have feelings for him and it hurts to be on the sidelines. My question is will we go back to being lovers or am I holding on to false hope?
-Fi 03/12/1987
Dear Fi, Yes ,he will try to come back to you. I don’t see this happening for at least a year from now. You need to distance yourself from him right now. He needs to miss you and you’re not helping him miss you.

I just want to know about my soulmate? I met a man online chatting his name is Mark. Is he has feelimgs on me? We lose contact to each other when he will call me again? Thank You
-Sonie 09/01/1990
Dear Sonie, Mark has feelings of friendship toward you at this time. Mark will call you in about 3 weeks from now just to touch base with you, to see how you are right now.

Will he ever stop fighting his feelings for me and actually give our relationship an actual chance?
-Beth 11/09/1989
Dear Beth, He will stop fighting his feelings for you. However, it appears to be too late as you will have moved on with another relationship by then. He will regret having taken so long to tell and show you his true feelings for you.

Posted April 29th, 2019

Will me and Nathan ever reunite?
-Ariana 04/29/1998
Dear Ariana, Yes you and Nathan will reunite however not until about 9 months from now.

I'm in a long term relationship that's had both good and bad times. The bad times lasted over a dozen years. I chose to stay because of the children. I've been told by five different psychics, at different times, that he has cheated on me, and has all during our marriage. He did this on out of town trips, fake business meetings and business lunches. I've had clues such as perfume on his shoulder, trails in his underwear, history of shopping on a dating sight, porn and filthy jokes with 'love' signatures on emails and constant leering and flirting, often in front of me. About 18 months ago we moved due to a job opportunity in a different state. I'm wondering if he has changed his ways, or if he is still involved with women in their thirties, and why he is he doing this? Is he still searching, flirting and meeting with women for meals, etc.?
-Cindy 12/19/1950
Dear Cindy, Unfortunately he hasn’t changed his ways. He does this for the constant sexual stimulation and therefore the constant variety of women becomes a necessity for him. So, yes he’s continuing the flirting and meeting up with other women for meals as well as sexual encounters and anything else that comes to mind.

Hi my name Kim L. and my ex is Sam S. I would like to know if we will get back together and if so when I really need to know if I should contact him or will he ever contact me I love him very much
-Kim L. 07/06/1978
Dear Kim L., I see you and Sam getting back together, however, not until next Summer. No, do not contact him. Let him see you and how much you have changed and then he will contact you.

Posted April 22nd, 2019

Do Sheree really love me like she says she does and how can I get Christmas money up
-Freddie F. 04/24/1973
Dear Freddie F., Yes Sheree really does Love you like she says she does.  As for getting Christmas money up, I see you achieve this when you get a part-time job and stash the money where you can’t and won’t spend it. 

How can I win my perfect soulmate Scorpio/Capricorn go back into my life after infidelity and get her to trust me again and be intimate and affectionate so we can marry and have lots of children like we wanted to and what activities can we do together to strengthen our weakened bond, please?
-Jason 03/22/1977
Dear Jason, Try to talk to her without stalking her.  Don’t bring up the past mistakes, let her lead you.  Show her how you have changed and let her comment on it.  Try talking about places you both enjoyed and new places you both want to go to.  Let her know that you want new experiences with her.  All of this will greatly help you.

Hi, could you tell me if my husband has ever had a fling with anyone during our marriage?
-Jean 07/26/1966
Dear Jean, Yes, he has had one fling that lasted 1-2 weeks and it scared him so much at the thought of you finding out that he won’t do it again.

Posted April 15th, 2019

Are I and my kid's father going to get back with each other and we
-Latrice 10/04/1976
Dear Latrice, He is going to try to come back to you. However, it won’t be until between the end of this year and early next year.


Last summer I started going out with a 7 years younger man. The relationship got very intense very quickly, however, once university started he decided to end it saying that he doesn't have time and the relationship has become too stressful for him. We briefly reconnected in December, but after an argument, he again stated the same reasons. We are still in contact and I am trying to remain his friend, but I really love him and hope that we can get back together once he has a less busy schedule. Is there a chance?
-Tabula 08/06/1985
Dear Tabula, I don’t see him coming back to you for anything like a committed relationship even after his class schedule lightens up some.


I've been married for 16 years. We've been together for 19 years. In the past, we've separated for 2 & 6 weeks because he thinks someone else can make him happier in ways I don't. We have gone as far as drawing up divorce papers but we never went through with it. He would call me & we would work it out the last second. Here we go again for round three. He wants me out. Found out he had been texting a number for the past week. Where do I go from here? Are we really over? What direction do I need to go? I have always felt we were soul mates. I am totally lost and don't know what to do.
-Tina f. 06/16/1971
Dear Tina F., The marriage isn’t over. Is there somewhere you can go for about 2 months while he figures things out again? You are Soulmates but, that doesn’t automatically mean you have to be together without both of you working for the marriage.


Posted April 8th, 2019


There is this guy who I have known for 3 years and I've always had feelings for him do you ever think me and him would ever be together officially?
-Marissa 12/11/1992
Dear Marissa, I don’t see the two of you being together officially.  However, the two of you will hook up sometimes.  This will begin this month or until this Summer for the hook-ups.

Does Walter 08/16/1975 love me? Is he with someone else?
-Gorete 08/08/1978
Dear Gorete, Yes Walter 08/16/1975 still loves you.  I believe he’s been faithful so far.  There needs to be better communication between you to fix these fears that you have.

When will I see and hear from David again? I know things moved pretty fast the night we met.I just can't seem to get him off my mind. I know he has kids and an ex-wife to attend to in another state, he wanted to hang out and do some fun things before he left back to his home state but we didn't. I felt like we might've had a connection based on our likes besides the bedroom if ya know what I mean...
-Jennifer 08/08/1989
Dear Jennifer, I don’t see you hearing from David anytime soon.  You do appear to see him once more in late Summer/ early Fall this year.  There is someone better for you waiting to meet you this Spring/ Summer.  It would be better to go with the new guy not David.  Try to not take things so fast this time if you can.  It will make for a better relationship.


Posted April 1st, 2019


I am in love with someone that lives in another state. I am having a hard time letting go of my feelings for this man. What should I do? At one point I felt this man loved me Now I feel like I misinterpreted feelings this man had for me. Will I find love one day.. gentleman's DOB is 8-27-61
-Malia 09/15/1964
Dear Malia, Remember the good times and know that while you were together it was good.  He’s not in love with you the way you are in love with him.  A lot of the problem is the geographical distance between you.  You will find love that truly loves you and respects you this year.  I’m getting by September.  You meet at a social gathering and you just start talking and the relationship starts from there.

My boyfriend of 9 months we broke a week ago, we've been back and forth for the last 2 months or so. There was a time that he went back to his ex-wife and then got back to me. I don't know went out more times or not. Now she claims she's pregnant and says it's is his but can't even prove the pregnancy. I want to know if we getting back and what's going to happen and this whole situation?

-Raquel 11/18/1988
Dear Raquel, He’s going to try to come back to you by the end of June this year.  She’s trying to manipulate him to coming back to her.  The pregnancy is real, however, I believe that it’s another mans’ child.  They went out a few times and yes they had sex.  She wasn’t exclusive though.  He’s torn between the two of you and now he’s got this worry about his duty to her. 

Will Phillip divorce his wife? his DOB 4 Sep 72. We have been for 2 years now and I don't know where this relationship is going?
-Alla 01/21/1977
Dear Alla, Phillip Doesn’t seem to divorce his wife because he’s unwilling to give up half of everything to her.  As long as you keep seeing his things will not change between you.



Posted March 25th, 2019


Hi, just want to know is my husband having an affair. Thanks 
-Sanela 08/20/1978  
Dear Sanela, I see that he’s been talking to another woman.  It appears as though it hasn’t gone quite to the affair.  It will happen by this June though if things don’t get repaired soon.

Having relationship problems and I'm wanting to know if the object of my affection is still interested and if he will be coming back very soon!
-Cammie 01/16/1950
Dear Cammie, Sorry to hear of the relationship problems.  The object of your affection is still interested, however, I don’t see him coming back very soon. 

I and my ex were together for 3 years we went through everything together I was always there for him he was always there for me last year December 
we lost a baby it was the most horrible experience but the great experience is the time we spent as a family when it was in my stomach
after things got tough for us we argued he was constantly accusing me of cheating but I knew at some point he loved me but I love him
with all my heart I feel that I can't get him back like he doesn't want me anymore he's got a new girlfriend now but don't know if he still loves me he's 
always giving me mixed signals i just want him only him without him whats the point living will he come back does he still love me or has all
his feelings gone I need to know so i can just move on if i know the truth
-Ayshe 04/21/1994
Dear Ayshe, I am so sorry for your loss.  Your ex is sending you mixed signals because he does still love you.  He lashed out at you because of his own pain.  That is not an excuse but an explanation.  He will try to come back to you if you can work through the hurts and fears together.  However, it won’t happen until mid Summer this year.  Just make sure that he’s broken up with the current girlfriend before you let him back.



Posted March 18th, 2019


I had been with my "on and off again boyfriend for almost 5years. We just found out we are pregnant. The weekend before Christmas we had a huge fight, and I haven't heard from him since. I'm worried that I will be alone in raising this child and that he has fallen out of love with me. Will him in I resolve this and get back together in a more committed manner?
-Dawne 09/15/1987
Dear Dawne,He will be in touch with you as your due date approaches. I don’t see you raising your child all alone. He has not fallen out of Love with you. Some of what was said was rather harsh. When he contacts you the two of you will be in a more committed relationship.

For Christmas, I sent my ex a book. I didn't sign the present but I think she could reasonably figure out it was from me and the message behind the book. How does she feel about the message and the person who sent it? Does she know it's from me or does she think it's from someone else?
-Hiuyan 03/05/1998
Dear Hiuyan, She did figure out the book was from you. She doesn’t know why you sent it though. The message is something for you not her. She thinks the book is from you.

My boyfriend and I moved in together very quickly. We both have kids. Things have been hard financially and otherwise, assuming because we jumped right in instead of letting things grow at their own pace. We recently had a big blow up which ended with me telling him to and him moving out his items. I know we love each other. Is there room to grow for us and will we be in a successful, loving and long term relationship?
-Kalee W. 04/05/1984
Dear Kaylee W., I see your boyfriend contacting you to talk. After the talk remember to go slowly this time. Yes, I do see a successful and long term relationship for the two of you. As long as both of you remember to communicate the relationship will be more loving.



Posted March 11th, 2019


Wil i ever get back together with my ex and does he stil love me
-Chrizelda  F.   05/27/1995
Dear Chrizelda, yes, your ex still loves you some.  However, I don’t see the two of you getting back together.  There is someone new for you that will work out even better than your ex and you did.  Look for him this early Summer.  He’s tallish (5’11 to 6’ tall) and has sandy brown hair.  You will be drawn to each other.  So have some fun.

Does miguel love me?
-Linda 10/28/1999
Dear Linda, yes Miguel Loves you.  However, he hasn’t always been completely faithful has he?  He wants to commit to you but he’s afraid.  He’s not as sure as you are about being in love.  Work with him not against him and you’ll be much happier.

Will I find love and get married
-Shan 03/30/1984
Dear Shan, yes, you will find Love this year around the end of Spring.  I see you getting married within 2 years after that first date.  I see you being very happy with your 2 children too.


Posted March 4th, 2019


Hey My Name is Violet Williams and I wanted to know about the future. How many kids will i have? Would I be married to my current boyfriend Deonte Allen? Will We have alot of money and live in a big pink house in LA. BLAH BLAH BLAH ALL THE ABOVE. Thats what i will like to know those answers? I really want to know the answer right now. if you would please tell me. THANKS Violet W.
-Violet W. 10/10/1993
Dear Violet W., What I see for you is that you will have 2 or 3 children.  Yes, you will marry Deonte although not right away.  In about another year for the marriage.  The two of you will have more than enough money for what you want to do in your life.  The house you will live in won’t be pink to start out with, you’ll have to make it pink on your own.

Twenty seven years ago I was head over heels in love with a man in the militairy, loved him as I had never loved before or since. Recently we have reconnected and long story short we both still feel the same for each other, but both are married. I unhappily. He has stopped communicating with me and is staying married. I am heart broken, he is torn, should I give up hope and move on?
-Pamela C. 12/06/1959
Dear Pamela C., Please don’t give up hope on him.  He will be back in contact with you.  It will take a while, like 6 months or so.  In the meantime do whatever you can to find your own happiness.  Try not to totally rely on your husband or your marriage to make you happy.  It will do you a world of good and then you will truly be ready for your military man.

For the past 3 years I have had feelings and an interest for a guy who I went to college with. While we went to college both of us were in relationships with other people. Now we both attend two different colleges that are three hours away. We always kept contact with each other. We always have been good friends but we are now starting to date. I can honestly see myself with him for the long run. Is there a real future with friend? Will he be the one? I really want him to be the one for me.
-Destiney G. 10/06/1992
Dear Destiney G., I see that you and your college guy dating for several years.  There is a real potential with your friend being the one.  However, there appears to be another man trying to get you to date him later this year, so be careful.  I also see you getting engaged to your friend by early next year, January or February from what I’m seeing there’s lots of snow on the ground (at least it’s the season for it).  So, have all kinds of fun as the future is bright.


Posted February 25th, 2019


Is my ex courtney holcombe the one for me and should i give him another chance?
-Kiauna 08/19/1994
Dear Kiauna, Regarding your ex  Courtney Holcombe I see that you want him very much and want it to work out, however, I do see more of the same old problems resurfacing.  I also know that you will give him another chance.  I don’t give this relationship very long.  Maybe only 6 months from when you take him back.

I'm presently living with my 41-year-old boyfriend., I'm 19. This is our 10 month knowing each other and 7 months of attempting a strong relationship. I've become stepmom over his daughter, age 3. I do everything for her and with her since I've been with him cause of the separation oh him and her mom. Our rship is strong but he has become controlling everything has to be his way from the house being clean to me doing what he says and when he says it. He abused me a few times when he gets very angry during arguments. He stays on dating sites browsing and promises me he'll stop.. But he never hides what he does. Cause he says he don't cheat just look. Out sex is the strongest part of our rship. Without it we wouldn't make it..I've been in love b4 and I am now. On the other part when we have good days it feels magical. I miss him unconditionally all the time.. Is this going well? Will I get over his flaws and submit to him or I shouldn't be submissive?
-Rosalyn D. 09/06/1994
Dear Rosalyn D., As for this relationship going anywhere good, don’t count on it.  He’s already abused you and his anger outbursts are only going to get worse.  I know you try to overlook his flaws already.  I know you believe you love him but ask yourself why and be honest. I don’t see you as being submissive to him.  My best advice to you is to leave him and don’t look back. 

My ex-boyfriend and I have known each other for 4 years. We were good for almost 2 years of that time until we broke up from various reasons and he started dating now an ex-friend of mine. He has been seeing me ever since he never stopped even while he is still with her. He has been back and forth... Will my ex finally stop going back and forth and denying his fear of us really committing to each other?
-Sherri K.07/13/1967
Dear Sherri K., Your ex-boyfriend has some major commitment fears.  As long as you give in to him and keep seeing him he won’t commit to anyone.  I know the two of you love each other and it will work out.  You have to have the strength to say no at least a good portion of the time.  When you do this he is going to be upset and basically threaten to not see you anymore and that is okay.  He just wants it his way.  If you do this he will commit to you.