Pisces Last Month

Pisces, the fish, is the last sign on the zodiac chart and those born under this sign have the inclination to be very gentle, and charitable but indecisive. Generally, Pisces are very popular because of their loving nature and care for others’ problems. Pisces are creative, and make good story tellers, artists, or actors especially due to their exceptional skills of perception and learning. Though they can be very emotional, and changeable, Pisces are very ambitious and driven, luxury and financial security are very attractive to them.
Common Characteristics of Pisces:
 Peaceful, loved, kind, idealistic, compassionate, impulsive, vague, weak-willed, selfless, imaginative, perceptive, generous, adventurous, scatter-brained
Ruling Planet:
 Jupiter   Color association: Lilac   Birthstones: Diamond, amethyst, bloodstone


WK 1 nothing on this earth is purely good or bad and that is why all things, no matter how different, can mix.  Having the capacity to change from slightly something to almost entirely something else makes humans the most changeable collection of atoms on earth and this is why any two humans are compatible. 

WK 2 no other soul on this earth can make you be happy or create your happiness for you because the only way to be happy is to be content and self-contained within yourself by knowing that this life is meant to be a learning experience and not a judgment

WK 3 when you look back on this time you will see the many different events and people who contributed to you getting together with the one the universe attracted as a gift to you and you will understand that it was meant to be

WK 4 the week begins with a message that has been delayed finally arriving and bringing the news that you have been asking the universe to bring to you.  This will reunite lovers and solve problems as a great divide is bridged.

WK 5 the trick now is to keep things in order and not deviate from your plans because anything missed or skipped over is sure to come back to haunt you later when you least expect it


WK 1 you are elected to be the mediator between the bull and the bull fighter.  No amount of brute force on your part will make any difference so the only hope is to hypnotize the contestants into believing that they are best friends who love each other

WK 2 careers come and go but your vocation is what you would do for free because you feel like this is what you were put in this life for and what you prepared for in your previous lives

WK 3 blocking what you feel will cause physical problems in your body so fully express yourself and then release all that needs releasing back into the earth so you will be ready to take in and fully absorb what the universe wants to give to you

WK 4 a scattershot message was intercepted by the spirit world and your idea has been forwarded to those who have a real interest in the project so you will get an answer soon and this will be good news

WK 5 you get to be the messenger who delivers good news in the nick of time and this will make you a hero with those who know you went out of your way to bring this to them in a timely fashion


WK 1 getting others to work together is just a matter of convincing them that what they are doing is for their own good.  No one can make this happen, they must will it to happen and allow others to freely make the decision for themselves

WK 2 releasing the past means letting go of thoughts of getting revenge and evening the score.  The only way to get over the past is to forgive those who have wronged you, whether they knew what they were doing or not.

WK 3 when you study the past you see a pattern that has led to the present moment.  This pattern can be extended to present a good idea of what the future will be

WK 4 the message you sent has found its target and will produce the results you had in mind when you expressed yourself in this way and opened up to the world

WK 5 the reason that you have been chosen to deliver an important message is your proven ability to deliver someone else’s message without adding any personal spin to try and influence the receiver


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of a group working together to raise the wall of a building and the interpretation is that anything built by human hand is temporary and only nature is permanent

WK 2 LAST QT the dream is of water traveling downward to the lowest point possible and the interpretation is that nurturing the lowest is the highest calling that a human can experience and the most fulfilling life

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of a juggler keeping an uncountable number of balls in the air while barely moving their hands and the interpretation is that you are capable of loving as any human who has ever been and also as compassionate as any human who has ever been on earth.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of a family reunion will all ages represented and the interpretation is that you are setting a good example for younger humans to follow.