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Pisces, the fish, is the last sign on the zodiac chart and those born under this sign have the inclination to be very gentle, and charitable but indecisive. Generally, Pisces are very popular because of their loving nature and care for others’ problems. Pisces are creative, and make good story tellers, artists, or actors especially due to their exceptional skills of perception and learning. Though they can be very emotional, and changeable, Pisces are very ambitious and driven, luxury and financial security are very attractive to them.
Common Characteristics of Pisces:
 Peaceful, loved, kind, idealistic, compassionate, impulsive, vague, weak-willed, selfless, imaginative, perceptive, generous, adventurous, scatter-brained
Ruling Planet:
 Jupiter   Color association: Lilac   Birthstones: Diamond, amethyst, bloodstone

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This is a very special kind of relationship due to the fact of the proximity of both signs; this might give the sensation of unity at certain times, but everything depends on the corresponding dates of birth. At times, the fish will make its watery environment prevail over the fire, as well as the same reaction of the fire. Both have great goals and ideas. However, the way to achieve their goals may change a lot because they prefer the safety of their own element, especially from the fish. This fact might be one of those that can affect the way the ram reacts when trying to achieve the top of a high mountain, because the fish is feeling well wherever it is. So it’s important for both to consider lots of dialogues, lots of consideration, patience and adaptability to the situations. Intimacy is not a problem if the right amount of fire and water is set, which is not so difficult due to the moving nature of both signs. Water and fire have the tendency to over-impose its will on one another at this level, so it’s good to consider the needs and the pleasure of the other. By doing so, boredom will never be an issue, and chances to continue together will increase and the probabilities to build a better relationship. However, it’s also important to know that there are going to be times in which the individual mood is going to a major inconvenience. Sometimes the resistance and adaptability of the fish is not going to be enough, so take care of him/her; it’s also important to respect the solitude that sometimes the ram needs, so expect this kind of behavior and stay close without leaving him/her in complete loneliness and still respect their need for space. Support and respect each other, plan together, be patient, and be adaptable if you want to continue building a good relationship. All this is possible if you are able to put aside some of your personal interests and care for each other.

This is a relationship that seems to be strange due to the curious mix of soil and water. If there is a will to make it work, then there will be great results. Water and the fish can help the bull to achieve things that are a little difficult for its own nature. The bull equally counterbalances it when the fish needs some extra help when facing Soil/Earth issues. The combination of both elements might create something great for themselves as well as for the rest of the people around them. However, their natural sense of independence might make the other one uncomfortable, and this could damage the relationship and possibly make a stigma for all future relationships on either side. Consider using your adaptability and patience to support each other as well as encourage each other when trying something new. It’s also advisable to continuously give pats on the shoulder when each one goes out of his/her comfort zone to try something new and more related to the other one’s element. This might not be easy, but it’s worth the effort. Patience might be the issue for the fish to overcome, and adaptability seems to be the big problem with the bull. But everything will be all right if both work together for the same goals and set some rules that must be respected and adapted to the circumstances. This will lead to trust, understanding, and cooperation towards achieving anything they want. Intimacy won’t be a problem because the difference in natures makes for a more interesting combination, but it’s advisable to allow some time to play for a while and use their creative sides to make things better and better every time. Even though this kind of relationship requires some work, it’s worth it, and with the time, both natures might become one making it one of the best relationships.

?This is a combination that will require a lot of common sense and clear, concise agreements to make this relationship work for both individuals. It's important to set goals and plan ahead; consider using some simple milestones for these things. Otherwise, they will simply be their own elements and nothing more. There might be a few storms and wet breezes, but then they will notice how silly it is to fight each other. That doesn't mean that all will be forgiven and forgotten, but they will accept each other's differences and may work together well. If they decide to be together, there must be plenty of independence and compromise, lots of interaction and support, even if it's just a pat on the shoulder. The little things can really work miracles for these two. There must always be understanding in this relationship, and a willingness to cooperate and work together, because both of these elements are highly mobile, always doing something different. Intimacy is something to consider in many ways, and can be the best way for these two to stay together, but it can be the cause of many problems. Both signs should take not and learn to listen, accept some guidance, and sacrifice a little for each other's benefit. This will strengthen the romance and solidify the trust and support they have in each other.

This combination seems ideal with their dual water signs, and because these two are both naturally hard workers with good adaptability and skills. Working together, they can be a very cohesive team. It's important to consider that water will be their closest commonality, so that means a lot of movement, acting, surprising levels of strength and tenderness. Almost everyone will see them as an ideal couple, especially for their many achievements. These two will find common activities together that others might not enjoy with them, but it's important to find new and creative ways to enjoy the same things over and over again. Everything depends on a clear set of goals and permanent support. However, it's important to remember that there will be times when each of these two will want to do things in their own way, and if there is not a clear understanding between them, this may lead to the end of the relationship. They will separate and find other places to live and be happy in if this couple isn't careful. In intimacy, this is a great combination that can easily go from one extreme to another, sometimes as a powerful ocean or sometimes as a peaceful creek. This will add a lot of variation to the relationship and they can better bond as a couple, so creativity and passion go hand-in-hand together to make their lives very fulfilling.

This combination of water and fire is one of those that can be absolutely wonderful or devastating. The main reason of this is not only the opposing elements, but also the nature of both creatures. A fish and lions don’t seem to fit together for any reason. In addition, it creates a certain level of discomfort and an unpleasant situation for both. In this case, the fire might fry the fish and the water might sink the lion. In many cases this is intentional. Just because each one is doing its best for the couple from its own element, they might not realize that the other isn’t adapting so well. Each one’s strength might be something unbearable for the other, as well as the other’s weakness might not be protected by the other. However, there are many chances to understand each other, and to work towards pre-determined goals. They will need to join forces, especially to produce a massive amount of energy needed towards achieving serious goals together. Once the time is right, they will be able to adapt better and work together. This couple must remain focused or there may be a problem between them. Still, these elements cannot resist each other despite the danger, and that’s what will make this couple work so well. At an intimate level, there are many probabilities to succeed as well as to fail so good timing, romance, and adventure are all necessary to make this relationship safe and enjoyable. A good deal of understanding, patience and adaptability might help if they decide to be together.

This is the kind of relationship that depends solely on those within it. Everything will depend in the level of commitment to each other as well as the support and help that can be given and received from one another. The wise combination of earth and water can produce as many miracles as this partnership can imagination; however, the wrong combination or the wrong timing can cause lots of tragedies to themselves as individuals as well as the people around them. The virgin will have the tendency to go into details to make possible their dreams, as well as the fish will try to adapt themselves to the holes and places that are being filled by the water. Taking into account other aspects of the relationship, there are chances to create together many possibilities. People will want to become closer to them because there’s something special about the coupling. They’ll probably never get to know what that special thing is, that makes them so attractive together. It seems they ignore the great results of combining wisely the elements that sustain people all over the world. However, there are some of those moments in which the fish might prefer to swim alone without any kind of force limiting its way, only the open sea to enjoy. With Virgo, the sense of perfection and commitment to one thing might drive Pisces crazy because there is not enough commitment from its point of view. At more intimate levels, sexuality is going to be the part of their lives that will allow them to become closer and closer, even to the point to become one. In this case, the high ideals of both might help to achieve more goals physically, mentally and even start to use some of the spiritual values to transcend life. Even though there are difficulties, the results and level of commitment achieved after setting common goals, as well as the active sexual life, will allow the problems to be left behind.

This curious combination requires some sort of patience on each side due to mobility, as well as the nature of the signs. Both members of this couple might feel some stressing level of responsibility, because of the difficult combination between air and water. At a certain point they might feel that that each one of them is carrying too much and is not being helped by the other one. While this is very untrue, the problem is that they both tend to focus on their own individual tasks and challenges and don’t take anyone else’s into account even if they’re working side-by-side. For this reason, it’s really important to set goals, to know each other well, and to know their strengths as well as their weaknesses in order to help each other properly. A good level of communication can be achieved easily and this will help making the relationship even better. However, it’s not only the differences what might lead to some difficulties but also in trying to find a similar goal to share, which means only that they didn’t take the time to be specific and to consider each other’s levels and skills to find an appropriate one. At a more intimate level, they can complete each other and make their lives easier and better with plenty of new alternatives to make the relationship different and interesting. At this point, imagination might set the limits, however, it’s important to know what the other wants and how much can they give for the good of the other one.

These two watery signs might find each other in their element in order to achieve whatever they want and to make life their adventure, their property, if they decide to grow together as human beings as well as trying to transcend their own sign. It might be possible to combine the natures of salty and fresh water into this relationship, creating a wider range of probabilities for both and the ones near them. The very nature of these two creatures can be used to adapt to almost everything in life, as well as taking it as a challenge, not as a difficulty, and if they join forces, they’ll soon realize how convenient is going to be their alliance. However, there must be something that adds value to the relationship to make them feel more comfortable in whatever they're doing. In case of difficulties, their elements might provide the best refuge to try to solve the problems, especially if they have been together for a certain period of time, which makes them fight harder to save their many achievements together. However, if the time to say goodbye is coming, it won’t be difficult for them to let it go and get into another more exciting and different direction. The scorpion knows how difficult it’ll be to even try to sting a fish in its own element, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t try. The fish knows well that movement will be the best way to save its life and it’ll be at a rhythm that the scorpion can’t follow. Intimacy, however, is something full of movement and excitement, and even some sort of romance if they decide to make the relationship somehow more special, which, in this case, will bring about many possibilities for their offspring.

At this point, it seems that fire and water won’t be mixing, even if they are getting something in common or chasing the same goals. However, it’s not so strange to say that both of these creatures are almost the same but in different elements. They love their freedom, the magnificent element in which they live, the countless possibilities and also making their ways when achieving their goals, even when they are focused in something that seems so far and unreachable for many. These kinds of similarities might be attractive to find in the other one, as well as finding a way to properly mix the elements and transcend their differences together. However, once in action, differences their differences will be obvious and will affect them in a way that will create more trouble than solutions, driving the centaur to go fishing with its arrows and forcing the fish to flee and call for help. And they’ll probably succeed because they are able to handle their element wisely and with complete control. In order to avoid this kind of situation, they must work together in small tasks at the beginning, which allows them to get familiarized with the other one’s tools and means of working, as well as learning new things about each other. Even if they continue to fail, they’ll begin to understand each other, and their chances for something bigger will grow. Intimacy might not be a problem, but it’s important to add a huge dose of romance and creativity to make things run smoothly. Remember that their basic nature is completely different, but it doesn’t mean that there are going to be unsolved issues if some honesty is applied and love is used to join their lives.

This is one of the most difficult combinations of earth and water, but it happens, and happens for good reasons as well as they combine their particular skills for the good of the couple and try to achieve one goal at a time that can be shared for both of them. Even though the goat is always at the top of the mountain and the fish is always into the deepest of the ocean, there might be many opportunities to combine water and earth in different ways. Water might lead some and bring some new probabilities and the earth will use the energy received as an impulse to go faster and higher depending on the goal.?On the other hand, this kind of combination seems to have a lack of communication due to the fact of their individual and very particular elements. They can be so focused in their tasks that it seems they completely forgot about the other one. When this happens, the tendency to continue alone is increased and this is one of the ways to end this relationship without any kind of big accomplishments. However, a good set of rules and respect for the other’s work might be helpful at some times, the combination of distances won’t be that helpful unless their goals and ways of working together are set properly. It won’t necessarily work against them, but when one element shows more power, it’s possible to cancel everything out for the other one. Intimacy is something that will give some sort of bonding to this couple and this curious mix of elements can give them pleasure, adventure and more love to share their lives for a long period of time. Add some romance, and take the time to enjoy and consider more the similarities and how much you can get from one another. That is the key to being a great couple.

This relationship seems to be made to last. However, there are certain things to consider in order to make it work better or to make it last longer. Too much water from the fish is not going to be easy to handle for the water provider because it will create a storm to make this work. It is advisable to accept some sort of leadership from the water giver. In addition, it's necessary to set some good rules, especially in the case of specific tasks; how they are going to be handled, and to which extent and what kind of personal responsibilities are going to be whose. If there is too much wind, the water might not be able to settle in one direction and this will affect the way the relationship is going. On the other hand, a perfect gentle breeze might be achieved when working together and at the same time. Everyone around might be able to enjoy it and benefit as well. Each partner must take into account that the other one should be respected as they are and there is no need to change him/her. Otherwise it's going to be pointless. However, it's possible to achieve a great relationship if each one is able to drive itself in a very adaptable way, as well as trying to learn from one another. In doing so, each one will soon realize that the air is like the water and vice versa, and this will help in specialized tasks as well as figuring out creative solutions for life’s many issues. A curious situation might happen if the couple is very close in birthdays, five days or less, and it may be impossible to get along, due to the nature of both elements. The water giver won't enjoy being submerged as well as the fish cannot survive out of the water without transforming itself into a whole different animal. At a more intimate level, creativity and passion are going to be served, especially if both decide to work slowly together and enjoy each other's similarities and differences. Communication and patience are advisable if there is going to be a good future for this combination; after all, it may be well worth the effort.

This kind of relationship is one of a kind, due to the nature of their element and of the fish. There will be moments to join forces, but this is much more like the common instinct of being part of a school. At the same time, the ocean is so big that almost everything can be achieved just by taking any direction; there is a lot to do, and both can get it, either alone or in the companionship of the other one, or maybe, joining another school. Joining together is more for finding protection, but at the same time, taking advantage of the many places nature gives to everyone, any small corner or reef can provide what each one needs. There is going to be a lot of common ideas as well as many problems due to the receiving nature of the water, so adaptability to the situations seems to be guaranteed at almost any level. Certain kind of shyness might seem to be the rule as a couple and as a person, as well as a great dose of patience towards situation. However, the ocean changes frequently and sometimes the fish change with it. Intimacy is something easy to enjoy and it might also include some adventure, creativity, and sharing. However, it’s important to consider that some family ties are going to be broken due to the survival instincts of the fish as they move on and go elsewhere to have families of their own.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th to Sunday, January 26th, 2020

PISCES if your birthday comes between February 19 and March 20 you are Pisces and your place in the universe is the 12th house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion.  Your number is 12 so your life purpose is finding the balance point between helping too much and refusing to help at all.  You take over cooperation to a new level and then get your feelings hurt and withdraw your emotions.  This shuts you down completely until you finally boil over with suppressed anger and blow off steam.

This is the karma you brought into this universe from previous lives and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign.

There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this life is understanding that your punishments for others hurt you worse than them.  You are here to heal not to judge.

Now here’s a look at this week for PISCES


MON what began as a beautiful thought comes into reality as your past efforts bear fruit

TUE the purpose of wonderful things coming into your life is to share them with the world

WED shared experiences create relationships and yours just moved up a level because of one

THU a soul that wants you for a parent is making you very attractive to a potential mate

FRI you’re asked to make a long-term commitment like taking a new job or signing a contract that will affect your future

SAT this is a day for paying old debts and receiving what you deserve

SUN relationships that work out are a more powerful influence on others than a single voice


MON a project you have been working on for a long time finally comes to a successful end

TUE being a good winner means being humble about where the inspiration came from

WED there is a message from a higher power that will cause elation

THU when you miss a message from the spirit world it repeats in a stronger, more dramatic style

FRI dare to be lucky and you will attract good fortune into your life

SAT something you thought was gone for good returns and gives you another chance

SUN the top person wants to give you the help you need to get ahead of the competition


MON your children will mirror what you least like about yourself

TUE the time has come to fold up, cash in, and move on

WED you reach the top and there is no prize, only contentment

THU resisting your guides is futile so go with the flow

FRI you are in the driver’s seat so your wish is the universe’s command

SAT you feel reborn when given a second chance and you will make the most of it

SUN money and power are illusions of the material world that have no influence in the spirit world

So, PISCES, this week

MON put a child on your shoulders so they can see further

TUE never count your money in front of those who lost it

WED love and compassion rule your world

THU your creative abilities peak

FRI luck is on the side of those willing to take a chance

SAT twin new beginnings for two loving souls

SUN money and health reflection each other’s condition

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