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FORETEL Communications, Inc and its affiliated (ie companies that we own, that own us or are under common control with us) collect various types of personal and identification information on you in order to process your call. We may do so on-line and off-line during the course of our business relationship. To protect your privacy we do not e-mail customer account information to you or any other person, entity or source. We do not disclose our customers personal or account information to any other source for direct marketing purposes. We do not allow access to account or personal information via this website. All customer account information is located on a closed system located at our headquarters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

In the course of providing products and services for this site and its phone service certain contractors and vendors we use to maintain and operate our site and phone service, will have access to your personal information. However, access is limited to the information reasonably necessary for said contractors and vendors to perform their limited function. All contractor and outside services as well as our operators and customer service representatives are contractually bound to protect your privacy and not to use your personal information for any purpose other than providing FORETEL and its affiliates with their products and services.

FORETEL does not share personal information provided by our customers unless 1) you have given your consent. 2) it is for the purpose you provided 3) it is required by law or deemed necessary to protect our company or others from injury or interference with the rights or property of others. 4) one of FORETEL’S contractors or vendors needs to access out data base to carry out internal business or site repairs and operations.

We reserve the right to contact the psychic and the registered user to evaluate compliance with the terms of service and other policies set forth in this agreement.

If for any reason you need to access you account information please call customer service at 1-800-873-7073 for further instructions. We do not e-mail account information.


Foretel and its affiliates are not responsible for the use or exchange of any information you provide your psychic directly. All psychics on this site and its related services are Independent Contractors. They are not directly employed by Foretel or its affiliates. Foretel contractually requires them to protect your privacy and not to disclose or use your personal information for any purpose other than the service you have requested via this website or its phone service. Foretel and its related services act as a facilitator between you and your psychic allowing both parties the protection anonymity provides against possible fraud, harassment and/or invasion of privacy. There is no reason why you should exchange or provide personal, financial or contact information such as but not limited to your full name, phone number, e-mail address, street address, account numbers or any other information related to your true identity to any psychic. Nor should you solicit a private consultation via another website, phone service or meet in person with a psychic from this service. The only informations the psychic requires to give you a good reading is your first name and your birth date. Any direct contact between you and a psychic contracted with this and/or its related services not facilitated through this website, FORETEL’S phone service and/or mail forwarding service is in direct violation of the psychics contract as well as the Terms of Use agreement you have agreed to abide by in order to access this site and its related services. Should you violate this agreement you do so at your own risk and ability to use the site and its related services may be terminated. FORETEL and its related services assume no responsibility for monitoring any feedback or otherwise policing you or the psychics in any way. If you believe you have been defrauded, endangered or threatened by a psychic we suggest you immediately contact the police directly for help.