Complimentary 5 Minute Psychic Reading


Every new Client gets a Complimentary 5 minutes so that you can try out our services risk free.


Trusting a company you have never used is tough. We know, we get it! Being in business for over 28 years we are confident that once you try us, you will love us. That’s why we offer a risk free package. It’s enough time to ask one of our great Psychics one or two questions. So, what are you waiting for? We promise it will at least be fun!

After you select your package, please either use our chat service or call into our toll free number and a live customer service agent will connect you to your psychic.

*Note: A valid credit card is required. If you only wish to use your five minutes, your credit card is only charged .01 cent. We do this for one reason only. It is used for verification purposes. We are considered adult services, so therefore we must verify that you are 18 years or older. It also helps to insure us that you have never received a reading with the company in the past.

*There are no Cash Back Rewards with this package. Whenever you purchase a package of 20 Minutes or more, you will receive Cash Back Rewards. CBR’s are cash credits that go back in your account towards your next psychic reading. You can either chose to use them on your next reading or allow them to accumulate up into one big reading. CBR’s expire after one year of the corresponding package purchase, so don’t forget to use them up before they expire.


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