Level 3 Psychic 10 MINUTES


Level 1 psychics are usually new psychics. Not necessarily newer to doing psychic readings but rather newer with our company. It is a great opportunity to try psychics out before they get more popular and therefore more expensive.



Level 3 psychics are usually the most popular and in demand. Often they have been with our company the longest and have a proven track record. Although no Psychic is 100% accurate for everyone all the time, Level 3’s are definitely Pro’s.

*There are no Cash Back Rewards with this package.

Whenever you purchase a package of 20 Minutes or more, you will receive Cash Back Rewards. CBR’s are cash credits that go back in your account towards your next psychic reading. You can either chose to use them on your next reading or allow them to accumulate up into one big reading. CBR’s expire after one year of the corresponding package purchase, so don’t forget to use them up before they expire.

***New customers must first call Customer Service at 1-800-873-7073 to set up an account and be able to receive the $1 per minute special.


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