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Sandy, ext. 7065

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sat 12pm - 7pm and 11pm - 2am, and Sun 11pm - 2am EST
price:$3.49/minute $1/minute*

Sandy is a wonderful relationship consultant. Giving fast, accurate, and truthful answers from a caring and experienced adviser with over 16 years experience is what you can expect when speaking to her. Specializing in love and Spiritual Guidance to help you make those important decisions in your life. Being blessed with her special gift Sandy feels that she should share this blessing with others.  So don’t hesitate any longer. Call today for a reading. She will teach you to live again and show you a path to a bright new future and unlock your true potential.



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Alexander, ext. 7098

Estimated Availability: Mon, Wed 7pm - 10pm EST   **AWAY**
price: $2.99/minute $1/minute*

Alexander was born with extraordinary powerful vision, which takes him to the highest level of spirituality. He establishes a strong connection with your spirits and gets right into your situation and helps you to overcome obstacles that are difficult. With Alexander’s in depth readings he will provide you with a connection and will not only deliver an accurate reading but also help to develop solutions to your problems.


Annette, ext. 7047

Estimated Availability: Mon 11pm - 12am EST
price:$3.49/minute $1/minute*

Annette was born with the gift of being psychic. Annette comes from many generations of family psychics and was fully aware of her natural talents from an early age. She has been working as a reader for over 15 years and is highly known for her accuracy and honesty. By using her gifts, Annette will tune into your angels and guides, giving her accurate information about any area of your life that you would like clarity about. Annette specializes in love, soul mates, guiding you to your perfect path in life, and answering any questions you may have along the way. Highly entrenched in the study of metaphysics and psychology she is here to assist you gain clarity in your life issues and looks forward to helping you along your path in life.


Cathy, ext. 7081

Estimated Availability: Mon - Sun 10am - 2am EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*



Christina, ext. 7064

Estimated Availability: Mon - Sat 1pm - 9pm EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Are you wondering if your mate is cheating or lying? How your lover feels about you? When you will find your soulmate? Is there a 3rd party involved? Who you're marrying? Worried about your career or finances? Christina will help you find insight and make you view life in a way you did not think possible. She can ensure you and can put you on the right path. Christina is also a medium spiritual advisor. By using her spiritual and psychic abilities, give her a chance to tell you what is in store for your future.


Crystal, ext. 7015

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sat 1pm - 10pm EST
price:$3.99/minute $1/minute*

Crystal is a Psychic reader and advisor who gives Tarot card and crystal rock readings. She also uses Dream interpretation. She is a clairvoyant, psychic reader and medium advisor. She will tell you all about love, relationships, business transaction, education and career. Need help with important decisions? Wanting Insight on all matters of life? Crystal has the answers you are looking for. She’s here to help you as your personal psychic. One on one private psychic readings will inform you about your talents, how to improve and develop your self-esteem. Understanding yourself and having peace of mind are the important things in life.


Dorothy, ext. 7004

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sat 12pm - 6pm EST
price:$3.49/minute $1/minute*

Dorothy is a seventh generation intuitive psychic Clairvoyant with 30 years experience and the great granddaughter of a true Indian Medicine Woman who taught her the true ways of the Indian people and how to use her psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Dorothy’s readings are direct and to the point. She offers in depth accurate and unique readings regarding your past, present and future. She will give you the guidance and insight that you need to find your true-life path. Dorothy is accurate, honest, and caring. She specializes in all life matters. Her guidance can help you find the knowledge to move forward in life’s difficult times. Whether you’re worried, troubled, or confused, Dorothy’s guidance can help you find your way. It is her privilege to inspire and empower individuals to create the life they deserve! Call her today and let her bring happiness back into your life.


Elizabeth, ext. 7053

Estimated Availability: Call for availability 
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Elizabeth is an experienced spiritual therapist and life coach. She is an excellent relationship consultant and provides clients with fast, accurate, and truthful answers. Elizabeth prides herslef on her caring readings. Get accurate information on your love life, career, finances, friends and family, children, dreams and more! Elizabeth can help with addictions, divorce, relationship issues, anxiety and depression. Life is full of crossroads that leave us with difficult decisions to make. Things at times can be extremely overwhelming. She has the tools and experience to help you make changes now to correct the course your life is on. Elizabeth can provide guidance with love to ensure a successful, happy relationship. Bring an end to a long-term addiction. Reduce stress and allow yourself to live a happy, peaceful life! Gain self-esteem. Find out the meaning of your dreams. 


Franklin, ext. 7079

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sat 11am - 1pm EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Franklin began the Astrology Guide on radio in 1970. He offers single answers to complete life readings through the omens of oracle cards, Medicine cards and The Tarot system. His unique look into your relationships comes from many years of interpreting the signs put forth by astrology and the ancient Greek system of numerology. Franklin's number by birth and by name is 20-2 and he has been called upon to use his intuitive gifts in the service of others. The biggest changes in his life have come in his 20th, 40th, and now 60th year.


Grace, ext. 7096

Estimated Availability: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri 6pm - 10pm EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Grace has known from an early age that she was very sensitive to the feelings of others. In time this ability grew into strong powers of empathy and intuition. This led to an interest in tarot and divination, and she has been reading the cards since the 1980s. She has a strong interest in psychology, and she uses her psychic gifts to help people understand themselves emotionally and spiritually. Grace will always give honest answers to your questions, because she feels that getting someone's hopes up leaves one unprepared to deal with the future. Love, money, family, career, pets, past lives and dreams are specialties. She is dedicated to your personal growth and fulfillment, and can help you discover choices and possibilities that will bring you joy, success and love.




James, ext. 7058

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sun 11pm - 2am EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

From an early age James has been aware of the energy and feelings of others, the first aspect of being an intuitive. The powers were so strong it prompted him to be of service to others. Through 33 years of practice and professional study he has the ability to guide people through the paths of their lives, the ups and downs, the realistic issues, surrounding relationships and love, career, money and spirituality. His techniques include clairvoyance, tarot, astrology and Native American totems and animal guides. He looks forward to speaking to you soon so that you may begin your path to insight.


Kat, ext. 7054

Estimated Availability: Friday through Tues 12am - 12pm EST
price:$3.99/minute $1/minute*

As a child, Kat would amaze family with her ability to visualize future events. Born with the gift of clairvoyance, she sees future situations and events like pieces of a puzzle scattered across a table. Your straightforward questions will help her to pull those pieces together with uncanny accuracy. Known for her uplifting and positive nature, Kat will encourage your aspirations and guide you through tough times with sincere and thoughtful understanding.


Poppy, ext. 7024

Estimated Availability: Mon  through Friday 9pm - 1am EST, Sun 1pm - 1am EST
price: $2.99/minute $1/minute*

Due to auspicious astrological configurations at her birth, she has always been a deeply intuitive, spiritual person. She spent her youth traveling the world, practicing mantra meditation, this inner devotional practice helped to make her more aware of the energy patterns and thought fields all around us. She uses tarot cards, astrology, crystal healing grids and mantras to give a holistic view of the soul's path to true harmony. She is very open and understanding of different lifestyles, cultures and religious value systems.


Salaya, ext. 7032

Estimated Availability: Mon through Friday 5:30pm to 9:30pm EST
price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Salaya has given readings to thousands of people worldwide. Her creative style and techniques pinpoint core challenges and dissolve them using a non-judgmental approach. As a professional clairvoyant reader, Salaya helps people to heal their spirits and to uncover their own truth, so every client can create the life they want. In addition she has also provided in depth Tarot card readings.  Salayas readings are thoughtful, straight forward, compassionate, self-empowering and full of insights and wisdom gained by the experience of living. She primarily focuses on counseling in love, relationships, finances, paternity, career and life path.


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Sandy, ext. 7065

Estimated Availability: Mon through Sat 12pm - 7pm and 11pm - 2am, and Sun 11pm - 2am EST
price:$3.49/minute $1/minute*

Sandy is a wonderful relationship consultant. Giving fast, accurate, and truthful answers from a caring and experienced adviser with over 16 years experience is what you can expect when speaking to her. Specializing in love and Spiritual Guidance to help you make those important decisions in your life. Being blessed with her special gift Sandy feels that she should share this blessing with others.  So don’t hesitate any longer. Call today for a reading. She will teach you to live again and show you a path to a bright new future and unlock your true potential.


Shawna, ext. 7035

Estimated Availability: AVAILABLE VIA WAITING LIST
price: $3.99/minute $1/minute*

Shawna is one of those rare, quirky clairsentients, that you just know is connected directly to the universe and all its answers the first time you speak to her. She combines her knowledge of astrology with her innate precognitive abilities to give you a glimpse into your future and then guides you with compassion, understanding, and sincerity through whatever difficulties you may encounter along the way. She has been providing psychic counseling for over 25 years. She teaches and specializes in Astrology, the Tarot, channels spirits, explores past lives and practices I Ching. A reading with Shawna will amaze you.


Terry, ext. 7049

Estimated Availability: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sun 12am - 5am, Thurs through Sat 2pm-6pm and 12am - 5am EST
price: $3.49/minute $1/minute*

Terry has been a psychic since he was a child. Clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic, he sometimes uses the tarot cards to augment his readings.  First and foremost he believes in telling you the truth and help you understand that you are a spiritual being. You have spirit guides and angels and some loved ones who have passed on who are reaching to you. Terry can help you to connect with them. Sometimes through your past lives the answer to your present life is revealed.  Terry does not sugarcoat readings. He will not always tell you what you want to hear but he will tell you what you need to hear so you can attract the love and success you seek and deserve.  Call Terry and your new journey will begin.


Tiku Musu, ext. 7002

Estimated Availability: Mon and Thur 8am-2pm, 9pm-3am EST, Tues and Wed 12am-7am EST, Fri - Sun Call for availability
price: $2.99/minute $1/minute*

Tiku Musu uses tarot cards to guide his natural intuition. He has been reading tarot cards for about ten years, five years with serious clients, including over the phone readings. Let Tiku help you find your blessings.


Ziggy, ext. 7080   

Estimated Availability: Tues through Sat 1pm - 8pm EST     **Away till the end of may**

price:$2.99/minute $1/minute*

Ziggy came from a family that had the gift of palmistry and various psychic gifts. She has inherited the gift of telling the future and has been very grateful for the psychic gifts which have been bestowed upon her. Ziggy has been doing readings since 1995 but as a child could also predict different occurrences, mostly weather related, but as she grew older realized she had a much more powerful gift. Not only is she a gifted Empath, Ziggy has the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot, and I welcome clients to have me connect with their loved ones who have passed on. I invite you to visit with me and to let me give you a reading that will give you peace of mind and I will try to make your day a little better by giving you the reading that you so well deserve.


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