Sagittarius Last Month

Sagittarius the 9th sign of the zodiac is the Archer, able and reliable. Sagittarius’ are gregarious, light hearted in demeanor, and generally optimistic. They usually have many acquaintances and few close friends, which is a shame because they make the best friends out of all the signs on the zodiac. Sagittarius’ make great leaders; they are interesting, likeable, and usually very well respected. Having a good sense of perception and judgment many Sagittarius’ end up in the military, having an inborn ability to lead. In their own personal lives, Sagittarius can be susceptible to emotional distress, which can often lead to mood swings and flightiness.
Common Characteristics of Sagittarius: Good natures, optimistic, restless, energetic, honest, careless, philosophical, freedom-loving, honest
Ruling Planet: Jupiter   Color association: Mauve, violet   Birthstones: Turquoise, amethyst, topaz


WK 1 this is not the time to try to push others into doing what you think is best, this is the time to take a break and allow those around you to relax.  The change will allow those in your inner circle to catch up with the progress you have made and reach your level

WK 2 a new beginning can only take place when there is a need for it and this need is created by allowing the past to die a natural death so it can be reborn as the future that your guides are steering you towards with their rewards and punishments for each of your words and actions

WK 3 sudden and shocking events blow the roof off and uncover problems that have been festering but ignored for far too long.  The old cycle is finished and it must be declared over and done before you will be able to begin over and create a new and better future

WK 4 you have bent over backwards trying to make a relationship work but nothing you do is enough to make this happen and when you walk away from it, the doors to a brighter future will open and in will come the one you are supposed to be with

WK 5 the problem you are having with another soul is that they are sending you messages you are not receiving and then blaming you for not knowing the information that was in the message they sent but you did not receive


WK 1 to follow each step in the process you must also include the proper rest.  This will help you avoid getting stuck in any one step and developing a comfortable rut like the one you are in now.  If you try to avoid the boring parts you will have to go back and start all over

WK 2 you get to see the playback of your life through your children who imitate how you live and seeing this tells you how you have influenced the world by paying forward with kindness and compassion that will be there waiting for you when you need it

WK 3 shocking news stirs the pot and some will respond by leaving the scene and this will leave you to rebuild on the ashes of the old to create something better than what there was before.  Birth, death and rebirth is the universal plan.

WK 4 there is nothing left to do in your current position so it is time for a change and, if you create the need, there is more interesting work that will find you.  All you have to do is make yourself available.

WK 5 miscommunication causes trouble and this could be between you and your spirit guides in a question of ethics that could be justified if you take the right point of view


WK 1 delays and deadlines come to make us ask our spirit guides to stretch the clock and slow down time so we may catch up.  You will not receive what you need until you ask for it by telling your guides that you are ready for this to enter your life and you are willing to pay the price for it

WK 2 if humans have learned nothing else from life on earth, they have learned to never give up hope for a better future.  Reincarnation allows us to build upon the knowledge we acquire in our previous lives and living with others allows us to learn from their mistakes

WK 3 you feel the electricity in the air just before the lightning strikes as your spirit guides warn you of impending danger and it is your reaction to this message that shows who and what you care about most and what is meaningful to you in this lifetime

WK 4 the way to know if you are supposed to be with a certain business partner or lover is whether you can forgive their mistakes. If you or they still bring up old hurts, these things have not been forgiven.  Those you are fated to be with offer unconditional love.

WK 5 when you are weighing the two sides of any disagreement it is the perfect time to consult with your spirit guides who will show you both sides of the situation so you understand the ideal solution which may come as a surprise to others


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of you trying to stop someone from taking something that belongs to you and the interpretation is the coming of a third party to break up a relationship that really needed to go but you were having a hard time ending.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of you as a very old person with long gray hair and the interpretation is that you have a reward coming for work done earlier in this life or perhaps from a previous life.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of a seed sprouting and growing upward out of sight and the interpretation is that something has been put in motion that cannot be stopped so make your choice to be a part of the future instead of the past.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of a person you recognize and they are standing on a hilltop looking around in all directions.  The interpretation is that the person in the dream is thinking about you and there is an open line to them if you consider this a good thing and want to answer.