Sagittarius Last Month

Sagittarius the 9th sign of the zodiac is the Archer, able and reliable. Sagittarius’ are gregarious, light hearted in demeanor, and generally optimistic. They usually have many acquaintances and few close friends, which is a shame because they make the best friends out of all the signs on the zodiac. Sagittarius’ make great leaders; they are interesting, likeable, and usually very well respected. Having a good sense of perception and judgment many Sagittarius’ end up in the military, having an inborn ability to lead. In their own personal lives, Sagittarius can be susceptible to emotional distress, which can often lead to mood swings and flightiness.
Common Characteristics of Sagittarius: Good natures, optimistic, restless, energetic, honest, careless, philosophical, freedom-loving, honest
Ruling Planet: Jupiter   Color association: Mauve, violet   Birthstones: Turquoise, amethyst, topaz



1ST WK an offer of love leaves you with a decision to make about who you want to allow in your life and who you are ready to leave behind

2ND WK there are many ways of going back to school and learning from a master so pay attention

3RD WK the other team quits and makes you the winner

4TH WK you can double your output if you are working for the right cause

5TH WK the one who offers love really doesn’t know what they are talking about and you must straighten them out


1ST WK  you and another are chained to the same obsession and can help each other find the door

2ND WK  release your thoughts by releasing all that needs to be released so you can rest

3RD WK  what you are guarding is worth the effort that it takes to maintain control

4TH WK what you create now is sure to grow an prosper for many years to come

5 the week begins with a problem that must be worked out one small step at a time and the week  ends with you catching and correcting an error that would have caused trouble for those you answer to


1 the week begins with you trying to control something or someone and by holding on too tightly and making it want to escape your grasp. The week ends with a message from the spirit world that’s interprets as if you love something, set it free

2 the week begins with you in the driver’s seat, creating the world you want to live in by living out your dreams today in the material world.  The week ends with the scales of justice balancing and everyone receiving what they deserve

3 the week begins with people coming together to share a point of view and provide honest feedback to help the overall situation.  The week ends with you appointed leader of a group that wants to do good things for the world

4 the week begins with partners discovering the reason that they have been brought together by the spirit guides of both.  The week ends with a creative project being completed and rewarded so be sure to spread the credit around so everyone will feel they are a part of the party.

5 the week begins with financial need that points out the fact that no one goes it alone and no one is a self-made person.  The week ends with a gift from above as you receive compassion when you need it most.

WK 1 FIRST QUARTER a soul that you are spiritually connected to through previous lives has been trying to contact you in dreams and fantasies that are meant to stir your emotions and move you to the action of contacting them with more than just cosmic messages

WK 2 FULL MOON a sudden shutdown ends the current job and sends everyone into a panic as they search for what comes next and try to make an orderly exit amid the chaos but its really too late to do anything other than jump from the burning building

WK 3 LAST QUARTER what you see in the eyes of a potential person of interest is what you are being shown by your spirit guides who have connected with the spirit guides of the other person and want there to be a physical union as well as a spiritual bond

WK 4 NEW MOON the seed that is planted this week is twins and it will bear twice as much joy and happiness and bring a double load of understanding and compassion to the world just by being a part of it showing others how much fun living can be