SAGITTARIUS: the 9th sign of the zodiac is the Archer, able and reliable. Sagittarius’ are gregarious, light hearted in demeanor, and generally optimistic. They usually have many acquaintances and few close friends, which is a shame because they make the best friends out of all the signs on the zodiac. Sagittarius’ make great leaders; they are interesting, likeable, and usually very well respected. Having a good sense of perception and judgment many Sagittarius’ end up in the military, having an inborn ability to lead. In their own personal lives, Sagittarius can be susceptible to emotional distress, which can often lead to mood swings and flightiness.
Common Characteristics of Sagittarius: Good natures, optimistic, restless, energetic, honest, careless, philosophical, freedom-loving, honest
Ruling Planet: Jupiter   Color association: Mauve, violet   Birthstones: Turquoise, amethyst, topaz

…and Sex and Astrology for Sagittarius

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WK 1 those who were opposed to your relationship have found something better to do and moved along, so you have a clear field to put your plans into action without having to worry about collateral damage to those in the outer circle of friends and family

WK 2 you get the opportunity to give back to one who took care of you when you needed it.  All you have to do is show that you are on their side and willing to follow their wishes and do whatever they want but cannot do for themselves.

WK 3 all relationships have ups and downs that can both be navigated using forgiveness and, if this is a mutual feeling, it tells a couple that they are meant to be with each other.  The sharing of feelings is what brings a couple together and it is the sharing of secrets that keeps them together.

WK 4 when everything tells you that a relationship is over it is time to go because there is nothing left to say.  You have done all that you could do and now the only course left is leaving.

WK 5 a surprising new factor opens a relationship possibility and gives you a choice where you thought you had none.  If you take advantage of this opportunity to turn it romantic there will be no going back to the way it was.


WK 1 the competition that has been using unfair practices to win business goes out of business and this turn of events gives you a chance to prove that your way of doing it is better and, in the end, will create more customers

WK 2 when you mentor another and give them a hand up you are creating a life-long ally who will come to your aid whenever you request it.  This is payback for what was done for you

WK 3 you have a guide who is the muse for the work you do because they were the first to accomplish what you are attempting to do so whenever you work you are imitating skills that were invented by your guide or reinventing the wheel

WK 4 you win by bringing polar opposites together   to fight against a common enemy.  These two were ready to walk away from the negotiating table when you arrived and gave them a reason to keep working to solve the problem

WK 5 just when you thought you had it all figured out a second factor or person comes out of nowhere to change everything and make you rethink problems you thought you had solved


WK 1 when the other side quits the battle it leaves a mess behind that must be cleaned up by whoever is left because they will be blamed for creating the mess

WK 2 someone is doing you a big favor and asking nothing in return because of what was done for them in the past so it is up to you to pass this good deed along to whoever deserves it

WK 3 because humans have more than one spirit guide, it is possible to misinterpret the signs and omens we are given in different ways and think that we are doing the right thing when it is for the wrong reason

WK 4 you become a negotiator when you realize that no person on earth is all good or all bad and everyone wants to compromise but no one wants to look weak to competitors

WK 5 something you have not accounted for comes out of the blue to teach you a lesson about preparedness and not becoming too rigid in your thinking.  Change is inevitable in a universe that began with a big bang.


WK 1 LAST QT (SO THINGS ARE TURNING AROUND) the dream or vision is of a wrong way sign blocking your path and the interpretation says what you have been so enthusiastic about is wrong and the sooner you can change directions, the easier it will be to apologize and turn this situation around.


WK 2 NEW MOON (SO IT IS THE TIME FOR NEW BEGINNINGS) the dream or vision is of you trying to referee a fight and the interpretation is that change in others is inevitable and must be accepted as a part of the big picture.


WK 3 FIRST QT so dreams and visions are of last chances and final opportunities.  What you dream is of the curtain coming down and you taking bows on stage and the interpretation is that a cycle has come to an end and must now it must either be released or relived.


WK 4 FULL MOON so this is about fulfillment and things coming to a conclusion. The dream or vision is of a juggler keeping multiply balls in the air and the interpretation is that you need to learn a new skill to keep up with the competition.