SAGITTARIUS: the 9th sign of the zodiac is the Archer, able and reliable. Sagittarius’ are gregarious, light hearted in demeanor, and generally optimistic. They usually have many acquaintances and few close friends, which is a shame because they make the best friends out of all the signs on the zodiac. Sagittarius’ make great leaders; they are interesting, likeable, and usually very well respected. Having a good sense of perception and judgment many Sagittarius’ end up in the military, having an inborn ability to lead. In their own personal lives, Sagittarius can be susceptible to emotional distress, which can often lead to mood swings and flightiness.
Common Characteristics of Sagittarius: Good natures, optimistic, restless, energetic, honest, careless, philosophical, freedom-loving, honest
Ruling Planet: Jupiter   Color association: Mauve, violet   Birthstones: Turquoise, amethyst, topaz

…and Sex and Astrology for Sagittarius

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WK 1 you will have an opportunity to pay back a soul who helped you when you needed it most and no one else had the time. You know you must do this and that you need to make sure that you do as much as possible without making a big deal out of your own efforts. This will even out your account.

WK 2 you have a question that can only be answered by your spirit guides and when you ask for their advice you will find out which of the persons of interest in your life truly love you and can be counted on in the future

WK 3 the week begins with a fight among family or close friends over who owns what and you are going to have to stand up for what is rightfully yours and protect your interest. The week ends with you successfully taking responsibility for what has happened and shouldering the load.

WK 4 the secret of living together with others is expressing what you feel and allowing others to feel safe enough to express what is in their mind and what is in their heart. Giving and receiving honest feedback is the core of any good relationship. There must be give and take to achieve balance.


WK 1 the one who put you in a position to succeed in the past now needs help but is reluctant to ask for help so it is your duty to seek them out and find out why things are as they are so you can find a way to help and even the score

WK 2 two places of employment want you to go to work for them and you have to figure out which one is best by seeing how much of a future they provide. Both will try to convince you that they are the best way for you to go but the one you will be happiest with is the one where you already have friends.

WK 3 you have staked your claim and now must defend the hill you have chosen as your own. When you pick up the work that others have abandoned you will establish a new identity for yourself in the eyes of those who matter most and who can do you the most good

WK 4 the week begins with a secret stopping progress and holding up interactions. The week comes to an end when you realize that the bonds that hold you are not as strong as you were told they were, so you can leave this situation as soon as possible and start over again


WK 1 the more you express what is in your heart, the easier it becomes to let others know what you are thinking and how you really feel about them. This is the work you are in this life to do and the more that you can do for others, the more you will be able to do for yourself and not feel guilty about shortchanging others.

WK 2 the only way you can rest easy is to know that you have taken care of the smallest details and the least of souls. You are like water, reaching for the lowest so they may be nurtured first. This is why your life has been blessed, and that is why Satan comes to you as a trusted friend warning against doing so much good that you insult the evil doers and invite their wrath.

WK 3 no one soul can carry the entire load and when you try you insult the others who should be sharing the burden. But others do not do this on their own, they must be asked or reminded of their duty or they will let you do all the work.

WK 4 when you do not express what is in your heart it builds up blockages that cause physical damage and keep you from being able to ask for the help you need



WK 1 the bad news is that you have made a mistake but the good news is that it can be corrected by changing your direction as soon as possible.  The want in your life is being caused by a lack of belief on your part and this can be changed.

WK 2 don’t allow a small misunderstanding to come between friends or lovers.  We all have places we won’t go and things we won’t talk about so allow others the freedom to choose what they want to talk about

WK 3 your actions are being watched and anything you do will be imitated by those around you so consider this before doing anything outside the norm.  What you say is also being monitored by your mate to see if your actions and words are a match.

WK 4 for a love relationship to reach the highest levels there must be a sharing of power without one side overwhelming the other.  Cooperation builds strong relationships, no matter if you appear to be succeeding or failing in life and business.  By working together, you are growing and maturing.

WK 5 the gift of love is given to you by one who is impressed when you stand up for what is right and are willing to fight to protect what is rightfully yours from those who are trying to take it


WK 1 Its time to make a career move and shoot for a higher level.  The job you want is available and asking is all you have to do to get it.  The right person will hear your call and do what is necessary to bring you in.

WK 2 a coworker asks for your help to cover up their mistake and tell a lie for them.  This is baggage that you do not need to be carrying around but you owe this person a favor and there is really no other way out of this situation.

WK 3 you are a leader who leads by example and shows others how it is done so light your path and allow others to follow in your footsteps and they will imitate what you do and become leaders for others who are trying to find their way in the wilderness

WK 4 the superpower of the twin is to be in two places at once and do double duty.  This is also possible for the two sides of yourself.  They can work separately and each do a complete and effective job

WK 5 what you receive now is just what you asked for and what you know you deserve.  Your spirit guides always deliver what you need but often it comes disguised as circumstances beyond your control that force certain actions.


WK 1 everyone makes mistakes but some have a hard time admitting it so they can use the mistake to build on.  When you need a change, like now, its time to stop waiting for the perfect time and take action that can bring change.

WK 2 there is a rule in this universe that says the people you can forgive are the ones who are supposed to be in your life and this also goes for those who can forgive you of your mistakes.

WK 3 your purpose at this time is to set a good example for others to follow and the best teaching you can give is that good and bad are two points on the same line and that good and bad define each other and cannot exist without each other.

WK 4 have enough faith in your plan to follow through and take each of the steps you have mapped out.  If you omit anything you will have to start over so honor each step by taking it and don’t get stuck in any one step

WK 5 when good things come into your life this is the universe showing how much you are loved and when difficulties arise, they come to make you change whether you are ready or not.  Change is the commodity used to pay back Angels and what they do for you without being asked.