Scorpio Last Month

Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac; this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby


WK 1 you watch over your family in the same way your spirit guides watch over you and those you protect are asking for your support in what they have planned.  The best way to show your support is to allow this to happen and show others you are happy with it

WK 2 you have put up walls to keep the thoughts and emotions of others out and you are ready to put the finishing touches on this protective thought dome.  But you should consider altering your plan and leaving space for telepathic messages from the spirit world

WK 3 its time to spin the wheel and take a chance as someone new catches your eye and makes a good impression.  If you want this to become a relationship you are going to have to make the first move and put things in motion

WK 4 your wish is to find your place in the big picture and be able to blend into that picture and be a part of it.  Your guides are taking you on a grand tour of the clouds so you can see it all and make your decision about what you want in your life

WK 5 it is up to you to soothe the animal nature of someone close to you that wants revenge for a past wrong.  You can show forgiveness to show them how it is done and accomplished with grace


WK 1 for you to connect with powerful people you will have to reach them using a psychic connection, which all water signs have, and attract them to you.  Your belief in the spirit world is directly connected to your good fortune so the more you believe in your own good luck, the more good luck you attract.

WK 2 you are ready to insert the final piece in the puzzle and find the answer you have been looking for.  This will tell you who is on your side and who is working against you so you will know who can be trusted

WK 3 a different job sounds interesting enough to be checked out thoroughly to see whether this could be the next leap in your plan to take on a leadership position and secure your place in the hierarchy.

WK 4 when you compromise rather than trying to force your will on others,  you are blending your will with divine will and creating your own future by turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones

WK 5  you are going to have to make a choice between competition and cooperation, it is always easier to work together rather than working against each other so find the path to compromise


WK 1 when money or good fortune fall unexpectedly into your lap there is always a good reason and your spirit guides will be happy to let you know where a windfall is supposed to go to do the most good for your enlightenment

WK 2 you are sending mixed messages and causing confusion when you can’t make up your mind and keep changing your position.  To give you the help you need, your spirit guides need to see a clear picture in your mind of what you really want

WK 3 the opinion that matters most in the world is your own so when you rise in your own estimation, you make all around you rise and create a world of positivity rather than negativity where good can multiply

WK 4 sometimes we actually receive what we wish for but, more often, it comes disguised as what we are forced to do by circumstances beyond our control

WK 5 there is a direct link between being well connected with the spirit world and finding your way in the material world.  The point in you being here is to help others find the way home.


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of you thanking God for everything that comes into your life and the interpretation is that you have healed a rift between yourself and the universe and found the true meaning of your life.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of people at a party drinking from each other’s glass to celebrate and the interpretation is that you and the lover represented blend together very well and have potential to grow

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of the clouds breaking up and the sun shining brightly through.  The interpretation is that the worst is over and things will now begin to improve because there are now fewer people who are against your ideas. WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of you and a lover standing side by side, naked.  The interpretation is that you have something to tell the other person and you must bare you soul to explain yourself and your actions in this situation