Scorpio October

Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac; this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby



WK 1 the chains that link you to a temptation are not as strong as they were in the beginning and now is the time to break free of this messy situation that has been causing so much concern for you and the others who are involved

WK 2 a sudden bolt of lightning blows the roof off and uncovers secrets that change everything and cause many to escape and make a new start.  All you have to do is change how you look at the world to change everything in your life.

WK 3 the week begins with you delivering messages of love for others and the week ends with you being the one who is sending out declarations of your love and asking others to deliver your heartfelt messages.

WK 4 the one who really loves you is the one who tells you that you already have everything you need and there is no reason to waste your time grasping for more.  This person sees that you are blessed and that you appear to float over instead of walk on the ground.

WK 5 every romance has its ups and downs, its excitements and lulls, and this is just a break in the action to allow you to recharge the batteries of the relationship for what comes next, which must be an event that will take all the positive energy you have to give.


WK 1 blind ambition knows no shame and a coworker who is trying to leapfrog over you is talking about you behind your back and this needs to be confronted before any more damage is done to your reputation

WK 2 a big surprise and not a good one makes everyone else race for the doors and you are left alone to contemplate the future and how you are going to handle it alone.

WK 3 good news is coming and this could mean a promotion or raise and a change in your status with those at the top of the food chain who can really do your career some good and give you a needed boost

WK 4 a true magician can turn lead to gold within another soul’s heart.  You meet such a soul and in a short encounter learn how this trick is done and a thousand other important things

WK 5 the only thing worse than skipping over a needed action on your list of to-dos is to get stuck in any one step for too long.  After anything has served its purpose it must be released and this includes thoughts such as anger or jealousy.


WK 1 the old habits that you hold on to are holding back you progress and growth so think about resetting back to zero and starting over without the old problems hanging on and dragging you down

WK 2 when the wheels fall off and disaster hits is the time for those with cool heads to come to the front and take charge of a situation that will only worsen if it is ignored and allow to fester.

WK 3 change is coming and quickly so prepare by changing how you look at the future and at the past as being something you want to go back to and do over

WK 4 the secret to good health is to express yourself.  What you keep inside becomes a blockage and what you express not only flies free, it also attracts over free thinkers and free-living souls to your side

WK 5 whenever you miss a sign or omen from your spirit guides, it is repeated but with more force.  This is why other souls and the events they bring enter your life when your guides are having a hard time getting your attention.  Those who are thrown under your bus by the universe are agents of change caused by circumstance beyond control.


WK 1 FULL MOON the dream or vision is of a father time character holding a brightly lit lantern and the interpretation is that the guidance and clarity of thought you wished and hoped for is on the way.

WK 2 LAST QT the dream or vision is of you taking a chance and spinning wheel of fate and the interpretation is the important decision you have to make will work out with either choice and this is why you have had no answer from your guides on the matter.

WK 3 NEW MOON the dream or vision is of you tied up and behind bars and the interpretation is that the forces which have been holding you back and delaying your action are ready to release you.

WK 4 FIRST QT the dream or vision is of clouds and fog blowing away to reveal clear skies and the interpretation is that your patience has paid off but you will have to interpret the meaning of a blessing that comes disguised as something else.