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Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac; this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby

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This is one of the most “difficult to handle” relationships, due to the fire-water relationship. The clue word here is intensity. The ram and the scorpion are maybe at the top of their games for their corresponding elements and that might create conflicts of leadership, as well as a devastating storm if someone gets in their way when working together. This special storm might be the ideal situation to join forces and have all kind of interaction together, but it’s important to remember that each one of these two signs have their inner motivations and it’s difficult for them to lose a little if they are not going to gain a lot. If either one is not completely sure that his/her partner is giving him/her a 100% (and sometimes even more), that’ll be the beginning of the end. It’s important to develop trust, to be the first in showing a full commitment to the relationship, and to be able to negotiate together in a way so both can give and receive something valuable in exchange for cooperation and trust. Intimacy will be very passionate and variety is almost guaranteed, however, the tendency to use sexuality as much as possible won’t maintain the relationship forever unless there are other values involved. If both are able to develop a relationship based on trust, some adventure, passion, and an adequate balance at almost every level by competing together instead of between them, years of prosperity, happiness and great intimacy are almost guaranteed. Do you dare to take the risk? If so, remember the ram will climb the highest mountain, so the scorpion must transcend its sense of destruction and become an eagle. Both will be at the top at the end, even though there is a lot to do.

Despite of being the combination of two very special and powerful animals, this kind of relationship must be settled on trust, goals, service and the right action, maintaining the proper physical, mental and spiritual balance. The right combination of water and earth/soil can create amazing things for them as well as for everyone around if handled properly. If something goes wrong, many will be affected in a negative way. However, there are great chances to transcend their own zodiac influence if the bull and the scorpion are able to give more than to ask for. In doing so, the bull will be able to transform itself into the holiest animal of the ancient times, and the scorpion will become the magnificent soaring eagle born from its own “death” and born from the waters of life. At this level, mythology offers the winged bull and other series of metaphors that have lead to great achievements for themselves and for humanity. All figures aside, success is guaranteed for this couple if each one is conscious of their power, their limitations, and how to support each other in their weaknesses.  Meeting these requirements might take a while, but once achieved, they are going to triumph in whatever they decide to do. At a very intimate level, the veil of sexual energies used to achieve a higher conscious mind will be open really easy. And if their goal is not that high, allow your creativity to become part of the intimacy as well as a good dose of romance and foreplay. No matter how difficult things are going through, it’s worth the effort. Now, the question is… are you going to commit to taking this big step?

This combination is interesting because of the energy they both can produce as a couple or even as just a simple alliance. Their sense of adventure melds perfectly and they'll each add a dose of risk to the relationship, helping to make this pairing work. This could also create a perfect storm, so it's important to work together with very clearly defined goals, balancing adventure, risk, and responsibility. Nothing, however, will stand in the way of this couple; their power can be used for anything they desire. Don’t stay in their way or you’ll know how dangerous this combination can be. On the other hand, too much water will drown the air and make things unbearable; too much air can evaporate the water until all that's left is a desert. It's important to consider that both of these elements will fight for their natural right to survive, so it's best to avoid unnecessary fighting. This couple would benefit from pre-set goals and calculations to prevent needless risks. It's also important to try to have several back-up plans when going on a new adventure so they can help one another along the way and still survive. At an intimate level, pleasure and joy are a guarantee for a long time, especially when these two forces use their creativity in order to transcend their elemental boundaries. By doing so, the scorpion can become a soaring eagle alongside the twins, who will help the eagle soar into the heavens. This relationship is well worth the effort and the patience required to achieve these amazing gifts.

This mix of water signs is a curious and productive one, especially if some rules are set and they become supportive of each other. Even though the crab and scorpion are small animals, no one can doubt their efficiency in achieving goals and their combined forces as a couple will be even more powerful. The clam and sting are lethal when working in coordination, so it's wise not to disturb this couple. This couple will resort to any means to achieve their goals, discreet or otherwise. They have impressive skills and great experience in dealing with exploring. However, these two should have as few disagreements as possible; should they argue or fight, there will only be pain and injury to both of them, and it will take a long time for either of them to heal. A good set of rules and predetermined goals will be helpful to keep them in line and will remind them to support each other in their endeavors. If there are some calculated risks and some trips filled with adventure, then this relationship will be fueled and shaped perfectly to their needs. These two can compliment each other sexually very easily, but it's important to maintain a level of understanding between them. Spirituality might be a good idea as well, achieved through meditation, tantric practices, and a lot of contact with the nature around them.

This combination can be considered the most interesting and riskiest of all the ones available in the zodiac chart. This is water and fire, two almighty and powerful creatures that can destroy each other, capable of progressing each other until they become something bigger, stronger and better. But working together, there are many chances to create the most powerful steam for any kind of engine. These two might intimidate each other to the point that they both will unconsciously be moving away from each other and becoming distant. Unfortunately, this kind of distance and lack of trust in each other can cause disaster an almost everyone close to this couple. However, a good negotiation, a well organized set of strategies and goals can make this combination of powers something mythical. In order to achieve this, the lion and the scorpion must respect each other openly and with honesty, then help each other and work for the same kind of goals. It’s advisable to find an inner growth niche for both in this way; relationship will have physical, mental and spiritual characteristics. With this kind combination, myth can become a reality and these two magnificent creatures will fuse in one winged lion; myth shows this perfect combination as almost a divine one. Here, in our tri-dimensional world, this couple will be seen as one in almost everything they do. Will there be a lot to do? Yes. Will it require a lot of effort? Yes but the results are guaranteed to be amazing. Intimacy, is might go from a very passionate relationship to an almost sacred sexuality for transcending worlds. Is it worth so much sacrifice and work? Yes.

This is a great and explosive combination of earth and water that can lead to many interesting things and to many tragedies if they are not in control of their inner natures. For these two elements, the chance to obtain whatever they want is guaranteed once they have set the rules of the game and decided to trust in each other. At some level the virgin might feel intimidated and at the same attracted by the nature of the scorpion and its complexities. It’s that sort of complexity and attraction that draws the Scorpio to Virgo by proxy. If they combine this wisely and respect and support each other, this can give the relationship the most incredible advantage when trying to achieve higher goals and setting new standards of life. Both are able to sacrifice and give so much to the other. However, when that trust has not been built and there is some lack of communication, disaster is guaranteed. The final result will only be pain and loneliness, so take care not to fall down that way. This can be one of the most romantic relationships out there if they work together. Each moment will be a thrilling adventure full of romance and experimentation; the moments of joy might be endless. This sexual drive could be considered a key element to maintain this couple bonding for a long time, but it also might be a way to escape from each other. Either way, it’s important to respect and communicate each other in order to achieve the most as well as to find ways to go beyond each one’s natures.

This combination of air and water is going to be impressive if they decide to make something together. The scale always wants balance, so it’s going to be important to communicate its goals to the scorpion. Whatever the task is on hand, they will become something like a fresh breeze for everyone around. However, if there’s some misunderstanding, that fresh wet wind might become a devastating storm destroying almost everything around. The scale might go to the extremes and the scorpion will use this kind of situation to use its sting against everyone, including the loved ones. In any situation, the freedom that each one of them loves so much might be an interesting way to solve so many issues as well as creating some inconveniences once in a while. However, the adaptability to situation has some limits and maybe getting together into the same kind of adventures is not going to be the best idea at certain times.  Considering certain levels of stress, as a way to face challenges together, might be one of the ways to start new chapter in sharing their lives. It is also important to consider the skills they both bring to the relationship; this is one of the most important issues to talk about to distribute the corresponding workload when planning for something. The chances for a great and exciting intimate life are going to be high, and it will be important for both to express their feelings and to be creative while doing it. To some extent there are chances to transcend the weaknesses of both signs through some meditation, and sharing moments in nature together in order to reconnect with their inner nature.

This relationship seem to be marked for extremes, in which these two creatures need to work properly to avoid getting severely injured or even killing themselves at some point. Considering the amount of water involved, the passions might fly out of control; this won’t be a peaceful relationship if they don’t know each other well. As it happens to many signs, their individual characteristics and the moments in which they are born are going to make the big difference, otherwise, each member of this couple have to face themselves as if they were mirroring each other. There are going to be adventures, lots of movements, lots of stressful situations, lots of challenges to face and to prove that they are almighty, and also there are going to be many moments to transcend the weakness of this sign. One of those is the fact that extremes must be controlled and that can be easily understood by the other one. However, it’s not always like that; once they have found a way to achieve goals together, the force produced by the joining of their efforts is going to pay very well. Contrary to their goal setting, there might be surprises and a certain level of risk will be part of the clue to finding everything more interesting and exciting. This leads to the sexuality that these two creatures can experience, and that is going to be some kind of extreme passions, full of excitement and creativity if they have decided to conquer each other at this time. That sense of conquering will be a great leading force and possibly will help both to transcend their limitation mutating the scorpion into a majestic eagle whose limits are decided by itself.


In this combination of fire and water, there are going to be all kind of extremes and all kind of surprises. To some extent, the archer is going to be alert and using two arrows, one towards its goal and the other one ready to defend itself from the sting. The scorpion might have the same kind of attitude; unfortunately, there is something animalistic in the centaur’s nature that warns of how dangerous the scorpion can be, so, if there is any kind of problem, there won’t be any doubts in using all in its power to finish with the threatening sting. On the side of the scorpion, being aware of the hoofs and the arrows won’t make a difference as it will try to cause pain and damage if needed, taking advantage of its size and its powerful weapon. For these reasons it is really important to set goals together, to start developing a good sense of trust and to find common ground in the way each one of them work. It will not be an easy task, especially when the nature of each one can be destroyed severely either by the fire or the water. Even though it is difficult to start, it’s going to be a very satisfying relationship once things begin to work well.  This can be achieved by a slow process of understanding, respect, and the strange attraction that can be felt by the dangerous nature of the other one. Once some small steps are taken, and the goals shared, there might be a good point to start a very productive relationship at almost every level, not only for them but also for everyone. They can enjoy a very passionate sexual life, full of life and pleasure, where romance and adventure might add meaning to their lives, and if possible, it’ll help them to transcend their fears towards the other one, making the scorpion an amazing eagle and the centaur a powerful archer.

The very nature of these two creatures might be something crazy to consider, due to their instincts and their will to be leaders of their own land, which in this case is going to be their own element, as well as taking care of their own portion of land. Their survival might lead to some misunderstanding, but also will lead to excessive caution; however, the skills of each one of them are going to be enough to start making it possible to build a good level of trust in the other one as well as more confidence on their own. The goat knows how dangerous the sting can be. The goat’s nature will lead it to avoid stepping in its way and may possibly use the same strength of the scorpion to get rid of its attackers. On the side of the scorpion, if the goat is not allowing it to achieve its objectives, it will have to show the goat who the real boss is. However, once each one of them know their chances and probabilities, as well as their limitations and the limits of their partners’. There is going to need to be a good amount of working together for a common goal, transforming the land into a fertile soil where all kind of life it’s going to be accepted. Or maybe, they will be able to produce different kinds of soils to get other materials that will benefit everyone around. If they consider the versatility of combinations between the soil and the water, it’s possible to start considering this combination possible, at almost every level. That includes the intimacy and sexuality, which will be great once they have set aside their differences and decide to work together for better and unknown goals. With cooperation, the mysteries of the mountains and the waters will be open to them.

This combination of elements is very peculiar, and for many ones but also well rounded and dangerous. By mixing lots of water with lots of air, there is going to be a hurricane destroying everything around them. For this reason, it’s very important to join forces under certain circumstances and set the conditions before they start working together. Both elements combined are very powerful and it’s better for them as it is for everyone to know that there are limits and commitment. The job will be done, ideas are going to start and achieve the desired ending, n some cases better, but there must be a time for solving simple issues that can lead to a disaster. As an example, the very nature of Aquarius is going to lead to curiosity and creativity into one direction, while the curiosity and diligent work of the scorpion might lead into another direction. The wisest part is going to notice if they are working in the same issues or the water giver will use all its arsenal of ideas to get rid of that “insect”, as well as the scorpion trying to find the naked feet of the water giver when is busy. At a sexual level, there will be lots of adventure and possibly an incredible and exciting romance; the best solution might be to start using their powerful forces for the benefit of the couple as well as the benefit of the other ones close to them. It will also be very useful to realize that their force can be used for more transcendental and challenging issues, in doing so, there are many chances for finding their spirituality reinforced and possible used as a tool for transcending the world as transcending themselves.

These two watery signs might find each other in their element in order to achieve whatever they want and to make life their adventure, their property, if they decide to grow together as human beings as well as trying to transcend their own sign. It might be possible to combine the natures of salty and fresh water into this relationship, creating a wider range of probabilities for both and the ones near them. The very nature of these two creatures can be used to adapt to almost everything in life, as well as taking it as a challenge, not as a difficulty, and if they join forces, they’ll soon realize how convenient is going to be their alliance. However, there must be something that adds value to the relationship to make them feel more comfortable in whatever they're doing. In case of difficulties, their elements might provide the best refuge to try to solve the problems, especially if they have been together for a certain period of time, which makes them fight harder to save their many achievements together. However, if the time to say goodbye is coming, it won’t be difficult for them to let it go and get into another more exciting and different direction. The scorpion knows how difficult it’ll be to even try to sting a fish in its own element, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t try. The fish knows well that movement will be the best way to save its life and it’ll be at a rhythm that the scorpion can’t follow. Intimacy, however, is something full of movement and excitement, and even some sort of romance if they decide to make the relationship somehow more special, which, in this case, will bring about many possibilities for their offspring.

Horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 20th to Sunday, January 26th, 2019

SCORPIO if your birthday comes between October 23 and November 21 you are Scorpio and your home in the universe is the 8th house.  Numbers are the only facts that cannot be changed by popular opinion. Your number is 8 and the biggest mistake you can make in this life is to live with an authoritarian mate, boss or parent.  Your life purpose is to stand up and take control of your own life without going to the other extreme and becoming a dictator who thinks they know what is best for others.

This is the karma you brought into this life and it is predictable using your date of birth and Sun sign. There are two sides to everything in the universe and the other side of the karma you came into this life with is the karma you are building with your words and deeds in this lifetime.  This is what can still be changed by the lessons you are supposed to be taught by each event that enters your life.  Your instant karma in this life is to create the world you desire by sharing your abundance and sharing the knowledge you gain through experience.

 Now here’s a look at this week for SCORPIO


MON if you are willing to be the student you can watch a master perform their art and learn by osmosis

TUE what you learned yesterday can be put to use today as you experience déjà vu

WED both sides in an argument come to you for advice so you reluctantly become their mediator

THU the wall you built to protect yourself has served its purpose and needs to be destroyed

FRI no soul deserves your love more than you do so take a break and give yourself the rest you need

SAT circumstances you could not control delayed the victory but today it arrives so enjoy the rewards

SUN take a trip, and this may be in your mind’s eye, and you will experience a flow of energy that moves you from chaos to peace


MON someone’s best shot is a lesson for you so pay attention to the reactions it earns

TUE what you learned from yesterday’s action can be used immediately to impress the right people

WED you are the middle man in a running argument between two polar opposites so look for a middle road that satisfies all

THU you were right to be cautious but now the time has passed and you need to remove the barriers you set up to deflect public opinion

FRI give your team a break before they break down under the constant pressure to achieve more

SAT you win and your guides will show you exactly what the reward needs to be used for

SUN you can see the light at the end of the tunnel so keep doing what you have been doing and you will get there soon


MON be the assistant and let the magician show you some new tricks that work wonders 

TUE your new knowledge comes in handy when you are asked to do what others consider impossible

WED others will demand that you choose sides in an argument but you must be the referee and find middle ground

THU the cycle is complete so share it, bless it, and release it  

FRI the job was well done and now everyone needs a rest and recharge for what is coming

SAT the price of victory is sharing the reward with everyone who was involved

SUN take charge of your life and move it from the troubled waters to the peaceful place

So, this week SCORPIO

MON the old dog learns a new trick

TUE you make a good first impression

WED you use your life to teach others

THU you finish one cycle and begin another

FRI you get the rest you need

SAT take a victory lap

SUN you transport those you love for a ride to a better place

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