Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac; this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby



WK 1 your opinion of someone changes when circumstances let you see them as they really are so now you must decide if you can forgive them and this is how you know if someone is supposed to be in your life

WK 2 everyone is sure to notice the change in you because it shows on your face that you have had a burden lifted.  Those with intuition will see you walking and notice that your feet are not touching the ground.

WK 3 someone is almost daring you to share a secret with them and this is your lucky day so create some memories and follow your heart for a while before you return to the real world and normal life.

WK 4 the universe wants to give you the gift of love in return for your having taken the side of the underdog and pushed others to do what is just when it would have been easier to just stand by and do nothing.

WK 5 you supply the means to move those you love to a safer place and you will be paid back for having made this trip by the universe filling your cup with a surprise that leads you to a new and better place in the big picture


WK 1 a job or project comes to an end because you have not been paying attention to the details and not paying attention to the reactions that others have given you over the past few months

WK 2 the world changes when you change how you look at it.  If you want to change the world then change your perspective and you will change how the world reacts to you

WK 3 this is a very fortunate time for moving your career forward with the help of powerful people who are in your corner and want to do all they can to help you get what you want so you can spread it around to help others

WK 4 you are the leader so you must make the decision about who to keep and who to cut but your job will be made easier by someone volunteering to take one for the team.  This sacrifice is a gift from the universe to you.

WK 5 movement is necessary now and you are given a way to move out of the troubled waters you are in and into a much more peaceful place and the best part is that you get to take those you love along for the ride


WK 1 you can break the bonds that hold you by changing the way you rationalize whatever you do and how you think of things being good or bad for your health.

WK 2 cursing is meant to harm so the opposite of cursing is healing and this is what you do every time you send good karma into the world by expressing your love in creative new ways that do no harm

WK 3 everything in the universe is numbered and comes into being in the material world when its number is called and the path has been laid out by other events taking their turn and coming into existence.

WK 4 when you do what is right, the universe rewards you by clearing the path and making your passage through this world a glide rather than a struggle to find peace and harmony.  When the world works with you this is how you know you are on the right path

WK 5 when you haul in your net you will find a surprising new item that you are going to turn into something very useful to all those around you and this is something that must be shared to reach its full importance


WK 1 FULL MOON so this is about fulfillment and things coming to a conclusion. The dream or vision is of you building a wall or fence and the interpretation is someone from your past is trying to contact you telepathically and your guides are blocking your reception.

WK 2 LAST QT so this is the time to review and release the past. The dream or vision is of shooting an arrow so high into the sky that you lose sight of it and the interpretation is that what you have put in motion cannot be recalled and consequences are on the way.

WK 3 NEW MOON so this is about new beginnings in the spirit world blooming out into this world.  The dream or vision is of being lost in an endless wilderness and the interpretation is that your prayers or meditations have not been sincere enough to evoke change in your life

WK 4 FIRST QT so this is the time to face the facts and take needed actions.  The dream or vision is of a bear leaving the cave and the interpretation is that the time is right for you to set an example by following the wisdom of your heart rather than your mind.