SCORPIO: one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac, this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby

…and Sex and Astrology for Scorpio

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WK 1 finding romance and love is an ongoing process for everyone because each and every relationship changes as the partners get older and wiser.  All relationships have to be let go of and released at some point.  Birth, death, and rebirth are the eternal cycle in all things on earth.

WK 2 when two souls physically fit together perfectly, it is because they mentally and emotionally fit together to form a perfect union.  Two halves become a better whole unit that functions as a team that cares about each other.

WK 3 you have a decision to make between two love interest who both are demanding more of your time and attention.  You would rather find a way to balance both and please everyone but this may not be possible.

WK 4 new beginnings are everywhere in your life and this blooming out of new life is the universal sign that rebirth has taken place and the lead of winter has morphed into the gold of spring and there is a new opportunity just around the corner

WK 5 what they forgot to tell you about this perfect relationship is that you have lost your singular identity in the eyes of friends and family.  You are now part of a couple that must vie with other couples and this means you must read the mind of your mate and give them what they want before they want it


WK 1 success always requires only one more try than you have made and this is true no matter how many failed attempts you have had.  No effort is ever wasted, failure shows you what to try next and this always leads to the answer.

WK 2 to achieve the career security you want will require cutting back or losing a unique quality that has become a liability for you.  It is time to make your decision and show others where you stand.

WK 3 a new part time job or new work in the old job provides the income you need to balance your books and keep you afloat until you receive payback for old debts and loans

WK 4 everything on earth responds to the sun as all cosmic messages arrive via sunlight and the sun shines equally on each soul so each soul is loved equally by the universe.  Humans show their love for the universe by loving each other.

WK 5 you lead others in the direction you want them to go in by making them want to go there.  Giving others what they want is your gift that is sometimes overused when you give too much to make a point


WK 1 any time spend crying over failure is wasted time.  When your life is reviewed there will be no time for excuses or regrets.  The spirit world will ask only one question, have you become enlightened?  And you will find that even an exception to all the rules like yourself cannot lie to the universe.  Either you reached full enlightenment or you will be reincarnated into a new life.

WK 2 happiness can be faked if the price is right, but contentment is a pure emotion that is distilled drop by drop, and act by act until you know who you are and where you are headed in this lifetime

WK 3 you’ve got your hands full and others asking you to do more for them as soon as possible so you must prioritize and get to the hardest work first so others will know you are not ducking the job or trying to pass it off to someone else

WK 4 one thing we have learned to rely on in this universe is that tomorrow will come and it will change everything.  The new day with a clean slate is all anyone is promised and the rest is up to us. Create the world you desire to live in.

WK 5 the easiest way to get cooperation is to state what you want and the easiest way to get your spirit guide’s cooperation is to know what you want and have a clear image of it in your mind so there no chance of a mistake


WK 1 FULL MOON you get a double dose of whatever you receive this week so you are going to have your hands full at a time when others are requesting your assistance and asking you to work overtime or do double duty

 WK 2 LAST QT you dream of taking a thorn from a lion’s paw and making friends with your own animal nature that seems to be trying to guide you through this life, leading you by the genitals.  The point of the dream is that you should use this very

emotional side of your nature but it must be balanced by logical thoughts like time and place

 WK 3 NEW MOON you dream that you are twins who experience the two mirror image sides of your personality facing each other and merging into one.  The point of the dream is to show the power of logic and emotion combining and how this is the path for you to take.

WK 4 FIRST QT you dream of a magician who pulls rabbits from their hat but can’t stop the flow of rabbits and is soon buried by his own magic.  The point of the dream is that some information is not meant to be given to some people and if you do then there will be a price to pay.