By: Michael Santonato       Your love life is a great big possibility of abundance just like sunshine.   Think about the sun for a second.   It’s always present. Doing its thing, beaming its bright light full of warmth down upon you. No matter what you do – […]

By: Erin     As we reach the sixth position on the Zodiac chart we reach the sign that possesses a lot of wisdom with Virgo. Virgo, or the virgin as they are symbolized because of their modesty and patience are very respected individuals. This is a sign that has […]

By: Erin       Leo is a very strong sign. Those born into the symbol of the lion definitely stand tall and are the center of attention in any social situation. Leo’s are definitely born to be leaders and can lead a large pack but they are also perfectly […]

By: Erin     Those born under the sign of the crab are very imaginative people. Cancer’s enjoy using their smarts and imagination to allow them to get the most out of life while not having to sacrifice their comfort or their closeness to their family and friends.   Being […]

By: Erin     Gemini’s are very lucky because they have this natural ability to adept to any situation. They are blessed with great energy and social skills so they have great communication skills. With a Gemini’s natural ability to fit in, they generally succeed in social situations that allow […]

By: Office Staff     Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom and there’s beauty and new energy all around us. The season is a great representation of those born under the sign of Taurus. They have endless amounts of energy when it comes to doing something they are […]

By: Office Staff   It’s no wonder that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac chart; by nature they are born leaders and competitors and will do what it takes to come out on top. Being that Aries are born leaders, they like to come up with ideas and […]