By: Office Staff     It’s down to the last few hours before Christmas and some of you might still be struggling with what to get for those last minute stocking stuffers. I have some ideas that might help out in these last hours of madness to help ease some […]

By: Office Staff           Please take a few moments to check out our latest press release to find out more announcements from our staff. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Click the picture above to be taken directly to our press release. Thank […]

By: Jun “lovesnowlee” Jiang     Christmas season is closer and closer, and we are so excited with it and looking forward it because it is one of the most interesting festivals and great chance to have cosplay in cheap Christmas costumes we love around the year. Beautiful gift, amazing […]

By: Erin   Money is tight for many people these days and as a single female in my late 20’s I have mastered the art of gift giving on a tight budget. I am the queen of dollar store finds and can pretty much find a way to make the […]

By: Cyndi Seidler What’s your vision of this holiday season? Creating a memorable holiday is like orchestrating a major production. There are people, props, and agendas involved. Appoint yourself as the producer and bring together the pieces to transform your vision into a reality. Start a list of what activities […]