By: Erin Flowers are blooming and the cool weather is making way for warmer days. Spring is officially here! Here is a list of flowers that represent each sign of the zodiac. Aries: Being a confident, passionate, and energetic fire sign, the flower to best represent you would be a […]

By: Erin If you know your astrological birth chart, it will be an easy way to paint a picture of your cosmic energy. If you find that there’s a bit of an element imbalance, try bringing it back by incorporating the color that’s associated with the element into your everyday […]

By: Brigitte Smith Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! What a spiritual renewal to take a day to reflect over the past year about just how good God has been to you and your family, to give you harvest and shelter, health and hope. To get the most out of this […]

By: Elly Halloween, also the time of the Celtic New Year has many practices and traditions culminated from different cultures over the years. Just as America has become a melting pot of people, so too has Halloween. The holiday has become a mixture of different cultures’ various customs. Many of […]

By: Elly Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, a celebration that is possibly the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays which lasts 15 days. This tradition is considered a spring festival, despite the fact that those in America will be celebrating it during the winter months; […]

by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. “Beauty on your earth is a shadow of the beauty of our heaven, and it’s a bitter thing to have a blindness for beauty on earth, for it makes a longer teaching to see the beauties of heaven.” Spoken by an Irish spirit in the book […]

By: Elly There are many commonly available semi-precious stones one can purchase on their own or in combination with each other to help alleviate physical or spiritual ailments. Some of these are available for jewelry or charm making, or you can just purchase some chunks to keep around the house […]