By: Alex   I was standing in line at a place that sells burritos the other day when I got a feeling about a past life that I had. It gave me an insight into something that I believe has possibly changed not only my future but possibly some other […]

By: Ellen Davidson Remembering your dreams takes some conscious effort. You must be aware that you are trying to remember them and be diligent about following the necessary steps towards achieving your goal. You may feel as though your dreams are meaningless, and merely a by-product of sleep. However, with […]

By: Alex I had a dream recently that seemed kind of strange. I was in a large open area. I think I was outside. The atmosphere was comfortable. In front of me was a large structure. It was a large horizontal beam, supported by two other vertical beams on each […]

By: Kingston da Bulldog, AKA: Foretel’s Mascot Da other day, as I was enjoyin some sun on my beautifully built body, I heare a meeting happening between my Mommy and da girls from da office of Foretell. Usually I sleep right thru it but this time I needed to set […]

By: Elly We perused the internet and our own ever expanding dream dictionary, to find some common dreams. Here below are 10 of the most common dreams we have while deep asleep. How many have you had? 1. Nudity – Being naked is an obvious symbol of being exposed or […]

By: Elly What is a lucid dream? Any dream where one becomes aware that they are dreaming is a lucid dream. Once the dreamer has realized they are in fact dreaming they may be able to control or manipulate their surroundings, rather than waking up from the dream. Lucid dreams […]

By: Alex I asked my subconscious mind to show me some other ways of dealing with money the other day, right before I went to sleep. (Little did I know what that would result in.) Then I had a dream. I was in a bar that had a lot of […]

By: Kal Have you ever been speaking to someone and you thought, “Oh, they look a little blue today?” Or maybe you’ve heard of the expression that someone was “radiating energy”? That color we associate with people is often the idea behind auras. An aura is an energy field, something […]

By Kal For hundreds of years, people have struggled to find the meanings of the dreams we have at night. Scientists have tried to understand neural sleep processes and how they change within us. Are dreams a part of our subconscious as it attempts to tell us what we need […]

By: Lulu Gleason As someone who is not new to the idea that dreams seem to be how the subconscious speaks with during REM sleep. I find that I’m fascinated with the many different ways your dreams can be interpreted. Did you know if you do a search on the […]