By: Alex       A friend came over the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She had lost her job and was working as a janitor. This was difficult for her because of her age and her pride and because she has a lot of resentment. […]

By: Nate Rodney       This is a lesson about accessing joy.   During a recent Yin yoga class, the teacher talked about avoiding pain. She spoke of a study, which revealed women giving birth most often ask for pain medication because women fear that the pain will soon […]

By: Ivan Lasater       People who are experiencing emotional suffering can choose to free themselves from the bondage of negative thought. It’s as easy as changing the mind.   A common misconception among people who experience a great deal of emotional turmoil is that they are powerless to […]

By: J Nighteagle     The start of the holiday season as depicted on and with popular media is one of joy; the type of joy that comes with possessions or financial security (if such a thing exists). In our modern world or should I say, in certain growing economies […]

By: Kal You may notice on our site than some of our psychics are listed as “empathic.” These are people who are sensitive to the emotions of people around them to the point that they can practically feel what’s going on in a person’s life. A person who is empathic […]