By: Elly What is a lucid dream? Any dream where one becomes aware that they are dreaming is a lucid dream. Once the dreamer has realized they are in fact dreaming they may be able to control or manipulate their surroundings, rather than waking up from the dream. Lucid dreams […]

By: Lulu Gleason As someone who is not new to the idea that dreams seem to be how the subconscious speaks with during REM sleep. I find that I’m fascinated with the many different ways your dreams can be interpreted. Did you know if you do a search on the […]

Using all Six Senses to Be More Romantic By: Heidi Richards “Knowing what your partner wants and needs is your sixth sense or intuition at work.” – Heidi Richards Call it intuition. Call it ESP. We all have it and can use it to create a lasting romantic relationship. When […]