By: Ann     A fifth house Leo denotes dramatic tendencies of the native. Such a person is always in need of being the center of attraction. A good deal of energy is spent on romance and self expression. They are fully dedicated to whatever work they undertake and works […]

By: Erin   He may play a dancing, singing jock on feel-good TV show Glee but this Taurus definitely has some bad boy qualities. With a mix of Aires, Leo, and Gemini it’s no wonder he has a bit of a wild side in real life. Let’s take a look […]

By: Erin   For this edition of the Taurus celebrity profile series I decided to go with the stunningly beautiful Mad Men star Christina Hendricks. Her beautiful red locks, ruby red lips, breathy voice, and body that wont quit got men all over the world wanting more. She has also […]

By: Erin     This week I chose to brighten the spotlight that is already shining on the ever so sexy Channing Tatum. He just celebrated his 33rd birthday this past Friday and I’m sure he celebrated it in true Taurus fashion surrounded with loved ones and lots of laughs. […]

By: Ann     As we come into the next week on the tail end of the Mercury Retrograde, we will all start to get ‘back to normal’. Trying to understand people with their various signs has had me baffled to say the least. At the same time though, in […]

By: ARA Aunt Edna is upset because Cousin Billy is bringing his new girlfriend, and she doesn’t think she should have to buy her a gift. Sue and Harry’s family can only come on the Saturday before the holiday, and Aunt Judy insists that everything be home cooked. Considering the […]

By: Kal Mercury in the Tenth House Your passion is with language and with communication, regardless of where or who you use it on. You speak with authority and can sound commanding when you speak to others, but you’re known for your negotiating skills with those around you. You always […]

By: Kal Mercury in the Seventh House You’re a person who loves to debate, to think, and to express your opinions. You don’t just love to talk, though; you’re more interested in the discussion that comes with sharing ideas. You see both sides of the debate, pros and cons, and […]

By: Kal Mercury in the Fourth House You are full of imagination and dreams; you love to think about the fantastical, the “what ifs” in life. You can sometimes be narrow and biased in the way you think and the things you’re looking into, but you also can be varied […]

By: Kal Mercury in the First House You are restless but adaptable, changeable but easily distracted. You sometimes take control over conversations and activities without meaning to because you want to be so heavily involved in them. You love moment and you always want to live the interesting life. You […]